things to do in Downtown Denver things to do in Downtown Denver

The Top 20 Unique Things to do in Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver, also known as the Mile High City, is the most important and influential commercial, business, and entertainment district in Denver, Colorado.

 There are tons of fun things to do in Downtown Denver that make your trip memorable. Its tourism is very easy and hustle-free, one can easily get a guide at a very reasonable price, and all the tour guides are known for their hospitable behavior.

Some of the best things to do in Downtown Denver and the favorite tourist spot are the Denver botanic gardens, Denver Zoo, Denver Museum, the Rocky Mountains National Park, the Mile high city, the Colorado convention center, Denver firefighters museum, the Larimer square, the Colorado state capitol, various Denver Museums and many more.

If you are planning a visit here’s every place you must visit!

Below is a list of some fun things to do in Downtown Denver: –

1. Enjoy and Shop at 16th Street: –

16th Street Mall Vlog- Downtown Denver, CO [Street Tour]

The first and most important thing to do in Downtown Denver is to shop at the 16th street mall. The pedestrianized 16th street mall is a very aesthetic yet peaceful place to visit which is also the heart of Denver. This is a shopping complex where you can get everything from tasty food to fashionable attire. It is a collection of more than three hundred shopping outlets.

The Mile High City is popularly known for the 16th street mall. It attracts many tourists because it offers a vibrant and eye-popping cultural show. The 16th street mall is a collection of various types of shops like gift shops and has various food vendors offering mouthwatering cuisines. Visiting the 16th Street Mall is one of the compulsory things to do in Downtown Denver.

There is also a free shuttle bus service called the Free Mall ride to take you up and down the widely spread mall. On the streets, there are various traditional cultural performances as well. The hundreds of trees lining up the promenade make this place all the more beautiful.

16th Street also has several beautiful bars and clubs, and eateries. Some popular ones are Little India Restaurant, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Hapa Sushi Grill and Shake Bar, Otra Vez Cantina, and Lime American Cantina.

2. Have Fun at the Colorado Convention Center: –

The convention center is one of the many Denver attractions, and it was first opened in 1990. Since then, it has been home to a lot of business meetings as well as cultural performances.

Various exotic events take place here, and you can check the Denver tourism website to check the events schedule in the Colorado Convention Center (The CCC meetings and events schedule).

One of the craziest and most fun things to do in Downtown Denver is to attend the event of annual Great American Beer Festival, which holds a Guinness World Record for the largest beer-tasting event. Despite being so widely spread, the convention center follows a sustainable organization mechanism.

The center has an exhibit hall which is used for product launches etc. The center has hundreds and thousands of ballrooms and hotels etc. Some of the most important ballrooms include the mile-high ballroom, the Four Seasons Ballroom, and many others. Apart from this, various art exhibits take place here.

The Bellco Theatre: –

This indoor amphitheater was first opened on 1st March 2005. it is one of the world’s most famous amphitheaters.

3. Get Mesmerized by the beauty of the Denver Art Museum: –

Denver Art Museum is one of the important city centers with decorative art, magnificent public art displays, and mesmerizing art galleries. It is a must-visit place for art aficionados. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and you can get a ticket from the Denver Art Museum website (click here for a ticket).

The art museum holds various events encompassing contemporary art forms around the globe, and it hosts various lectures by renowned artists and painters. Various workshops and classes are organized here for the visitors and the members.

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4. Shop the exclusives at Larimer Square: –

Larimer Square is another one of the Denver Attractions, and one of the most fun things to do in Downtown Denver is to take a souvenir back home from here. It is home to various shops and eateries.

The Hailee Grace boutique is an Indie women’s boutique that offers the most exclusive and stylish clothes collection for every possible occasion. Another important spot at Larimer Square is the Bistro Vendome, a Persian-style Vendome that serves French cuisine with a modern twist.

Apart from that, Larimer Square also has other restaurants like Ocean Prime, known for its mouthwatering seafood, and Cotopaxi another attractive shop known for its popular sustainable clothing attires.

It also has a lot of clubs and bars as well as stand-up comedy clubs. It is an absolute must-visit in DT Denver.

5. Spend some time at the Denver Zoo: –

The Denver Zoo is a must-visit Denver Center for wildlife enthusiasts as various wildlife exhibits take place in the Denver Zoo. This zoo opens at 10 am for normal visitors and closes at 5 pm.

The Denver Zoo is unique as it has a proper daily schedule that contains various demonstrations like the demonstration of the African Penguins, Sea Lions, Harmony Hills, Predator Ridge, and many more.

There is various animal as well as conservation talks as well. Some of them are ANIMAL TALK-GIBBON & RHINO and CONSERVATION TALK-MONGOLIA etc.

The zoo also accepts donations for the improvement of the lifestyle and health of animals as well as the advancement of the zoo. To donate here is a very generous thing to do in Downtown Denver.

 The visitors can also buy the Denver Zoo’s official merchandise. Overall, it is a very rejuvenating experience to visit the Denver Zoo.(You can easily get the tickets and the Zoo schedule form here.)

6. Have a Fun Walk at the Denver Union Station: –

The Denver Union Station is an old historical landmark in DT Denver and one of the most stylish city attractions. It even has its own newsletter and is known for various events and shows like the Union Station farmer’s market, the fitness on the Plaza, and others. 

(You can check the upcoming events list form here.) The Union station offers various local food outlets as well as shopping complexes.

7. Visit the Denver Botanic Gardens: –

The United States Army Corps of Engineers manages the Denver botanic gardens Chatfield Farms. It is a 700-acre native plant refuge and working farm located along the banks of Deer Creek in southern Jefferson County.

It has a beautiful sculpture called the One Fell Swoop, created by Patrick Dougherty. It is made by weaving flexible branches and saplings into a complex structure; it is one of the most liked tourist spots in the botanic garden.

The Garden also has a series of beautiful and decorative gardens like the Cut flower garden, herb garden, Iris Garden, Market Garden, corn maze, pumpkin patch, and many others.

The Deer Creek Natural Area includes the Carol Gossard Colorado Native Plant Garden, the Kim Sterne Survival Garden, and the Riparian Demonstration Garden.

The Hildebrand Ranch is a historical spot in the Denver botanic gardens with a restored 1918 dairy barn. The gardens also provide guided tours to visitors; the tour rate differs from person to person. It also conducts various educational lectures as well. (You can get the Denver Botanic Gardens official newsletter form here.)

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8. Spend some Time at the City Park: –

Yet another fun thing to do in Downtown Denver is to enjoy the very beautiful and popular city park. It contains the Denver Zoo; the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and IMAX; tennis courts; horseshoes; baseball, football, and soccer fields; two lakes; historical monuments and statuary; picnic sites; and two playgrounds.

Various events include the City Park Farmers Market, Sleep Tight Colorado’s 10th annual 5k Pajama jog, and the City Park public art displays.

9. Have a Peaceful me-Time at the Rocky Mountain National Park: –

Rocky Mountain National Park is located approximately89 km northwest of Denver in north-central Colorado, within the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The park is situated between the towns of Estes Park to the east and Grand Lake to the west.

The park’s main features include mountains, alpine lakes, and a wide variety of wildlife within various climates and environments, from wooded forests to mountain tundra.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Act was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on January 26, 1915, establishing the park boundaries and protecting the area for future generations.

In 1976, UNESCO designated the park as one of the first World Biosphere Reserves. This is the favorite spot for mountaineers, hikers, and skiers.

It is one of the most popular parks in the National Park Service System, and if you love to spend some peaceful time with nature, then this is a must-visit park for you. Here you can sense the serene vibes of nature, and you can have a lot of thinking and processing time.

The best time to visit the Colorado Rockies is from May to September for the best-ever natural experience. The authorities also organize various treks and trails etc. The park features about 570 kilometers of hiking trails that lead to the park’s splendid backcountry of meadows, surging streams, waterfalls, and some of the park’s 150 lakes.

Some other such activities include the Trail Ridge road, the Emerald Lake trail, and the Wildland trekking. The Rocky Mountains national park also offers an opportunity to the locals and return visitors to volunteer at the park, not to mention that all the workers at the RMNP are very generous and polite. Visiting and seeing Rocky Mountain Park is one of the most peaceful and crazy things to do in Downtown Denver.

10. Enlighten Yourself and Your Folks at the Denver Space Museum: –

One of the intellectual things to do in Downtown Denver is to visit the Rockies Air and Space Museum, founded in 1994 and has a base in Denver. This museum is dedicated to spreading awareness about aviation and space research in the past and present.

This is a must-visit place for everyone excited about aerospace and aeronautical sciences. This space museum offers a vivid view of various types of aircraft and the intricacies related to them.

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11. Have Fun at the Denver Museum of Nature Science: –

The Denver Museum of natural science is one of the most popular museums in the world. This place is a must-visit for all science enthusiasts as this place makes you question the phenomenon, and it also helps people understand various concepts and processes. It has a huge display screen coming up quickly, offering a panoramic view of nature and wildlife.

Like any other museum in the Mile High City, this Museum of natural science also has its own rigid schedule and a list of events related to science and nature.

Some of the most important events are the Science Smarts: Dirt, Digs and Dinos, The continuance of indigenous lifeways and bird conservation and virtual sixty minutes in space, and many more such interesting events and functions.

School students like this place the most, and it is a perfect getaway place for the ones who want to have an enlightening day in Denver. It has various contemporary art collections and displays.

One of the most important collections is that of the Ptolemaic Egyptian Coffin, the 3rd-4th Century coffins from Thebes. Visiting this museum and gaining all the knowledge it offers is also one of the intellectual things to do in Downtown Denver.

12. Satisfy Your Historical Quench at the History Colorado Center: –

This center is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and this is a space for a multi-generational audience that depicts the story and history of Colorado and the American West. The center organizes various exhibitions and displays.

Some of the most popular ones are Building Denver, Borderlands of Southern Colorado, Forty Years on the ‘Fax, Liberated: America Fights for Democracy in World War II, and History Colorado Makerspace.

One important and interesting fact about the History Colorado Center is that it offers free admission for all active duty, National Guard, and Reserve military personnel and their families from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This place is a must-visit for all history enthusiasts as it offers wide-ranging knowledge about Colorado’s history in a very interesting and intelligent manner.

13. Enjoy the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art: –

Another fun thing to do in Downtown Denver is to visit this unique museum. This museum is said to be very different than various fine arts museums around the globe.

This is mainly because of the collection it offers for visitors to display. The entrance fees for general visitors are very economically reasonable. You can easily get a ticket. This museum also organizes various events, virtual tours, and functions. This is a very aesthetic place with beauty, and it can be surprisingly motivational for artists and painters.

14. Watch some Dramas at the Denver Performing Arts Complex: –

The Denver performing arts complex is one of the greatest performing arts complexes in the whole of the United States. Various plays and dramas, as well as other literary performances, take place here; even musicals also occur here.

People interested in performing arts and drama must book tickets and go to the Denver performing arts complex. Some of the most important plays or dramas are The Chinese Lady, the 39 Steps, the color purple, hotter than Egypt, and many others. You can easily get a ticket.

Here, not only will you enjoy various dramas and plays, but you can also get to learn a lot from the programs prepared for the audiences. The staff of this art complex is friendly and helpful and will guide you very nicely. If you are in Denver, you should not go back home without visiting this magnificent art complex.

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15. Visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave: –

Born in 1846, William F. Cod, born in 1846, experienced the Old West to its fullest. His skill as a buffalo hunter gained him the nickname “Buffalo Bill.” The Museum illustrates the life, times, and legend of William F. Cody. It includes exhibits about Buffalo Bill’s life and the Wild West shows, Native American objects, and firearms. 

16. Visit the Red Rocks Park: –

The red rocks park or the red rocks amphitheater is an open-air theatre built beautifully as a rock structure. It is home to many colorful and vibrant events and functions, including the concerts of various bands and famous artists. Red Rocks Park covers 868 acres, and downtown Denver’s skyline appears all the more beautiful from here. 

If you love attending concerts, visiting Red Rocks Park should be at the top of the list of things to do in Downtown Denver.

17. Go through the Legacy of the “Heroine of the Titanic” at the Molly Brown House Museum:

The most exciting thing to do in Downtown Denver is to visit the so-called spooky Molly Brown House Museum. It was initially the residence of American philanthropist and socialite Margaret Brown. Brown. She survived the sinking of the great Titanic and was known as the “Heroine of the Titanic” for her service to survivors.

The museum is her former home and showcases various elements and aspects of her life and historic preservation. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

This place is a collection of various antique American items, and the Molly brown house museum is built in the Victorian Style, making it spectacular and remarkable. Most tourists visit this museum to go through the legacy of Margaret Brown.

18. Visit the Colorado Symphony: –

This place offers various music and entertainment facilities and services in Denver. It has its own society, which goes by the name Crescendo Society. The Colorado Symphony also offers free virtual educational opportunities to the people and has its own newsletter.

Taking in all this peaceful and positive energy through music is one of the unique things to do in Downtown Denver. Boettcher Concert Hall is owned by the City of Denver and is the third-largest performing art complex in the United States.

This place organizes various musical events and functions all around the year, and one of the most peaceful and restful things to do in Downtown Denver is to attend any one of these events. You can also donate to the Colorado Symphony.

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19. Have fun at Echo Lake Park: –

The Echo Lake is a shallow, oligotrophic lake situated 10,600 ft above sea level near Mount Evans. Echo Lake Park is located along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. This place provides perfect picnic spots with barbeque grills.

Yet another fun thing to do in Downtown Denver is spend quality time at this serene park. Tourists come here to see this beautiful lake and get awed by its scenic beauty. The entry fees of this park are very reasonable, and the tour guides are also easily available and hospitable.

20. Visit the National Ballpark Museum: –

The National ballpark museum is located in Lower downtown Denver. It showcases the rich baseball history of the city of Denver. It is a must-visit place for all sports fans or, more specifically, baseball fans.

The museum subtly portrays the elements and stuff related to baseball. It is yet another amazing thing to do in Downtown Denver.

Closing Thoughts

The various parks, farms, and lakes are elements enhancing its beauty and aura. The perfect weather conditions of this place make it a preferable place for rejuvenating holidays. 

Visiting all these beautiful parks and lakes includes all the fun things to do in Downtown Denver.

Above all, Denver is home to thriving art forms and vibrant culture. One can easily admire its scenic beauty by merely walking along its streets. The Mile High City also has a colorful and eventful history, and the city also has an immense love for music and musical performances.

The fun fact about this city is that it is just one mile above sea level, brews more beer than any other city, and has one of the largest city parks systems in the world.

The district has its own website, which will help you in organizing your trip almost effortlessly; it includes brief directories and guides of each famous as well as a less-popularly known landmark in the Downtown area; some such places even have newsletters that highlight the history as well as the significance of the spots. Tourists use these official websites to learn about all the things to do in Downtown Denver.

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