Top 10 Amazing Drive Through Safari Texas

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Drive Through Safari, Texas
Safari Drives In Texas

Drive through safari Texas is an amazing adventure with many surprises, where you can experience a major share of the African safari in the amazing state of Texas! This is an exotic resort zoo where you have a guided drive into the wilderness. You can closely observe the animals as they peer into your safari drive vehicle.

In the drive-through safari texas, you can learn about numerous exotic animals from all over the world as they roam freely like they do in the jungles.

If you’re looking for entertainment for your kids, then this is definitely the perfect adventure for you. A drive-through safari gives you a thrilling experience of a raw wild adventure without even leaving your own car.

Down below, we have listed all the places which you can find a drive-through safari in Texas.

Top 10 Drive-Through Safari Texas:

1. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

drive through safari texas
The Drive-Through Safari Texas: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Here, you can explore about 450 acres of Texas Hill Country in just a 1.5 hour drive through safari texas, which features a wide variety of animals from all over the globe.  Every safari drive car is provided with a bag of animal feed. The cost of the bag is included in admission. 

Some of the animals in the ranch will approach your vehicle to eat. This will give you a chance to ogle at the beauty of the creation at a close range. You’ll see buffalos, zebras, and ostriches during your safari adventure. Visitors can also explore the wildlife ranch on foot.

You can relax at the on-site cafe and also visit the giraffe center. You can finish off your day by stopping at the gift shop for a souvenir of your experience.

2. Aggieland Safari                   

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: The Aggieland Safari

If you search for a zoo and drive-through safari experience in Texas, go ahead with Aggieland Safari in Bryan. It is often known as the Serengeti of the South. The admission of the safari includes entrance to a 250-acre land busting with wildlife. With a small additional fee, you receive a bucket of food to feed your wild animal in the safari drive.

You can buy 3 buckets that can feed a bunch out of over 500 animals that call Aggieland Safari home. Get an experience of a personal visit from each of the wild animals on the safari without leaving your car.

3. Sharkosa Wildlife Ranch, Pilot Point

Safari drive through texas
Best Drive-Through Safari Texas: Sharkarosa Ranch

This drive-through is a little different than the other Texas safari drives. Instead of driving your own vehicle into the wild, you are allotted a person who takes you through the breathtaking 126 acres with 130 exotic animals, endangered species, and rare wildlife.

​Visit this petting zoo with your kids. There, you’ll see alpacas, ponies, cows, sheep, and also different breeds of goats. The site protects several animals that include capuchin monkeys, brown lemurs, and red-ruffed lemurs. There are also reptiles, camels, zebras, pot-bellied pigs. 

You can also have close-range animal encounters that allow petting, feeding and connecting with selected species.

4.​ The Franklin Safari Drive, Franklin

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: Franklin Drive-Through Safari

Your family can enjoy playing, feeding, and also interacting with numerous animals in this drive-through safari. Franklin Drive has around 100 acres that are occupied with more than 1,000 species. As you drive your vehicle through the safari zoo, you will observe over 40 different species of wild animals moving around the ranch.

Franklin drive-through safari Texas even has a ten-acre allotted for hiking. You can lure baby giraffes, camels, anteaters, or kangaroos, with just a cup of peanuts and make friends with the park monkeys. For more exposure, you can take a private tour with the trained staff. You can also pay a visit to the adorable baby room to play with exotic baby animals like coatimundis and lemurs. 

5. The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch, Texas

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is one of the largest drive-through safaris in Texas. The zoo ranch contains over 1,800 acres that feature around fifty different animals among the 1,100 animals on this property.

You can spend hours driving through the zoo looking at different kinds of animals. You can also go on a bike tour which is also known as a murder mystery tour.  Fossil Rim Wildlife Center also has few photo workshops, an on-site cafe, and overnight lodging.

You can also have a view of the biggest cheetah breeding facility in the entire world.  Almost 18 to 20 cubs are being raised here every year. Many of the endangered species, like the Scimitar-horned oryx, have also been reintroduced to the wild. 

6. Cherokee Trace Drive, Jacksonville

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: The Cherokee Trace Drive-Through Safari, Texas

Visit this drive through safari to see Rupert the camel and Minnie the yak. It is a two-hour drive that also includes a free feedbag, 300 acres, and 700 species.

You can make friends with capybaras, zebras, alpacas, bison, and more when they approach your vehicle. There is also a fenced enclosure with six big wild alligators whom you can feed. The variety of wildlife present at Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari is just amazing to drive.

You can drive along the different roads to get a view of the African longhorn cow, an Indian antelope walking across a lush field, or a mother and her baby grazing by the pond in the zoo.

You with your family will definitely have great memories feeding the animals, photographing, and observing the gorgeous creatures present in this safari.

7. The GrapeLand Safari, Grapeland

Drive Through Safari Texas
The Drive-Through Safari Texas: Grapeland Safari

The Grapeland Safari gives you 59 acres of land with 25 different species. You can grab a bucket of feed, drive through safari Texas, and have a look at these amazing creatures. Small kids will love the petting zoo.

You can see several animals, including zebras, axis deer, emus, and yaks. You can bring your grill and spend some time together enjoying the picnic area.

The guests of honor at the Grapeland Safari are their camels. You can see two types of camels which are the Dromedary and Bactrian camels. Each of these camels has unique features as they hit with visitors due to their friendly nature.

8. The Exotic Resort Zoo, Johnson City 

Drive Through Safari Texas
The Drive-Through Safari Texas: The Exotic Resort Zoo, Texas

Instead of driving your car through this Texas safari, you can relax and enjoy the 127 acres area by a guided tour.

Get to know a lot about the 30 species of animals homed here. That includes the kissing camel, ostrich, and blackbuck, among many others. The zoo also has endangered and exotic animals. You can also feed many friendly animals with your own feed bucket given at the entry.

Your family will have a fun time as thirty or forty animals surround your camp, hoping for snacks. After your tour, visit the two petting areas, the fishing pond where you can catch away the fishes and release the fish or enjoy spending the night in a cabin and enjoy a beautiful campfire.

9. Lonesome Dove Drive, Jefferson

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: The Lonesome Dove Drive-Through Safari, Texas

The Lonesome Dove Drive Through Safari Texas gives shelter to over 160 animals. If you visit, you get the enjoyment of wildebeests, camels, donkeys, red deer, bison, and many more. The animals walk freely around the 65 acres area.

There are signboards to direct you through the facility. Feast your eyes on the exotic animals along with zebras and deer. Your entire family can enjoy the zoo filled with braying donkeys. 

If you want to look at the animals closely, you can go to their area of petting animals. Stop by the office at the entrance and purchase a bucket of feed for the animals. You can click amazing photographs with the animals too.

10. The Topsey Exotic Ranch And Drive-Through, Copperas

Drive Through Safari Texas
Drive Through Safari Texas: The Topsey Exotic Wildlife Ranch

If you like to see exotic animals in a natural setting, Topsey Exotic drive through safari texas is a must-try. This exotic ranch has about 350 acres of land. You can drive through this 3-mile comfortably in your vehicle by seeing the animal naturally close up.

This ranch was initiated in the year 1988. However, it is an ‘enter at your own risk’ drive-through. It is warned not to feed the animals off your hands. Carry a camera with you to capture photos of these amazing beings and also bring home beautiful memories.

Drive Through Safari Texas

Many families come here with their kids to have fun by checking out the amazing animals through drive-a-car. Many visitors leave in awe by this innovative method of conversing with nature and wildlife. Meeting the animals, mingling, and petting them in their natural habitat is a thrilling and liberating experience.

So what are you waiting for! Go and add a drive through safari texas or a Wildlife tour to your next family vacation list.

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