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Exploring Foot Fetishism in Pop Culture

Think feet fetishes are a new thing? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, studies track this fixation back to Ancient Greece. Back then, a poet was reported to be among the first to reference feet-based attraction explicitly.

Are Feet Fetishes a New Phenomenon?

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Moreover, feet have played a significant role in the beauty standards of Asian societies. The most prominent among these are the lotus feet women of China. This tradition existed for over 1000 years, starting around the 9th century.

This practice refers to binding women’s feet to preserve their size. Therefore, the lotus feet phenomenon can be considered an extreme albeit socially accepted form of foot fixation.

This phenomenon was overturned only during the 20th century. In fact, the last 50 “lotus foot women” were still reported to be alive in 2015. Based on research, the women’s emancipation movement was one of the primary reasons that led to its eventual death. 

Feet Fetishes in the Modern Era 

As more women entered the workforce, they found the practice of feet binding archaic and dated. Even in American culture, foot fetishes have become more mainstream. Moreover, artists like Britney Spears and Rihanna have openly supported this attraction.

Today, feet fetishes are the most common fetishes related to a body part. Almost 50% of all such fixations include feet. Moreover, 3% of the population also admit to having this fetish. Feet-related attraction in the media is treated more consciously and less like a punch line. 

However, like all fetishes, it continues to be marginalized. To understand why you need to know the definition of a foot fetish first. 

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What is a Foot Fetish?

Many people mistake foot fetish and foot kink to be the same thing. It is an understandable error as they differ primarily in degree, not kind. Feet kinks and fetishes both refer to a sexual fixation for feet.

People with this preference experience arousal when exposed to 

  • Feet
  • Feet pics
  • Footwear
  • Feet-related paraphiliae like socks, stockings, jewelry, accessories, and more

However, the main difference is that a feet fetish is more pronounced than a kink. You may have a kink if you have a moderate attraction for feet. However, if you fixate on your feet to the point of being unable to achieve climax without it, you may have a foot fetish.

Feet-based stimulation is vital for feet fetishists during sexual play. They mandatorily require feet to reach sexual climax. However, a person with a foot kink can do without foot play. They will be able to orgasm even without including feet in their routine. 

Fortunately, both foot kinks and fetishes have become more mainstream. Many celebrities like Britney Spears and Quentin Tarantino have expressed their support for foot-related activities. Moreover, the following events in contemporary pop culture have helped reshape public opinion of feet fetishes.

Quentin Tarantino’s Feet Shots

The director is famous, or perhaps, infamous, for including shots of women’s films in his films. As a result, many of Tarantino’s leading actresses, including Margot Robbie, Margaret Qualley, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek, have bared their toes/soles in his films. 

Many (in)famous titles in his discography feature these shots, including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and most recently, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino has often been criticized for his objectification of women’s feet. However, it is undeniable that the director has single-handedly initiated conversations on feet fetishes in mainstream society.

Moreover, Tarantino himself is not ruffled by these critics. On his decision to include close-up shots of women’s feet in his films, he has stated – “I don’t take it seriously.” According to Tarantino, these inclusions are simply a component of sound direction. 

According to him, feet fixations have always been a part of Hollywood. Some famous examples before him include Luis Buñuel and even Hitchcock and Sofia Coppola. 

Uma Thurman’s Feet

If there ever was an icon for feet lovers, it has to be Uma Thurman. The actor, buoyed by Tarantino’s direction, is one of this generation’s most recognizable feet icons. Thurman’s icon status has been cemented by the films Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. In true Tarantino fashion, these titles heavily feature shots of Thurman’s feet.

Widely considered to be his masterpiece, Pulp Fiction hints at his penchant for feet-related fetish. Many viewers have noted that Thurman’s character, Mia Wallace, is mostly barefoot in the film. 

If Pulp Fiction sets up Tarantino’s fascination for Thurman’s feet, Kill Bill solidifies her status as his muse. In fact, the hospital scene where Thurman’s character attempts to wiggle her toes is one of the most iconic feet-related moments in popular culture. 

Britney Spears’s Feet Fixation 

Britney Spears is another celebrity who has never avoided admitting her attraction for feet. The pop star has been very vocal about her foot fetish. In fact, she even performed her hit Oops I Did It Again bare feet at the 2000 MTV VMAs. 

Spears even made headlines for her answer when asked the best way to seduce her. She replied, “For a guy to kiss her feet.” Moreover, she frequently posts pictures of her bare feet on social media


Such developments in feet fetishisms have made this fetish more acceptable than ever. One of the significant signs of this is the popularity of sites selling feet pics. Recent social media trends indicate that many consider foot fetishes “normal.” 

In fact, many feet pic sites see daily traffic of over 1,000,000 users. As feet fetishes become more common and acceptable, more people are willing to leverage feet images to earn a neat side income. 

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