8 Amazing New Restaurants in Dallas

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new restaurants in Dallas
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Want to take a look at some new restaurants in Dallas? 

Well, fried-hot chicken, Italian food, cocktail menu, breakfast tacos, and fresh veggies are just a few names that might bring food cravings to you and make your stomach growl like a tiger on the hunt. 

Restaurants could serve as a good spot for any cravings you are having. Adding to that, it also helps you to give a refreshing mood after the daily hassles you face in your life. The fancy dishes and the vibrant environment of the restaurants could be a booster to lighten your mood.

In addition, a nice drink at a wine bar viewing at the city’s skyline would not only relieve you from your stress but also let you realize the beautiful moment shared with your loved ones in a restaurant.

Thankfully Dallas has numerous restaurants that will cover all your cravings. The list of new restaurants in Dallas would take you maybe forever to visit all, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting a few, right?

So let’s start with the list of restaurants we have made for you to meet your cravings. 

Downtown Dallas

Dallas is becoming a hot spot for restaurants coming up each dawn in downtown Dallas. Dallas is getting swamped by new restaurants giving you a unique combination of different ambiances and cuisines.

The new restaurants in Dallas include a Japanese barbeque restaurant. Many southeastern hotels, numerous restaurants at Greenville Avenue, restaurants in the bishop arts district, an Asian smokehouse, and much more.

There have been new restaurant entries in Dallas at a very rapid speed. Downtown Dallas is crowded with numerous restaurants.

You wouldn’t run out of options for choosing what kind of food you are in the mood to have, or you may even get confused with so many options to choose from.

But don’t worry, we got you covered by listing out the best and unique types of restaurants for you in this article.

Please keep reading to find out the best eatery place with some of its famous dishes to match your cravings.

New Restaurants in Dallas

1. Postino- Wine Bar

Location- 2639 Main #130, Dallas, TX 75226, United States

If you are in the mood to drink some wine, this place has got you covered with a quality wine bar. The wine list is obtained from the best winemakers worldwide and has a global taste.

Not a wine person? No worries, this place has plenty of options for drinks. It has crafty beers and ice-cold martinis.

This is combined with a vast menu ranging from starters to crispy, spicy, sweet snacks. Also, make a note of weekend brunch where you can grab some brunch mocktails, sticky iron bread, seeded avocado toast, and much more to fulfill your holiday craving.

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Who can go to Postino?

Well, of course, this place has no restrictions, but if talking about the restaurant’s ambiance and vibe., friends could prefer this place for hanging out and grabbing their favorite drink, or this could also serve as a good location for bringing your date.

It is an excellent place for casual hangouts.

2. Elm & Good

Location- 2551 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States

This is the first boutique restaurant in the Deep Ellum location. This restaurant is best known for its service from farm to the table dining room. The history of this building lies in the fact that this was initially built as the temple of Knights of Pythias.

This location gives an ideal blend of historical and modern American culture. As mentioned above, it’s rich for its farm-fresh vegetarian menu. Speaking of food, how well does it feel to have fresh veggies and dishes with a twist of a classic southern touch.

Imagine having the roasted vegan barbecued carrots with the garden-fresh baked beans, sounds delicious right? Well, it tastes delicious too. 

In addition to that, it has a splendid collection of cocktails, which will be very refreshing for you if you try it out.

Oh! Do not forget to fulfill your desire for a sweet tooth, as the specialty of this restaurant lies in its secret recipe of desserts

You can give their Churros or Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie a try. 

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Who can go to Elm & good?

If you seek a restaurant that serves dishes rich in veggies and you are in a mood to have pure vegetarian food, this place is ideal for farm foods and has a variety of them on their menu.

It is a highly recommended place to go to during summers. I mean, what could be better than having some fresh veggies after basking under the sun after pursuing a sweaty activity?

This place is a perfect location to grab your summer meals.

3. Loro- East Dallas

Location- 1812 N Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Do you fancy fusion cuisine, meats, sauces, fried chicken, and tasty salmon? A menu ranging from sandwiches to just a simple snack, this restaurant makes your ordinary food fancy by giving it a tinge of a combination of the different tastes of multiple cuisine food.

It includes oak smoked salmon, cucumber broth, pork belly, exceptional Southeast Asian food, and more.

If you are wondering what is so special about this restaurant, it is the fusion of Japanese sauces and southeast Asian food that makes this place unique from others.

This can provide you with a succulent meal that fills your stomach and gives you the utmost satisfaction.

After a heavy meal, you might look for a friendly comfort zone to relax. Guess what? This place has a great communal place where you can chill while sipping some chilled slushies. In addition, this location also has a pet-friendly patio.

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Who can go to Loro Dallas?

Suppose you are a person who likes to explore unique food items and give a new taste to your taste buds. This location has got you covered with its great mashup of food.

Also, it is famous for its barbecue, so do check out what they have on their barbecue list.


Location- 1401 Elm St. Fl 49 Dallas, TX 75202. 

This restaurant has created a buzz around the city as the most famous modern Italian restaurant.

You don’t want to miss taking the window seat when you have premium quality Italian food at this restaurant. This is a new Dallas restaurant that came around in 2020.

The restaurant is located on the 49th floor of the national building. The menu consists of classic Italian food like handmade pasta, premium quality steaks, wood-fired salt-crusted fish, and much more.

The classic environment of this hotel makes it worth the premium quality of food it has to offer you. In addition, the top-notch Desserts and the vintage cocktail lounge is a must to try if you go to this restaurant.

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Who can go to the Monarch?

This is a highly located place with a great view outside of the skyline of Dallas. This could serve as a good spot for celebratory occasions with your friends and family.

5. Chimichurri Argentinian Restaurant

Location: 324 W 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208

As the name suggests, the trending bistro restaurant with a glamourous bar has got everyone in the city set their foot in this restaurant plus bar at least once.

This new restaurant has gained huge popularity since the time it was established. It has set up the mark for being one of the best retros to offer authentic Argentinian food in the city.

The menu features everything from Argentinian pizzas to pasta, Asado- style grilled meats, and chorizo sandwiches alongside some eggs. These are just a few items from the list that seems mouth-watering. Also, the vast menu of desserts is something you can’t miss.

It also has a cocktail lounge with a wide variety of cocktails, giving your taste buds a tinge of Argentinian vibes. It specializes in vermouth-based cocktails and many other drinks.

Their menu offers an extensive wine list as well. 

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Who can go to Chimichurri Argentinian restaurant?

Well, this is a place that will serve you authentic Argentinian food, boasting its vibrant culture.

If you want to get bombarded with these delicious dishes along with experiencing an Argentinian mood, you have your answer.

It could serve as a good place for special occasions and some get-together events. This place would make your experience a memorable one.

6. Sweetgreen

A perfect place for meeting your healthy food needs if you do not want fancy cuisine. This is the first chain of Dallas restaurants to serve only salad and grain bowls. This restaurant came around recently in Dallas and has gained huge popularity with various branches.

If you think this must be a place that might not satisfy your food cravings, you will be surprised to know the amount of variety of salads and grain bowls it has to offer. I am sure you wouldn’t have tasted such a food type.

This restaurant aims to deliver healthy food and change the perception of healthy food that many usually ignore. This place might give you a new taste of your usual salads and give you a new variety of grain bowls.

The menu includes garden Cobb, fish taco, potato salad, avocado chickpea crunch, crispy chicken salad, and the list goes on.

It might even interest you to know that this restaurant has even natural drinks to offer you, which come in various flavors.

The drinks include jasmine green tea, hibiscus berry clover tea, spindrift raspberry lime, and much more. This would serve as an excellent place to swing by anytime you want a refreshing drink.

Who can go to Sweetgreen?

This unique restaurant offers you a pure, healthy menu, and not everyone would prefer such food. But for sure, it’s worth a try if you want to give your taste buds a unique flavor. It is a perfect place for vegetarians. After all, a healthy meal wouldn’t harm you.

So if you are ever in a mood for experiencing and exploring different food menus, this place could be a good one. And as it mainly serves veggies, anyone could come by and serve themselves a good appetizer.

However, if you are also someone who usually prefers to go for healthy food, this is undoubtedly the place for you.

7. Toussaint Brasserie 

Location- 1907 Elm Street | Dallas, TX 75201

How about having dinner at an exquisitely relaxed French-themed restaurant? Toussaint Brasserie is going to open soon. It will remind you of no less than the French environment.

They mainly offer french dishes with a tinge of Asian flavors and give a touch of New Orleans. The menu includes steak, lobster thermidor, various cocktail menus, staple foods like Moules Frites, and much more. 

It also has a great wine bar with a wide variety of wine collections and the oldest beer brands on its shelves.

8. The Exchange

Location- 211 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75202

This is the first-of-a-kind food hall in downtown Dallas. This restaurant is located in the Discovery District. There are two floors in this place. This was conceptualized as a place to bring many businesses under one roof.

The second floor at The Exchange is made for serving a dual purpose: two chefs and two restaurants, all under one roof.

The view from above is incredible as it gives you a sight of Commerce street, a view of the Dallas skyline, which you can enjoy with a nice meal. This place has it all, whether you are in the mood for waffle fries, cheese curds, or just sipping a beer.

This restaurant has three environments- a Japanese fusion restaurant on the second floor, a cocktail lounge, and a small plate concept. 

If you are in a mood for Mediterranean delights or some Japanese food, breakfast tacos with a wide variety of flavors, and some drinks, then this is it. 

Their newly added Valentines’ menu is worth checking out. By offering a 4-course dinner, and special desserts from Ounce and Ichi Ni San, you will get to have the perfect date night. 

Who can go to The Exchange?

This is one of the most prominent Dallas restaurants that houses numerous dining places under one roof. So it is not restricted to just one type of dining option; you can explore vast possibilities in this place.

These are just a few of the many restaurants we have listed for you. There are much more Dallas restaurants you can go and explore in this new location of Dallas, like the Tex Mex restaurant, Grand Prairie, and much more.

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Indeed, Dallas is a location for you to explore, considering the vast list of cuisines and exquisite food menu it has to offer you.

If you are ever in Dallas, you wouldn’t be able to resist the smell of these luscious dishes when you are around. Make sure you feed yourself some delicious food when you are around this town; otherwise, you are missing out on a lot.

We are sure your stomach must be growling after looking at these delicious food options. After reading this, you might feel like eating these dishes as soon as possible.

If these restaurants don’t work out for you, you might consider visiting Lucky’s hot chicken at the corner of Oak Lawn Avenue or Highland Park village restaurants.

North Dallas has quite a handful of restaurants too. So, there’s no end to this. 

Now, what is stopping you from feeding yourself with these unique dishes?

Visit your favorite restaurants that match your craving and enjoy these top-notch menus these restaurants have to offer you!!

Make sure you comment below your view about the restaurant you visited.

Happy eating!!

PS: These restaurants mentioned above have been established in Dallas over the course of the last 3-4 years, so they aren’t entirely “new.” 

If you are looking for more new restaurants in Dallas, check out this article

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