10 Affordable Chicago Wedding Venues

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Chicago Wedding Venues

Due to its lush parks, historic hotels, and replanning the industrial spaces, Chicago wedding venues has no shortage of beautiful and great venues at which to tie the knot.

For couples looking to get married soon, availability could be very tricky unless they’re looking for a simple and quick City Hall ceremony.

Hence the wedding planning in Chicago will never hurt your plan ahead, but you should book early to ensure that you will get the amazing venue of your dreams.

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Chicago, also called the Second City, is known for many things: deep-dish pizza, jazz, Al Capone, the Sears Tower, and mega-low temps. But Chicago’s wedding venue offers us affordable wedding venues that you should add to your list.

Chicago’s venues are famous if you wish to have historic mansions and manicured gardens to a luxury bowling alley and an urban-chic factory. They have a bit of everything regarding weddings.

Below we have listed the top 10 affordable and beautiful places to get hitched in Chicago. So get to know about a particularly gorgeous space that you should go on the below list. A wedding ceremony is a very exhausting, emotional time for many couples.

1. The Café Brauer As Chicago Wedding Venues

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Dwight H. Perkins designs this cafe. In 1908, this structure was at the edge of Lincoln Park Zoo’s south lagoon, which is considered the best example of the Prairie School of architecture.

This venue gives us a landmark of sensational backdrop for capturing beautiful photos you always dreamt about on your special day. It has a perfect indoor and outdoor wedding atmosphere with a floral garden.

This Chicago wedding venue will impress your wedding guests and also will leave lasting memories in your heart. Whether you’re planning up a grand get-together with all your family members or friends, Cafe Brauer will make the place perfect for sharing all vows in style.

2. A New Leaf in Chicago

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This intimate wedding venue in Chicago is not easy to find behind a floral shop’s charming storefront in Lincoln Park. The Chicago wedding venues have a multi-level indoor event space with rustic brick walls, a secluded ivy-lined garden, and lots of fresh flowers.

A New Leaf is one of the most intimate venues in entire Chicago, and you can also plan out for a cocktail-style meal in your wedding reception to allow for ample space. A new leaf has the flowers in the garden that started to peek out after the cold winter.

3. The Rockwell on the River

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The Rockwell on the River Chicago il is a very ever-evolving, wholly unique space to meet, taste, and celebrate.

This place in Chicago wedding venues also includes industrial-scale craft coffee roastery, distillery, breweries, farm-to-fork restaurants, riverfront marina, boat docks, concept kitchen, and event spaces.

This Chicago venue has rustic vibes because of its exposed brick walls, bow truss construction made from timber, a skylit roof, and an outdoor deck overlooking the Chicago River’s north branch.

This place has a 16,000-square-feet main space that can host groups of over about 500 guests.

4. The University Club of Chicago

It was founded in 1887 by University graduates who desired a dedicated place to enjoy intellectual pursuits; the University Club of Chicago opened its current home along the Cultural Mile.

This place is affordable for simple Chicago wedding venues as wedding receptions. The University Club has recently added a rooftop terrace. The ambiance is beautiful with lots of fresh flowers and an amazing seating arrangement just for a special day of your wedding.

The catering team in the University Club of Chicago helps to give you a unique vision of life. It also provides you a relaxing prenuptial dinner, bridal luncheons for bridesmaids, and you are served a wedding brunch before departing for your honeymoon.

5. The Field Museum in Chicago

For few couples, their dream is to have very memorable things on their big day; few of the Chicago spaces offer you the grand scale of the Field Museum’s, which is about 21,000-square-foot Stanley Field Hall.

Surrounded by neoclassical architecture, taxidermied African elephants, prehistoric pterosaurs, and Máximo the Titanosaur’s skeleton, it makes you celebrate your wedding day in style,

The venue is an impressive 1,500 seated guests but will prove a challenge in the cavernous space. You can sip champagne on the terrace by getting a beautiful overlook of Lake Michigan.

It can be memorable by dancing under the giant shadowed silhouette of Máximo the Titanosaur. Guests at the wedding can pose for photos in front of an Egyptian mastaba.

6. Chicago Illuminating Company

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This flexible South Loop location has very tall ceilings with herringbone wood floors and indoor and outdoor spaces that include a stunning courtyard surrounded by ivy-covered walls and covered or topped by an all-weather canopy.

The Chicago Illuminating Company can arrange 200 guests for seated dinner or 400 for a standing cocktail reception.

This Glamorous Chicago Illuminating Company Wedding can dream about for a long time memory! Chicago Illuminating Company is a perfect venue for couples who want to take advantage of Chicago’s summer and fall weather. Dining under a clear-top tent in a hidden South Loop courtyard is just an amazing view for a planned wedding.

7. The Promontory Point in Chicago

Hyde Park’s Promontory Point is one of Chicago’s best vantage points to get a sweeping view of downtown. The waterfront park offers you indoor and outdoor event space and will also produce some spectacular wedding photos.

Promontory Point gives the brides and grooms a historic and scenic setting to host their memorable wedding day with reception.

This venue features elegant french doors and wonderful decor and touches your desired feeling in every turn you make. It has sparkling lake water with a beautiful chandelier in a light-filled room.

8. Chicago’s South Shore Cultural Center

You can find this place in Chicago’s former South Shore Country Club, and the building is in Mediterranean Revival style, constructed by architects Marshall and Fox in 1905.

The landmark structure features painstakingly restored historic get such as an exquisite ballroom, golf course, and a beach. It also has an enormous dance floor which makes your wedding enlightened.

The Former President and Michelle Obama held their wedding reception in South Shore Cultural Center in 1992, which was very grand.

It has arched windows and columns that light up the elegant atmosphere, and the windows here are awe-inspiring, giving a good amount of light to shine everything within the room. An amazing dance floor will make you enjoy your family and friends’ company.

9. The Chicago Cultural Center

The Chicago Cultural Center, with its outstanding, very pure glass dome, comes under one of the most amazing and site after Chicago wedding venues. The building has incredible architectural ornamentation.

The Chicago cultural center has a great dance floor that can enlighten your wedding day.

Today, the Cultural Center has also given many couples a pair of remarkable stained-glass domes at their wedding. This Republic Hall’s grand army gives you an intricate Renaissance pattern on the walls, though the glass is dark with age.

10. The Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago

Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory is the biggest and the most amazing botanical conservatory in the nation. Known as “the landscape art under glass,” the conservatory shows thousands of plant species worldwide through eight indoor display gardens.

Chicago’s famous Garfield Park Conservatory also provides destination wedding vibes without willing to leave the city. The 4.5-acre horticultural oasis in the West Side complex gives you six beautiful greenhouses and two exhibition halls. Also, it provides you with plenty of options to host the wedding of your dreams.

You can either rent out a specific room or the entire conservatory.

Chicago Wedding Venues

You can find more activities to try, different food dishes to eat, and tourist attractions to visit other than a wedding venue in Chicago.

Above, we have listed the most beautiful and affordable wedding venues in Chicago, which you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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