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Why Do Guys Like Feet Pics?

You probably don’t know this, but feet fetishes are one of the most common fetishes out there. The human tendency to be aroused by the sight, smell, feel, or taste of feet is more mainstream than expected. In fact, at least 17% of males in a study were seen to have this inclination for feet.

Feet Fetishes: How Common Are They?

So, if your partner suddenly expresses an interest in your peepers, there is nothing to worry about. Feet fetishes are a common phenomenon, as far as fetishes go. Instead of being awkward or standoffish, you should let them know that liking feet is common and has been explained by science.

Moreover, studies show more men tend to have foot fetishes than women. This disparity in the attraction level can be seen in online marketplaces dealing with feet pics.

Feet and Men: The Attraction Explained

However, this does not mean that women do not have foot fetishes. It’s simply, as far as records go, the demographic is overwhelmingly male. But what exactly makes feet pics so attractive to guys?

Visual Stimuli 

One of the main reasons for this is the visual stimuli produced by the sight of bare feet. Studies show that much of the arousal in males is triggered via sight. Seeing uncovered feet may thus evoke images of sex or the woman’s body. This, in turn, triggers arousal in guys.

Feet are a robust sexual trigger as it have strong connections with sex. For example, a woman’s feet are typically exposed during sexual intercourse. Thus bare feet stimulate sexual arousal in males by triggering images of sex, pleasure, and orgasm.

According to reports, the sight of uncovered feet can be extremely arousing for some men. A few have even confessed that seeing toes, heels, or ankles is as arousing as seeing bare breasts in public. However, these are typically only found in extreme cases of feet fetishism.

How Do Guys Express Their Interest in Feet? 

In most males, seeing feet may trigger a healthy appreciation or interest. For most couples, these practices are mostly confined to rubbing, kissing, or simply caressing the feet. Beyond these, a guy may express his interest in feet by buying accessories, stockings, or sexy footwear.

This is because a visual appreciation of feet is one of the most types of feet fetishes. The curve of the soles, the toes, and the ankles are some of the most desired parts of the feet. Guys may show interest in these features by giving you foot rubs, taking you to foot spas, or simply complimenting your fresh coat of nail varnish.

Among these, painted nails are a major turn-on for men. The sight of well-manicured and maintained feet may arouse them quickly. Such feet signal that the person’s personal hygiene is applaudable.

Types of Visual Turn-Ons

However, aside from this, guys may also be turned on by various things when dealing with feet pics. A quick visit to Feetfinder will unearth the variety of feet pic categories the sellers deal in. This list includes

  • Oiled feet pics
  • Feet pics in stockings
  • Feet pics with heels
  • Feet on the beach
  • Pics with S&M themes

Most guys are turned on by the sight of feet in sexy lingerie. Moreover, oiled feet or feet in the sand may also evoke pleasurable sensations in the viewers. According to experts, human memory is one of the primary factors behind this phenomenon.

Effect of Memory 

A psychoanalytical take on feet fetishes indicates that early childhood experiences contribute majorly to the development of these fixations. For example, fondling or kissing a child’s feet in their early developmental phase may increase their chances of developing a feet fetish later in life.

This phenomenon is also sometimes explained by the concept of positive reinforcement. Based on this theory, sexual experiences during puberty may shape one’s reactions to feet in adulthood.

For example, a guy will be more likely to have a feet fetish if they have been pleasured using feet before. Other experiences like the sign of stockings or gathers may also trigger such a fixation in men. This theory states that guys like feet pics because the sight triggers some seminal (sexual) memory.

Depending on the degree of their interest, different types of images trigger arousal in males. Some more conventionally sexual examples include photos of women in pantyhose, ripped/dirty stockings, feet with brightly painted toenails, or images of feet in high heels. Most guys will find such props sexy and attractive.

The Aspect of Humilation

However, feet fetishes can go much deeper than that for some guys. For example, one of the categories of feet pics is “Stomping.” As the name suggests, these images are a more extreme example of feet fetishism.

In these pictures, a subject may be “stepped” on by another participant to arouse them sexually. Depending on the buyer, the feet may be placed on the neck or even on the face. The foot may often be shod in heels or even leather boots or accessories.

Many guys like such pics because of the humiliation factor of the scene. They may have an innate desire to be in a similar position. The loss of power represented in such scenarios may be a massive turn-on for them.

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