14 Wineries in Maryland With The Best Quality Wine

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Wineries in Maryland
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Have you ever wondered which are the top Wineries in Maryland? Then you don’t have to keep wondering anymore. WHY?? Because we have done our research and have found out the Top 14 Wineries in Maryland. So why don’t you go ahead and check it out?

1. Old Westminster Winery

Old Westminster Winery is the best spot to enjoy some good wine with friends. This Maryland Winery has a great selection of wines and also sparkling wines. The wine flights make up a two oz pouring of wine. If you are a member of the wine club then you get four complimentary tastings per month.

Old Westminster Winery also has a great selection of brick oven pizza. What more do you want on a holiday than some good wine and pizza? They also have a lovely tasting room where you get to taste some of the top-quality Maryland wines from the grapes grown in the state. The winery also sells cheese and charcuterie. The atmosphere is great with the huge outdoor space and live music.

The staff and winery hosts are also well-behaved and knowledgeable. Overall you will have a great experience at this Maryland Winery. It is located at 1550 Old Westminster Rd, Westminster, MD, United States. The contact number is +1 410-881-4656. Check out their site to know more about the wine and pizza menu and the timings.

Wineries in Maryland
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2. Boordy Vineyards Inc

If you are discussing Wineries in Maryland, Boordy Vineyards Inc will definitely pop up. Once you visit this Maryland Winery you will want to keep coming back. At Boordy Vineyards, you will be able to taste the best Maryland wine made with passion and hard work.

The wine flight number 3 Landmark Red is a customer favorite. There are also food trucks that come from which you can get some delicious goodies. The wine made from the grapes grown at Boordy Vineyards has even won awards. So head right over to drink some award-winning wines.

Their tasting room and patio with picnic tables are open on all days. You can also reserve seats indoors in case the weather is not favorable. This is just the right place to chill out with your gal pals, relaxing on the grass with some classic wine and good music. Ah! Yes? You get the picture now don’t you? As they say, drink some wine to feel fine. So head over to Boordy’s to feel fine.

The address of the winery is 12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes, MD 21082, United States, and their contact number is +1 410-592-5015. Also, check out their site to know more about their timings and reservations. You can also get to know more about their winemaking process at the site.

3. Black Ankle Vineyards

Why is Black Ankle Vineyards one of the top wineries in Maryland? Let’s see…!! The atmosphere is great and is also pet-friendly. You will be mesmerized by the views of the wine trails. You can let go of all your troubles and enjoy a beautiful day with some hight quality wines and good food at Black Ankle Vineyards.

Black Ankle Vineyards provide both indoor and outdoor seating and offer a good blend of wines. They also have live music on Fridays evenings so if you are planning an evening getaway then why not make a visit? Besides wines, they also offer cheese pairings and crackers which you can enjoy.

You can also join their wine club to receive their wine annually. Currently, there is a waiting list to join their club. You can enquire more about it at their official website. The location of the winery is 14463 Black Ankle Rd, Mt Airy, MD, United States, and the contact number is +1 301-829-3338.`This is one of the Wineries in Maryland that you should definitely check out.

Top Wineries in Maryland
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4. Layton’s Chance Vineyard and Winery

Layton’s Chance Vineyard & Winery stretches over a plot of 14 acres. They offer many different types of wine for you to choose from. The Winery also has a picnic area where dogs are allowed. If you are looking for someplace to sit back and relax with some nice wine then you need to head over to Layton’s Chance Winery ASAP.

You can also explore the vineyards and they have an outdoor game area. During Happy Hour on Friday, you get to experience live concerts and music. The staff is very polite and friendly. It is a great spot to get together with your family and friends. Layton’s definitely is one of the best Wineries in Maryland.

It is situated at 4225 New Bridge Rd, Vienna, MD, United States. Their contact number is +1 410-228-1205. Also, check out their website to know more about their operation hours and wines.

5. Big Cork Vineyards

This is one of those Maryland Wineries which offers fine wine combined with a great atmosphere. The place is pet-friendly also a great spot for families to have picnic lunches. Also, the winery offers some fun events and games which your kids can enjoy. There is live music on Friday evenings.

The Chardonnay is a customer favorite so make sure you try it out when you are there. The picturesque and captivating views of Big Cork vineyards will be perfect for a wedding or other events. Luckily they do offer group and event rentals. Also, you will have some great wine for your wedding.

All these definitely make it one of the best wineries in Maryland. So don’t forget to visit Big Cork Vineyards next time you are in Maryland. It is located at 4236 Main St, Rohrersville, MD 21779, United States, and the contact number is +1 301-302-8032. You can also order their wines from their website. Shipment is available to various parts of the USA.

6. Mount Felix Vineyard and Winery

Mount Felix offers several dry wines, sweet wines, and port-style wines. The staff is well-mannered and helpful and will guide you during wine tasting. The wine tasting room is great but you can also take a walk outside while sipping that great Maryland wine and enjoying the Mountain’s views of the Chesapeake Bay.

The family-owned winery is amongst one of the popular wineries in Maryland. The owners are really nice people and the customers have a really good experience there. There are also some friendly dogs at the winery but if you are scared you can just avoid them. The location of the winery is 2000 Level Rd, Havre De Grace, MD, United States. Head over to the winery’s website to know more about them.

7. Springfield Manor Winery Distillery Brewery

Besides the tasty wine and excellent craft beer this winery also offers accommodation to its guest. Springfield Manor Winery has 8 suite rooms that are available for stay. The winery is in a barn and there is also great live music and complimentary tastings available here.

The staff here is extra helpful and really friendly. They have great knowledge about the wines and will help you if you are clueless. They have great lavender fields that you can explore for $10 per person. You sure will be mesmerized by the views of this place. The prices are a bit on the upper side here but it sure is worth the money.

With the winery, they also have a brewery and distillery. Unfortunately, the place is not kid-friendly. But hey! You and your group of friends can always chill out here. The place is located at 11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD, United States, and the contact number is +1 301-271-0099. Also, check out their site.

8. Great Frogs Winery

Great Frogs Winery must be one of the most romantic wineries in Maryland. The view of the vineyards is really calm and pretty so it might be one of the best places to take a stroll with your significant other. The Winery is quite popular among the locals of Maryland.

They have got both outdoor and indoor seating. Make a reservation if it looks like it is going to be a bad weather day or else you will sit outside while it is pouring. Now, this winery offers one of the best wine-tasting experiences in Maryland. It is quite an adventure according to the regular customers.

If you are looking to take your partner on a romantic date or maybe even searching for a spot to propose to your girlfriend then this winery might the perfect spot. It is located at 3218 Harness Creek Rd, Annapolis, MD, United States, and its contact number is +1 410-626-6193. To know more about the timings and wines check out their website here.

9. Romano Vineyard and Winery

Another one of the top Wineries in Maryland is Romano Winery. This winery is a little small compared to the other wineries in Maryland but that doesn’t make it any less awesome than the others. The atmosphere is relaxing and also the people are very friendly. There are also local food trucks that serve delicious food.

The Peach Bellini slushy is a customer favorite drinker so don’t forget to try it out when you visit. If you are looking for a place to just chill out with some nice wine and live music then this is the place for you. Also, the wines are reasonably priced so that is another plus.

This winery is definitely a Southern Maryland gem so make sure to check it out. It is situated at 15715 Bald Eagle School Rd, Brandywine, MD, United States, and the contact number is +1 301-752-1103. Also, make sure to visit their website for more on the timings and schedules.

10. Harford Vineyard and Winery

Head over to Harford Vineyard to make pour decisions and wine about it! Get the pun? For tasty sips of wines and great music immediately head over to this cute Maryland Winery. It’s one of those cute wineries in Maryland where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. The peach is highly recommended so while you are there don’t forget to try it out.

The staff and service at this winery are pretty decent and also the owners are really friendly. The prices are also reasonable so if you are looking for a decent winery with moderate prices then you should make a visit.

The address of the winery is 1311 Jarrettsville Rd, Forest Hill, MD, United States, and the contact number is +1 443-495-1699. Also, check out their site to know about the schedules.

11. Linganore Winecellars

Linganore Winecellars is probably one of the most popular wineries in Maryland. They usually have really awesome wine festivals so try to visit at those times. There is a great selection of wines and the wine tasting experience is just amazing.

Even though there are several other wineries in proximity, the wine, view, and service at Lingacore beat them all. So next time you are in Maryland, head over to this winery for a good time. It is situated at 13601 Glissans Mill Rd, Mt Airy, MD, United States, and the contact number is +1 301-831-5889. It surely is one of the best wineries in Maryland.

Maryland Wineries
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12. Basignani Winery

Another one of the Wineries in Maryland with great wines is Basignani Winery. They offer very tasty brick oven pizzas too. Can you name a better combination than some wine and pizza? This is what makes Basignani Winery one of the top wineries in Maryland.

It is also a good choice for events such as weddings and other parties. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and head over to this Maryland Winery as soon as possible. The address is 15722 Falls Rd, Sparks Glencoe, MD, United States, and their contact number is +1 410-472-0703.

Best Wineries in Maryland
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13. Bordeleau Vineyards & Winery

Great scenery and atmosphere with good tasting wines for a good price. If you want this then Bordeleau Winery is the place for you. The staff in the wine tasting room are extremely knowledgeable and the room itself is quite cozy and cute.

There is also outside seating available. Brink your own snacks and lunches to enjoy a warm evening or a fun afternoon with your family and friends. The winery is located at 3155 Noble Farm Rd, Eden, MD 21822, United States, and the contact number is +1 410-677-3334.

14. Running Hare Vineyard

Our last pick for the top wineries in Maryland is the Running Hare. Enjoy great wine tastings at the wine trail here. You only get good vibes and friendly smiles from this Winery in Maryland. Also, the place is great for events as it comes with a fantastic view.

You can also take your family here since the winery is kid-friendly. The adults can enjoy some good wine while the kids play around. This winery is located at 150 Adelina Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 20678, United States, and their contact number is +1 410-414-8486.

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