A person taking cuisines from a platter. A person taking cuisines from a platter.

Restaurants in St. Helena: 8 Culinary Hotspots

St. Helena is a sophisticated city located in Napa County, California. The city is an enticing tourist destination because of its wine-growing Napa Valley.

It reflects a contrast between the past and present of the lifestyle of its residents. In this article, we will help you curate your guide to explore the culinary havens of St. Helena restaurants.

1. Top 8 St. Helena Restaurants

1.1 The Saint

A wine lounge with candlelight on a table.
By Tomáš Vydržal / Unsplash Copyrights 2019

The Saint is the most trending fine dining and wine lounge serving historic tastes of wine. This place offers a unique restaurant experience around the streets of St. Helena. The Saint has an assorted selection of wine from across the world.

The Bank of Saint Helena, originating from the 1890s, has been transformed into a fun and sophisticated restaurant and lounge called The Saint. The atmosphere of this place radiates intimate and romantic energies.

Velvet couches with low candlelight accentuate the glory of this restaurant. The Saint also provides private dining rooms that once used to be bank vaults. Besides the extensive wine selection, The Saint offers a range of artisan cheeses and charcuterie.

The night cabernet, tiramisu, crab cake, and veggie burger are the chef’s popularity at The Saint. The Saint is the perfect place to experience exquisite wines with fine dining. This place could be on your guide if you’re looking for an ideal date in an elegant environment among St. Helena restaurants.

1.2 Goose and Gander

Many glasses of Crafted cocktails on a table.
By Meritt Thomas / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Goose and Gander is located on Spring Street in St. Helena. This place is an American pub serving crafted cocktails and wine with a patio and a basement bar. Goose and Gander is a public house in this wine county where most locals gather to celebrate the culture of St Helena restaurants.

Goose and Gander is renowned for its remarkable rustic American food and flavorful bar. This place offers a pub-like dining room, a basement bar, and a patio. Goose and Gander have a reasonably priced menu with professional service. The vibe of this restaurant is mostly a feel of home and a relaxed atmosphere.

The G and G burger, sticky pig ears, martini house mushroom, the New York steak, roasted bone marrow, and chicken wings are the must-try dishes at Goose and Gander. The creatively crafted cocktails lure most of the visitors.

If you want a taste of Napa Valley cuisine with a bar serving crafted cocktails, Goose and Gander is your place in St. Helena restaurants.

1.3 The Charter Oak Restaurant

An outdoor eatery with many cuisines on a table.
By Lee Myungseong / Unsplash Copyrights 2018

The Charter Oak Restaurant is on the Charter Oak Avenue in St. Helena. This restaurant offers a lavish dining experience with an outdoor patio. The Charter Oak Restaurant is believed to reflect the historical taste of Napa Valley through its exceptional cooking style.

The Charter Oak Restaurant serves the best seasonal cuisine in St. Helena restaurants. The brick-walled interior and opulent couches add to the glamorous atmosphere of this place.

Most visitors prefer the outdoor courtyard. The service of the Charter Oak Restaurant is appreciable. This restaurant’s menu also offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly options to the customers.

The Charter Oak Restaurant provides sophisticated food in a calm environment. Fermented soy dip crudites, cheeseburger, grilled avocado, baby gems salad, and crispy potato tostones are the popular dishes of this restaurant.

The Charter Oak Restaurant can be on your list of restaurants to try if you want to experience a rich culinary vibe.

1.4 Pizzeria Tra Vigne

An Italian pizza with basil leaves.
By Anastasiia Chepinska / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Pizzeria Tra Vigne is on the Main Street in St. Helena. This restaurant is a casual place to taste an extensive selection of Italian cuisines in a tree-covered courtyard. Pizzeria Tra Vigne was awarded the St. Helena Business of the Year in 2020.

Pizzeria Tra Vigne serves wood-fired pizza on its menu with a range of salads, sandwiches, and Italian pasta. This place also serves a decent collection of craft cocktails with Northwestern beer and local wine. Pizzeria Tra Vigne offers American flavors of pizza at affordable prices.

The quantity served at this restaurant is much more than the average expected of St. Helena restaurants. Pizzeria Tra Vigne also has a dedicated kids’ pizza and other cuisines menu. The ambiance of this restaurant is small and cozy, with great service by the staff.

Garlic rolls, mozzarella al minuto, funghi pizza, ducati pizza, roasted beet salad, and original vespa pizza are the most popular dishes at Pizzeria Tra Vigne. Pizzeria Tra Vigne is worth your visit if you want to taste some Italian cuisine at an affordable price.

1.5 Rutherford Grill

A plate served with American cuisine
By Farhad Ibrahimzade / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

Rutherford Grill is located on the Rutherford Road in St. Helena. This place is a bit far from the center of the county. Rutherford Grill has Napa’s oldest wineries, which reflect its history.

Rutherford Grill has a high energy with an interaction of valley winemakers and visitors. This place offers delicate wines with culinary tastes curated by professionals. Rutherford Grill serves traditional American food with an assorted range of sophisticated wines.

However, the menu does not contain any vegetarian or vegan-free options. The view of the splendid kitchen at Rutherford Grill entices the visitors. Rutherford Grill also offers opportunities for elegant desserts.

Grilled artichoke, rotisserie chicken, French dip sandwich, butternut squash enchilada, and ahi tuna salad are the chef’s specialty at Rutherford Grill.

Rutherford Grill can be your place if you want traditional American cuisine and experience a historic Napa Valley wine tasting in St. Helena restaurants.

1.6 Acacia House

Crafted cocktails are kept on a platform.
By M.S. Meeuwesen / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Acacia House is on the Main Street in St. Helena. This American restaurant serves a seasonal menu with craft cocktails and an extensive selection of wines. Acacia House is a modern place to try American cuisine.

The menu of Acacia House is curated to express the culinary art of American cuisine blended with local Napa ingredients. The atmosphere of this place is relaxed. Acacia House is based on a restored farmhouse.

Signature cocktails and craft beers are the hot-selling items on its menu. This place offers an open-view kitchen to the visitors on the outdoor patio. Acacia House focuses on the minute details and provides an ecstatic service.

Iberico pork schnitzel, chilaquiles, Greek yogurt parfait, and fried chicken Caesar sandwiches are the popular tastes of Acacial House. Acacia House is the place to try American food with craft cocktails in a modern and electric vibe among St. Helena restaurants.

1.7 Cook St. Helena

Many Italian cuisines.
By Nerfee Mirandilla / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

Cook St. Helena is a petite cafe on the Main Street in St. Helena. This place serves Northern Italian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. Cook St. Helena is renowned for its home-style Italian dishes from seasonal and local ingredients.

Cook St. Helena has a menu primarily focused on Italian cuisine. This place offers a small menu with mouth-watering tastes. Cook St. Helena also features a bar. However, the culinary tastes of this place overshadow the wine bar options.

The atmosphere of Cook St. Helena is classy and casual. The menu of this restaurant has vegetarian and vegan-friendly options as well. The price range of Cook St. Helena is a bit expensive compared to other St. Helena restaurants.

The must-try tastes at Cook St. Helena are Fazzoletti bolognese house-made ricotta, roasted chicken chop thyme jus, risotto, and Caesar salad parmesan crostini. If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant with an elegant ambiance, then Cook St. Helena is your place to visit.

1.8 Gott’s Roadside

Double bacon Cheeseburger with Black & white Shakes on a classic picnic table setting at Gott St. Helena Restaurant.
Photo from the Gott Roadside St. Helena.

Gott’s Roadside is on Main Street in St Helena as well. This restaurant is a leading fast-food chain with indoor and outdoor seating options. Gott’s Roadside serves one of the finest options of burgers and tacos in St. Helena.

Gott’s Roadside offers a wide range of burgers, tacos, sandwiches and salads. This restaurant radiates a warm and welcome-friendly energy. The taste and quality of cuisine served make Gott’s Roadside stand out from an average burger joint.

The professional service attracts many visitors. This place is mainly packed during the evening, but the food service is quick. Gott’s Roadside has dedicated outdoor tables for big family picnics and vacations.

Ahi burgers, California burgers, Baja fish tacos, ahi poke crispy tacos, and bacon cheeseburgers are the most-selling hot dishes at Gott’s Roadside. Gott’s Roadside can be a perfect fit if you’re looking for American burgers in a fun environment among St. Helena restaurants.

2. Conclusion

St. Helena has a history of wineries and culinary havens. The traditional tastes of Napa Valley lure many tourists to the restaurants. Market St. has most of the best restaurants. The fine selection of wines and seasonal local ingredients are natural in most restaurants.

Other than the places mentioned above, there are numerous restaurants that an explorer can try.

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