11 Best Beaches in Louisiana

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beaches in Louisiana
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Louisiana is a very beautiful coastal state in the United States. It is known for its amazing and graceful sandy beaches and nature trails. Apart from that, this State is also known for its tasty and mouth-watering food, lively people, colorful and vibrant culture, and good jazz music. People from all over the world have fun at the beaches in Louisiana. Louisiana has some of the most amazing white sand beaches.

Some of the best beaches in Louisiana are Holly beach, North beach, Rutherford beach, Florida beach, Sandy beach, Fontainebleau state park beach, and many other such beaches. The nightlife at all these beaches is very cool and widely known. Apart from beaches, Louisiana also offers various alluring and aesthetic parks like the state park and Cypremort point state park. It is a perfect getaway.

Louisiana beaches are not only beautiful but they are also known for the most amazing sunset and sunrise viewpoints. Most of these beaches provide helpful amenities like picnic tables, tasty food, beverage outlets, and other required facilities. The staff and people at these beaches are also very helpful and polite.

Many tourists come to Louisiana, especially for its beautiful beaches. Some of the other good places to visit are the gulf beach highway, gulf coastal region, vermilion bay and lake Pontchartrain.

Best Beaches in Louisiana

1. Grand Isle: –

The grand isle is one of the most alluring and beautiful beaches in Louisiana. It is also known for fishing and is a bird habitat. Grand isle is Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island. It offers the most spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. This beach’s specialty is the clear water, beautiful sunsets, and friendly people.

Shell collecting is another activity that can be done here. It is a perfect getaway for fishing, camping, and surfing. All these recreational activities are done under the guidance of trained professionals.

The grand isle state park is also a very beautiful place, and it offers visitors various amenities and recreational activities

2. North Beach: –

North beach is the only white sand inland beach lying between the states of Texas and Florida. This beach is located on the shore of lake Charles. People can be seen playing various games and enjoying themselves. It is a small yet one of the prettiest beaches in Louisiana.

Although there are no shops around or near the beach, people are allowed to bring their food and other items. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in Louisiana. Apart from this, it is very easy to find accommodation to stay in. Many hotels and inns are available. Tourists also love to visit the adjoining area like the lake Charles historic district, lake Charles civic center golden nugget. 

3. Rutherford Beach: –

Rutherford beach is one of the very popular beaches in Louisiana, located in Central Cameron Parish, and it is a very pleasant spot. The view of the sun is very spectacular and amazing from here. Tourists have various recreational options here, and they enjoy it a lot. Some of the recreational opportunities include shallow-water canoeing or kayaking.

Tourists are advised to stay cautious at this beach because it is known for its high tide and fast-blowing winds. Apart from these issues, the Rutherford beach experience is vivid and rejuvenating.

4. Cypremort Point Beach: –

It is a dark sandy beach, one of Louisiana’s three ocean beaches. It provides various recreational and fun activities like fishing, crabbing, windsurfing, and sailing. It is open from 8 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is three dollars per person. Entrance or admission is free for children below three years of age and senior citizens of sixty-two and above years of age.

5. Cypremort Point State Park: –

Apart from Cypremort beach, Cypremort point state park is also very pleasing and peaceful. Tourists and locals come here and have a lot of fun. Various helpful and cool amenities are also available here.

This park is spread over a vast area of one hundred and eighty-five acres and is a perfect spot for all nature lovers. It is home to several beautiful species of both flora and fauna. One might see muskrats, alligators, deer, black bears, rabbits, and several stunning birds and plants.

Cypremort point yacht club is also a fun place to visit. The most popular cuisine here is Creole and Cajun cuisine. Several eateries are also near the park, offering very tasty and mouth-watering.

6. Holly Beach-


Holly beach is a small yet one of the prettiest beaches in Louisiana. You can just come here and enjoy it in whatever way you like. There are no big shops around here, so people must bring their items and materials. This is a perfect spot for a lazy Sunday morning picnic. You can set up small tents or sunbathe in the warm sun.

Holly beach also provides beach houses for rent. Some of the places are very lavish and fully furnished. Seas the Day Beach House, Sea Esta Beach House, and many others are the most popular. Living in these beach houses has a different experience altogether. The rent rates are also very reasonable, and you can check out the prices from here.

7. White Sands Lake Day Beach: –

This beach is family-oriented and is one of the best beaches in Louisiana. It provides various ways of having fun and also offers multiple recreational activities. This beach also has a very amazing aqua park. Inside this aqua park, you will find trampolines, blob bags, floating mats, and inflatable water slides. People enjoy it here a lot. It is the safest beach in Louisiana.

This beach is perfect for small family gatherings, group parties, and youth meetings. Boats, kayaks, and paddle boards can also be rented at fifteen dollars per hour for double kayaks and ten dollars for single kayaks and paddle boards. People also play volleyball here as the nets are available. You need to deposit a ten dollars bill when you take the ball, and the money will be returned when you will return the ball to the authorities.

Apart from these cool facilities, the beach also offers a barbeque facility, and you can bring your grill and have fun. It is one of the most famous social spots in Louisiana.

8. Jimmie Davis State Park: –

The lake is known for its calm waters. It is located on a peninsula on Caney Lake and is known for its clear waters and pretty skyline. The lake is surrounded by hardwood forests, home to various beautiful birds and animals. This surrounding forest makes the park all the more beautiful. Tourists can also bring their binoculars for bird watching.

One of the most famous activities here is fishing in the clear lake waters. Water skiing is also allowed here. The park also has a playground for the children. After spending a fun day on the lake, tourists usually stay in cabins at night. Dormitories and dining halls are also available here.

9. Lake Claiborne State Park: –

This is one of the most amazing spots in Louisiana as it offers a wide range of recreational activities. Lake Claiborne is huge, with a surface area of six thousand and four hundred acres. It offers boating, fishing, birding, water skiing, camping, hiking, and swimming. It is also very profitable as the fishermen can catch various expensive fish like largemouth bass, channel catfish, striped bass, bream, and white perch.

One important thing to know is that this lake has been praised for its amazing and pure water quality. Tourists love to come here and play golf. The park also offers two most popular and huge disc golf courses in the State.

10. Little Florida Beach: –

Beaches in Louisiana
By Andrew Patrick/ Pexels. Copyright 2022

It is one of the most picturesque beaches in Louisiana beaches. It is known for its natural beauty. It is located in Cameron parish near the Cajun Riviera. It is not a very popular destination, so very few people come here, making it very peaceful and quiet.

It is good for fishing and birding, but people are not allowed to swim here due to high bacteria levels. Near this beach is the Peveto Woods Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary, known for colorful migratory birds.

11. Bogue Chitto State Park: –

This park has the most diverse natural habitat and is known for its scenic river system. This park is spread over an area of 1,786 acres. People can easily find tents and cabins if they want to stay at night and camp. People can also bring their cycles or mountain bikes to enjoy the trails. This park is open daily from eight to ten at night. It is one of the best recreational spots in Louisiana. Apart from this, there are various other good parks in Louisiana.

Conclusion: –

The beaches in Louisiana are very beautiful, and people can enjoy themselves without any hustle or problems. Louisiana tourism is very easy and fun. People can easily find shopping stops and hotels for accommodation. The prices are also not very high.

These sandy shores, easy beach access, and various picnic pavilions at the beaches provide people with the best vacations and the most refreshing experiences.   

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