5 Best Lake Cabins in Texas

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Being one of the hottest states in the Southern side of the USA, one of the most popular places to escape when summer hits is the lake cabins in Texas. Cabin getaways have become immensely popular with time, and it’s a delight for family, friends, and couples alike.

Lake cabins in Texas can be found in abundance as there are around 7 thousand lakes around the state. It can get overwhelming to choose a perfect cozy cabin for your next getaway. Here you can find a list of the top 5 best lake cabins in Texas that you can choose from.

There are various amenities available in the different lake cabins in Texas and you can choose a cabin to your liking based on your needs.

You’ll find a perfect spot for anything that you’re looking for, whether it be a cabin that prioritizes interior comfort, a cabin with the perfect hot tub, or a cabin surrounded by nature trails.

Best Lake Cabins in Texas:

1) Possum Kingdom Lake Cabins

lake cabins in texas
By: Nicolas Henderson/Flickr

You can find some of the best lake cabins in Texas right near one of the best Texas lakes, Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo Pinto County. There are plenty of cabins to choose from around the lake as this is a popular spot.

Fun activities to do around Possum Kingdom

Other than the cabins, there are many fun activities to indulge in around Possum Kingdom Lake. The famed party area of Hell’s Gate can be found here. There are camping spots available here as well with incredible views.

Mountain biking is yet another activity you can do during your stay here. It’s one of the best ways to calm your mind and you can enjoy exploring to the fullest with the number of hiking trails with gorgeous sceneries.

If you’re looking to explore Possum Kingdom Lake and indulge in water activities, you can go boating. You can go kayaking and jet skiing here as well. There’s something to do at every minute here, so you’ll never get bored during your stay.

Here are some of the best lake cabins in Texas that you should check out while in Possum Kingdom Lake:

Hide-Away Cabins

log cabin 4030556 1920
By: 1778011/Pixabay

These cabins are close to the Sandy Creek Marina and Brazos River Authority Public Boat Ramp. There are around 19 cabin rentals available here that are perfectly cozy for tourists.

Amenities and accessibilities

Hide-Away cabins have a rustic impression and they’re equipped with a television, outside charcoal grill, coffee-maker, and other essential amenities. Several amenities differ on the basis of the cabin you’ll choose so you should be careful with that.

These cabins are popular as you get easy access to the boat ramps close to the lake and it’s a great location in general for a cozy romantic getaway. Pets are allowed if you inform the authorities prior to your arrival. You can find more about the cabins here.

2) Canyon Lake Cabins

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By: Tracy Keller/Flickr

This lake can be found in the Comal County of Texas, and it has some of the best lake cabins in Texas for family picnics during vacations. This lake is near the Guadalupe River which is popular for tubing and rafting activities.

Attractions around Canyon Lake

The white water amphitheater, the heritage museum of the Texas Hill County, Comal Park, Blanco State Park, Canyon Overlook Park, a bunch of picnic areas, beautiful lake house rentals to check out, and plenty of other water activities are available here. You’ll be packed for a good time during your vacation rental in one of the cabins in Canyon Lake.

Some of the best lake cabins in Texas can be found around Canyon Lake but here is the best one:

Dream Away Cabin

log home 95677 1920
By: shonflare/Pixabay

Dream-Away Cabin is one of the most beautiful and luxurious cabins you’ll find around the lake and it’s one of the most popular vacation homes near the lake.

Amenities and accessibilities

It’s a perfect family-friendly cabin rental equipped with two bathrooms and bedrooms, full kitchens, a fireplace, and other essential amenities for a comfortable stay.

If you’re someone who was looking for a cabin with fire pits, then it’s a perfect place since there’s one right outside Dream Away Cabin along with a hammock. Here the guests can enjoy a bbq grill night before heading to bed in their rentals provided with air conditioning.

It’s a close walk to Canyon Lake where you can enjoy swimming and fishing in the daylight.

3) Cedar Creek Lake Cabins

48765365682 088ee1a571 k
By: ImageTek/Flickr

One of the hottest vacation spots in the counties of Henderson and Kaufman, Cedar Creek Lake has many vacation rentals around it and some of the finest lake cabins in Texas. From waterfront lake house rentals to resort lodges, there are all kinds of accommodation available for romantic getaways or family reunions.

There are many parks available around here so it’s become one of the most popular vacation spots in the state. Here are some of the best lake cabins in Texas that you can find in Cedar Creek Lake:

Bridget’s Triple “B” Cottages

pexels maria orlova 4969995 scaled
By: Maria Orlova/Pexels

These cottage-style lake cabins in Texas are the perfect escape away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are different types of cabins available in Bridget’s Triple “B” Cottages which differ on the basis of your preference.

Types of cabins and things to do

They’re classified into ‘Saddles’, ‘Spurs’, and ‘Boots’ cottages. You can choose your ideal cabin after looking at the different amenities offered in each of them from here. There’s a pond nearby where you can enjoy fishing, and if you’re lucky you might spot a couple of deers around the area!

Most of the cabins here are perfect for a romantic escape so it’s better suited for couples than for families.

4) Lake LBJ Cabins

2681991874 8926af05ea k
By: TheMuuj/Flickr

This reservoir on the Colorado River offers some of the best water activities around the Texas Hill Country.

Lake LBJ or Lake Lyndon B. Johnson has some of the best resorts, parks, restaurants, and fishing spots to explore, thus making it one of the top vacation spots with some of the most gorgeous lake cabins in Texas.

Things to do around Lake LBJ

A quiet trail long Horseshoe Creek Hiking trail, unwinding at the Escondido Golf & Lake Club, horseback riding lessons at Tonkawood Farms are some of the many activities that guests enjoy during their stay at their cabin at Lake LBJ.

You can choose resort housing, a waterfront lodge, or a quaint cabin to rest in during your stay at Lake LBJ. Here are some of the most promising lake cabins in Texas that you can find:

Lake LBJ Yacht Club & Marina Cabins

pexels richard low hong 7162610
By: Richard Low Hong/Pexels

If you’re a lover of boating, these cabin rentals are going to be a delight for you. These cabins here are right near the water, located near the Colorado arm of Lake LBJ, offering gorgeous views of the waterbody and a quick escape to it whenever your heart desires fishing or boating.

This lake is near Marble Falls as well which is yet another great fishing and swimming area to explore in the Hill Country. Some of the best views from the lake cabins in Texas can be found there too.

Water activities and amenities

Water recreational activities are widely popular here because of this. From kayaking, water skiing, paddle boating to jetting cruiser bikes, boat launch areas, and a boat dock, these cabins are perfect for people who want to have fun with watercraft.

The cabins here are loaded with various amenities such as fireplaces, stocked kitchenettes, a large covered porch, and various essentials in the entire cabin.

You can check out more about them in detail here.

5) Lake Travis Cabins

1699265726 5a0669e3e6 o scaled
By: Photography at Vine Ripe Design/Flickr

This lake is located in Central Texas in the city of Austin and it’s one of the most popular vacation spots attributed to its fun lakeside parks. Lake Travis is a perfect destination for a family get-together in the Texas Hill Country and consists of some of the best lake cabins in Texas.

Fun things to do around Lake Travis

Catch a show at Beau’s Backyard for a romantic evening, explore the various marinas, restaurants, and breweries around town, go on an adventure at the longest Ziplines in Texas or try the challenge course at the waterloo adventures park.

There are various types of lodging options and vacation rental areas available here. If you’re looking for a rental with specific amenities such as maybe a game room or fully stocked kitchen or a pool, this website will help you out.

From private log cottages to residential rentals, there are many lodging options available to check out. Here’s the best lodging you can find:

Lost Parrot Cabins

pexels maria camila castano 7329929
By: Maria Camila Castaño/Pexels

There are numerous vacation homes and rentals around Lake Travis but this mini-resort offers an experience like no other. It’s known as one of the best places to stay in Austin and unlike most of the lodgings, its interior and exteriors are bright-colored with beautiful hand-painted murals on display everywhere.

Amenities and accessibilities

Most of the basic amenities can be found here along with a swimming pool, fire pit, Yucatan hammocks, and outdoor hot tubs.

The beds in this resort differ on the basis of the type of cabin you’ll choose. So if you’re looking for lodging with a king bed or other specific amenities, you can check out their website here.

Other Lake Cabins in Texas that you should check out

There are many other lake cabins in Texas that are worth visiting. You can find some of the best vacation rentals at Lake Buchanan such as the Seahorse Cove, beautiful lakefront homes, waterfront lodge rentals, and many more.

Hamilton Creek in Marble Falls has some picnic areas and lodgings worth checking out as well.

Here’s an article you might like if you’re looking for fun places to check out in Texas.

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