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What Feet Pictures Sell the Best?

With some creators pulling in £7000/month, we don’t blame you for selling feet pics. With mentions in publications and appearances in social media trends, it is fast becoming a popular passive income source. 

Selling feet pics can be lucrative, with some images going for $100 a pop. Unfortunately, not all sellers can get such high rates. The trick to selling more is to get regulars. And to get buyers to purchase frequently, you need high-quality pictures. 

Types of Feet Pics That Sell Best 

Here are the feet pics that sell best:

  1. Well-Marketed Feet Pics

Did you know that marketing accounts for almost 80% of feet pic sales? Visibility is crucial when leveraging feet images. And marketing allows you to reach more people, drawing more buyers. Based on this, well-promoted feet pics are among the pictures that sell best. 

As a content seller, you can harness several channels to market your feet pics, including

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Telegram

Consistency is key on feet pic selling platforms. You need to post regularly to attract a broad customer base. Routine posting allows the system algorithms to prioritize your profiles. As a result, your account may be suggested by the system to people with similar interests.

Additionally, your feed must be well-curated and reflect your portfolio sufficiently. When posting your images, pay attention that they are harmonious with the rest of your content. Moreover, you can also do cross-channel promotions. This means promoting the same/similar content across multiple social media platforms. Marketing feet pics on channels like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more simultaneously guarantees optimum reach. 

2. Well-Priced Feet Pics

When selling feet pics, it isn’t easy to earn $100/pic from the get-go. Experience and knowledge of the industry are required to get to this point. Even then, high-priced feet pics sell lesser compared to cheaper content. In fact, well-priced feet pics are the type of images that sell best.

$10 to $25 is the average price range for feet pics on average. When starting, an initial price tag of $5/pic is also not uncommon. Your buyer will pay according to product quality. Thus to sell more, you need to price your content accordingly.

For example, you can sell your basic feet pic for $10 while reserving higher spots for other images. On the pricier range, you can market pictures of feet in heels, stockings, and accessories. The most expensive items in your portfolio can be reserved for videos. These clips can have a price tag of $25 and above. Some custom videos can go well over $50. 

A varying price range like this expands your portfolio and lets you sell more. 

3. Feet Pics Targeting Various Niches 

As mentioned above, an extensive portfolio is vital when selling feet pics. If your images target only one niche, you will have limited visibility. For example, if you only sell feet pics in heels, your regulars will be few. However, if you are selling across categories like the following, you can sell more.

  • Stockings
  • Sole pics
  • Feet jewelry
  • Natural feet pics
  • Oil
  • Paint

Profiles that target multiple buyer bases earn more because they have numerous demand sources. Moreover, a varied portfolio allows you to adjust your rates, meaning you have the opportunity to charge higher for non-mainstream interests.

If comfortable, you can make this your primary niche to earn more. For example, BDSM-themed feet pics may sell more, but all sellers are willing to participate in such shoots. Targeting such niches allow you to sell more and negotiate higher prices. If comfortable, you can make this your central theme for feet pics.

4. Trendy Feet Pics 

Like in all businesses, trends are a significant part of the feet industry. Feet images that abide by these are at the top of the best sellers’ list. Understanding industry trends lets you sell more pics. By including popular themes in your feet pics, you can compete and keep up with other sellers as well.

To do this, you must pay attention to high-profile sellers. Platforms like Feetinder have a list of accounts at the top of the sellers’ charts. If you want to sell more, you can replicate some of their poses, accessories, and backgrounds. Looking through multiple feeds may let you discover trends like “natural feet” or “feet in the sand” that you can incorporate into your images.

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