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Couple’s Paradise: Enchanting Romantic Getaways in Oregon

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Established in 1859, Oregon is known in the United States for its lush greenery, fantastic ocean views, and relaxed setting. The economy thrives due to local wineries, craft beer, and snowboarding facilities.

Romantic Getaways in Oregon would be perfect due to the number of varied activities and spots that you can try out, like –

  • For couples who mix alcohol with a little peace, the breweries present here are one of the best options.
  • A favorite spot for frequent tourists is the world’s smallest park, Mills End Park, where you can take many pictures.
  • For couples who love horror-themed romantic getaways, almost 80 ghost towns are present here, with beautiful views in the backdrop.
  • For all adventurous couples, one can participate in rock climbing and extreme snow sports, which are best for any climate.
  • To connect with the land and its people, you can also learn about Native American tribes and visit the gardens, grapevines, and even lighthouses.

Let us look at some of the best romantic getaways you can try.

Oregon’s coastline is full of cozy towns, chowder houses, and gift shops with natural wonders. The luxurious accommodation with modern amenities would help you and your partner enjoy the mixed climate.

1.1 Cannery Pier Hotel and Spa

Set amidst the magnificent Columbia River and Astoria Megler Bridge, The Cannery Pier Hotel provides the best views with modern amenities like a private balcony, jetted bathtub, and a cozy fireplace.

You can also learn about the location within the hotel that houses Astoria’s Scandinavian Culture and uphold the legacy of its being – the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World. To snuggle up to your loved one and enjoy the real-life working climate of the city from your room.

1.2 Cannon Beach Romantic Getaway

With long walks on the sand, comfortable lodgings, and a romantic dining room set in the best restaurants, Cannon Beach is a must-visit place for all couples, especially if you are in the nearby city of roses, located on the northern Oregon coast.

Here are the options you can enjoy in almost 10 of the oceanfront restaurants and hotels that overlook Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock –

1.2.1 Best Luxurious Accommodations

The two most popular oceanfront hotels are the Ocean Lodge and Stephanie Inn, which provide excellent views from your lodging and are also fully furnished with in-room fireplaces, private balconies, and hot tub facilities.

You can avail yourself of the romance package here, which includes additions like wine, roses, strawberries, and chocolates, any of which you like.

1.2.2 Best Views

The best cannon beach oceanfront resorts that offer a direct view from the balcony rooms of the turbulent waters, seabirds, and offshore rock formations are Hallmark and Surf and Resort. Many other places towards the south, like Tolovana Inn, offer Haystack Rock and Silver Point views.

1.2.3 Cuddle by the Fire (Both Room and Outdoor Fire Pit Options)

With your partner, enjoy the fire with the ocean in either your in-room gas fireplace that can create a warm and snuggly atmosphere or in outdoor wood-burning fireplaces. Cabana services to set up your beach fire are also available in places like Surfs and Resort. 

1.2.4 Other Facilities

  • You can enjoy a cozy hot tub in the luxury resorts with in-room jetted tubs, looking at sunsets and sunrises together.
  • A couple’s massage would be perfect for deepening the connection – in-room treatments to complete spa services, with romantic options like chocolate truffle body wraps and steam sessions, are also available.

By choosing to visit Cannon Beach, you can enjoy the local views, with a wide variety of hotel rooms, as per your wishes.

1.3 Columbia River Gorge

The largest National Scenic Area in America – Columbia River George, is for all adventurous couples. You can enjoy hidden waterfalls, walks along the waterfront, trekking up the Dog Mountain, Cycling along The Dalles Roads, various water sports, and Mountain biking in the Post Canyon.

The Location’s geography also makes it perfect among Romantic getaways on the Oregon coast, boasting of its wineries, sceneries, hand-crafted beer, and farm-fresh dining. 

1.4 Willamette Valley Wine Country

With over 600 wineries in Oregon wine country, The Willamette Valley will help couples connect deeper with nature and enjoy classy wines made with local hands. Here is what you get if you plan to visit this place.

  • To experience natural agriculture, couples can explore the valley’s farm loops and food trials.
  • Taste varies by the winery, and couples can try refined tastes made by loving and caring hands.
  • Outdoor and recreation facilities like Biking and Hiking trails and waterways are also available.
  • For shopping-crazy couples, you can spend money on products like boutiques, farm stands, outfitters, and festivals to take home something with you.
  • The attractions that might catch one’s attention are the romantic covered bridges, breathtaking waterfalls, forests, and wetlands.
  • To know about the history and culture of the place, historical societies, folk arts, magical murals, and mosaics can also be viewed throughout the journey.

As a bonus, your romantic getaways to Oregon will also be family-friendly. 

1.5 Hot Springs of the Oregon Coast

To discover the allure of the Pacific Northwest, hot springs, from popular ones to remote soaking pools, are available for couples to choose from like –

1.5.1 Umpqua Hot Spring

Umpqua Hot Springs are popular with cascading soaking pools and primitive wooden tubs. It can be pretty crowded; the nearest place to rest is the Toketee campground, where you can access the spring within four miles. But, if you wish to enjoy the picturesque soak, the trail is worth it.

1.5.2 Paulina Hot Springs

A two-mile hike on the Paulina Lake Shoreline would lead you to this wet spot surrounded by calm nature. The Little Crater Campground is the best option if you stay overnight near natural attractions. You can make a solo trip on weekdays or early mornings; otherwise, this spot remains busy.

1.5.3 Ritter Hot Spring, Long Creek

This might be a unique location in your romantic getaway as it stands enclosed within four concrete tubs, only accessed for a day free.

Although privately owned, one is always welcome to try to stay in nearby camps and cabins as the people are pretty welcoming. Outdoor pools are also available to cool off. 

1.6 Oregon Caves National Monument

Picturesque Chateau - Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon

This culturally rich site, also known as Oregon’s Marble Halls, houses rare plants, animals, and marble cave systems and is considered one of the National Historic Landmarks.

Within a diverse small area lies a coniferous forest, hiking trails, and other natural forces. You can discover a lot of plant and animal species if you wish to explore this location.

It is currently protected by the National Park Service, which takes care of all visitor facilities and preserves the site. 

1.7 Timberline Lodge

Inside Timberline Lodge - Masterfull Wood, Metal and Stonework

Amidst the Northern Mountains lies the Timberline Lodge, which is perfect for romantic lodging during winter. You can enjoy the comfort and warmth of the mountains with modern facilities like a queen and king-size bed, swimming pools, hot tub, sauna, complimentary Wi-Fi, and Fine dining facilities.

This is the best spot to boost your adrenaline with skiing and snowboarding activities on the slopes, after which you can retire to your own comfortable spaces. Click here to know more.

1.8 Embarcadero Resort Hotel & Marina

Embrace the stylish lifestyle from the Embarcadero resort hotel towards the end of the Historic Bayfront along the Central Oregon coast.

If not for anything else, this luxury hotel contains private balconies overlooking the bay, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor spas, private saunas, a private crab dock, crab pots, and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the trip; you cannot miss out.

Click here to plan your trip to this beautiful backdrop, with world-class cuisine where you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast with your lover.

1.9 Green Springs Inn and Cabins

Green Springs Inn & Resort, Be Our Guest

This is one of the most relaxing spots you can take your partner as it has a quiet setting to renew energies and minds.

Nevertheless, modern facilities like jacuzzi tubs and private decks are available for accommodations and local dining with classic homemade dishes. Click here to plan your stay at Green Springs Inn. If you plan to stay longer in Ashland, you can witness the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 

1.10 The Allison Inn and Spa

The Allison Inn is set in the Willamette Valley, surrounded by Oregon wine country and farmland. You can choose from fully furnished deluxe guest rooms and suites and enjoy the restaurant and bar, spa treatment, fitness studio, and swimming pools.

The packages available for couples are the wine and Romance package, wine rhapsody package, Blissful package, and Date Night Package. It also works if you have to return to business briefly; you can conduct your board meetings and any other social gatherings here. 

1.11 Deschutes National Forest

If you wish to reconnect with your partner in a natural setting, this is one of the best places, with campgrounds, picnic areas, trailheads, boating shelters, and horse camps.

Two popular spots within this forest are the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, where you can view the Lava lands of Oregon, and the Cascades Lake Welcome Station, where you can plan your trip and learn all about the forest facilities. However, some activities are under recreation, so if you wish to visit this spot, know all about its present state here.

1.12 Lincoln City Romantic Getaway

Best Hotels In Lincoln City - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

Visiting this city during the romantic getaways will help you enjoy your holidays in oceanfront, popular, and pet-friendly locations.

You can stay in cozy cabins or luxury homes and condos with hot tubs and nearby beach access. Renting facilities are available along the beachfront and cliffside; other attractions would take just a short drive.

It is a city where you and your partner can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities like the Summer Kite Festival, hiking adventures, and shop to your heart’s content.

1.13 Crater Lake National Park

Located on the southern Oregon coast, the only national park in the place can be arrived at through a one-day trip or overnight extension of your romantic getaway. If you are traveling on Highway 62, view the waterfall pullouts, Rogue River’s Natural Bridge, and Union Creek during the travel.

Your itinerary would include classy culinary combined with culture and nature, good wine tasting, food trails, and even group tours if one wishes to embark on them. Click here to plan your trip.

1.14 Wilson Ranches Retreat

wilson ranches
Image Source: Wilsonranchesretreat

This is the best spot for couples who love a good ranch getaway, with a working hay and cattle ranch spread over 9000 acres of land. You can stay in ranch-style guest rooms; up to 6 guests are permitted. Modern facilities, a dining area, gaming, and books are available.

Enjoy the wildlife, drink some of your favorite beverages, and engage in birdwatching, horseback riding, and hiking with some polite company. If this matches your taste, click here to learn more and add it to your list of places to visit.

1.15 Channel House

channel house
Image Source: Channel house

If you wish to combine the best of both world-country inn and first-class facilities, There are several activities that you can try with your partner at Depoe Bay –

  • Explore the fishing charters where you can try out whale watching and fishing.
  • From November to March, a popular activity observed here is Coastal Storm Watching, which you can indulge in from the comfort of your suite or private balcony.
  • Located at a 25-minute distance from this area, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a popular location where various marine species can be seen and researched.
  • You can see jellyfish, giant rays, and skates and tour the outdoor gardens.
  • You can try out some of the gourmet seafood at the restaurants in Depoe Bay, like Restaurant Beck and Tidal Raves Seafood Grill.

Some famous attractions near the location are the Devil Punchbowl state natural area where you can relax while watching the natural waves, and Cape Foul weather to view the Pacific Ocean. Click here to get more details.

2 Location Wise

2.1 Portland

Image Source: Depositphotos

If any couple plans their romantic getaway between late April and mid-October, this is the perfect city in Oregon to visit. Here are some romantic sites you can travel to –

  • Visit the International Rose Test Garden and Forest Park, which has beautiful blooms throughout the year, especially during October.
  • For all the bookworm couples, Powell’s books act as a great relaxing and romantic spot, with a small and cozy bookstore atmosphere that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee.
  • Eat from the famous food carts available with several ethnic choices.
  • Visit romantic stays like The Benson and Kimpton Hotel, within walking distance from the nearby shopping, food carts, and theatres. Lion and the Rose B&B has a giant king and queen guest room, Jacuzzis, and many other packages, including bridal showers and wedding receptions for those who enjoy a good bed and breakfast.
  • Romantic Dining room spots are available in restaurants like City Grill, Paley’s Place, and Higgin’s Restaurant and Bar, which you can choose from according to your food choices.
  • For all history and art couples, Portland Art Museum has got you covered with some of the most OK public and private collections from the Ancient Times to the Modern World, with landmark buildings like the Northwest Film Center and Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, and so forth. Click here to know more.

It becomes perfect for two people to travel to these tax-free locations and provide the same loving vibe.

2.2 Eugene

Image Source: Depositphotos

Many weekend getaways in Oregon, which is home to the Oregon ducks, can be planned in this city with exciting attractions nearby like –

  • A mystery road trip to the Willamette Valley, lined with the best local wineries, organic bakeries, and historic covered bridges.
  • If you and your partner love tea, places like Shelton McMurphy Johnson House and Lovejoy’s in Florence have a wide selection of teas, finger sandwiches, and pastries, just as the British have it. Try it out.
  • Visit the Winter Waterfall through trails across cliffs and icy cascades; you can also plan picnic-style lunches. There is also a guided moonlight snowshoeing excursion to increase the romance factor, which you can enjoy with your partner.
  • To give gifts to your loved one while supporting local businesses, you can try out shops like Euphoria Chocolate, Will Leather Goods, and Mosaic Fair Trade, depending on your partner’s tastes.
  • For introverted couples who enjoy a cozy night in bed with their favorite food and warm covers, you can rent out the Eugene Metro Theater, which has private screenings.
  • For the Romantic Artist in you, you can book a painting session with local artists in BreatheAndPaint and Art with Alejandro, who also offers special Valentine’s workshops.
  • Last but not least, adventurous couples have several options, like booking a dune buggy ride, winter boat trips, and horseback rides.

2.3 Newport

Newport Beach State Park
Image Source: Depositphotos

From the Famous Newport Beach State Park to vacation rentals, you can look for your preference in the attractions offered here, like –

  • Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, where you can witness fun things that are creepy and silly, best for a family outing.
  • Wax Replicas of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, and the Lord of The Rings Cast are also available to take photos.
  • For history-loving couples, the oldest standing structure in Newport – Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is unique, with living quarters attached to it that you can visit. Another famous location is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the West Coast’s tallest and most visited site. It is best for thrill-seeking couples as it is considered haunted. 
  • To visit a former nightclub turned into a history museum, the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center includes exciting and unique exhibits of then and now Newport discoveries from the 20th century.
  • For those couples who love sea life and have a geeky streak, The Hatfield Marine Science Center, where you can see marine life and visit the research center. If you have kids traveling with you as a third wheel, the interactive exhibits, like building Lego structures, will keep them busy while you enjoy your romantic retreat.
  • Around 7 miles north of the Bayfront District lies Beverly Beach State Park, where you can find a quiet spot in the sand with your partner to relax; surfers can enjoy the large waves and try out whale watching.
  • For Those who love traveling with pets, these attractions would be apt for you as many beaches allow dogs with leashes.

There is also the Agate Beach Dog Park, where a play area and picnic shelter are available. To learn more about facilities for pets, click here.

Closing Thoughts

In short, you can spend your best weekend getaways in Oregon, which has everything for different couples. 

Hope this article helped you find your dream vacation spot.

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