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Located in the West Texas region, Midland is a city that is widely known for having a rich history in oil, its warm hospitality to each of its visitors, and its stunning and beautiful landscapes. Besides tourist gatherings from all over the world, if you are a resident of Midland, then there are plenty of amazing things to do in Midland.

1. Things to do in Midland, TX – Hidden Gems

These fun activities in Tall City or Midland will help you create some of the most unforgettable and pleasing memories of your life. Without any more delay, let us jump right into exploring the top six activities that one can enjoy here at Midland.

1.1. Visit the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Since the city is widely known for its rich oil history, the best thing for anyone to do in Midland will be to visit the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. This historic place is popular for displaying Midland’s rich history related to the oil industry in the Permian Basin region.

Being one of the largest oil-producing regions worldwide and also the world’s largest collection of antique drilling equipment, the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum holds a huge collection of exhibits that can give you intel about the oil-rich history of Midland, Texas.

Source: Permian Basin Petroleum Museum Website Screenshot
Courtesy: Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Furthermore, this museum also displays a huge collection of different art galleries, documents, and photographs depicting the impact of the growing oil industry on this region’s economy and lifestyle. Moreover, as a viewer, you can even learn about the antique oil drilling equipment used in this region for the extraction of oil and natural gas from the ground.

Lastly, you can check out some educational films on the oil and gas industry of Midland, TX, displayed in the state-of-the-earth theater.

1.2. Explore the Sibley Nature Center

Next comes up, exploring this popular tourist attraction in Midland. It is located on the outskirts of Midland town. You are sure to be moved by the natural beauty of this place. However, Sibley Nature Center focuses more on the geology and the ecology of this region.

Not only this, but they are also known for providing educational programs, which are very heart-warming for nature enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can explore the local flora and fauna of this place, which not only has a butterfly house but also an awesome bird-watching area.

Source: Sibley Nature Center Website Screenshot
Courtesy: Sibley Nature Center

It will be best if you consider taking a stroll along the nature trail, which runs through the 49-acre property. If you are a nature enthusiast, this place is perfect for you. With this perfect place for nature enthusiasts to picnic or go for a leisure walk, you are sure to find peace here.

Moreover, you can even learn about the geology and the ecosystem of the neighboring places of Sibley Nature Center, which is also a great addition to exploring this nature center.

1.3 Visiting the George W. Bush Childhood Home

You will miss a historic site in Tall City if you do not visit G.W. Bush’s childhood home. This house is not just any normal house, but it actually can provide you with many details on the life of the 43rd president of the United States.

Although this place is now a historic site, it was once the home of G.W. Bush from 1951 to 1955. Later, it was taken by the government to preserve the look as it did when the Bush family lived here.

The George W. Bush's Childhood Home in Midland - The Daytripper

In this home, you can take a tour of the kitchen and bedrooms and learn a lot about the president and his family’s lifestyle. In addition to checking all the rooms, this historical site even allows visitors to check in to the personal belongings of George W. Bush and his family members.

Visiting this site is one of those must things to do in Midland, TX, for those people who keep an interest in learning about the lifestyle of historic persons like the 43rd president of the US.

1.4. Visit the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

This is a world-class venue that can be found only in Midland, Texas. The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center comes up with live performances, which even include concerts, dance performances, plays, live music, and many more entertaining things.

Source: Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center Website Screenshot
Courtesy: Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

This performing center is a central attraction of visitors and can hold up to 1800 people, offering an unparalleled viewing experience. Not to mention that this center also provides visitors with a smaller theater, which can hold up to 200 people.

With many authentic and modern features, Wager Noel Performing Arts Center is a very classified place for both visitors and locals. Besides exploring the natural and historic centers of Midland, you should also take some time to catch a show at this arts-performing center.

1.5. Take a Stroll Through the Haley Memorial Library and History Center

Midland has many things to offer to visitors who are interested in learning about the past. Taking a stroll to Haley Memorial Library and History Center is one of the best things to do in Midland. This library and history center takes pride in preserving and sharing the knowledge of the cultural history of this region.

Blazing Glory Productions:Haley Memorial Library Corporate Video HD

Besides this, it has an extensive collection of many historical documents of the Midlands, which can take you on a stroll to the past of this region. The photographs and artifacts present in the Haley Library are also a great addition to scouring out the history of Midland.

Furthermore, the visitors get the leisure of taking a self-guided tour through the exhibits of the Haley Library and Historic Center. The main focus of this library and the historic center is on the Permian Basin, ranching, and even Native American history.

1.6. Enjoy a Roung of Gold at the Hogan Park Golf Course

Hogan Park Golf Course can be one of the best additions to your things to do in Midland to-do list. At this outdoor recreation site, you can play golf with different people and enjoy your time.

This golf course is a 36-hole championship course, which is open to everyone. Besides this, it even features two more 18-hole courses, which is namely the Quail Course and the Roadrunner Course.

However, playing on these two courses is very challenging, and you might need some high skills in playing golf to win some rounds here at Hogan Park Golf Course. This place is not only known for holding a championship course but also for the driving range and the putting green, which makes your swing swift, also a great advantage to look out for.

Being an essential outdoor recreation of Midland, you should take out some time from your daily life or vacation and play some rounds of golf here at the Hogan Park Golf Course.

1.7. Swimming in the Midland Pools

Midland, TX, is very hot in summer. So, if you happen to visit this city during the summertime, then it’s very important that you cool yourself. Now that you have decided to cool down your body temperature by swimming, there cannot be any other place better than the Midland Water Recreation destinations for swimming.

This city has many community pools that visitors can access, and most importantly, they are kid-friendly. The community swimming pools are

  • Doug Russell Pool
  • Splash Pads
  • Washington Pool
  • Washington Aquatic Center

You can choose any community pool, but the Doug Russell Pool is a local favorite. In the past, the kids loved this swimming pool. So, if you are with kids, then this could be their favorite place of all time.

The Doug Russell Pool has a wide-open pool area, and along with it, the pool even features slides and a rock wall for fun climbing. You can even think of checking out the Sherwood Park Aquatic Center in Odessa for the water playground.

 1.8.  Hiking and Biking Trails

Some of the most popular trails are dedicated to hiking or biking. Some famous trails that you will find in Midland are

  • The Preserve
  • Midland Trail Park
  • Windlands Park
  • Comanche Trail Park

If you wish to stroll or explore a challenging bike trail, then Midland, Texas, will give you the best opportunities. The Preserve and The Comanche Trail Park are solely maintained for hiking and biking.

SHREDDING WEST TEXAS TRAILS | Fast-Flowing  Berms, Rollers and Jumps! | Midland Mountain Bike Park!!

However, if you are scouring for a place to plan your exercise, then Windlands Park is a great place for you. This place in Midland, Texas city, is very popular for its path. You can jog there and finish your exercise.

The Preserve and The Comanche Trail Park are a bit challenging trails. But no worries. As said earlier, Midland, Texas, has something for everyone. You can even take your kids here for running, biking, or hiking.

You must ensure that they are experienced with these activities. As you keep exploring the trails with some guided tours, you will find many other outdoor activities in which you can engage. But the hidden gem of this city is the Gafa Park, aka Sibley Perimeter Loop, which you must explore while visiting Midland.

The weather is also cool in the morning, so the outdoor activities will not over-exert you.

If you look into the details of this city, you will learn that more than two hundred restaurants offer a great patio with a wide variety of cuisines. You will get some excellent seafood items with locals’ favorite Sapporo Ramen and Librado.

Midland’s Scotty’s Soulfood is quite popular as the city eatery jewel. This restaurant will find some of the best foods with authentic internal décor. You will be delighted after eating food from this eatery. You have to be a few blocks from the city’s luxury apartments and townhomes to reach this restaurant.

There are also some other famous restaurants which you can try.

  • Bob’s Better Burger
  • Venezia Restaurant
  • Butter
  • Back in the Day Café

Back in the Day Café is also one of the most renowned eateries in Midland, TX. This restaurant not only serves delicious food items, but it also gives a place for bike parking. After you explore the trails, having your breakfast at this café is one of the best things to do in Midland.

Source: Back in the day Cafe website screenshot
Courtesy: Back In The Dat Cafe

However, if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy food with good sights, then Butter is the ideal place. The menu here serves the Basil Pesto Hummus, which is most people’s favorite. You will even get to taste the Boudin Balls and the Pepperjack Cheese.

Midland’s Bob’s Better Burger burgers are also widespread due to their taste. You might think ill of Bob’s Better Burger by its interior. But do not let that fool you. This burger house has been in this business for two decades now and delivers the most delicious burger in this city. Their crispy burgers, fries, and chocolate shakes are the most sold items.

You can even check out the family-owned restaurant Venezia Restaurant. This eatery offers a 500-item wine list and Northern Italian cuisine, which is worth trying.

2. Additional things to do in Midland

  • Visiting the Museum of the Southwest – Turner Memorial Art Museum and Durham Children’s Museum
  • Shopping at Midland’s downtown Farmer’s Market
  • Check out the Hawk Observation Tower
  • Explore Confections candy factory – Guinness world record holder (largest toffee)
  • Check out Marion Blakemore Planetarium – Dome Shows
  • Go for a Birding and nature Hike (Wildlife Preserve)

3. Final Thoughts

Midland, being one of the leading oil-producing cities, has something for everyone. With a totally unique blend of rich oil history, different natural beauties, recreation sites, and culture, this is a sweet place for vacation.

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