5 Fascinating Facts About Edisto Beach State Park

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edisto beach state park
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Have you ever visited Edisto beach state park? This article has some informative facts about this park, which will make it worth a trip. 

Origin Of Edisto Beach State Park

Location – Edisto Island, South Carolina

edisto island
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One of the four oceanfront state parks of South Carolina, this one on Edisto beach, was designed due to the efforts of the Civilian conservation corps (CCC) – President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s new deal program, around the 1930s.

The idea behind this – was to create employment, during the great depression, in areas of conservation and recreation. This is just one of the many sc state parks.

It is both a national historic landmark and part of the national register of historic places.

The Historical Significance of the Park

The Edisto island consists of several intact baselines measured as part of the survey in the 1840s of the US coastline between Maine and the Gulf of Mexico. The Edisto park baseline was the 3rd of the total seven lines measured.

The Edisto beach state park also holds significance to Native American history. It consists of an ancient shell midden created by the Edisto Indians, which dates back to 2000 B.C.

Activities And Facilities Available

The Edisto beach state park has plenty of attractive facilities one can try out like:

1) The environmental learning center tour features interactive displays and live animal exhibits.

2) Walk along the palmetto lined beach is known for its shelling, historical fossils, and sunrises

3) The hiking and biking trails will give you a view of the state’s tallest palmetto trees along the maritime forest.

It also has the state’s longest wheelchair-accessible system for hiking trails.

4) You can plan fishing on a boat into the Big bay creek and explore the waters of the ACE Basin.

You can pursue these activities while staying on Edisto island, and there are overnight accommodations where furnished cabins sit nestled, and campsites are available.

1) 5 Interesting Facts About Edisto Beach State Park

1.1) The Environmental Learning Center Is Historically Important

Edisto beach state park’s environmental education center is part of the ACE Basin buffer zone, the boundaries of which include Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto rivers.

This education facility also highlights the surrounding ace basin and natural history of the island, sitting on an eco-friendly building system and displaying materials and artifacts of Native American History.

1.2) Edisto Beach State Park Consists Of Rare Wildlife Resources

sea turtles
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Many rare fossils remains, were found along the waterline of Edisto beach, which included horse, whelk egg cases, skate jaws, and other ocean creatures.

Today, the park acts as a nesting area for loggerhead sea turtles and consists of other wildlife creatures like white-tailed deer, opossum, and raccoon.

The loggerhead turtles lay their eggs during the spring and summer seasons, these are protected by the local organizations. There are also other preventive measures one can take to ensure its safety.

If you find some new nests, you can contact the park staff here.

1.3) Go On 6 Different Coast Trails

By scpetrel/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

This Edisto island oceanfront state park consists of many interesting trails on which one could travel

1.3.1) Bache Mountain Trail

Almost 0.2 miles long, one of the hiking and biking trails, this is a comparatively easy one that stretches from the environmental learning center to the only remaining bache markers on the island.

Along the Big bay creek, you can informative guides on the waysides leading you to this historic m0nument.

1.3.2) Spanish Mount Trail

This trail is 1.7 miles long and is an easy journey to go on. An interesting fact is – it consists of the earliest shell mound sites in South Carolina of the native Americans near the western terminus.

The walking trail would lead to the state’s 2nd oldest pottery site of Native Americans, the mound of which still stands at least 12 feet high.

1.3.3) Scott Creek Trail

Almost 0.7 miles, this easy trail provides a view of the maritime forest which contains plenty of marsh from 3 boardwalks.

You might also find a connecting route to the Spanish mount trail along the same path.

1.3.4) Big Bay Trail

With a length of 0.4 miles, this is another trail that leads to the education center and will take you to the boat ramp parking area and the Spanish Mount.

1.3.5) Campground Trail

This shorter trail, of 0.3 miles, extending from the campground to the Scott Creek Trail.

1.3.6) Forest Loop Trail

At a length of 0.5 miles, this trail will give you a view of the interior maritime forest. Palmetto trees and hanging Spanish moss are some of the views of the island’s forest.

1.3.7) Edisto Bike Trail

This famous trail at a length of 0.4 miles goes along the paved causeway leading to the Edisto beach state park to Edisto Town.

The intersection of Scott Trail and Edisto bike trail lies at a 0.4-mile distance from Edisto beach.

1.4) Developed Camping Facilities

By Danie Becknell/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Other than the availability of Camping and campsites, Edisto beach state park also provides other facilities for visitors like:

1) Water and electrical hookups are available near the salt marsh and ocean side for the campers.

The walk-in tent camping area also includes centralized water and tent pads near the marsh side.

2) There are almost 112 sites with electricity and water facilities. The standard campsites offer 20-50 amp electrical services

3) You can find RV campsites (up to 40 feet), with convenient restrooms with hot showers.

1.5) Pets Are Allowed

Yes, pets are allowed, you can roam around with them in the outdoor areas, but physical restraint and a leash less than 6 feet need to be there.

There are also other restrictions. They cannot come inside the cabins or the cabin areas. Any noisy or dangerous pets and those that harass wildlife will not be allowed.

2) Directions And Locations Of The Park

Are you intrigued to pay a visit? Here’s how you can reach the beach area easily: Stay on Highway 174, till a grocery store appears on the right. The park entrance is just across the street on the left-hand side.

Overall, Edisto beach state park consists of the following three areas that you can visit:

1) The Environmental Center and Live oak boat landing

2) Cabin Area, Live Oak Campground, and Ranger Station

3) Day use area, beach access, and beach campground.

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