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9 Best Things to Do in NYC in December

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New York a city of good vibes and brightness. There are so many things to do in NYC in December.

Are you up for a trip to New york? Then December can be the most favorable month to explore the beauty of Christmas and the cold climate.

Let’s find out some beautiful places to explore in New york.

1) Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The best place to explore innovative Christmas decorations. December is the month of Christmas and joy. New York can be your go-to place for enjoying Christmas a week with amazing Christmas lights.

People that love traveling can make their way to New York.  You can have fun and indulge yourself in the beauty of snowfall and Christmas vibes.

Your kids will love this place. Kids are always fond of lights, decorations, good food to have a good mood. And New York is a package of all.

You can say it to be an old tradition in Big apple or the most loved festival. Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is astounding for both outside and local visitors.

This place is complete bliss for people that love lights, as you may see up to 50,000 LED lights. A gigantic Christmas tree with the Swarovski star on the head complementing the overall looks of the tree.

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller center can be visible to everyone being around 100 feet tall and one of the biggest. The best part about the Christmas tree in Rockefeller is the lights and crystals.

The tree is decked up with millions of crystals and lights together that makes it more eye-catching. There are many things to do in NYC in December.

If New York is your next destination to visit, try to see this place in December.

Things to do in nyc in December
Rockefeller center

2) Ice Skating In Central Park

Ice skating is one of the most talked-about activities whenever it comes to adventure.  Nothing can beat the joy one can get from ice skating in New York.

Ice skating is the most engrossing in the list of things to do in NYC in December. New York ice skating in the central park can leave you mesmerized.

You can enjoy two skating places there. Plan your trip to this amazing ice skating in central park with your family and kids.

Things to do in nyc in December
Ice skating at central park

3) Radio City Music Hall

One must not afford to skip a place that is Radio city music hall in Midtown Manhattan, New york.

Whenever it is about things to do in NYC in December, this place comes on the list. The hall has surpassing beauty with Edward Durell stone surrounding it with a tint of Donald Deskey (art deco) style.

There is a beautiful history behind this place. Radio city music hall was first designed to be built as an opera house. Due to some changes in the plan, it came up as Radio city music hall.

Radio city music hall is divided into two parts—one representing the gorgeous Rockefeller center Christmas tree venue and the center theater.

Radio city music hall is more notable and demanding due to the large auditorium hall that adds extra beauty.

One of the most historic places in New York will not fail to provide your immense happiness.

Things to do in nyc in December
Radio city music hall

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4) Fifth Avenue

A combination of expensive and elegance can be found in fifth avenue street of Manhattan. It is extended from Washington square park to 143rd street, located in Harlem.

This place can be the best destination for shopping. Are you a shopping lover? And if you haven’t tried this place yet.

Then pack your bags and fly to new york to explore one of the best things to do in NYC in December. Festive seasons are all about shopping and enjoying the right foods.

And Fifth avenue can beat all the places available to walk down in New york. Walking tours are more suitable with the essence of shopping vibes.

Things to do in nyc in December
View on the fifth avenue

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5) Holiday Markets

People these days love shopping and roaming around. Once you are done with visiting the top-rated landmark destinations in new york.

Don’t forget to visit holiday markets for some exciting shopping stuff. Holiday markets are one of the most demanding things to do in NYC in December.

After exploring the beautiful tallest Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, this place can be an escape for your shopping desires.

Whenever it is about planning a trip with the family, every man and woman would ponder about shopping places.

And if it is about things to do in NYC in December. Then holiday markets are such an amazing opportunity for shopping a wide variety of stuff.

You can explore a different variety of clothing materials. And the gourmet food criteria are well impressive. You should not forget to see the beautiful art and craft available in the Holiday markets.

There are so many holiday markets that are filled with amazing things to the purpose.

But some of the best markets in New York are the Union Square holiday market, grand central holiday pair, and Winter Village at Bryant Park.

These are the largest among all other holiday markets available in New York.

Things to do in nyc in December
Union square holiday markets

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6) Herald Square

An interaction in Manhattan where broadway, 34th street, and 6th avenue interacted. This can be identified as a commercial interaction of New york as well.

This place can also be a great option for iconic shopping experiences. While enjoying your walking tours, you can see riveting statutes and other shopping areas.

New York is a city to explore through walking only. It can also be tagged as a winter wonderland as you will be extremely pleased to visit this place during winters.

Herald Square is also the main entrance to Macy’s. While exploring various places, things can also be there in what things to do in NYC in December.

Things to do in nyc in December
New York City- Herald square

7) St. Patrick’s Cathedrals

Holiday seasons are all about fun and enjoyment. St. Patrick’s cathedrals are just made for visitors to increase their fun level and joy.

You can visit this place during December for a better experience. December is a month of Christmas that brings lights and decoration.

While making your list of things to do in NYC in December, don’t miss putting this place on the list. This place can give you the vibes of old music that have been heard for decades. Christmas is all about peace and enjoyment.

These places in new york promote both of them with a complimentary cold climate. In NYC in December, these places are the landmark locations in New York whenever it comes to things to do.

Things to do in nyc in December
St. Patrick’s cathedrals

8) Broadway theatre

Broadway theatre in new york is going to boost your travel spirit with some making broadway shows. You may enjoy watching some theoretical performances that are traditionally being performed.

This place in Manhattan can be engrossing to visit. Theatre show is always interesting for kids and old age people.

Adults can also give this place a try for better new york excursions. Broadway theatre is one of the most riveting things to do in NYC in December.

You can also get the reward of gift certificates for becoming a part of the sows. Explore this beautiful place for musical plays and various other activities. And don’t miss the post group discussion for better clarity.

Things to do in nyc in December
Broadway theatre

9) Dyker Heights

One of the best plays to watch lights and embrace the pleasant message towards brightness. Visiting Dyker heights can be one of the best things to do in NYC in December.

You can enjoy the lights running through the holiday window displays. You must visit this place during the middle or in the ned of December for a better view.

This place is quite expensive, ut the view will worth each penne—the best way to enjoy some family time with your kids with the lights and gorgeous display view.

Things to do in nyc in December
Dyker heights

Things to Do in NYC in December

New York City in December can be complete fun and joy. A visit to the midtown Manhattan can be absolute bliss.

With the beautiful Christmas lights, your holiday season will lighten up. Make your way to such an amazing place for a better version of life.

From holiday train show to amazing shopping areas. New York turns into a place of lights and good hopes during Christmas.

This place can bring immense happiness to your life. Along with the Christmas vibes, there are many more things to do in NYC in December.

Don’t waste your time thinking and waiting. Go ahead! And book your tickets to this astounding place.

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