5 Great Tiny Homes For Sale In Michigan

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Tiny Homes For Sale In Michigan
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Want to know about the tiny homes for sale in Michigan? Read about tiny houses, the best tiny house builders, the tiny homes for sale in Michigan, and more in this article.

Tiny House
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Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement is trending all across the United States, which involves finding alternative and more affordable housing. This movement originally gained popularity across the country for being a promotion of simpler lives in smaller spaces. The tiny house movement is a growing trend for people wanting a more modest and less cluttered lifestyle. Also, tiny houses champion shared community experiences and financial prudence.

Tiny homes are known to reflect a shift in consumerism-driven mindsets and are economically safe overall. Moreover, this trend has even inspired Netflix’s latest hit- Tiny House Nation – that sees renovation experts travel across America to help people design and construct their own tiny houses in the smallest of spaces. According to Tiny House Nation, size is not what matters, it is creativity that counts.

Tiny houses are typically no larger than four hundred square feet and no smaller than eighty square feet. They are easy to maintain with low energy consumption and more affordable to buy right away for people on small budgets.

Tiny homes use clever design hacks similar to IKEA furniture for the usage of the allotted space for all the needed necessities like a living space, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as essential storage.

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Tiny houses can be built on foundations like traditional houses, but many tiny homes are made with movement in mind and built on a set of wheels or trailers. Furthermore, it provides the owners freedom to move their houses wherever and whenever they wander. Moreover, it also avoids planning permission, which can be costly and invasive.

Additionally, it appeals to those seeking a minimalist lifestyle and gained popularity on Airbnb where homeowners can sit comfortably and gain extra income by renting out their houses. Also, the tiny house movement attracted young people who were priced out of the housing and rental market because of their low salaries. High rents and astronomical mortgage deposits also push these young people to look at alternative living solutions.

It is important to note that there are states that are not so friendly to tiny houses. According to the government’s rules and regulations, only 26 states out of 50 states are the most friendly towards tiny homes in America.

As listed in Business Insider, the ten most popular states for a tiny home living are Utah, New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and California. For more information on this topic check – Greenmatters.

Tiny House Builders

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Editors of Spruce independently researched, tested, and recommended the best tiny home builders of 2022. The list is as follows:

Image By rupeshtelangPixabay Copyright 2020

Downsizing to a tiny house can be tempting, but thinking about building your own can be difficult or close to impossible for non-experts. As there are complexities like selecting trailers, framing, plumbing, and more, constructing a new tiny house may be best left to a tiny house builder. The best tiny home builder offers a range of floor plans, high-quality building materials, and beautiful interior finishes at a reasonable price.

Tiny Homes for Sale in Michigan

1) Great Lakes Tiny Homes

Location- 9435 W Walton, Blanchard, Michigan

Great Lakes Tiny Homes provides solutions for an incredible life involving downsizing and living simple lives. It is based out of central Michigan where the tiny home movement is just starting.

Moreover, Great Lakes Tiny Homes is a family-run business that is extremely passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle. They build custom homes to suit the wants and needs of residents. Each home is created with detailed specifications and built using reclaimed, high-quality materials and finishes.

Great Lakes accomplish its objectives by understanding people’s goals, providing space-maximizing solutions integrated into your surroundings using many innovative ideas and a think-outside-of-the-box methodology. Their passion for exploring the outdoors has inspired the tiny home designs and model names. Great Lakes Tiny Homes are one of the best tiny homes for sale in Michigan. 

Services for tiny homes for sale in Michigan

  1. Tiny home designs built to suit custom designs and reclaimed materials
  2. Tiny home construction built according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) regulations as well as to local building codes
  3. Tiny home insurance for peace of mind with third party THOW insurance coverage for the state of Michigan

Prices for tiny homes for sale in Michigan

  • Tiny House Trailers- 18′ to 32′ and $6,400.00 to $10,100.00
  • Level I Tiny House Shell- 18′ to 32′ and $19,990.00 to $28,990.00
  • Level II Tiny House Shell- 18′ to 32′ and $29,790.00 to $56,290.00
  • Level III Complete Tiny House- 18′ to 32′ and $58,900.00 to $83,790.00

2) Lil Bear Tiny Homes

Location- 4132 Heath Rd, South Branch, MI 48761, United States

Lil Bear Tiny Homes are located in North East Michigan in Ogemaw County bordering the Huron National Forest. Their main business is custom tiny homes on wheels that are 12-30′ long and are surprisingly spacious. Lil Bear Tiny Homes also build small log cabins that can be delivered the same way a portable shed is delivered. They are one of the greatest tiny homes for sale in Michigan. 

Recently, they purchased eight acres in a rural area abundant with recreational activities. Michigan ATV/Snowmobile trails are located just down the street. Also, there are dozens of watersports & fishing lakes nearby for kayaking, nature trails, hunting, and camping.

Vacation Rental/Model Tiny Homes, Log Cabins & a Treehouse are currently in the planning stages. Hence, they can share their beautiful new location with tiny home enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The Owner/Designer, Mark White, is an award-winning landscape designer. He specializes in Outdoor Living Areas as well as building Custom Log and Timber-frame style homes. He studied community & regional planning and landscape design in college. Also, he has a personal focus on living simply in harmony with nature by creating garden cities, recreation centers, and more.

​2021 Pricing for tiny homes for sale in Michigan
  • Rule of thumb pricing is $2,500 per ft. long 
  • On the average base price of $2,500 per foot of length for an 8.5′ wide tiny house. 
  • $40,000 – 16′ long – 1 GVW (gross vehicle weight capacity)
  • $50,000 – 20′ long – 1 GVW
  • $60,000 – 24′ long – 1 GVW
  • $70,000 – 28′ long – 1 GVW +$2k upgrade to 21 GVW
The Cub-House 20′ Long – Latest Model – $65,000

The Cub-House as of Jan 2021 is the brand new Display model available for touring at Lil Bear Tiny Homes’s brand new 80-acre location. It is one of the newest tiny homes for sale in Michigan. 

It is only twenty feet long, but fully equipped for full time living with:

  • ​14′ long kitchen counter with huge stainless farmhouse sink.
  • Bartop table with three seats, Rec Pro burner gas stove, and 24″ wide refrigerator
  • 10′ wide floor-to-ceiling windows, can be upgraded to Trapezoid upper windows
  • Two loft bedrooms that can fit up to 2 king-sized beds
  • Loft Selves with 3 rows high storage.
  • Sectional couch, which converts to sleep two more people
  • The curved staircase leading to both lofts has an additional bedroom for pets under the 1st 2 steps.
  • ​3′ wide closet with extra storage behind the upper steps.
  • The washer/dryer combo is tucked under the kitchen counter.
  • Infrared heat fireplace, Electric in-floor heat, and HD Smart tv mounted to the fireplace
  • Bathroom with a space-saving sink, soft-close RV toilet, and porcelain tile rain head shower.
  • Waterproof premium vinyl plank flooring.
  • Interior natural T&G wood walls, lofts, ceiling.

3) Cool Tiny Homes

Location- 3753 Orion Road, Oakland Charter Township, MI  48363

Cool Tiny Homes is a Michigan-based Tiny home builder. They thrive to use materials, which are sourced locally. Putting good hardworking people to work, they continue to strive for growth in communities. Moreover, they use up to 20% reclaimed material for each tiny home. Cool Tiny Homes provide great tiny homes for sale in Michigan. 

Cool Tiny Homes also has an apprenticeship program to help with the down-fall of construction trades. Each tiny home program teaches recruits about all construction areas. Cool Tiny Hunter Homes are designed for outdoor adventures and hunters. A quick and easy hook-up to your vehicle and you have tough and rugged shelter at any time. Cool Tiny Homes build tiny homes for peace of mind to an abundance of amenities.

List of Models or Tiny Homes For Sale In Michigan
  • The Galavant
  • The Dog House
  • The Day Trip
  • The Weekender
  • The Transport
  • The Stay
The Galavant Model – 312 Sq. Ft. – $84,900

The Galavant Model has two large lofts with stairs, a comfortable dining area, and seating in the kitchen, which is perfect for family living with a little class and charm.

The Dog House Model – 204 Sq. Ft. – $53,900

The Dog House model is perfect because of an off-Grid living or taking a trip across the country. 4 bunks can be converted into 2 kings size beds or just one bed with storage above/below. This unit had fresh and gray tanks above the floor so it can be used in the harsh winter months. There is an inverter that will power the 110-volt appliances and 12 volts too. 

The Day Trip Model – 170 Sq. Ft. – $29,900

The Day Trip Model has an exterior shell ready to go for the handyman or adventure seeker to finish as you please. A weather-tight exterior with your choice of finishes is provided with the model. With an overall height of just 12′, the day trip model is a portable house, which makes traveling easier.

The Weekender Model – 220 Sq. Ft. – $69,900

The Weekended Model has a spacious interior with a queen bed and a full-size couch. There is no lack of storage space as there are places on the first floor and in the loft to store anything. 

The Transport Model – 100 Sq. Ft. – $42,900

In the Transport Model, You get the convenience of being able to carry your 4-seater side-by-side and have a place to stay all-in-one easy-to-pull unit. With a spring-assisted ramp to help secure the cargo, it will also double as steps to get in and out safely. Above the cargo area is a covered porch with more storage and an optional outdoor entertainment system. There is plenty of storage on the inside with a full bathroom and functioning kitchen.

The Stay Model – Preorder available now. It is 26′ long and sleeps 4 – fully loaded for $83,900

4) 400 sqft House for sale- Monroe, Michigan

Next Immo has a listing for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom four-hundred square feet house for sale in Monroe, Michigan. This home is situated on half-acre land and has been freshly painted. It is one of the simple tiny homes for sale in Michigan available for sale.

Assets include:

  • A Wood Front Porch,
  • Living Room & Bedroom has hardwood flooring
  • Lots of Natural Lighting
  • New Ceiling Fans
  • Eat-in Kitchen along with refrigerator, full bath, and stove. 

Main characteristics:

  • Location – Monroe, Michigan
  • Price – $64,900
  • Square footage – 400 sqft
  • Number of bedrooms – 1
  • Number of bathrooms – 1
  • Amenities – Refrigerator

5) Tiny Home On Wheels 

Location- Burr Oak, Michigan

Price – $90,000

Tiny House On Wheels is one of the mobile tiny homes for sale in Michigan with 320 sq. ft. with one bedroom and one bathroom.

  • 37’x 8’9″ Tiny Home built-in 2021
  • 2×4 construction
  • Foam board insulation, metal roof, and siding
  • A 72″ sliding glass door
  • 50 amp electrical service
  • 9000 BTU Seville heat / ac mini-split
  • Dog door, 48″x36″ rain shower
  • Kohler Santa Rosa Elongated flush toilet
  • LG front load washer/dryer combo
  • Ashley Boxberg Double reclining loveseat with console
  • Duxtop LCD portable double induction cooktop
  • LG microwave, Sports Afield 48 gun safe.
  • This home is for direct water and sewer hookup.
  • Internet / Cable lines are available. 
Do you want to build your own tiny homes for sale in Michigan? Here is an interesting story that occurred in Grand Rapids, Michigan:
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Photo By Jonathan MastUnsplash Copyright 2017

People in many states are building rustic tiny homes on land or turning a trailer into a dream tiny home. Michigan tiny house lovers have life long interest in mobile homes, great outdoors, and accessory dwelling units. People sometimes make their own tiny homes for sale in Michigan or buy from the listings. 

A woman in Grand Rapids downsized to a tiny house after she faced a big frustration with the housing market. Sara Simon had a tiny house built in 2020, but she cannot find a place to permanently and legally place it. She sold her condo to start exploring other housing options. But, then the pandemic occurred and she reconsidered an old idea, which she had years ago. 

Simon started thinking about a tiny house, but it seemed like a dream and not something adults would do or think about. But, the housing market became an extreme seller’s market and houses in the West Michigan area became fewer. So, Simon did not want to overpay for something she did not love. She received encouragement from family and she reconsidered the tiny home idea.

In May, she decided to go through the idea of building her own home because she needed something positive through COVID. She started the process of building with a company – Great Lakes Tiny Homes. Simon was able to build a perfect space to include all her specifications like a pebble-stoned shower and a cat patio. 

This tiny home was built like a trailer about 250 sq. ft. and 24 feet long with a three-foot front porch. Furthermore, it has a washer, dryer, full shower, composting toilet, two-bed lofts, a desk area, two sinks, and about ten feet of counter space in the kitchen. In addition, Great Lakes Tiny Homes were about to build the house right down to Simon’s favorite color – blue. 

Construction for houses like these typically ranges between $30,000 and $80,000. Moreover, it is doable for people who do not want to go through banks and all the hassles that come with buying, building, or renting a regular house. However, Simon did have a problem after the house was built. She was unable to find a permanent and legal spot to place the mobile home and live in it. 

Simon originally wanted to park it in a family member’s or friend’s yard and pay them the rent. But, mostly this is not legal and when she called around the townships they said it is not on the books. Nothing is set in stone and this makes it hard to plan for the future, move it or park it without the fear of fines. 

Later, Simon considered living in a campground once her lease is up in the fall, but it is only a short-term solution. Currently, the tiny home is sitting unused at her family’s property in Lower Northern Michigan. According to Andrea Brown – executive director of the Michigan Planning Association – there are no state regulations guiding siting for Michigan tiny houses. This decision lies wholly with zoning boards at the municipal level.

The local municipalities were not very innovative to accept alternative types of housing like tiny houses. But, there could be multiple effective uses from transition homes or for those facing homelessness. In short, Simon’s newly built tiny home had a full shower, washer, toiler, oven, dryer, and two sinks. 

Andrea Brown said that the density resistance from residents is one of the largest challenges. Additionally, they just do not want too many people living in one space. The demand for such houses is not yet there in Michigan. Also, there are still challenges with water and sewer hookups in cities.

For example, in Grand Rapids, people can build accessory dwelling units on properties. This is just a second structure to live in. But, a zoning ordinance sets minimum square footage at 400 sq. ft. Moreover, there is a township in Northern Michigan, which amended the codes to be more tiny house friendly. Briley Township defined a new type of dwelling – economy efficient dwelling, which would allow homes between 240 and 500 sq. feet.

Meanwhile, Simon is even considering going out of state so she can live in her tiny house. She hopes more municipalities closer to her can examine codes to allow this alternative type of living. She faced a lot of frustration because she knew it could be something good for her community. Grand Rapids and Michigan could benefit from this, she thought.

Takeaway Points From This News Piece:

  1. Thoroughly research before even considering to buy or build a tiny home
  2. Always seek professional help while designing and building
  3. Have multiple options ready for any unforeseen circumstances
  4. Make sure your home follows all the protocols, rules, regulations, and guidelines


Tiny Home
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In short, there are a limited number of Tiny homes for sale in Michigan. Make sure that they suit your needs first and test their practicality before buying them. Hopefully, the above article has given you a general idea about the tiny homes for sale in Michigan.

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