Top 8 Best Cannon Beach Restaurants

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cannon beach restaurants
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Cannon Beach Restaurants have the charm of themselves. Cannon beach is a famous beach town located on the Oregon coast for vacations to spend with family or friends.

It doesn’t just have scenic beauty but also a variety of tasty food. This article will go through the best Cannon Beach restaurants for you that you mustn’t miss out on.

cannon beach restaurants

Before we get to the cannon beach restaurants list, we would like to tell you a little about Cannon Beach. It is a small beach city in the northwest region of Oregon.

It is most famous for its long immaculate sandy shoreline. It was also recorded in the world’s 100 most beautiful places by National Geographic.

Now let’s read the top 8 Cannon beach restaurants.

1. Mo’s

Oregon’s clam chowder is world-famous, and Mo’s flaunts it by serving one of the best you’ll taste among all the Cannon Beach restaurants. It is a delicious regional dish and much loved by people.

Aside from this delicacy, there are many other seafood dishes that you’d enjoy here, a few of them being- shrimp mix, crab melts, fish tacos, and oyster stew. The restaurant is lodged in a bucolic building which highlights its rustic features and decor.

cannon beach restaurants
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It has a wooden seating arrangement with a wide floor-to-ceiling glass window wall. The window view presents the beautiful Oregon coast so that you can enjoy your meal while looking out at the blue waters and open sky. It’s not very costly and provides the best environment for when having meals with your family.

2. The Irish Table

Another Cannon Beach favorite is The Irish Table, with its unique, delicious menu and striking ambiance make it quite inviting. They serve fresh seasonal dishes, which have an Irish twist to them, taking inspiration from there.

It has a friendly and knowledgeable service that will help you choose the menu’s best items according to your taste. The freshly caught halibut and the curried mussels, the Irish lamb stew, and shepherd’s pie are the most sorted dishes on the menu.

It’s also a good place when you want to relax and have a drink. It offers some great local wine and Irish whisky among its many options. It’s famous as the other Cannon Beach restaurants on this list, so getting an empty table here would be challenging, so we suggest you make a reservation beforehand.

3. The Stephanie Inn

It is another people’s favorite among the cannon beach restaurants offering a view of the Pacific Ocean as you enjoy your meal. It uses the best local ingredients, which are fresh and favorable in making its quality dishes.

You can choose from its eccentric collection of seasonal fruits, brewed coffee, and freshly baked tasty pastries during the breakfast buffet. For dinner or lunch, you should try out its juicy marinated rack of lamb, famous hazelnut-crusted wild Chinook salmon, and the delicious butternut squash risotto.

Its added benefit is that it’s an inn so one can even stay here in its gorgeously decorated rooms and thus avoid having to find any other restaurants to enjoy appealing food from.

4. Castaway’s Restaurant and Tiki Bar

Castaway’s is a gorgeous foundation along the coastline of Cannon beach. It features tropical, spicy, and bold flavors in its unique dishes inspired by French and Caribbean cuisines.

This variety of innovative dishes is what makes it so famous among the cannon beach restaurants. Some of the most sorted dishes are seafood chowder, honey- orange coconut prawns, and Jamaican jerk chicken. Besides the eatables, it also offers great fruity drinks and cocktails, which are also much loved by the people.

The restaurants make you experience as you have escaped to a tropical island, and its colorful interior adds to the effect, thus making its way in this list of best Cannon Beach restaurants.

5. Bistro Bar and Restaurant

The Bistro Bar and Restaurant boasts a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, making it different from the other Cannon Beach restaurants. Its interior contains French-inspired decorations with high vaulted ceilings and bucolic decors.

The dishes are plated beautifully, and the staff is quite friendly. The most sorted dishes that one must try here are the lamb with eggplant relish, seafood stew, pancetta, and greek lemon soup.

In the desserts, you should try out the flourless rum-soaked cake with the delicious raspberry sauce. It has a wide range of wines from which you can choose any which suits your taste. It serves innovative and tasty drink blends and cocktails that attract people to this famous Cannon Beach restaurant.

6. Newmans at 988

This is one of the best diners when you want to have a romantic dinner among all the Cannon beach restaurants. It is a sophisticated restaurant with its main chef being the famous John Newman and Newmans’ name at 988.

It offers dishes inspired by French and Italian cuisines to its guests. The most sorted dishes here are:

  • The chicken marsala pasta.
  • Lobster ravioli with hazelnuts and marsala sauce.
  • The delicious crispy crab cakes.

It only offers ten tables and is housed in a cute shoreside cottage, making it a quiet and intimate place for lovers to spend an evening date.

7. Wayfarer Restaurant Lounge

The Wayfarer Restaurant is much more popular among the other Cannon beach restaurants because of the Haystack Rock’s magnificent view, a popular Cannon Beach feature. It also offers a stunning view of the clear ocean and the beautiful shore while enjoying your meals.

cannon beach restaurants
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It offers Pacific Northwest cuisine using the best fresh local ingredients. The restaurant offers a wide range of wines to choose from and specifically features Northwest and local Oregon varieties.

The people much love the outdoor seating area to enjoy the pleasant weather along with the scenic beauty.

8. Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge

If you are a steak lover, then Driftwood Restaurant and lounge is the best place for you. It prepares hand-cut steaks traditionally on sizzling grills. Its juicy burger and fries or the famous filet mignon are a must-try. You can also go for the Oysters Rockefeller or luscious clams.

It provides a relaxing environment and a sun porch that overlooks Main Street, making it different from the other Cannon Beach restaurants.

Cannon Beach Restaurants

These were the eight restaurants among the Cannon Beach restaurants that you should check out when visiting Cannon Beach. We are sure the taste and flavors will not disappoint you at these Cannon Beach restaurants and add to its memorable experience.

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