15 Most Wonderful Chicago Souvenirs And Where To Find Them

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chicago souvenirs
Image by Rick Lobes from Pixabay Copyright 2012

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If you are in Windy City, needless to say, you have to visit a few shops to buy some Chicago souvenirs and gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Chicago is one of the most delightful cities in the United States of America, and there is a lot you can purchase that would remind you of the fond memories of your journey.

There are way too many Chicago souvenirs that you can select from, and with this guide, you will be easily able to find those Chicago souvenirs that speak to your or feel like the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

1. Collecting Memories Of The Windy City

One of the most wonderful cities in the United States of America, as well as in the entire world, Chicago is, in no way, lacking stuff connected with it.

Sometimes it is because of their origin like the blues.

Each of the Chicago souvenirs illustrates an aspect of the incredible Windy City, and will always remain with you as a happy memory of the trip.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2. Best Buys: The 15 Most Wonderful Chicago Souvenirs

The shops and markets of the city are filled with an amazing assortment of Chicago souvenirs and gifts.  Snow globes, coffee mugs, sweets, books, figurines, clothes, and CDs – anything you want, you got it.

So choose the best Chicago souvenirs and take a piece of your favorite holiday destination back home.

2.1) Chicago Skyline Snow Globe

No matter which city or country you are visiting, whenever you think of the word ‘souvenir’, your mind instantly conjures up an image of a snow globe.

There probably isn’t a shop or market or airport that doesn’t sell snow globes and no wonder it is one of the most popular gifts around the world.

In the case of Chicago souvenirs, the snow globe has a special significance as well.

In the years 1967, 1999, and 2011, the windy city witnessed some of the worst blizzards and snowstorms.

The musical Chicago skyline snow globe with the beautiful Chicago skyline and landmarks like Chicago Theater, Marina City, Water Tower, and more is a reminder that every dark day comes to an end with clear blue skies.

So buy these precious little Chicago souvenirs for both yourself and your dear ones.

2.2) Garrett’s Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn? The tasty treats from Garrett’s Popcorn are undoubtedly something you should take back as a Chicago souvenir.

Found in a vast assortment of flavors and amounts, you can choose from a myriad of options. Among the most bought flavors, you have Cheese Corn and Buttery popcorn. Try the Garrett Mix which is the perfect blend of sweet and salty with the yummy tastes of fun caramel and savory cheese.

And if you or your friend have a sweet tooth there is the popular Caramel Crisp flavor as well. Not to mention the vast choices of chocolates that can easily bring a smile to anyone’s face – both kids and adults.

Image by Jackie Matthews from Pixabay Copyright 2021

2.3) Lego Willis Tower

An ultimate delight for those who enjoy building Lego buildings, the Lego Willis Tower is one of the most popular Chicago souvenirs.

It is a tiny model of the Willis Tower in Chicago. Previously considered the highest building in Chicago, this tower was known as Sears Tower. This Chicago souvenir comes with comprehensive instructions in the box that is very helpful if you are a beginner.

2.4) Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game

A kind of informative and educational game, this one is the perfect Chicago souvenir for lovers of buildings and architecture. The game comes with thirty-six pairs of cards, each showing a distinct structure or form used by the architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright in his skylights, rugs, and artistic glass windows. The game comes with a manual of instructions on how to create them as well as detailed information on the history of the renowned pieces of architecture.

One of the most fun Chicago souvenirs, the Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game is a delightful way to play and learn.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture
Image by Don McClintock from Pixabay Copyright 2015

2.5) Chicago World’s Fair Poster

The World’s Fair, which was at first notable as “A Century of Progress International Expositions,” is a fundamental element of the city’s history and heritage. Gifting someone this poster is like giving a crucial part of Chicago’s history and culture. The limited edition posters are thus one of the best Chicago souvenirs to take back home.

2.6) Chicago Blues CD

How can you even think of Chicago without thinking of the blues?

A huge and crucial aspect of Chicago’s rich culture is the music, more particularly the Blues.

So buying yourself or your special ones a Chicago Blues CD is a complete no-brainer. It would enable you to feel the windy city’s vibrant Blues which emerged on nooks and corners and has had a massive impact on numerous famous musicians and groups.

You can discover many old and modern Chicago blues CDs in the myriad of music stores all around and experience the music of Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, and many more.

So if you are a lover of music, especially the blues, make sure to buy yourself a CD or two or many to take back home. Listening to the beautiful blues, you will always have something of the city with you, no matter which part of the world you are in.

And don’t forget to gift your friends and family with some of those CDs as well, because it is your responsibility to educate them culturally and expand their taste in music.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2.7) Chicago Steak Seasoning

Chicago is exceptionally prominent for its steak and unsurprisingly, there is a huge assortment of steak seasonings created to go with the meat.

You could always choose a Chicago steak seasoning from the wide range of flavors that include caramel, cheddar, and many more. These Chicago gifts can be used to spice up various kinds of meats. The seasonings give a perfect kick to the taste of steaks, burgers, pizzas, vegetables, and any kind of meal you wish. There are grocery stores and markets that have multiple categories of such seasoning and these can be purchased online as well.

So even though these can be considered among the typical Chicago souvenirs, the speaking seasoning is the perfect gift for a foodie friend.

So buy the Chicago Steak seasoning to give everyone a taste of the delicious Chicago flavors.

2.8) Optimo Hats

A unique idea for a gift, Optimo Hats is formal Hollywood-style hats that are hand-crafted by vintage Singer sewing equipment.

These hats are seen to be worn by many popular celebrities. If unable to choose a particular one that speaks to you, then you get a customized one with all your preferences. Among the distinguished collection of Optimo hats, there are The LaSalle, The Chicago, The Belmont, and The Manhattan.

2.9) Sports Jerseys

It would not be a proper vacation to Chicago if you return without bringing back any sports jerseys.

Chosen as the Best Sports City three times, Chicago takes pride in its five professional teams, and you can buy any of the team’s jerseys as per your preferences.  Customize some jerseys with your favorite team’s colors and your favorite player’s name in them. Be it Chicago Bulls, Chicago Red Stars, or Chicago Bears, you will find it here as the best Chicago souvenirs for any sports lover.

Chicago Sports
Image by Milton Galvan from Pixabay Copyright 2018

2.10) Chicago Ties

Who needs a map to find their way in the city when you have a colorful Josh Bach El map tie?

Spending a few bucks on the Josh Bach El map ties is a fantastic way of reminding yourself of the days spent on the Chicago Transit Authority, which is considered to be the second biggest transport network in the whole country.

With a quirky Josh Bach El map tie, you will always feel like you can in some way still is in Chicago. So don’t hesitate to purchase these blue and gray ties to expand your dull wardrobe with something new and fun.

This is also an incredible present for both friends and loved ones of families who like to flaunt weird and silly ties.

2.11) Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant

Though its real name is “Cloud Gate,” the beautiful stainless steel Millennium Park is lovingly identified by both the locals and visitors as “the bean.”

This is among the more expensive Chicago souvenirs but splurging a little to take back “the bean” in a Tiffany Blue Box is worth the bucks.

The city’s Tiffany & Co shop which can be found a mile north of Millennium Park on Michigan Ave sells the Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant as one of their most popular jewelry.

Tiffany Blue Box
Image by Roderick Yang from Pixabay Copyright 2019

2.12) Wild Blossom Mead

The term “mead” generally gives a vision of whimsical fairs, feasts, and festivities. Similar to wine, this honey beverage comes in many flavors and types. From fruity variations like pomegranate or blueberry to ingenious blends like Chocolate Honey Buzz.

Chicago beer is another great option to gift a friend or acquaintance.

2.13) Chocolates

You have got the wine, now it’s time for some chocolates.

If you cannot decide on anything for that one choosy friend or family member, it is unlikely that you will go wrong with chocolates because who doesn’t love some sweetness?

You can select from a vast collection of lovely delicacies like bittersweet chocolate truffles, marshmallows, caramels, and more.

Katherine Anne Confections and Vosges chocolate have chocolates for people of all tastes and preferences. So if you can’t decide on any Chicago souvenir for that one friend, simply take a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine.

Make sure to buy the Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box that comes with various kinds of bacon chocolates, and a couple of flying chocolate pigs.

Image by Tamanna Rumee from Pixabay Copyright 2021

2.14) Chicago Oils

For your dear ones who love to cook, the oils from Old Town seem like the most reasonable choice. With options like olive oil, sesame oil, and even avocado oil you won’t find any shortage of kinds to choose from.

There are gift boxes as well, because you are buying a souvenir for someone you might as well do so in style.

2.15) Mugs

Apart from the all-too-popular snow globes, mugs are another souvenir that is popular in all places throughout the world.

Image by Janus Studio from Pixabay Copyright 2020

Sold in all shapes, sizes, and colors the best ones are those that have pictures of famous places and landmarks of the city.

You can never go wrong with a colorful mug displaying a beautiful part of the windy city.

3. Places to Shop for Chicago Souvenirs

Now that you are aware of the best Chicago souvenirs that you need to buy, there remain ten matters of finding them.

Well, no worries! In these gift stores and places, you will find all the Chicago souvenirs on your shopping list and maybe some more.

The best places to shop for Chicago souvenirs include:

  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Jackson & Dearborn
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Jazz Record Mart
  • Armitage Ave
  • Binny’s Beverage Depot
  • Field Museum Store
  • The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
  • Poster Plus
  • Chicago History Museum
  • Wrigleyville Sports
  • Old Town Oil
  • Urban Accents
  • Half Acre Beer Company
  • KOVAL Distillery

Chicago Streets
Image by Michael Gault from Pixabay Copyright 2021

You can also buy most of the Chicago souvenirs online as well and have a little something from Chicago delivered to your home.

But where is the fun in that? You need to find the perfect gift shop and those Chicago souvenirs that speaks to you.

Roaming the vibrant and colorful street corners and markets of Chicago while balancing too many overflowing shopping bags is a part of the city experience.

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So now that you know about all the famous and most loved Chicago souvenirs, fill up your bags with all the trinkets and goodies to keep the memories of the journey forever bright.

Chicago City
Image by Rick Lobes from Pixabay Copyright 2012

The Windy City is full of delights and wonders where you will never run out of things to do or adventures to have.

And while you will never forget such an amazing journey anytime soon, the colorful Chicago souvenirs will let you and your loved ones keep a part of the beautiful city forever.
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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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