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10 Things To Do in NYC: Fascinating Ideas

New York City (NYC), founded by the Dutch colonists in 1624, was originally named New Amsterdam. Later, it was changed to New York in 1664 by the Duke of York.

During the late 19th century to early 20th century, New York City opened its doors to several thousands of immigrants, eventually contributing to its rich history and diversity.

New York City is known as the “city of dreams” for its towering skyscrapers, rich architectural history, never-ending vibrancy, vast diversity, and striking landmarks. Additionally, it is also a leading city for international diplomacy and finance.  Uncover the best of New York City with Bookmundi, a platform that offers a plethora of NYC tours catering to your availability and budget.

1. The City of Dreams

If you are mesmerized by history, art, and architecture, NYC comes with world-class museums and attractions for its visitors, satisfying their every taste.

If you are a connoisseur of good food and love to try different styles of cuisines, the NYC food tours will have your taste buds itching and gratify your every craving.

If you are a lover of books, the New York public library, including the renowned “New York Public Library,” brings you your favorite read from your handpicked genres.

And if you are fascinated by sky-high skyscrapers that seem soaring as high as the eye can see, NYC has no shortage of some of the tallest buildings in the world for you to marvel at.

Therefore, a trip to New York will always be a wholesome experience you will not forget. In this regard, cited below are ten things to do in NYC.

2. Things to Do

things to do in NYC
by Luca Bravo/unsplash Copyright 2017

What does NYC have to offer to its visitors? As stated above, NYC is the “city of dreams” and is also known as “the city that never sleeps.” It has a lot to offer to its visitors. It has everything from various historical places to beautiful futuristic architectures and immersive outdoor activities.

For example, you can stroll to some of the top-notch parks in the area, visit the American Museum Of Natural History or Museum of Modern Art in New York City, or even purchase some soft toys from local markets manufactured by companies like Lego Group.

3. 10 Things to Do in NYC

From fashion, art galleries, and monuments to food, skyscrapers, and theater, NYC has everything for everyone.

NYC has much more in store besides the famous Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and The Empire State Building.

Join me in this voyage of unraveling the grandeur of this majestic “city of dreams.”

New york
by Florian Wehde/unsplash Copyright 2020

3.1 Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

new york
by Matthieu Joannon/unsplash Copyright 2019

Location: 1000 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side of Manhattan

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most famous museum among art lovers.

Often referred to as ‘The Met,’ The Metropolitan Museum is a domicile to masterpieces from all around the world. It has collections from ancient times, including classical antiquity, European sculptures, medieval and Renaissance art, and contemporary and modern art.

Consisting of over 2 million works of art from Egypt, the Middle East, Oceania, etc., it is impossible to see the entire museum in one day. This place is open to the public, so you should not have any trouble entering this museum.

Suppose you are visiting the Metropolitan Museum for the first time. In that case, it is suggested that you visit the permanent collections where, on the first floor, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art are exhibited, and on the second floor, Islamic art is exhibited.

Thus, not just for history geeks and architectural enthusiasts but for everyone, ‘The Met’ or The Metropolitan Museum of Art might just be the place to turn your head to because it is bound to captivate you.

3.2 Take in The Extraordinary View of The City from One World Observatory

new york
by Chad Peltola/unsplash Copyright 2018

Location: 117 West St., Lower Manhattan

Sitting atop the World Trade Center (formerly known as Freedom Tower) and adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial is the One World Observatory. Though it is not as tall as Burj Khalifa, it will give you a spectacular view of the surroundings.

The tallest among the five observatory decks, namely, Top of the Rock, Edge Observatory Deck, The Empire State Building, and Summit One Vanderbilt, One World Observatory is located on the 100th, 101st, and 102nd of the office skyscraper.

This observation deck offers a phenomenal view of the New York City skyline. It is a treat for the eye, especially during dusk, enhancing the splendor of the city lights, the highlight being the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the New York Harbor.

She also provides her visitors with futuristic services, from a mix of virtual reality to video guides to theater shows, which display not just NYC’s history over the period and her transformation through the ages but also innovatively open the doors for the future.

Especially if one decides to visit the One World Observatory during twilight, then he/she might just get a spectacular view of mother nature, closing her eyes after being done for the day.

When the moon comes out in all her glory, the stars, like fireflies, dance their way in ecstasy around her, leaving every admirer with nothing but awe and making them drown themselves in their silent world as if they were falling asleep. Then, the city lies awake for the night.

3.3 Visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral

new york
by Christian Konopatzki/pexels Copyright 2022

Location: 14 East 51st St., Midtown Manhattan

Located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, across Rockefeller Center, is this beautiful Catholic cathedral.

Constructed in 1878, this Neo-Gothic cathedral has now been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and welcomes 5 million visitors annually.

The interior alters, organs, stained-glass windows, and its 9000-pound bronze doors allure people of all ages.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral not only allows its visitors to take a tour and attend masses but also allows one to take a candlelight tour” of the underground catacombs where you can discover hidden crypts and vaults which have been a place to rest for many historical figures.

Admiring with awe at the architectural genius of the monument not only makes the person wonder about the possibility of how this magnificent structure had been built during those days but also leaves them with an inspiration that they thought never existed in themselves.

3.4 Wander across the Brooklyn Bridge and Its Surrounding Neighborhood

Among the other ten things to do in NYC, mentioned below are two of the most iconic attractions of Brooklyn that are bound to astound you.

3.4.1 The Brooklyn Bridge

new york
by Josh Miller/unsplash Copyright 2019

Location: City Hall Park, East River

Completed in the year 1883, this 19th-century bridge is one of the oldest yet most glorious suspension bridges of the United States and is a National Historic Landmark.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most prominent spectacle of NYC (New York City), offering an exceptional view of the Manhattan skyline. 

Ideal not just for simple walkers but also for bikers and passersby, this historically renowned bridge connecting Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Heights is a must-see site in NYC.

3.4.2 Brooklyn Bridge Park

new york
by Kevin Rajaram/unsplash Copyright 2015

Location: 334 Furman St.

In Brooklyn Bridge’s proximity is Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre oasis stretching for 1.3 miles.

Situated alongside the riverfront, this park features basketball courts, playgrounds, promenades, a roller skating rink, and gardens.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is also home to more than 12,000 species of flora and fauna. It is also known for hosting various events throughout the year, the most anticipated being stargazing and sunset yoga.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park connects Columbia Heights and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which gifts its visitors an iconic view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Therefore, visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and DUMBO is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

3.5 Experience the New Visual Perspectives in the ARTECHOUSE


Location: 439 W 15th St, Chelsea Market

ARTECHOUSE is a futuristic augmented reality museum driven to showcase works by new media artists.

It focuses not just on captivating its viewers in awe but also on displaying presentations that inspire, educate, and empower others.

The ARTECHOUSE is a place in New York City where art, science, and technology all come under one roof and perform a trio together, leaving every viewer astonished.

It gives a multi-sensory audio-visual stimulation and immersive experience using unique storytelling.

It seamlessly transitions with the never-ending possibility of one’s imagination and perception of one’s world.

3.6 Visit the Grand Central Terminal and Admire the Marvelous Architecture

new york
by Remi Zik/unsplash Copyright 2016

Location: 42nd Street and Park Avenue, Midtown Manhattan

Built-in 1913, the Grand Central Terminal is yet another prominent attraction of NYC. Just a glance at this exceptional work of art.

This beautiful train station is most recognized for its scenic Neo-Classical architectural beauty and Beaux-Arts designs.

The inside of the station is filled with intricate details, from its incandescent marble floor to gold and nickel-plated chandeliers, to the celestial-themed ceiling, everything is down to perfection.

The Information Booth Clock, the Grand Central Market, and the Whispering Gallery are notable spots that you wouldn’t want to miss while visiting the Grand Central Terminal.

Apart from being a sightseeing spot, Grand Central Terminal is also known for the wide range of delicacies it provides.

Cuisines range from the various premium restaurants (namely Cipriani Dolci and The Campbell Bar) to the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant to small food stalls; this place provides you with various choices.

The Grand Central Station is also quite an attraction for ‘shopaholics’ as it comes with a wide range of merchandise from upscale to low-priced to mid-ranging stores.

Thus, Grand Central Terminal is a beautiful space in which to roam or grab a meal. It has you all covered, from historical nerds to architectural enthusiasts to food bloggers and social media content creators.

3.7 Explore the Magnificent Morgan Library and Museum

new york
by Mana5280/unsplash Copyright 2021

Location: 225 Madison Ave

A once private library of financier Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), this library cum museum is a storehouse of knowledge, art, and culture, perhaps calling it a world-class museum would be an apt way to describe it.

If you are one of those souls who love anything related to books, then visiting The Morgan Library is the best thing you could do for your soul.

Formerly known as the Pierpont Morgan Museum, built in 1906 and publicly available since 1924, this is a happening tourist stop, especially for bibliophiles.

Majestic in its appearance, The Morgan Library and Museum are inspired by Renaissance and Palladian architecture, thus, attracting not just book lovers and history junkies but architectural aficionados too.

It contains a glass entrance, and the interior of the main building is richly decorated with a polychrome rotunda and ceiling with intricate detailing. Thus, the interior of the main building has been designated as a National Historic landmark.

Although New York City has innumerable libraries nearby, the Morgan Library and Museum stand out among the rest. Why? Here, you will find artifacts, drawings, paintings, and manuscripts dating back to 4000 BC.

It is exactly the kind of place where you expect to find age-old rare books. A few of its treasures include ‘An Original Copy of the Declaration of Independence,’ Charles Dickens’ manuscripts of ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost.’

Hence, on account of the points listed above, the Morgan Library and Museum remain a great highlight not just among scholars and architecture aficionados but to visitors from across the globe.

3.8 Take a Stroll Through the Central Park

new york
by Andrea Belussi/unsplash Copyright 2019

Location: 59th to 110th Street, Manhattan

Taking a stroll through this 843-acre area, Central Park is one of the most famous and best things to do in NYC.

Central Park is a lush and lavish place to unravel after the hustle and bustle of crowded streets. What’s more? The admission charge here is nil.

You can either walk the place, wander about on rented bikes, simply go for horse and carriage rides, or even skate.

Surrounded by skyscrapers, this park has everything, from a couple of dozen playgrounds to shopping malls to a full-sized zoo.

During summer, it hosts free outdoor concerts and movie nights, and during winter, one can try skiing and ice skating.

There are also numerous sights to see, and covering all of them in a day is quite impossible. A few spots have been listed below just for you:

3.8.1 Bethesda Fountain

The name is Bethesda Fountain refers to a pool in Jerusalem that is known for its “healing powers”. It is one of the largest fountains in New York, featuring Neo-Classical sculptures known as Angle of the Waters’.

3.8.2 Conservatory Garden

Comprising 6 acres of flora, the Conservatory Garden is quite a spot to enjoy the bloom and relax.

3.8.3 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

A 106-acre body of water in the middle of the park is the most beloved spot for joggers. The view here during autumn is out of the world, with surrounding trees painted in seasonal colors.

3.8.4 Strawberry Fields

Named after a song by singer John Lennon, this area is a memorial situated across the street where the singer was assassinated.

You can also stroll along the Central Park Mall up to Bethesda Terrace to ‘Tavern On The Green’ to fill your empty stomach or simply reserve the ‘Loeb Boathouse’ if you plan to host a private event.

Central Park is also one of the most filmed locations in the world. Who knows, next time you plan to visit Central Park, you might just get lucky and get a chance to see your idol in action.

3.9 Attend A Broadway Show

new york
by Quentin Basnier/unsplash Copyright 2022

Attending a Broadway show” is a quintessential New York experience.

If you are a lover of plays, musicals, and theaters, then the Broadway show is where you should be to realize your dream.

Running various classical such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ to newer but very renowned shows such as ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Wicked,’ they have it all in store for you.

This particular specialty about NYC has been one of the reasons why New York City is also known as the “city of dreams” or “the city where dreams are made to come true” because it is here that the doors of Hollywood have been opened for countless renowned artists that we know of today.

From legendary names such as Huge Jackman, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Denzel Washington to the new budding actors like Tom Holland, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Daniel Radcliffe, etc, all have, at one time or another, come under the roof of a Broadway theater to showcase their versatility.

Therefore, if you are on a budget, booking yourself to a Broadway show might just be the place for you to see your favorite characters from your favorite plays spring to life, giving you an experience you ought to remember.

If you are on a strict budget but don’t want to miss out on this experience, then you might just as well book yourself a seat for an “off-Broadway Show,” which will prove to be just as fascinating as the above.

3.10 Spend A Day At Coney Island

new york
by Andy Orin/unsplash Copyright 2021

Location: 1208 Surf Ave, Brooklyn

Time: Hours vary seasonally

Known as the “The People’s Playground”, Coney Island is a famous amusement area in Brooklyn.

If you are visiting NYC with a family, especially children, then Coney Island is the best vacation place to tick off your bucket list.

It features several separate amusement parks and museums that host a variety of exhibits and shows, the famous among them being the “Mermaid Parade” and “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.”

The most ideal season to visit Coney Island is during the spring and summer because most of the activities here remain seasonal.

“The Cyclone,” one of the world’s last remaining wooden roller coasters built in 1927, remains the greatest attraction among others.

Other entertainments include a giant historic Ferris wheel known as the “Deno’s Wonder Wheel,” “Friday Night Firework Show” (mid-June to the end of August), “Luna Park,” “Coney Island Circus Sideshows,” “ABE Stark Skating Arena” etc., all of which is nothing but bound to be a thrilling experience to remember.

Besides being an amusement park, Coney Island is also home to an aquarium and a museum nearby.

3.10.1 New York Aquarium

new york
by Biljana Martinic/unsplash Copyright 2018

Close to the amusement park is the New York Aquarium, often called the Coney Island Aquarium, one of the oldest aquariums in the country.

Housing hundreds of marine species from sharks to dolphins, penguins to sea lions to corals, you can watch them perform various activities walking through the underwater tunnels, making this sight “a once in a lifetime “ kind of experience.

The New York Aquarium also comes with a “4D Theater” broadcasting educational feature films and motion pictures and a “playaquarium” where you can indulge yourself with the experience of marine life.

3.10.2 Coney Island Museum

The Coney Island Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Coney Island amusement district.

It has a collection of over 5,000 artifacts from amusement-related items, architectural elements, photographs, and paintings.

Therefore, a trip to Coney Island might just be a place to relax and connect with your dear ones.

4. Conclusion

new york
by Austin Neil/unsplash Copyright 2017

Apart from the above-listed things to do in NYC, one can also indulge in various other activities that New York has to offer. A prime example of these activities is NYC food tours, where you can hop on various restaurants and enjoy delicacies ranging from cheap foods to authentic cuisines. New York City has it all in store for you.

Another fun yet thrilling activity you can indulge in is scaling sky-high skyscrapers. You will be ascending over 1,200 feet into the sky. Although you will be fully harnessed and your safety will not be compromised, this experience is bound to have your heart come up to your throat.

Therefore, if you are looking for something thrilling to do and have an adrenaline rush, “City Climb” is a must.

To bring it all to an end, taking a helicopter ride, marveling through the York skyline and NYC attractions, and admiring the magnificent panoramic view of the city would be a “cherry on top” experience for anyone visiting New York City for the very first time and bringing this beautiful voyage to an end.

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