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5 Interesting Facts About Edisto Beach State Park

Edisto Beach state park is one of the four oceanfront state parks in South Carolina and has gained immense popularity over a course of a few years. The only state park at the Atlantic shore of South Carolina is not only a beach state park but also has several entertainments lined up for tourists. Starting from biking trails to hiking trails, this state park has everything a tourist expects from an ideal holiday destination.

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A. Facts about this state park in South Carolina

1. Cabins

This state park offers the facility of cabins for night stay. The park has 7 cabins for lodging which are completely furnished with water and electrical hookups. Apart from lodging, if one wants to stay in the campground, then the campground is always open and tents are furnished with modern facilities.

Edisto Beach State Park
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However, people aren’t allowed in any of sc state parks during the night, as it poses danger to the existence of the already endangered loggerhead turtles. There are 2 campgrounds open to the public in this beach state park. The live oak campground also allows RV campsites, but then again, not for a night stay.

However, all this doesn’t seem to be causing many problems because the lodges are only 1.5 miles away from the campground.

2. It’s a dense maritime forest in South Carolina

In simpler terms, Edisto state park is a maritime forest with beautiful vistas overlooking the expansive salt marsh. This beach state park, or as several tourists call it – maritime forest, is truly a treat to the eyes. The palmetto-lined beach creates a green environment, highlighting the surrounding ace basin of the state park.

3. Biking trails and hiking

Apart from all the beautiful landscape, this state park also has biking trails that go all the way to the beach area. The trail on this barrier island is a 5-mile-long trail with a gift shop here and there and several places to grab a snack.

Apart from biking, there are several hiking trails in Edisto Beach state. There are 4 trails for hiking, the Botany Bay Beach walk being the most famous and beautiful. Just when you’re outside the town limits, the park is to your left and then you must not think twice before turning towards Botany Bay road.

The walk down the beach is beautiful and picturesque and brings out the natural history of this beach state park with all the fallen oak trees and the calm, foggy weather.

4. Edisto Interpretive center at the beach state park

The Edisto Interpretive Centre is the education center or environmental learning center of Edisto Island, which has several interactive displays describing the flora and fauna of the place. The park staff often hosts several research services and other educational and informative programs.

This South Carolina park’s environmental education center also talks about its rich Native American history, salt marsh, and how the civilian conservation corps developed this park.

5. Alligators at Edisto Beach state park

Alligators, as we all know, love marshy lands and swampy areas. Thus, one might see an alligator at the Edisto Beach State park easily. Apart from alligators, the island area also has several other animal species, say loggerhead turtle, some birds like a woodpecker, and even a few varieties of snakes that can easily be found in this South Carolina beach state park.

Edisto Beach State Park
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B. How much does it cost to get into Edisto State Park?/ Does it cost to go to Edisto Beach?

The Edisto Island opens at 8 am and the beach access closes at 6 pm. Every single person entering the beach is required to buy a ticket, which comes at a minimal cost compared to everything that one gets access to. The ticket rates vary, which is only 5 dollars per adult and 3 dollars per child. The Edisto Beach State park’s entry fee is pretty cheap compared to other state parks and is thus, one of South Carolina’s famous beach state parks now.

C. Is Edisto Beach still open?

Yes, Edisto Beach and some other beach state parks have been reopened for tourists. However, Covid-19 protocols are to be maintained all the same and masks are a necessity if you aren’t fully vaccinated. However, a specific part of Botany Bay Beach is still closed for the nesting purpose of loggerhead turtles. Also, a few shops are allowed to keep open and with a certain capacity.

D. Things to know if you’re visiting Edisto Beach state park

Edisto Island has certain rules and regulations.

1. Dogs are allowed only when they’re kept on a leash during a certain time of the year, keeping in mind the security of the nesting grounds. After a certain time, they’re allowed to go off-leash and dog waste bags are available almost everywhere on the beach.

Edisto Beach State Park
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2. The park has several bathrooms and free picnic facilities available.

3. The Edisto Beach state parks allow shell collecting. Shell collecting, however, isn’t legal on Botany Bay Island. Also, glass bottles and glass containers, canvas or erect umbrellas, or anything that litters the beach isn’t allowed on the beach. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Edisto Beach state parks.

4. Leave the turtle nests alone, it takes a lot for a turtle to survive, and thus, one should always leave the nesting ground and the turtles alone, especially when it’s the nesting season. Keep all lights off on the beach, if possible.

5. Golf carts or any other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach. The only exception is the beach patrol which goes around the beach.

Apart from all this, Edisto Beach State Park is a family-friendly beach, and it’s suitable for all age groups.

The Edisto Beach State parks in South Carolina have gained worldwide popularity in the past few years and are located on the south-eastern tip of the Colleton country, are a treat to the eyes with their picturesque landscape and all the facilities. Do not forget to add this beautiful destination to your places to visit list on your next trip to South Carolina!

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