Top Items To Add To Your Bathroom To Make It Fancier

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Many people don’t give much thought to bathroom design because they don’t spend much time there. Besides, bathroom renovations can be costly and are typically only feasible for those who own, as opposed to rent, their homes. That said, neither of those reasons means you can’t elevate the look of this room with a few stylish additions. Here is a selection of items that will make your bathroom look and feel fancier.

An Antique Mirror

Despite being one of the most used items in a bathroom, many people get standard mirrors from the hardware store – which pretty much all look the same. An unusual, antique mirror over your vanity will make the place feel more luxurious. They come in many interesting designs. And the best part about them is that you can find these in vintage stores for pretty reasonable prices.

Brass Embellishments

Installing brass embellishments is another inexpensive way to make your bathroom look fancier. Changing small fixtures like the cabinet handles from chrome finish to brass will make a huge difference. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you can add a new brass soap dish, brass faucets, or brass trimmings for your mirrors and cabinets. You can even get water-proof tape or stickers with a brass finish, which will cost you much less than an authentic brass finish.

A Heated Towel Rack

If you really want to pamper your guests (and yourself) with a deluxe bathroom experience, you will need to get a heated towel track. These handy additions are typically found in hotels and spas and have several purposes. They can keep your towels warm, allowing you to warm up while towel drying. When you’ve finished using them, you can place the towels back on the rack and dry them. You may be wondering,can I leave my heated towel rack on?” You’ll be happy to know that most towel racks are perfectly safe for use 24/7. They have internal temperature control, preventing them from overheating and burning your towels.

A Bathtub Tray

If you have a bathtub – and enjoy soaking in it – you will need a tray to keep your essentials close. The tray will be the perfect place to rest your favorite book, tablet, or phone while you soak. These can be accompanied by a glass of wine or any other nighttime beverage you prefer. Choose a tray with adjustable sizing, so you can maximize its versatility.


Lastly, you mustn’t forget to add a few pieces of greenery to your bathroom. Plants can fit in the smallest of spaces and will make the place look like an elegant spa. Plus, plants will also create a relaxing atmosphere. If you have a small bathroom, installing racks or floating shelves will help you maximize the space. If nothing else, you can always tie a eucalyptus bundle around your showerhead and enjoy its relaxing aroma whenever the water travels down on them.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your bathroom to make it more luxurious. In fact, when it comes to decorations for this particular space, the simpler approach is always better. Adding only a few commodities that elevate the users’ comfort levels or which simply look stylish will transform the space into an entirely new room. Installing functional items that you can’t picture in the average bathroom will also earn you many compliments from guests. 

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