Restaurants in Fayetteville NC Restaurants in Fayetteville NC

Top 8 Restaurants in Fayetteville, NC for a Gastronomic Adventure

Fayetteville is the home of Fort Liberty in North Carolina. The city is famous for its history of major military operations. The Airborne and Special Operations Museum and Arsenal Park lure visitors from different countries.

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is the most visited tourist place in Fayetteville, NC. This article will help with your culinary exploration of the restaurants in Fayetteville

List of Top 8 Restaurants in Fayetteville, NC 

1. Antonella’s Italian Ristorante 

Antonella’s Italian Ristorante is a modern restaurant located on Hay St, Fayetteville, NC. The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes with craft cocktails. 

Antonella’s Italian Ristorante is in the heart of the market, surrounded by aesthetic outlets and boutiques.

The menu has an extensive selection of dishes with vegan and gluten-free options. A small outdoor patio is there as well. The interiors maintain the flavor of Italy on the decor with elegance. The service from the staff exhibits professionalism and is efficient. 

Shrimp Scampi, frutti di mare, penne a la crema, blue crab ravioli, lobster ravioli, chicken parmigiana, and stuff flounder are the most popular dishes at Antonella’s Italian Ristorante. 

2. Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant 

A Japanese Restaurant
By Baiq Daling / Unsplash Copyrights 2019

Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant as the name suggests is a Japanese restaurant located on Eastern Blvd Ste, Fayetteville NC. The restaurant is renowned among the locals for serving authentic Japanese street food. Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant provides a fantastic eating experience for visitors. 

The restaurant isn’t a typical old-styled Japanese restaurant. Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant has a vibrant and vivid atmosphere. The restaurant is enclosed in a warm and small seating place. This restaurant serves traditional Japanese drinks too. The service at Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant is quick and inviting. 

Ichi kaku rame, chicken ramen, spicy ramen, takoyaki, shoyu ramen, beef curry, sweet bean dumplings, karage chicken, and shrimp curry are the chef’s specialty at Ichi Kaku Japanese Restaurant. 

3. Circa 1800 

American food served on a table
By Hybrid Storytellers / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

Circa 1800 is an American restaurant located on Person St, Fayetteville NC. The restaurant has a menu serving traditional American cuisine and steaks with sophisticated wines and drinks. Circa 1800 crafts the flavors of new Southern cuisine from fresh and locally sourced ingredients 

Circa 1800 has storefront seating with a modern bar on the inside. The menu has an extensive selection of local American food. Circa 1800 serves vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options too. The menu is priced on the expensive side at this restaurant. The delicious desserts uplift the experience of visiting Circa 1800. The service from the staff is friendly. 

Shrimp and grits, circa wedge, southern Caesar, brussels sprouts salad, southern chicken parmesan, short ribs, and trout piccata are the most popular dishes at Circa 1800. 

4. Mash House Brewery and Restaurant 

A beer filling machine
By Louis Hansel / Unsplash Copyrights 2019

Mash House Brewery and Restaurant is an American brewery located on Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville. The restaurant has a traditional American brewery with a pub and bar serving American cuisine. 

Mash House Brewery has an assortment of freshly brewed craft beer and drinks. The kitchen serves meals from the farm to the table. The on-site brewery visiting experience captivates many visitors. Mash House Brewery Restaurant crafts exceptional quality brews and flavorful beer. The service from the staff exhibits professionalism and a polite reception. 

Mash house pretzels, a basket of cheesy garlic bread, steakhouse, ghost burger, pulled pork burger, grilled meatloaf, mash house BBQ ribs, and smothered pork chops are the chef’s specialty at Mahsh House Brewery and Restaurant. 

5. MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room 

A cafe sitting area
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MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room is a cafe-styled restaurant located on Elm St. Fayetteville NC. The restaurant serves reasonably priced American and traditional local dishes. MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room have been serving some of the finest pancakes in the town since 2007. 

MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room is famous for the mouth-watering breakfast it offers. The place is usually busy during breakfast time. There is a fine selection of local food on the menu priced at an affordable range.

The creative flavors of pancakes at MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room lure many visitors. The environment at this restaurant feels cute and quirky at the same time. The service is quick and efficient. 

Crispy bacon, ham and cheese homemade biscuits, breakfast hoagies, monster burgers, and French toast are the most popular dishes at MaryBills Cafe and Elbow Room. 

6. Texas Roadhouse 

Texas Roadhouse, located on Sycamore Dairy Road, Fayetteville, NC, is a part of the American steakhouse chain specializing in southwestern cuisine. The restaurant serves an extensive selection of local American food and steaks

Texas Roadhouse has Texas-themed decor radiating an energetic and enthusiastic energy in the environment. The restaurant has decent vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. There is a dedicated bar serving craft beer and cocktails.

Texas Roadhouse is mostly packed and the waiting time is high. The restaurant offers an authentic and raw taste of steaks and BBQ. The service from the staff of Texas Roadhouse is inviting and professional. 

Boneless buffalo wings, Texas red chili, twisted mozzarella, grilled salmon salad, New York strip, full slab ribs, and grilled BBQ chicken and ribs are the chef’s specialty at Texas Roadhouse. 

7. Bubba’s 33

A bar table: restaurants in Fayetteville nc
By Edgar Chaparro / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Bubba’s 33 is an American Bar located on Morganton Road, Westwood Shopping Center, Fayetteville. Bubba’s 33 has a distinct aura and theme, and the restaurant refers to it as the “Bubba style.” This restaurant was founded in 2013 by the owner of Texas Roadhouse. 

Bubba’s 33 curates food from scratch on the daily menu. All the ingredients and dishes are made in-house at the restaurant. The staff and chef at Bubba’s 33 have a certified specialization in Pizza which they achieved from a school.

The restaurant has a fine menu of draft and bottled beer and wine. There is also the option to taste fresh, non-alcoholic beers. The service experience at Bubba’s 33 feels homely and quick. 

Buffalo chicken sandwiches, sunshine burgers, shotgun shrimp, BBQ chicken pizza, garlic knots, and layered cheese fries are the most popular dishes at Bubba’s 33. Bubba’s 33 is a fantastic place among restaurants in Fayetteville to try local American burgers and pizza with draft beer. 

8. Olea Mediterranean Kitchen 

Mixed fruits served on a table
By Stefan Johnson / Unsplash Copyrights 2016

Olea Mediterranean Kitchen is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant located on Skibo Rd, Fayetteville, NC. This place is a Greek-inspired casual restaurant. Olea Mediterranean Kitchen is renowned for serving fresh and healthy food, as well as homemade spreads and dressings. 

Olea Mediterranean Kitchen has an assortment of eating options on its menu. The restaurant even allows the visitor to build their taste with the help of staff.

This restaurant is a family-owned business that believes in forming connections through serving good food to the community. Olea Mediterranean also has some specific creative beverages and drinks. The ambiance of this restaurant radiates a casual and fast vibe. 

Greek salad, baklava, lamb chops platter, lamb gyro platter, salmon platter, calamari, chicken shawarma wrap, and chicken shawarma platter are the chef’s specialty at Olea Mediterranean Kitchen. 


The historic city of Fayetteville has some of the finest restaurants in the country. The flavors and tastes curated by the locals are immaculate. The restaurants in Fayetteville reflect the fortunes and backgrounds of this city. Besides the places mentioned above, an individual can explore many more restaurants to cater to his culinary needs. 

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