A Beginner’s Guide to Accessing the Metaverse

The Metaverse isn’t any single online place. It’s a series of places where the internet seeks to mimic reality. Metaverse pioneers envision a day when everyone straps on a virtual headset to visit art galleries, take college courses, or have a cup of coffee with grandma’s avatar. Of course, this is the dawn of a true Metaverse concept so things might change, but that’s the original vision. 

For now, the average internet user doesn’t know exactly where this mysterious “Metaverse” exists in the online space. Where is it? Is it on a .com website? Hanging out on social media? Can it be accessed without the headset? As this CNN report on the Metaverse reveals, “there’s more than one…”

How to Enter the Metaverse

If you wonder how to access the Metaverse, we’re here to tell you that it is everywhere, but it’s not quite as easy to locate as physical website addresses. Because there’s no one central metaverse, many people don’t even know how to reach it or what it might be like when they arrive. Just like the physical “internet” is composed of many different addresses/locations, the Metaverse is the same way.

There is no physical Metaverse, but there is a Web3 that envisions things like the Metaverse and blockchain technologies. All of these technologies are under the banner of Web3. Funnily enough, to get to Web3, you must go through the web you know now.

5 Things to Know about the Metaverse

Consider the Metaverse more of a detour from the traditional web than a brand-new space. So here’s what you need to know!

1. There Are Many Metaverses

Businesses have been the most interested in setting up virtual spaces (metaverses). They envision virtual art galleries, office spaces, coffee shops, retail stores that run on blockchain payment systems, and virtual concerts. That’s just to name a few things. All of these spaces already exist and can be accessed on your browser or virtual reality headset.

2. You Don’t Need a Headset To Reach A Metaverse Platform

Most Metaverse platforms are available online or through your smartphone if you don’t feel like wearing a headset. You won’t get the full experience, but it can be a nice tour through what the Metaverse might look like someday.

3. Metaverses Give You a Virtual Presence Online

Metaverses are virtual worlds, and just like the real world, you’ll have a “physical” appearance through an avatar, name, and personality. It’s like taking the real you and putting it into a single digital avatar. What your digital avatar explores online is up to you.

4. Virtual Office Spaces Are Most Likely the Breakout Feature Of The Metaverse

Businesses have the most to gain from establishing virtual spaces in a Metaverse platform. The virtual office space is a time and money saver that often relieves a lot of pressure on employees who might prefer to access their office without actually having to travel to it. Imagine an office space that’s always available. That’s the Metaverse.

5. Experience Things That Might Be Beyond Your Limits

A key area of the Metaverse that many overlook is the potential of this space to deliver experiences beyond a person’s physical limitations. For example, a person who can’t walk can use gyms or play virtual sports, attend a concert, or participate in a global business event. 

So How Do I Get to the Metaverse Again?

There are many terrific Metaverse guides out there that let you know which Metaverse locations are already available to you online. Visiting these spaces is as simple as going to their web address or using your headset to get there. 

Some Metaverse platforms are actual avatar-driven places to create a virtual world for yourself. As a decentralized concept, the idea is to let everyday people create online experiences. There’s no corporation looking over your shoulder, no government organization demanding that you go along with their ideas. You can start from scratch and generate your own digital world.

To Find a Metaverse:

  • Search for your favorite topic + Metaverse
  • Go to a Metaverse directory to find your favorite Metaverse platforms
  • If your company is adding a Metaverse space to its daily operations, check it out

The Future Is in Your Hands

Web3 is a new-fangled version of the internet that goes back to Web 1.0 and envisions everyday people freely creating their own content and running things outside of corporations. Will people choose to go back to the beginning and give up their more centralized web? Many publications have weighed in on whether metaverses can even succeed.

The average internet user might be too comfortable with how things are to build digital worlds right now, but there’s always a chance that, someday, this could become the norm for online content creation.

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