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denver things to do

Denver, the well-known cultural hub is the capital of Colorado. It thrives with life and is a dream city for many. It is quite usual for a city as hyped as Denver to have a lot of things to do.

If you are planning a trip to Denver and not sure about the best places to visit or about the Denver things to do, then don’t worry, we got your back!

Stick to the end of the article to know about some amazing Denver things to do.

A. Popular Denver things to do

1. Museum

With a history of being a city of the Old East, Denver is undoubtedly famous for its museums – the 2 most famous ones being the Denver Museum of Nature and the Denver Art Museum. 

Denver Museum of Nature / Museum of Nature Science

Denver things to do
By Stephen Farris/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Denver Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most eminent, and oldest museums of nature and science in the US. It is a great place for people wondering about Denver things to do.

If you’re already planning a trip, then let me tell you that the museum has a lot in its stock for you. Talk about skeletons of dinosaurs or birds of America, or even about the scary Egyptian mummies – the Denver Museum of Nature has got it all.

Denver Art Museum

Located amidst the Denver Civic Center, the Denver Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the whole of the West Coast.

If you’re a staunch admirer of art and haven’t yet visited Denver Art Museum, then you’re certainly missing out on something fantastic from the never-ending list of Denver things to do.

The museum stands tall with its Hamilton Building and Martin Building and is an epitome of sheer perfection.

Denver things to do
By Austin Matherne/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Starting right from Contemporary Art to African Art pieces to Indigenous art pieces of North America and even Photographs, the art museum in Denver things to do list is undoubted, a treat to the eyes.

Even the building is such an embodiment of perfect architecture. More such attractions are listed under Denver things to do.

2. Denver Botanic Gardens

Tired of city life? Can feel your soul craving for a piece of nature? Denver Colorado Botanic Gardens has got your back.

A 1.5-hour tour, but the experience is something that you’ll cherish for life! This 23-acre garden, in the Cheesman Park neighborhood, has a variety of theme-based gardens and a sunken amphitheatre that hosts concerts only during the summers.

Denver things to do
By Dave and Margie Hill/Flickr.Copyright 2022

This garden changes its appearance with every changing season, but there’s no such ‘best-season-to-visit’ in particular. The Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-visit if you’re in Denver.

3. Molly Brown House/Museum

Hmm… Titanic is an all-time favourite for most of us and keeping that in mind, let’s talk about the people, shall we? We meant survivors!

Molly Brown(Margaret Tobin Brown), an American activist and philanthropist, was a survivor of the Titanic and the house of Molly Brown (Molly Brown House) stands tall to date on Pennsylvania Street, Denmark.

The Molly Brown House museum was restored after 1970 by some concerned citizens and funds were raised.

The details with which the house museum has been built are mesmerizing. Talking about details, even the doorknobs are intricately detailed and designed. Even the designs on the front windows of the house are fascinating and an embodiment of sheer art!

Because of the covid situation, you can even take virtual tours, arranged by the museum authorities.

For more details on Molly Brown Museum (Denver things to do), contact here.

4. Colorado State Capitol

Denver things to do
By Steven Gerner/Flickr.Copyright 2022

When searching about Denver things to do, the majestic, remarkable building of the Colorado State Capitol is at 200 East Colfax Avenue in the mile-high city and should not be missed at all costs.

With the enormous dome and the main entrance hall of 55 cm to the dome, the building is worth a visit. The insides of the building look majestic, with the Rotunda interior artwork to add to its beauty.

Also, if you’re a sucker for history and administrative scenarios, you’ll love the Old Colorado Supreme Court Chambers and the Denver Colorado Senate Chamber in the Colorado State Capitol.

5. 16th Street Mall

Denver things to do
By Ken Lund/Flickr.Copyright 2022

A mall that is 1.25 miles long! Can’t believe it? Well, it’s true!! The 16th Street Mall in Denver is a 1.25 miles long mall with over 270+ stores and free shuttle rides!

The 16th Street Mall has over 50+ restaurants and over 300+ locally owned chain stores. You don’t even need to worry about transportation, that’s free!!

Also, not to forget about the street performances of singers, dancers, and even comedians and artists performing arts. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in the one-mile mall! There are friendly local ambassadors almost everywhere.

16th Street Mall is one of the best Denver Things to do.

6. Mount Evans

Thinking about adding another thing to your ‘Denver things to do bucket list’? Include the highest peak in the front range of the Rocky Mountain. Mount Evans, is truly a gem, a really intricate and marvellous piece of nature.

Denver things to do
By Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Although not exactly in Denver things to do, Mount Evans is so vastly enriched in aspects of flora and fauna that the scenery is a treat to the eyes.

While birds like white-tailed ptarmigan can be seen once in a blue moon – that too camouflaged(in the Rocky Mountains); birds like Brown-capped rosy finches can be seen almost everywhere. The view from the top is totally worth it!!

However, if you’re planning to visit the Rocky Mountains amidst the post-pandemic situation, then reservations are to be made.

7. Larimer Square

When you’re looking for Denver things to do, Larimer Square, certainly, can’t be missed! Again, a place for historical fanatics, Larimer Square, it is. Known as Denver’s most historic block.

Denver things to do
By Amy Aleteia Cahill/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Want to see how the nightlife is in Denver? Larimer Square is the place for you! Planning on shopping? Larimer Square is again the place to be. If you’ve signed up for experiencing the nightlife in downtown Denver, you’d have to pay a visit to this historic block!

From amusement parks to unique boutiques in Victorian houses, Larimer Square in the mile-high city has got you covered for almost everything you might want to do on a weekend.

8. Denver Union Station

The union station at Denver is a lively downtown Denver neighbourhood and is a great place for a Sunday outing. After Larimer Square, the Union Station is another historic landmark in Denver, which is famous mostly for chef-driven restaurants and cafes in historic Victorian-style houses and even luxury hotels.

Denver things to do
By FotoGuy 49057/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Not only that, this downtown Denver neighbourhood has got so much to offer, starting from bookstores to stores selling beautiful handcrafted jewellery by local artisans. The union station is also a transit hub and hosts various summer events.

To know more about this downtown Denver neighbourhood, see here.

9. Coors Field

Baseball fanatic? Then there’s something for you in stock, just 2 blocks down Union Station, Coors Field is a baseball park in Downtown Denver, with an enormous capacity of over 50,000 people, including 63 luxury suites and 4500+ club seats.

Did you know Coors Field is located some 5200 ft. above sea level? Also, the guides here at Coors Field offer tours for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the games.

The Colorado Rockies also have a generous number of restaurants that serve everything special, starting from Berrie Kabobs to biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. The field takes up a large piece of land and is the heart centre of the city.

It is an extraordinary place to visit if you are wondering about Denver things to do!

10. Empower Field

Empower Field at Mile High is an American football stadium in Denver, which is at 5280ft. above sea level. The field in the mile-high stadium and is the home field for Denver’s National Football League team Broncos!

Denver things to do
By usgamblingsites/Bing.Copyright 2022

The architecture, seats and the history this mile-high stadium of this stadium are to die for. The special sitting area and the writer’s area with a capacity of holding over 300 writers is something not all stadiums have.

11. City Park

Which city doesn’t have a park, right? But, with Denver, it’s way more special than you think.

The city park in eastern central Denver proudly covers an area of over 330 acres, comprising a museum, duck lakes, a boathouse, a zoo, and a golf course! This park has all the greens one can expect and even beautiful surroundings that leave you craving for more.

One of the best things about this park is the history behind its architecture and build-up. The city park still gives you a hint about its rich historic relations with its Spanish and Renaissance-themed architectural style.

As much fun as this park is for children, the adults love it even more with all the lakes and the boat rides. The museum of nature science holds some really significant pieces of history and nature in an integrated system.

Denver things to do
By Bill Stilwell/Flickr.Copyright 2022

The boat rides on the Feril and Duck lakes give you some truly spectacular views, which makes you doubt the park’s fame as a mere downtown neighborhood park.

Time and again, one has to come back to the beauty of the park and the significant role it plays in holding Denver’s heritage and culture.

Also, do not miss the Prismatic Fountain, dated back to the early 1900s, which has been renovated with LED lights.

12. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

This open amphitheatre, made of rocks, is sure to take your breath away. This tourist spot is 10 miles away from Denver but is totally worth a visit.

A really fun place to be, especially when you get to know the whole of the outdoor stage is surrounded by a disc-shaped rock.

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre has got a humongous space for seating arrangements for the occasional music events. The tickets for the events, however, are to be booked early and you should definitely check for events if you plan on spending fun family time here!

B. Denver things to do when bored

If you’re staying in Denver for over a week, you might just get bored of all the hours of travelling and tours. Your heart might wish for a cone of ice cream or to sit in the park, reading a book! Maybe even visit a church or try some new food item?

Whatever your heart asks for, we’re there to help you. One thing is for sure, Denver things to do list is never-ending!

1. International Church of Cannabis

Sick of all the beige tones everywhere? The International Church of Cannabis is the place for you. This church is all colorful with geometric figures of different colors and sizes.

With the striking color combinations, the high ceilings, and with all the major rainbow vibes, this church on the S Logan St. is totally worth a visit.

Denver things to do
By Craig Talbert/Flickr.Copyright 2022

What we found even more interesting is that this church was opened for promoting a completely new religion named ‘Elevationism’ and has started ‘BEYOND’, a project where one has to meditate for 9 long minutes and thereafter has to sit there for 25mins more, while their favourite classical songs play on loop!

2. Fifty-Two 80s

A pop culture fanatic? This antique shop in Denver is sure to blow off your mind. Fifty-Two 80s is an antique shop on South Broadway street for the last 15 years, which is solely devoted to pop culture and items or merchandise related to it.

Starting right from 80s clothes to toys, one can find almost any pop culture-related things here. You can even find vintage Pepsi cans, Halloween masks, posters, puzzles, tickets, and even cards here!

The owners say that there are around 4500 craft items here, starting from the Sunday morning Tv shows to the Jurassic park cereal.

3. Buckhorn Exchange

On a tour around Denver and haven’t heard about one of the top-rated restaurants here? You’re definitely missing out on something then!

This is a dream restaurant for a non-vegetarian is as it serves a variety of meats, starting right from Alligator tail to Buffalo sausage.

Known to be one of the oldest restaurants in Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange knows how to attract tourists! The variety of dishes served will certainly bring out the foodie in you.

Every Friday, two cowboys, all decked up in traditional dresses, can be seen performing arts and singing western prairie songs near the upstairs bar. The ambience and the beer make the restaurant worth a visit.

Colossal heads of mountain animals such as deers and even rhinos hang on the wall and the wall downstairs is beautifully pleasing with stuffed aesthetics of bears, lions, and even monkeys, to go along with steaming food- sounds like a perfect weekend place to explore, doesn’t it!

4. Denver Zine Library

Does DIY publishing culture interest you? Then Denver Zine Library in Denver is the perfect place for you to visit when searching for Denver things to do.

Located on Curtis Street, the library has a collection of over 2000 zines and is actively promoting self-publishing. The library is known to have over 15000 self-published magazines and is also open for donations.

Denver things to do
By Flickr/Bing.Copyright 2022

Also, if you’re interested to know more about self-publishing, then you can get the desired information from various magazines lined up on shelves and in stacks. However, you need to mail the authority to and book an appointment beforehand.

Denver’s underrated gem, the Denver zine library, is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am – 3 pm.

5. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is a downtown area park in Denver is primarily built on unclaimed graves. It might sound creepy, but if you’re planning on a ghost tour amidst Denver things to do, then you must look at this one!

Back in the 1890s, this park was claimed to be haunted by the local residents, and soon the city’s authorities started working on transporting the cremated bodies to some other place. However, soon after, a rumor spread about the people hearing moaning and crying sounds and someone knocking on their doors at night, and the work was closed halfway.

However, with time, the place has gained more fame as a family park, with a calm yet lively atmosphere and kids running around, and is now a place of tourist interest.

6. Enchanted Hart Haus

Steve Hartbauer transformed a regular house into a masterpiece that is sure to leave you gasping.

Starting right from the main entrance gate to the windows, the ceilings, the window sills, and even the lamps in the garden are all covered with different coloured pieces of mosaic and tiles.

A not-so-famous place when you search for Denver things to do, but definitely worth a visit! The artist says he has been working on this for the past 10 years and will work for 10 more years (estimated time).

The theme of the mosaic artwork is based on the 4 elements of nature and his art even includes glass bottle craft as well as sculptures. You can see the house from the street itself, but if you want a closer look, then Steve will be more than happy to give you tours – no tickets, no bookings!

7. Cranmer Park Sundial

The Cranmer Park Sundial is another of the Denver things to do, near the Rocky Mountain is a Chinese Sundial that has undergone several restorations and is still a famous tourist spot.

Located on 1st Ave, Denver, this sundial was saved in its last hour and till today this sundial gives you a breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains from the crest of the mountain on which it is located.

The polar chart gives you a vivid description of the sundial and how to measure time by seeing the gnomon’s shadow position. The summer and winter sides are marked on the sundial and the ways of measurement are expected to be more advanced with the upcoming restoration.

If you’re in Denver, and Chinese culture has always attracted you, then visiting the Cranmer Park Sundial is a must for you.

8. Denver Omelet Plaque

Fond of Denver Omelet? Cannot imagine not having an omelette without cheese now? Well, Denver, again, got your back.

Denver Omelet Plaque, a downtown restaurant that has a wide variety of food and especially specializes in white fluffy omelettes, just the way Denver people prefer having it! If you’re up for a good meal, Denver Omelet Plaque is the place to be!

9. American Museum of Western Art

Tired of all the museums in Denver things to do? Well, here’s another one for you, and before you frown, let us tell you that this museum itself is a piece of art and one of the best places listed in Denver things to do!

Right across from the very famous hotel- Brown Palace Hotel is the ‘not-so-eminent’ American Museum of Western Art-The Anschutz Collection.

This museum displays various art pieces dating from the 1800s to the 2000s. The galleries have over 600+ paintings, drawings and sculptures from over 180 artists and every piece is unique in itself. There are different tours available and each piece of craft will take your breath away.

If you want to know more about American Art, explore different historical sides or even explore the attractions in the early decades, then you should definitely take a tour of the American Museum of Western Art.

Each painting and sculpture holds a unique history and has a story to tell to the rest of the world. A centre of sheer excellence, art, and heritage!

It is one of Denver’s best-kept secrets in our Denver things to do list. The American Museum of Western Art has a taste for modernity and tradition that deserves to be preserved.

Starting right from Expressionism to Abstract Art, the museum is not only Denver’s best museum but one of the best in the world as well.

10. Craft Beer Tour

The Craft Beer Tour is a 2-hour-extensive tour in Denver things to do that show the process of making the famous craft beer!

The tour gives you extensive knowledge about various aspects of beer making, starting right from brewing to the end product. Also, not to forget about the small historical facts in between.

Denver things to do
By Thomas Galvez/Flickr.Copyright 2022

If you’re in Denver, you already know that it is famous for its craft beer and you definitely shouldn’t be missing out on this opportunity and take a tour of the state brewery!

A must in Denver things to do.

C. Denver things to do for kids

Of course, all the above-mentioned places are not anyhow age-restricted, but here’s something more for the little ones! With kids, the Denver things to do list has some places listed down below, that’ll leave your kids grinning from ear to ear!

1. Children’s Museum at Denver’s Marsico Campus

A fun place for kids to be! A museum which is solely dedicated to the kids and the staff here is really gentle and helpful. The best thing about this museum is that you can have your own sweet time exploring.

There are various activities for the kids here as well. Starting right from the vet’s office to the art studio, this museum provides your child with fun ways of learning!

2. Elitch Gardens Theme and Waterpark

For the past 130 years, Elitch Gardens Theme and Waterpark is the only water park in downtown Denver and is a famous spot for a family day out!

Denver things to do
By Wikimedia/Bing.Copyright 2022

The park is open from May till October and has over 53+ attractive rides, which include various thrilling slides and roller coasters, and also not to miss the fun fests in October! So, if you’re planning a fun family day out with the kids in Denver, head over to the Elitch Gardens Theme water park!

3. Downtown Aquarium

A majestic aquarium just a few walks away, the Downtown Aquarium is a fascinating place on our Denver things to do list. It can be for casual dining or just for gaining knowledge about underwater creatures.

Let your kids have the time of their lives while they feed the stingrays or see a mermaid show! Just when you thought a perfect Disney experience in Denver things to do doesn’t exist, there is an Aquarium Express Electric Train ride the kids will love!

4. Denver Firefighter’s museum

Another fun-filled center for a family day out. Parents can enjoy themselves while they watch their kids climbing up and down the stairs like real firefighters and even trying to put off the fake fire!

The museum also has a family gift shop and various types of toys and books! Tickets are to be purchased beforehand and for special events, reservations are to be made.

D. Other Denver things to do based on what you love

Willing to see more of Denver things to do? We got your back! Apart from all these tours and places, Denver has so much more to offer and you definitely cannot complete all the tours and places Denver is famous for!

If you’re a foodie, Denver is definitely a dream come true for you! You’ll run out of time, but you won’t be able to try all the food items from the restaurants and cafes in Larimer Square, a famous spot under Denver things to do.

For all the music lovers out there, concerts will keep you busy all throughout the day and you’re bound to love pop and jazz, even if you were never a real admirer of the two!

Not only that, but Denver has got all sorts of weird yet fun activities and exhibitions planned!

For instance, let’s say Denver Pancakes and Booze Art Show – a unique event listed under Denver things to do! Yes, you read that right! Over 100+ artists exhibit their art here, the difference being it is on pancakes! Afterwards, they even host shows and music concerts with tickets starting from $10 each!

E. Denver things to do for families

If you’re up for a bit of fun and some murder mystery, then Adams Mystery Playhouse is the place to be!

Even though the place looks like a regular restaurant, it isn’t! After you’re done with your dinner, a murder occurs and you’re a witness! You know the characters now and you’re expected to solve the case at hand!

In the end, souvenirs are handed over to the one group who solves the case! Really a fun thing when you search for Denver things to do, isn’t it?

If you have got a sweet tooth, Hammond’s Candy Factory is the place for you! Here, you can get a firsthand experience of candy making and learn all the ways through which they make the candies. You get a lot of free samples as well.

Denver things to do
By Geoarts/ Unilim

Denver, Colorado is a thriving centre of entertainment, art, and culture with, of course, lots of street art lined up the walls! If you’re planning a trip to Denver, now’s the time to get at it! We can promise you, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

For more information regarding Denver, its transportation, tours, places, and festivals, and Denver things to do based on your interests visit here.

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