10 Fun Things to Do in Makena Beach

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Makena beach maui
Makena beach maui

One of the signature beaches in Maui located in Hawaii, Makena beach’s white sands and fresh air will definitely relax your mind and body. Makena beach is perfect for complete relaxation therapy, with a peaceful environment hosting so many water sports.

Makena Beach is one of those undeveloped beaches that will give you a scenic view of Molokini and Kahoolawe islands. You can be site to enjoy beach vibes with a tint of natural beauty.You can be site to enjoy beach vibes with a tint of natural beauty.

Are you looking for some engrossing beaches to encourage peace and relaxation? Then just pack your bags and book your tickets to Makena state park, United States.

Makena Beach: A Complete Treasure

If you are craving some peace and relaxation, then the Big beach and the little beach will welcome you to Makena.

Both the beaches divide the area of Makena state park. Hike the way towards the south of Wailea towards Makena beach to explore the big beach with a length of 1.5 miles, followed by Kaanapali and Lahaina. Both of these beautiful beaches are always crowded with beach lovers and surrounded by lava rock and volcanic cinder cone.

On the other hand, little beach is also popular as the nude beach is quite silent and not that accessible. Makena beach can not only activate your mind but also enhance the fun by providing various other facilities.

Hawaiian beaches are always riveting due to the facilities that are coming with these beautiful beaches.

Maui Hawaii
Maui Hawaii

Some of these are:

1. Golf Resort

Are you a die-hard fan of golf and haven’t visited Makena beach yet? Then plan your trip without a second thought. Beach vibes are more enjoyable when you get an option of so many beaches together.

A visit to make beach will be beneficial for golf lovers. Towards the south of way, you may find a golf resort with various amenities. It can go towards a little expensive side but is worth each penny you spend.

Makena beach and golf resort
Makena beach and golf resort

2. Sunbathing

Makena beach or big beach is a go-to place for sunbathing. Being one of the most favorable places for sunbathing, it will help in reducing depression and anxiety.

Research shows that sunbathing may also boost immunity and bone health by coming directly under the sunrays.

Sunbathing at Makena Beach
Sunbathing at Makena Beach

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3. Hiking

Hiking is always fun, maybe due to a mile-long way overlooking the beautiful beach view. Hikers will make the most of the little beach. A mile-long hike will help you in spotting the little beach.

People that are quite particular about avoinding crowds may opt for the little beach.

Sundays can be totally fun at the little beach. With fire dancing and drumming, you can live beautiful beach moments that would be entirely memorable. Visiting this beach is a great way to distract yourself from your busy and boring lifestyle.

Hiking little beach
Hiking little beach

4. Picnic Spot

Are you planning this trip with your kids? Makena Beach is going to satisfy your little ones with a perfect picnic spot facility.

Enjoy this place without any fear of huge crashing waves. Just a peaceful environment that may also be more interesting due to the presence of green sea turtles.

Makena state park
Makena state park

5. Bodysurfing

Just test your skills by availing the bodysurfing facility at Makena beach. Both big beach and little beach are great for body surfing. You may enjoy kicking and catching out of the waves in the clear waters of Makena beach.

Body surfing at makena beach park
Body surfing at Makena beach park

6. Bodyboarding

Makena beach is one of the best suited beaches for bodyboarding. Water sports lovers should not skip this Makena state park to explore some astounding water sport options.

Indulging yourself in the beautiful curl of waves will boost your confidence to overcome the difficulties of life.

Body boarding at makena beach state park
Bodyboarding at Makena beach state park

7. Fishing

Fishing is another activity that can be done at Makena beach. Just make sure you look for a good favorable season as the summer and spring storms can be really hectic and disappointing for a beach plan.

Fishing can be really exciting along with whale tours. You may also book a whale tour to make your Hawaii excursion more adventurous.

Makena beach sunset
Makena beach sunset

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8. Snorkeling

On normal days without bad weather, the opportunity for snorkeling is one you should not miss. Snorkeling at the center of the two beaches will provide you with an amazing view and a feeling of wilderness.

The beach has no hotels and food courts and is covered by trees. That is why it would be a great option for nature lovers.

Snorkeling at beach
Snorkeling at beach

9. Parking Lot

When it comes to excursions, a good parking lot option is needed for visitors. Makena Beach is a perfect place for people looking for a safe parking lot.

The management ensures the proper maintenance and hygiene of that parking lot as well. You may simply enjoy your beach trip without any fear of losing valuables or vehicles.

Big beach makena
Big Beach Makena

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10. Swimming

Along with fresh air and trees all around, you can find a great place to swim in. The clean water welcomes swimmers to make their own waves. You may swim until you explore new things inside the beach water.

Swimming at beach park
Swimming at the beach park

A Place Dedicated To Nature

Makena beach can be a go-to destination for people that are searching for an opportunity to immersive themselves in nature. In our busy lifestyles, people completely forget to get the essence of nature. Luckily, this beach can bridge the gap between humans and nature for sure.

Makena beach can be a perfect place for a family trip. The Oneloa beach or big beach can be a package of adventure and flexibility. If you are hoping for both fun and relaxation in one place, look no further than Makena Beach. You should definitely give this beach a try to capture some beautiful moments of life.

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