8 Best Bayshore Restaurants for Your Holiday Getaway!

You don’t know which restaurants to stop by! It’s okay because we have got your back.. Bayshore is known for its fantastic variety of seafood. Here is a list of 8 Bayshore restaurants with some unique and mouth-watering delicacies.

1. Nicky’s On the Bay

Nicky’s on the Bay is one of the best there is. When it comes to seafood, no other restaurant can even compare to the fantastic quality of the restaurant’s menu. It is one of the best, ainly because this seafront restaurant offers some great views.

Suppose you are having a bad day; head over here to forget about all the stress and bring a smile back to your face. The restaurant is the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy those little moments in life. Just casually eating one of the meals while watching the sunsets. Now that is something that you will remember forever. The great food + live music + spectacular bay view will surely do the trick. Oh, and talking about the music, they usually have live bands playing on the upper deck.

Coming to their menu, you should have the lobster roll, one of the customer favorites. Another popular dish is the seafood bisque. Wash it down with a drink from their bar, and you are good to go. The ambiance and great food come with high prices, but it is worth it. Make sure you visit Nicky’s On the Bay the next time you are in Bayshore.

Bayshore Restaurants
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2. Aji 53 Japanese Restaurant

This is one of those Bay Shore restaurants that serve authentic and fresh Asian cuisine. Something that makes Aji 53 stand out on the list is its service. The waiters know how to handle a crowd and are always polite and friendly to the customers. The pleasant attitude of the staff will always put you at ease.

Hard day at work? Are you stressed out because of your workload? Put your mind at ease by having a late-night snack from Aji 53. Coming to the menu, the sushi is one of the best on the island. Another dish that is a must-try is their fried oysters. Here, fresh and phenomenal dishes will be attractively presented to you so that just looking at the dish will give you utter satisfaction. Even their takeout is fresh and accurate.

The restaurant space is neat, and the drinks they offer will not disappoint you. You can visit the restaurant for dinner or lunch. This place also has great lunch specials, which you should try. This hidden gem on Main Street Bay Shore is worth checking out.

Top Restaurants in Bayshore
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3. Salt & Barrel

The next one on our top list is another seafood restaurant. Salt and Barrel offers one of the best fine dining experiences on the island. You will love the ambiance of Salt and Barrel. It is an excellent spot for a romantic date with your partner or anniversary celebrations. The place is a good choice for both lunch and dinner.

Salt and Barrel’s menu has a variety of items to pick from. You might want to try their delicious oysters. The lobster roll is to die for, and the rock shrimp is fantastic. The brisket sandwich is also adorable. The portions served are decent, and you will leave the place with a full stomach. Prices are reasonable, and the portion of food served is apt.

They have an excellent liquor menu, and all their cocktails are incredible. The Bloody Mary stands out and is a customer favorite. The tap beer, though, is a bit overpriced. The waiters have good knowledge of the menu and are helpful. You must visit Salt and Barrel, especially during happy hour. Visit their website to make reservations beforehand and avoid the wait.

Best Bayshore Restaurants
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4. Bella Vie

Bella Vie is one of the best Italian restaurants on Long Island. Bella Vie is the first Italian place on our top 8 list. This waterfront restaurant is the perfect spot to chill out with friends on a Sunday evening. A great view with great food is always a pleasure.

The interiors of Bella Vie are quaint but elegant. Find a window seat that offers the best view of the lake. You can see the sunset and watch the ducks swimming in the lake. They also have outdoor seating available. But this restaurant doesn’t have a parking space because you will have to park on the streets.

The restaurant always has beautiful music, and it would be a nice place to have a romantic getaway. Make sure you order the Braised Short Ribs. The ribs are smothered in a delicious light gravy that will blow your taste buds. The salmon is also delicious. For dessert, you can have the tiramisu, which is just perfect.

You should visit Bella Vie for their excellent Italian cuisine and great ambiance. The prices are right, and the portions are just the right amount. The waiters are very friendly, and overall the service is good. The place is just beautiful during the summertime, so go then.

5. Lakehouse

No, we are not talking about the 2006 movie starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Lakehouse is a new American restaurant in Bay Shore. Lakehouse stands out from the others with a mahogany bar and lakeside fire pit. The restaurant sometimes has a live pianist, which adds a luxurious touch to your dining experience. The spot is great to visit at night for dinner.

The menu is fun and has many dishes to choose from. You can go for the popular dishes which are all fantastic. The lobster roll was excellent, and the burgers were big and juicy. The clam chowder is fresh and tastes great. Also, order their steak and eggs. Mashed potatoes are delicious, and the risotto is also lovely. There are also many other great options to choose from in the menu.

The service offered is phenomenal, and the plates are arranged attractively. The staff is friendly and attentive. Lakehouse only offers classy and elegant vibes—the interiors are cozy and straightforward but luxurious. You will entirely fall in love with the ambiance of this place.

While ordering drinks, make sure you try out the Martini, which is one of the best. So stop waiting around, take your partner on a surprise date, or treat your family to a nice meal today at this new American restaurant in Bay Shore.

6. The Pie at Salvatore’s

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Anybody who loves pizza in here? Our next pick is a pizza place. The Pie at Salvatore‘s is one of the best, offering some quality, mouth-watering pizzas. You won’t find better pizza at any of the other restaurants. Takeout is also available at the Pie at Salvatore’s.

It is not your typical NYC-style pizzeria; the taste and cooking are unique, which will keep you returning to this place. The place feels like you are some warm Italian household eating their home-cooked, mouth-watering dishes.

If you were visiting during peak hours, you might have to wait a while to get a table, but the food is worth the wait. Ensure you have ordered the Neopalitin, which is just out of this world. The crust is thin and crispy, and the pizza is large enough to feed an entire party.

The Garlic Bread: even if you search Long Island, you will not find garlic bread that tastes this good. Even if you order takeout, the food will taste excellent and will do so even the next day.

Their pizzas are cooked in a coal-fired brick oven and served so hot that you will have to wait over 10 minutes before you can even touch them. Even the atmosphere of the place is nice and cozy, perfect for a late lunch or an early dinner. But the pizzeria only accepts cash, so make sure you carry some.

7. Tula Kitchen

Tula Kitchen offers a menu with various vegan and vegetarian options. The prices are on the upper side, but the food quality is worth the money. They also have gluten-free options on their menu. You can eat at Tula Kitchen without worrying about breaking your principles or diet.

They have catering services, and it is perfect for parties and showers. You won’t find another vegan restaurant this good in the Islip area. The meatballs? The zoodles? Everything tastes so amazing. The salads are also exceptional, especially the Caesar salad.

The sandwiches taste great, too. For dessert, you can try out their really good bread pudding. Don’t leave the place unless you have ordered some of their cocktails, which are great, too.

This trendy Bayshore restaurant is worth a visit. Waiters at this place are always polite and respectable. You will never have a bad experience at Tula Kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and head over to Tula Kitchen. Maybe check out their menu on their website before doing so. The link to their website is provided below.

8. Mulberry Street Bay Shore

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Our last pick is Mulberry Street. The dinner specials of this place are just amazing. The Chicken Mimosa and Chicken Mulberry are a must-try. Even if you order take, the food is always fresh and tastes great. You need to also order their pizzas, whose flavors are unmatched. The crust, the cheese, the sauce, everything about the pizza is mouth-watering.

The Philly cheesecake and the grilled chicken are also some of the customer favorites on the menu. Every time you dine at Mulberry Street, you will leave the place with a full stomach and a happy heart. This restaurant is many locals’ go-to dinner place. If you are at Bayshore and haven’t checked out this amazing restaurant yet, you miss out on so much.

The atmosphere of the place is great, and the prices are reasonable for the portions served. The people here are friendly and attentive and offer great customer service. Everything about this place just gives off good vibes. Next time you are in Bayshore, you need to check out this gem of a place. The restaurant’s address and contact number for reservations and inquiries are given below.

Was your favorite in here? If not, let us know your picks for the top restaurants. Also, make sure you check all the amazing restaurants listed above.

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