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Unleashing Adventure: Activities at Bunker Hill Regional Park

If you are interested in exploring the amazing things that you can do in Bunker Hill Regional Park, then follow this article.

1. In Which City Is Bunker Hill Regional Park Located?

Bunker Hill regional park is located in Coon Rapids and Andover. 550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
Andover, MN 55304

Some of the features of Bunker Hills Regional Park are:

  1. Archery
  2. Camping
  3. Compost Site
  4. Cross Country Skiing
  5. Disc Golf
  6. Dog Park
  7. Golf
  8. Meeting Rooms
  9. Pavilion
  10. Stables

Regional Connector pre-opening Bunker Hill station area walking tour.

2. Things to do in Bunker Hill Regional Park

2.1 Bunker Hills Stables

Bunker Hills Regional Park provides a 1,600-acre area and various types of leisure activities, such as swimming and water rides at Bunker Beach Water Park, riding a horse at Bunker Hills Stable, hiking, biking, golfing, an archery range, camping, and cross-country skiing. Anoka County Veterans Memorial is also located at Bunker Hill’s campground park in Bunker Hill.

The Bunker Hills Regional Park is a popular location for lovers of motorcycling and trekking. It has 3.5 miles of rough hiking-only track and more than 20 miles of picturesque asphalt paths that are great for bike riding and hiking.

The park also provides miles of unique equestrian riding trails. With enough hills and flat portions to satisfy any rider or hiker, the trails traverse through a range of ecosystems, from oak woodlands to grassy fields and wetlands.

2.2 Beach and Water Park in Bunker Hill Regional Park

2.2.1 The Wave Pool

3-foot waves will be generated at night by heating the water park and wave pool to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The entrance pool of this water park is only five feet deep.

2.2.2 The Lagoon

This negligible-depth entrance pool has seven various fun elements and an average depth of one foot.

2.2.3 Adventure Pool

Children of any age are going to love this zero-depth swimming pool, which has a maximum level of two feet.

This community swimming pool is suitable for kids and those who like enjoying time out because of its nearby places and modest water level.

2.2.4 Lazy River

A steady river that is 900 feet long surrounds the Big Island. At the Lazy River’s entrance, single and double tubes are offered to utilize on a first-come, first-served approach.

2.2.5 Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay is situated on the Big Island, which holds two 10-foot Aqua Climb walls and two water basketball hoop areas; it is a great place to chill out and play hoops.

2.2.6 Family Restrooms/Lactation Room

A freshly constructed 1,760-square-foot architecture that resides between the Lagoon and the Tidal Wave Cafe contains four family restrooms and changing rooms, one breastfeeding room, rental storage lockers, and a retail store and tube leasing room.

There are several hotels and cafes in Andover near Bunker Golf Course. And you may require a hotel or restaurant before or after playing disc golf to take a rest.

Some of the hotels where you can stay are Norwood Inn & Suites, AmericInn by Wyndham Coon Rapids, Willy McCoy’s, Margie’s Kitchen & Cocktails, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, and a lot more.

Bunker Hill Regional Park
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2.3 Disc Golf Course in Bunker Hill Regional Park

2.3.1 Blue Ribbon Pines

It was designed by Timmy Gill & Steve Beckman in 2006. You have to pay $8.00 per person for playing disc golf.

This golf course is wonderful, and championship-level golf with some extremely forested areas and various huge attacking holes.

There is an amazing variety of holes, some of which have wooden retaining walls enclosing the greens.

An on-site golf store with a disc for sale and a full-service snack bar outside of the course that is primarily available on the weekends and serves made-to-order burgers, sodas, water, and beer.

2.3.2 Bryant Lake Park

It was designed by Timmy Gill in 1999. You have to pay $6.50 per round per player to play golf.

It is a lovely and properly maintained game in Metropark format featuring lots of slopes.

There’s a pair of pads and two pairs of blue and yellow baskets. Attractive sites can also be found there with artificial wooden walls and stairs.

2.3.3 Jim Barnett Disc Golf Course

The 170 acres of a park in which the golf course offers a mix of lengthy, difficult holes and short, strategic holes. Each hole has two ceramic tee boxes: a blue and a white advanced/professional tee box.

A group of professional disc golf lovers established the Winchester Disc Golf Course.

The course is intended to be difficult for players of all skill levels and was sponsored by volunteers, regional companies, and organizations.

bunker hill regional park
Image by Courtney Cook /Unsplash/ 2018

2.4 Mountain Biking in Bunker Hill Regional Park

There is a great selection of mountain biking routes in Minnesota, a lot of them available throughout the winter for fat biking.

Amazing mountain bike rides can be found anywhere in Minnesota, including Duluth, Lebanon Hills, Cuyuna, and many more.

2.4.1 Duluth

The amazing 100-mile Duluth Traverse is a special connecting route that loops around the city and joins various trailheads into a single and wide network.

The riders may enjoy the range of courses whether they are novices or experts. Also, it’s difficult to match the beautiful views of Lake Superior.

2.4.2 Cuyuna

More than 50 miles of mountain hiking routes with various levels of hiking difficulty have been found in Cuyuna.

In the rough, post-industrial landscape, the single-track hiking loops had been cut into the rocks that covered the underground tunnels-turned-lakes, wrapped through forests, and surpassed steep hills.

A lot of lakes surround the landscape, some of which are natural, whereas others are pit mines that eventually were filled with water. Elevated regions provide spectacular views of those lakes.

bunker hill regional park
Image by Tom Conway /Unsplash/ 2019

2.4.3 Lebanon Hills

Lebanon Hills is one of the most famous routes in the Twin Cities area due to its roughly one-time-use single-track, which is a one-way of 12 miles.

These routes offer riding for riders of all categories and excellent features to improve the experience of riding.

3. Conclusion

Bunker Hill Regional Park provides a lot of options to explore the autumn sceneries and associate with nature.

This place is a full enjoyment package. Whether you are going there with your family members or planning a solo trip, there are so many things to enjoy.

Therefore, the Bunker Hill Regional Park is a beautiful place for visitors to visit, spend an amazing time, and explore some interesting things in Minnesota.



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