10 Most Beautiful Beaches Of Panama City To Visit

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beaches of panama city
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The wonderful beaches of Panama City are known and loved for their clear turquoise waters, glimmering sands, rich wildlife, fun cruises, and surfing options.

Panama City Beaches are the perfect embodiment of a beach lover’s heaven. The distinguished sands and waterfront of the city have never-ending possibilities for tourists and visitors.

1. Visit And Explore “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.”

Located in northeastern Florida on the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches of Panama City have something for everyone.

With endless options like swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, sailing, or surfing, you will never experience a dull moment at Panama City Beach.

With the Gulf Coast Community College and a campus of Florida State University, “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” are as popular for the students during Spring Break as they are for tourists in summer.

Panama City Beaches
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2. The Most Beautiful Beaches of Panama City

This charming town in Florida is filled with white sandy beaches, so pretty it looks like powdered sugar, and waters so clear and blue it feels like it has been made from gemstones.

So how can you not visit a place so gorgeous, so flawless? And with this list, you will find Panama City Beach that is perfect for you.

So wait no more and dive into the waters of the most wonderful beaches of Panama City.

2.1) Panama City Beach

You cannot start this adventure without Panama City Beach. Found twenty-seven miles along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach Fl is the heart of the country’s vacation destinations.

You will find many things and activities along this expanse of sugar-like sand and crystal waves.

Stroll by the gorgeous beach, have a relaxing time fishing at the City Pier, or maybe try to get that perfect tan.

Check out the charming little shops to pamper yourself a little bit.

Buy a little souvenir to remember the trip and get some gifts for loved ones back home.

Anything you want, you got it here. While there are playgrounds to make the kids happy and music clubs for the young tourists to dance the night away.

And if you hear your stomach growling after a long day of fun, step into any of the great restaurants to satisfy all your cravings with fresh seafood.

Panama City Beach
Image by Gabily from Pixabay Copyright 2020

2.2) St. Andrews State Park Beach

If you are visiting the beaches of Panama City mainly because of the thrilling water activities and sports, you need to visit St. Andrews State Park Beach.

With an excess assortment of aquatic sports and recreational activities, you will not go through a dull moment on this pristine beach near the end of Grand Lagoon.

Apart from floating in the Gulf waters, the beach is also ideal for snorkeling in the pristine waters without much depth.

This beach is also prominent among tourists seeking an adventure skilled with scuba diving, kayaking, and canoeing.

And if exhausted after a day of exciting adventures, you can relax in the shade or have a picnic overlooking the blue-green water.

Shops and stands with various drinks and snacks are also available.

If you prefer to venture into the wilds of the region, go for a hike by foot or bike along the trails filled with instances of natural beauty and wildlife.

You may catch a peek of alligators and sea turtles or see the shore birds like least terns and snowy lovers.

There are also good catches to be found if you choose to try fishing.

Camping with all the necessary facilities is also available for those who wish to stay the night at this eventful beach.

2.3) Pier Park Dog Beach

Situated near Pier Park, Dog Beach is one of Florida’s very exceptional dog-friendly beaches.

This public beach warmly greets dogs and puppies on leashes.

Similar to the other beaches of Panama City, Dog Beach has the signature fluffy, white sands, surrounded by aquamarine waters.

Remember that if you wish to bring your dog to the beach, you must do so on a leash.

Also, take a long walk along the pristine coastline to enjoy the turquoise waves, white sand, and other marine life.

For epic views and mesmerizing sights over the blue-green water, you can also walk by the Russell-Fields Pier (City Pier).

But remember, if you plan to take your dog to the beach, make sure to hang around in the pet-friendly area, as they are not permitted at every area of the beach.

So have the most fun and exciting time at Dog Beach with your furry best friend.

Dog Beach
Image by xia xue from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2.4) M.B. Miller County Pier Beach

The coast at M.B. Miller Pier is a family-friendly beach with many housing options and public beach accessibility.

The water of the Gulf at this place is ideal for swimming and surfing. But that’s not all! You will also find plenty of seaside entertainment and relaxation activities like sand volleyball and beach yoga.

Sandcastle building is a loved and popular choice among children.

You will find beaches on either side of the pier where you can stay for the day and be near washroom facilities and a store for necessary sunscreens and beverages.

There are numerous hotels, diners, and shops within a short distance from the beach.

2.5) Shell Island Beach

At Shell Island Beach, you will feel close to nature. The lands are filled with abundant fauna scattered throughout the blue waters and sugary lands.

You can stroll around the place to seek and scour the environment housing wildlife like dolphins, marsh rabbits, ghost crabs, rare sea turtles, and loggerhead turtles.

Who knows, maybe if you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of some of them.

Especially during the time of nesting, there are good chances of them at night.

Fill your pockets with a vast assortment of shells and sand dollars. You might even get blessed with a pretty conch shell.

Sea Shells
Image by GK von Skoddeheimen from Pixabay Copyright 2016

You won’t be leaving the beaches of Panama City only with fond memories but also little tokens from nature always to remember the trip.

While this secluded beach’s simple and natural setting adds to its charm and beauty, you have to bring everything, like food and drinks, with you to spend the day here.

Besides the breathtaking beauty, Shell Island has a rich history and culture.

A part of the western region of this island falls in the area of St. Andrews State Park, while the east houses the famous Tyndall Air Force Base.

2.6) Crooked Island Beach

If you are tired of the buzzing crowds and loud noise around the major beaches of Panama City, then the secluded lands of Crooked Island Beach are the solution.

This peaceful expanse of the isolated coast is a pleasant reprieve from the drive and rush of Panama City Beach.

You will be able to try activities such as snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Several little diners and restaurants are scattered around this hidden beach jewel. Here you will find delightful local cuisine and beverages to relish with your partners, friends, and family.

Sea Beach
Image by Jan Haerer from Pixabay Copyright 2017

2.7) Rick Seltzer Beach

With public beach access, Rick Seltzer Beach is perfect for travelers who wish to observe the natural coastal dunes.

One of the best things about this beach is that it gives an air of isolation and privacy, but you are, in fact, very near numerous diners and shops.

The beach also has options for swimming and picnicking, along with proper washroom facilities and sitting areas.

So take a trek along the paths of the beach and the park to view some lively and academic exhibits.

This is one of the beaches of Panama City you should not miss visiting while in Florida.

The quiet elegance of this beach is a representation of why the “Leave No Trace” endeavor in Panama City Beach is so crucial.

The regional statute motivates beach-goers to take back everything they bring to the beach and park, including the leftover garbage, chairs, and umbrellas.

The undertaking is developed to assist in the conservation and protection of the biological components of the pristine beaches of Panama City.

2.8) Camp Helen State Park Beach

Among the beaches of Panama City, Camp Helen State Park Beach gives an extraordinary experience distinct from the others in Panama City Beach.

This place is an environmentally remarkable coast with freshwater and salt water.

This is because the beach is enveloped by the Gulf of Mexico, Phillips Inlet, and Lake Powell waters.

Visitors who appreciate pristine sands, crystal waters, and nature’s quiet and serene beauty will love this place.

Activities at Camp Helen State Park Beach include swimming, fishing, hiking, and biking some scenic trails.

History nerds will enjoy learning about the rich culture and history associated with this region of Florida.

Furthermore, bird watchers and nature lovers will be delighted by the vibrant feathered friends inhibiting the region, some of them being Royal Terns, Willets, Laughing Gulls, Great Blue Herons, and Osprey.

Great Blue Heron
Image by Linda Roisum from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2.9) Carillon Beach

Placed on the dazzling Florida Gulf Coast just a short distance from Panama City Beach, Carillon Beach is an extraordinary waterfront neighborhood where events occur slightly at a more relaxing pace, and folks are a little extra friendly.

Carillon Beach constitutes a gorgeous seashore town and a peaceful gated community with a lovely atmosphere. Tourists are seen to come back again and again to appreciate their stunning coast and calm, soothing home away from the loud fuss of the city.

But don’t be fooled by the calm nature of the village. There are still quite several fun and exciting things to do on one of the most tranquil beaches of Panama City.

Apart from enjoying the scenic view by the seaside, you can also go fishing, paddle boarding, hiking trails, or the very popular cold water excursions – everything you need for a perfect beach day.

For a more memorable day, you can visit the Gulf World Marine Park, filled with wonderful animals like dolphins, sharks, sea lions, and penguins. There are also fun shows and exhibits along with interactive and nursing time with the unwell animals.

2.10) Rosemary Beach

Presenting a new and modern approach to a traditional system, the society of Rosemary Beach blends the natural beauty of the clear waters and the pristine beaches with an urban town setting.

With looping streets and winding paths, charming little shops, and quaint, trendy diners, Rosemary Beach is also the perfect romantic gateway for couples.

Image by Emily from Pixabay Copyright 2021

One of the most delightful beaches of Panama City, this place also takes pride in its weekly Farmer’s Market displaying its greens.

The region is a hidden gem full of amazing architecture and sculptures by artists worldwide.

Make sure to spend some time at their popular rooftop bars to enjoy an enchanting view while sipping on a delicious drink.

3. Special Mentions

Now that you know of the best and most beautiful beaches of Panama City read further to find out some other beaches to visit and explore while you are in Florida.

  • St. George Island Beach (St. George Island)
  • Pensacola Beach (Pensacola Beach)
  • Perdido Key State Park Beach (Pensacola)
  • Santa Rosa Beach (Santa Rosa Beach)
  • Grayton Beach State Park (Santa Rosa Beach)
  • St. Joseph Peninsula Beach (Port St. Joe)
  • Navarre Beach Marine Park (Navarre)
  • James Lee Park Beach (Destin)
  • Miramar Beach (Miramar Beach)

On these beaches of Panama City, you will be rewarded with endless selections for activities like swimming, surfing, playing beach volleyball, hiking nature trails, saltwater fishing, and viewing the amazing marine life.

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Closing Thoughts

Have you packed your bags yet? Sorted all your swimwear and beach gear? If not, hurry up!

Panama City Beaches Florida
Image by Justin Hilton from Pixabay Copyright 2017

The marvelous beaches of Panama City with aquamarine waves, colorful seashells, and sugary white sands are waiting for you.

So for your next vacation, dive into the deep blues in the enchanting beaches of Pana city and have a vacation that you will always remember.

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