9 Best Steakhouse in Austin

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Best steakhouse in Austin
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Your guide to the best steakhouse in Austin!

Austin, the capital of Texas, is great for various activities. But, it is more famous for its food choices. So, one cannot leave out Austin’s steak restaurants when it comes to food. These steakhouses are popular for the wholesome meat it provides.

The well-seasoned smell of steaks paired with a comfortable surroundings makes your day. These restaurants range from rich to affordable. So, there is no need to worry. You can get a taste of the great steak from anywhere right here.

Austin’s steak houses are well-known for their great service. And when it comes to food, it is among the best. Be it a birthday dinner or a romantic date night, these places always work. So, if you are looking for good food, Austin is your thing.

Proceeding from downtown Austin towards the eastern way, you will discover worth trying restaurants. These restaurants will provide you with the must-try York strip steaks.

And You can try these with a combination of a fresh bottle of cherry wine. Not only this, it has a diverse collection.

I assure you that you will find this article to be the perfect steakhouse guide if you stick around a bit longer. So, why wait? Let us get started with this delicious ride.

1. Visit Jacoby’s Restaurant and Mercantile: A downtown Austin paradise

This steakhouse is good enough to convince you to move to Austin immediately. Because who doesn’t want to get a taste of paradise?

You will get a platter of Jacoby Brand Beef here and other delicacies. If you are a Steak Frites lover, Jacoby’s restaurant will serve you the best of it.

Some Other Specialties Like BBQ Meatloaf and Daily Butcher’s Cut Are Served Here

This place may not have the best of steaks. But, it is great for a casual dinner party. One can also enjoy the blissful taste of the variety of wines served here.

The place boasts a large collection of it. Martinis, Cocktails, and Beer are among these collections. The Thursday night feature is a great addition.

The Steakhouse Has a Unique Ranch Style

The place overlooks the river of Colorado. This adds peace and comfort to your mind. You will forget the city’s hubbub once you are here.

Sitting on one of these outdoor chairs with your favorite steak on the plate adds to a sense of relief. Towards the evening, the place brightens itself. The little bulbs illuminate the silent place, which adds to further beauty.

The Cattle Are Given the Best Feed by Their Owners

They use dry-aged and hand-cut beef for good taste. They use pasture grass, fishing ration, and a mixture of Jacoby feed. This gives the meat a natural and juicy texture.

So, stop dreaming and get your paradise in hand.

2. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille from Downtown Austin

Austin is famous for its urban ways, hip culture, and lip-smacking dishes. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille is a perfect mixture of the three.

The place serves perfectly fried steaks assisted with great quality Asparagus. A glass of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and a plate of filet mignon with creamed spinach topping does the magic. So, don’t miss it.

This steakhouse is located near St Austin, Tx. The place proudly states that the Cabernet Sauvignon received the silver medal at Houston Rodeo’s 2022 Rodeo Uncorked. The wine has a perfect blend of blackberries, cocoa, and anise.

It provides it with a rich and smoky flavor. It would be a loss if you didn’t include this in your list. So, get going!

The Place is a Bit on the Expensive Side.

But, it will never disappoint. Dallas Easter has placed the steakhouse among the top 15 spots. Perry’s Steakhouse has got a feature of To-Go specials where you can even enjoy the delicacies at home.

Customer Reviews Have Been Highly Positive For This Steakhouse.

Porkchop and rib-eye are two great dishes the place serves. Prime New York Strip, Prime Rib-eye, and Bone-In Cowboy Ribeye form the other highlights in their menu.

Fried Asparagus is Perry’s signature dish and should be tried. Gluten-free Filet tartare and Escargot are fantastic starters over here.

Steakhouse and No Desserts? Nah.

The restaurant has a large variety of sweet dishes ranging from Banana Foster to Lemon Bar. Even though the dessert wines are hard to pronounce, the taste makes up for it.

Seafood like Chargrilled Oysters is quite a popular thing to mention. Muscat Beaume de Venise is one such among the wine list. Other than these, the restaurant even has an Off-the-Menu collection.

And yes, the staff over here are very nice and professional. The huge dining space and golden lights add up to a special aura.

3. ALC Steaks

This Steakhouse is a must mention.

If you are wondering what the name means, here is the answer. The name is quite a match to the good reputation of the steakhouse. Austin Land and Cattle provide the customer with a relaxing Austin-style setting.

Some of the Delicious Food on The Menu Consists of Great Seafood.

These are the classic escargot and Seared Ahi Tuna. These are often served with Wasabi and dressed with Sesame Seeds.

The steak menu has an attention-grabbing list. Some unique dishes in this category are the R-C Ranch Wagyu Denver and the 44 Farms Bone-In New York Strip. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

The Steakhouse Does Not Lack in Its Wine Menu.

It has more than enough varieties to offer the customers. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are pretty popular over here.

Grahams Porto is a worth mentioning dessert wine you can get here. Due to these features, it stands firm among the best steakhouses in Austin.

The Steakhouse is Kind Enough to Not Charge Extra For The Side Dishes.

The place has a wholesome atmosphere and can accommodate a good amount of guests in its public dining room.

It also provides a custom menu consisting of attractive dishes that guests can decide from.

This is an Independent and Family-Owned Steakhouse.

The steakhouse’s main motive is to supply hand-chopped and aged beef tartare. But, it also specializes in seafood categories. The main focus is on providing great quality steak.

Atlantic Salmon served with aromatic tomato-basil vinaigrette, Texas Jumbo Gulf Shrimp cooked in classic scampi style, and Cold Water Canadian Lobster Tail builds up the popular sea-based dishes.

Not to Forget The Steak Highlights.

The classic Filet Mignon, the popular Ribeye steaks, T-bone, and New York Strip build the unforgettable platter. 44 Farms Bone-In New York Strip steaks form yet another specialty.

The restaurant also supplies self-made sauces. These come in great varieties. Gorgonzola Sauce, ALC Homemade Sauce, and Jalapeno Blue Cheese sauce are among the best. Dipping your Steak Frites in one of these sauces will give you a heavenly taste.

The steakhouse upgrades the level of steak to a higher step. Their menu includes Oscar Style Jumbo Shrimp, Lobster Tails dressed with lemon and butter, and Gulf Shrimp presented in scampi style.

One will not be running out of the numerous accompaniments, including Matchstick Fries, Texmati Rice, Green Chile Creamed Corn, and the worth sizzling baked potato.

It is one of those steakhouses where one finds a variety of unique desserts. Tarts and berries are well-served here. Raspberry tart and seasonal berries topped with sweet cream are specialties.

Being imbued with so many features, this steakhouse forms a spotlight. Undoubtedly, It is a must-visit.

4. Longhorn Steakhouse in Austin

One of The Must-Visit Steakhouses Near St Austin TX 78701

The steakhouse is a pretty large one. It is near about 5,900 square feet. Customers find it quite comfortable to dine here. The other places with chains of this steakhouse are Amrill, Lubbock, and San Antonio.

The place is very well furnished with expensive furniture. The walls are well decorated with statues and paintings. This gives a unique ambiance to the place. Its relaxing light is great for dining too.

Customer reviews state that the staff is very kind and helpful, adding another perk. People come to visit the place even before the opening time. This shows the popularity of the steakhouse.

People are always eager to be the first customers to visit the place. Aren’t you eager to visit its charm too?

The Steakhouse Has Epic Starters

In Austin, most steakhouse provides great beginnings in their menu. But, Longhorn Steakhouse is very particular with it. It supplies the customers with the appetizing Seasoned Steakhouse Wings, Spicy Chicken Bites, and Wild West Shrimp, only to mention a few.

One can get lost in the flavor of the lip-smacking chicken wings dipped in house-made cheese and Buffalo sauce.

The steakhouse also comes with a very special lunch menu. They provide legendary steaks for the customers. Flo’s Filet mignon, Renegade Sirloin, New York Strip steaks, and the popular Ribeye occupies the headlines.

USDA Prime Delmonico is one of the most popular USDA prime steaks that the restaurant boasts of. Baby Black Ribs seasoned with sweet and salty BBQ sauce is another highlight from the menu.

How Can We Forget The Salads? This Downtown Austin Steakhouse Introduces Wholesome Salads

The variety of salads the steakhouse has on its menu is worth noticing. The steakhouse gives special prominence to salads. They call their salads Entrée salads.

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad is a unique presentation. This might be called a Paleo diet with veg and non-veg.

Longhorn Caesar is yet another interesting addition to the salad bar. The restaurant is famous for its unique 7-Pepper Sirloin Salad. This is greatly seasoned with the steakhouse’s special store of 7-pepper seasonings.

The Steakhouse Has Got Signature Cocktails

The steakhouse has a large variety of popular cocktails. Tito’s Texas Tea combines Iced Tea with Tito’s handmade vodka. Moscow Mule is a sort of eddy vodka. The famous Chardonnay is also served here.

The Steakhouse has a kid-Friendly Menu.

Some dishes can be pretty spicy for kids. But don’t worry because you have Longhorn Steakhouse by your side. It serves a special type of steak for children. Kid’s Sirloin Steak is a type. It is grilled with great care and seasoned carefully to please the kids.

This chophouse is one of a kind.

5. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood: Treat in Downtown Austin

Another Great Chophouse One May Discover Near St Austin Tx 78701 is Eddie V’s Prime Seafood.

This restaurant is one of the dream places one would wish to visit. The place is combined with an attractive atmosphere and first-rate seafood and steaks. The chef handpicks a few dishes that are a must-try. These food are called the Chef’s Selects over here.

The Shellfish Tower is another popular recipe. This combines four wholesome crustaceans, such as a marine lobster, 6 shrimps, 7 oysters, and a jumbo lump crab.

The dish is very delicately fried and seasoned. Petrossian Caviar is yet another delicious meal one must try if they visit the place.

Pacific Ahi Tuna is a popular food here. The steakhouse provides a huge array of raw oysters. The place provides its customers with well-crafted cocktails poured with great care to complement the dishes.

It also highlights an extensive menu of rich wine. Every wine is pretty unique. Red Dragon and Mango Mule are two of the ideal drinks you can get here.

A Classy Place

Undoubtedly, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is a classy steak house. It is situated near the bay of La Jolla. This provides pleasant weather to the place. Fresh seafood is easily available due to the location.

The place provides a great view of a portion of the Pacific, and you can have your meal peacefully.

The steakhouse provides a highly comfortable environment. The great space combines soft notes of Jazz music, making the restaurant highly recommendable.

The interior of the steakhouse is not overly dim or bright. It has the right amount of lighting, which will make your day a special occasion.

Unforgettable Steaks

How can we leave out the main course of steaks? The restaurant supplies one with a rich menu of steaks. 8 oz. Center Cut Filet mignon, 18 oz.

USDA Prime Bone-In New York Strip steaks are the premium food here. The chef selects Filet Oscar royale as a signature dish. You can not bear to miss this.

Get yourself a platter of Lobster Tail seasoned with spices. Crab fried rice seasoned with scallions and sautéed mushrooms is a must-try. Using the place’s special drawn butter would enhance the taste.

The Bliss of Cocktails

Special hand-shaken cocktails are provided to the customers. The Hope Diamond is a popular drink found here.

It is a unique mix of grey goose vodka, butterfly pea flower tea, and grapefruit liqueur. So, hurry up and add this to your taste bucket.

Yet another popular cocktail served here is the 24 Karat. It is a mix of several drinks that bring out a creative flavor.

6. Bob’s Steak and Chop House

Bob’s Steak and Chop House is a Highly Recommendable Place to Visit

Why? Because it not only serves great food but also provides a commendable service. It specializes in serving a wide variety of steaks.

This ranges from the popular “Cote De Boeuf” Bone-In Ribeye to the Prime New York Strip steaks. Tomahawk steak topped with seasonal vegetables is a great mood-lifter.

So, order these classic steaks and a glass of rich wine to experience bliss. There are several award-winning wines that you can take a sip of.

Tattinger and Perrier -Jouet is two of these. Varieties of Chardonnay are also quite popular. So, don’t wait and gulp it down.

Enjoy the Perk of Private Dining Rooms

Bob’s steakhouse will just do fine if you host a business function or a birthday celebration. One of the great features the steakhouse comes with is the advantage of private dining rooms. The staff takes special care of your preferences here.

The private space is available in the rooftop lounge too. The walls are carefully designed with great paintings, and the room is lit with classy golden lights. What more can one want?

Steak options are available for everybody. It suits everyone’s preference. Prime Filet Mignon, Veal Porterhouse Chop, and Wagyu Filet mignon from Snake River Farms are commendable. One cannot leave out the famous New York Strip Steak as well.

One may wish to spread a touch of herb garlic butter to enhance the heavenly taste. These are why this steakhouse is placed among the popular steak restaurants.

7. Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin

This Steakhouse Has Amazing Food.

After going through this restaurant’s menu, I have come to a satisfactory conclusion. This is among those steakhouses in Austin, Texas, that never disappoint. Read on if you want to know why the steak served here is the best steak.

Most steakhouses provide steaks in huge portions, but this steakhouse has a great way of serving. It has a menu of Beef Tenderloin tips.

These tips, when dipped in peppercorn sauce, give a wholesome taste. These are very small-sized beef tenderloins, making them much tasty. Chicken fried lobster tail is another mouthwatering dish, preferable for both kids and adults.

The salads have a huge variety as well. Tomato and Gorgonzola salad and steakhouse Caesar salad are pretty popular here.

And how can one forget the wedge salad? It is a blissful combination of clubbed tomato, green onions, bleu cheese, iceberg lettuce, and smoked bacon. Don’t wait and hurry to make registrations here! 

Great Infrastructure

The steakhouse has an excellent infrastructure. The huge room has a wall full of long windows. This provides a breathtaking scenic view. Some handsome features are live music on Piano, a seasonal dining space, a full bar, and a fire pit.

And the several pictures and status can not be ignored. These add to the ultimate beauty inside the steakhouse. The place is a must-try without any doubt.

8. Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin

This is the Ultimate Dining Spot One Can Wish For

Sidewise has a varied collection of food. It is a spacious space to have your favorite meal. It does not lack any service or taste that a dish might offer. It serves mainly USDA prime beef. It provides you with the assurance of a fine dining experience.

Filet mignon, prime ribeye, and prime porterhouse are some of the fine delicacies the place offers. It has a special food called “The Perfect Ten.”

If you are wondering what steak in Austin you should try. Roasted bone marrow, chicken fried steak, and crispy quails are other dishes worth mentioning. Try your thing here.

A Huge Menu of Wine

One of the most special features of this pace is the huge variety of wine it supplies. The names are long and hard to pronounce. It might have the longest wine menus among Austin’s steakhouses above.

But, the taste is delightful. So, don’t be hesitant and take a sip. Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Champagne, and sparkling wine are only a few that I have mentioned. The list for this category will end in a book if I try to write it here.

So, leave your work for a while and sip blissful wine here.

9. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Austin

A Dress Code

A thing to be noticed about the steakhouse is its dress code. It follows a casual business code. Informal attires like torn jeans, shirts with profane graphics, and flip-flops are not encouraged. This increases our interest in this place.

Great Dinner Menu

The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is perfect for broiling and seasoning. The most unique thing is that the USDA prime beef comes with a temperature of 500 degrees on a sizzling platter.

If you are searching for the best steak in Austin, this place is worth a try. Ribeye, Filet mignon, T-Bone, New York strip steaks, steak tartare, and pork chops load the menu. Once topped with a bit of Dijon mustard, these form heights of the menu.

Try these steaks with mashed potatoes and Dijon mustard. It would lead to satisfaction. Lobster bisque is another must-try.

Special mention: Texas Roadhouse

This Is One of the Most Visited and Popular Steakhouses In Austin, Texas

It is a chain restaurant. This chain is active in 627 locations. It has attained popularity because of the great steaks and free peanuts. Mainly it serves American and Texan cuisine, which includes chicken and steaks.

The steakhouse is proud of the various cooking championships it is involved in. It has a separate menu for kids too. This menu consists of mini cheeseburgers, grilled chicken fried steak, and steak bites.

If you are looking for a good Austin restaurant, do not fail to visit here. I assure you, It would be fruitful.

The Texas roadhouse has introduced a butcher shop. Now, one can enjoy a quick delivery of trimmed steaks!

A Steakhouse Conclusion: Best Steakhouse in Austin

best steakhouse in Austin
By: Golubouvy on Shutterstock

Good steak in Austin would not be hard to find if you get a proper guideline for the steakhouses in Austen.

Ranging from rich steakhouses like the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse to the moderate Bob’s Steak, you can enjoy the intricacies of taste.

Some bonus steakhouses to mention are Truluck’s seafood steak and Moonshine Patio Bar, located near St Austen Tx 78701.

It is hard to rank these steakhouses as the best and worst because all of them are uniquely good.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your delicious journey started!

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