13 Magnificent Denver Mountains

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Denver Mountains
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Denver mountains have a unique role when it comes to adding to the charm and grandeur of Colorado state and the Denver skyline. Denver mountain parks are the best way to enjoy the outdoors and soak in the stunning views of the mountains and peaks of the region.

The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation ensures Denver mountains remain an important part of the city. The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation works along with Denver Parks and Recreation and makes sure all enjoy the Mountain Park System.


Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado and one of the rising cities in the United States. There is something for everyone here: the Denver mountains, Denver Mountain parks, restaurants, culture, heritage, and sightseeing. Surrounded by Jefferson County to the west, Adams County to the north and east, and Arapahoe County to the east, Denver city is nicknamed ‘Mile High City.’ It has s been called so because of its elevation, which is exactly one mile above sea level.

Denver Mountains
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Alongside the Denver mountains, Denver City Park, located slightly more than a mile east of downtown Denver, is another interesting place to visit if you are in Denver. It has the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Zoo, Ferril and Duck Lakes, and a boathouse. There are a lot of attractions near the City Park which you can visit while you are there.

Denver Mountains

Denver mountains play a huge part in decorating the city skyline. The Denver parks make the city and its surrounding areas appealing to the Denver residents and visitors who travel to the city. The parking lot is not big, but you might want to park in the parking lot near the lake if you have kayaks and paddle boats to un-board.

The forest service decides on the public access to the parks depending on the time of the year and the safety angles.

The Denver Botanic Gardens also add to the charm of the city, and it has a variety of theme gardens, a sunken amphitheater, and a conservatory. The city’s botanic gardens celebrate Denver’s distinct and unique charm in many different ways. The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation sometimes partners with the Denver Botanic Gardens to do floristic studies in the mountain parks.

1. Corwina Park

This hiking area is operated by the Denver Mountain Parks along Highway 74 between Morrison and Evergreen. The Panorama Point Trail is one of the popular trails in this park, and the trail gives some wonderful views near Denver. The peak of the trail gives you sweeping views of many peaks and Kittredge town. You can start with the Bear Creek Trail and look for signs to reach Panorama Point.

2. Chicago Lakes

Go on a Chicago Lakes hike, it is another way to experience and explore the beauty of some pretty mountain lakes. The Chicago Lakes Trail will take you into the high country of Mount Evans Wilderness. You can go fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing on this stunning trail.

3. Daniels Park

Daniels Park is also part of the Denver Mountain Parks System and stretches from Pikes Peak to the Snowy Ranges in Wyoming. There are picnic areas and overlooks for visitors to enjoy while visiting the park, and this is the only mountain park situated in Douglas County. The Tall Bull Memorial Grounds, an area reserved for Native Americans, is in this park.

4. Echo Lake Park

Echo Lake Park is on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway and is a part of the Denver Mountain Parks System. There is a stone shelter in the park with picnic tables and barbecue grills on one end of the lake. This mountain lake is picturesque, and the hiking trails here are the best way to enjoy the wonderful views of the Denver mountains and its snow-capped peaks. This Park is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and if you are traveling to Colorado at that time, then make a stopover at Idaho Springs and bask in the charm of this lake park.

5. Estes Park

Estes Park has the distinction of being Colorado’s original playground and is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The iconic peaks, spectacular surroundings, rivers, valleys, wildlife, and magnificent mountains make it a perfect haunt for all those Denver residents and outsiders who love the outdoors and adventure.

Denver Mountains
By Sarah Estes/ unsplash. Copyright 2022

6. Evergreen Lake Park

Evergreen Lake can be experienced in many ways, and it is the best way to escape into the beauty of nature unabashedly. The trail is exciting, and there are many outdoor activities you can try on this trail. The Evergreen Lake is nestled in the foothills of the town of Evergreen, and you get amazing views from all angles.

7. Genesee Park

This Denver Mountain Park gives you extensive views of the front range, and you can see elk and buffalo herds, picnic areas, a softball field, trails, and a scenic overlook. Genesee Park is the largest park in the Denver Mountain Parks System and is situated in Jefferson County. This is a great place to view bison and buffaloes, and the trail here takes you through steep ravines, water crossings, creeks, and rocks.

8. Mount Evans

The beauty of Mount Evans is unparalleled, and Mount Evans is the highest peak in the Mount Evans Wilderness Area in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The views on the way up to the peak are breathtaking, and you pass alpine lakes, granite walls, and bristlecone pine. The peak dominates the skyline along with Pikes Peak, Longs Peak, and Mount Bierstadt.

Denver Mountains
By Allie Reefer / unsplash. Copyright 2021

9. Mount Goliath

Mount Goliath, which is said to be the northern shoulder of Mount Evans, is located within the Arapaho National Forest. Going on trails here is the best way to enjoy the fauna and flora of the place. The Mount Goliath Natural Area outside Evergreen is one of the natural wonders of that region and is a must-see place if you are between Summit Lake and the byway entrance. This alpine environment is carefully protected for studies and interpretation.

10. Pence Park

Pence Park, a Denver Mountain Parks Area, is along Myers Gulch Road between the towns of Indian Hills and up the Bear Creek Canyon near Kittredge, Colorado. You can pass Corwina Park and O’Fallon Park and take a left on Myers Gulch Road. The trails at Pence Park are a good way to enjoy the magnitude of the Denver mountains and the scenery of the surrounding areas.

11. Red Rocks Park

The Red Rocks Park is famous for its towering rock formations, and this park which is one of the best-known Denver Mountain Parks, is maintained by the city of Denver. The Red Rocks amphitheater is the best-known feature of Red Rocks Park.

Denver Mountains
By Benjamin Rascoe / unsplash. Copyright 2020

There are a lot of fun things to do here, and this is one of the places in the Denver mountains that is worth a trip if you are visiting that side. Go on one of their hiking trails, experience the panoramic view of the Denver mountains, and marvel at the 300-foot towering sandstone formations.

The historic scenic views, the famous amphitheater, the historic 1931 Trading Post, and the Visitor Center, complete with a gift shop, restaurant, and park interpretation, make this a perfect place in the Denver mountains.

12. Rocky Mountains

This spectacular range of mountains in the Rocky Mountain National Park dominates the landscape of Colorado and is one of the most popular of the Denver mountains. The alpine lakes, majestic mountains, and hiking trails make it a perfect mountain park to visit if you are keen to indulge in outdoor activities while visiting Colorado.

Denver Mountains
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The scenic view around the Rocky Mountains can be enjoyed by taking a short hike, rock climbing, or other adventurous activities. The wilderness area in the Rocky Mountains has 300 miles of hiking trails, 147 lakes, and wildlife viewing. If you are looking for a weekend getaway amid the perennial beauty of nature, then this is the place to go to in the Denver mountains.

13. Summit Lake Park

Summit Lake Park is surrounded by Mount Evans Wilderness and National Forests Land and is the only Denver Mountain Park in the alpine area. The lake is situated around 1500 feet below the summit of Mount Evans, and Summit Lake Park is the best place if you want to see mountain goats. There are several trails in Summit Lake Park where you get to see the Tundra wildflowers, mountain goats, alpine lake, headwaters of Bear Creek, and the nearby Dos Chappell Nature Center at Mount Goliath.

In The End

Denver mountains dominate the city skyline and are synonymous with the city and its views. The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation has played a key role in taking care of the mountain parks to make the Denver skyline look majestic and noticeably wondrous.

Be it the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the buffalo hunter, or the high-altitude Denver mountains will leave you mesmerized with their unique charm and magnitude. If you plan to visit Colorado during the Labor Day weekend or any other weekend for a getaway, you know what to look for and where to visit to make your trip memorable and exciting.

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