12 Most Beautiful Oahu Hikes You Should Visit

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Oahu hidden sun
Oahu hidden sun

Hike more, worry less. One of the best places to explore hiking in Oahu. Haven’t you tried Oahu hikes yet?

Then go ahead for viewing a combination of sky glancing at you standing on the earth and exploring the peace within.

You may not feel disappointed for a long day hiking to get that top Mountain View.

Oahu hikes can be great for people that are intending to hike a lot of places simultaneously. This article may help you get a brief idea about some of the best Oahu hikes.

  • Haiku Stairs

One of the centers of attraction on Oahu Island. Haiku stairs are also celled as Stairway to heaven.

This place is great to provide you a scenic view after the hardest climb. You may also take the privilege of stairs to explore haiku stairs while indulging in Oahu hikes.

But note that these stairs can be a little dangerous due to lack of repair in some cases. Helicopter rescue and other facilities will make it easy for you.

You may try giving one of the most exciting Oahu hikes at your own risk.

oahu hikes
Haiku Stairs

  • Kaau Crater Hike

One of the most engrossing Oahu hikes. Kaau crater is known for riveting waterfalls, Volcano cater, rope climbing, and complete bliss.

This hike can be amazing for people that love challenges. Just pave your way to the highest peak following the wilderness.

You will feel all the emotions together starting to form jungles to wild animals. And after this, the panoramic view of the waterfall will be astounding to catch your attention.

Kaau crater can be a great option for ridge Oahu hikes.

oahu hikes
Kaau crater hike

  • Pali Notches

Walking through a threatening narrow mountain range would be engrossing for hikers. Pali notches are tagged as one of the most life-threatening Oahu hikes.

If you wish to get a perfect view of the sunset, you may try this closest hike to Honolulu. Visit this place for a perfect hike option followed by Hau trees and pali highway.

Oahu hikes
Pali notches

  • Olomana Trail

One of the best trails hosting various hikers. This place can show you the real terror throwing various obstacles to walking on.

Oahu hikes are always threatening as many people fall while doing rock climb.

oahu hikes
Olomana trail

Seven Falls

A great place to hike on. Seven falls will not disappoint the spirit of hikers.

Just pave the way toward this popular hiking to explore a little view of the pacific oceans. Ocean views would be enthralling and bring joy to the hard work of hiking.

oahu hikes
Seven falls

  • TomTom Trail

The most comfortable hike in Oahu. Tomtom trails will fill your eyes with some amazing views of Oahu. Half an hour’s walk will lead you to your destination.

At the top, you may get yourself a beautiful sunrise view. Tomtom trails are quite underemphasized in hikes on the island of Oahu.

oahu hikes
Tomtom trail

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  • Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

Waikiki is known for white buildings and also for this beautiful hiking spot. Make to Waikiki to explore the Wiliwilinui ridge hike trail.

Get yourself an amazing view of tortoise water. You may see the stunning view of the trail by standing at the center of Oahu.

oahu hikes
Wiliwilinui ridge trail


  • Koko Head Stairs

Try hiking Koko head stairs. With 1084 uneven stairs and oddly railroads towards the top.

Do a little hard work to get a view of Hanauma Bay with a glimpse of a diamond head. Never late for an exciting volcano hike. Just pack and bags for exploring Oahu.

Koko head stairs
Koko head stairs

  • Maili Pillbox Hike

Maili pillbox is located on the west side of Oahu. This place can be favorable for people that want to explore hiking along with the sight of beaches.

You may start hiking from Kaukama road with some kid-friendly route options. Oahu is known for beaches and hikes. Plan for Oahu excursions to explore the treasures of nature.

oahu hikes
Pillbox Hike


  • Crouching Lion Hike

One of the steep incline hike with a short path. Add extra happiness to your hiking trio by the view of Kahana Bay.

Along with the beauty of the quaint town of Kaaawa and the tint of Pu’u mana-mana. This place can boost up the confidence of yours. Give this gorgeous hike point a try.

oahu hikes
Crouching lion hike

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Waterfalls Hikes

  • Manoa Falls

Set your route towards the Manoa valley near Waikiki. A great hike option for breathtaking waterfall view. Enjoy the greeneries accompanying your hiking journey.

This hike would be quite simple and short. You need to indulge your 30 minutes in this hike. Kids would be impressed by seeing the 150 feet high waterfall.

A pretty good hike option for family trips.

oahu hikes
Manoa falls

  • Laie Falls

Laie falls can be a great hike for adventurous goals. You may reach the starting points through a short drive.

Laie falls quite long and will take up to 4.5 hours according to your speed. Laie falls can be opted by both the young and old generation due to its flexibility.

The facilities of this place can make it more favorable for family trips. While traveling with kids, people always look for food trucks.

Laie falls can make your hiking journey easier due to the accessible food trucks. Also, your kids make take the privilege of swimming pools.

oahu hikes
Laie falls

Oahu Hikes

Are you bored with your busy life? Then an escape to Oahu will bring your lost enthusiasm. Along with hiking, you may do various other activities in Oahu.

A trip to Oahu hikes will be great to explore islands, beaches, water activities, whale watching, and so many more.

Try this treasure of Oahu for relaxation and peace. Just book your tickets right bow and explore Hawaiian pleasure. Pack your bags and meet your hiking dreams!

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