A person scooping the ice-cream in the ice cream parlor. A person scooping the ice-cream in the ice cream parlor.

Island Creamery: Crafting Ice Cream Magic

Ice cream is the only thing that can beat this summer heat and satisfy your sweet tooth. But what if there is an island full of this sweet treat? Sadly that doesn’t exist yet. But Island Creamery provides you with all the frozen delights you want.

If you live on Chincoteague Island, you must have visited this place already. But if you ever visit this island, make sure you try some ice cream at Island Creamery.

1. Explore the Flavors of Island Creamery

After exploring this town in Virginia, you will need something to cool off. It is titled as the best ice cream shop in the USA for a reason. They also opened in Berlin and Salisbury. 

Now, let’s share a few scoops with you!!

2. History 

Island Creamery is not a typical ice cream shop chain. Their passion and tradition of providing the locals and tourists with outstanding ice cream flavors set them apart from others.

It was started in 1975 by owners Bob and Nancy Conklin and is now handled by Kelly and Robin, his wife. What started as a candy store called Mr.Chocolate was later serving ice cream too.

It has been renovated and expanded since its opening and can be easily spotted with the lighthouse structure of the building.

The family members are very dedicated to keeping the originality and quality of every scoop served. Their devotion can be seen in the taste of the ice cream and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their shops.

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3. Dedication to Quality by Island Creamery

The most important thing that Island Creamery never compromises on is the quality of its product. They are dedicated to serving you ice cream made with the highest quality ingredients.

Every scoop you eat is completely homemade. They make it right in their shop in small batches in their Emery Thompson Batch Freezer.

The milk and cream used for every batch are all-natural and fresh. They collect it from the Lancaster County cows and these cows are hormone-free.

This ensures that they can produce the creamiest ice cream possible. Even the sugar is natural and they use stabilizers that are plant-derived such as Guar or Locust bean.

Along with milk from the local cows, they also source all of their fruits from the local farmers. All the ingredients are super fresh. Ice cream is not necessarily a healthy food option but if the ingredients are natural and safe, you can enjoy this sweet treat without any worries.

4. Delightful Flavors at Island Creamery

All age groups love ice cream equally. Whether you are an excited little kid or an adult, they have an array of flavors to satisfy your cravings. You can have the traditional options or try something different. But a little experimentation doesn’t hurt anyone. You might end up loving a new flavor!

You can even find sugar and gluten-free options if you have any diet restrictions. It’s mentioned on their menu but you can also ask the servers for assistance. If you have any peanut allergies, tell the servers.

For all vegan people, they also make ice cream out of coconut milk. So, it’s a wide range. They truly cater to all kinds of diets and people.

4.1 Year-Round Flavors

These are the flavors you will find throughout the year as the ingredients are always present. But in case, there is a supply issue with the ingredients, sometimes you might not find what you are looking for. 

  • They have the classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. These classic and traditional flavors are always a safe choice. All of them are fresh and homemade. They are also available in vegan and no-sugar options.
  • Cherry vanilla, homemade vanilla ice cream with cherry toppings, and Heath Bar pieces are some popular options.
  • Some favorites are the Birthday Cake and Cookie Dough flavors. Both these options have gluten. Another loved flavor is Absolutely Nuts. It is a Praline flavor ice cream with a variety of nuts like almonds and pecans with a caramel swirl.
  • If you are missing coffee try the Java Jolt, a strong coffee ice cream. It’s topped with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Marsh Mud ice cream flavor is a treat for all chocolate lovers.
  • And to take things up a notch, they also have a minty version of marsh mud known as Muddy Mint.
  • Kids generally love flavors such as Cotton Candy, Pony Tracks, and Oreo flavors.

4.2 Some Seasonal Flavors

Seasonal flavors are available during certain months only and for obvious reasons.

When you have ice cream during summer you want a cooling and fresh experience. But during other seasons you want your ice cream to match the vibe and atmosphere.

  • When you want something with fresh fruits try their flavors such as mango sorbet, strawberry sorbet, peaches, and blueberry. Or perhaps you’d like apple cider sorbet made with local fresh cider. Apple Cobbler made with local apples and homemade cobbler pieces is also a gem.
  • Some popular flavors during fall are Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon Bun. Ice cream with cinnamon bun pieces and icing is the perfect pick for fall.
  • Candied Sweet Potato doesn’t sound like an ice cream flavor. But it’s made from local sweet potatoes and topped with a caramel swirl and praline pecans. Cadbury chocolate pieces with ice cream and creme egg filling swirled in are also loved by many customers.

There are some flavors like Rum Raisin which contains rum-soaked raisins. Another ice cream flavor Cherries Jubilee, contains brandy-soaked cherries. Or egg nog ice cream with rum flavor. So parents should check before buying such flavors.

4.  Menu

They offer homemade ice cream and also have vegan and sugar-free options. You can get these ice cream flavors with homemade waffle cones. They offer a sugar cone, waffle cones, a plain cone, or a cup.

4.3.1 Sundae

Try their Waffle Bowl sundae with two scoops of your favorite ice cream such as Milky Way, toppings, and nuts.

4.3.2 Roundup and Banana Splits

Enjoy 5 scoops of delicious fresh ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry!

4.4.3 Ultimate Brownie

Ice cream with homemade brownies and hot fudge sounds so delicious. Added caramel, chocolate chips, and toffee pieces make it more mouthwatering.

4.4.4 Ice Cream Cakes

Everyone loves cake and ice cream. But what if you mix them? Island Creamery makes this possible for you. They make ice cream cakes too. Cake and ice cream layered on top of each other is a delight for everyone. 

Their small round can serve 8-10 people and the large round can easily serve 16-18 people. They have some flavors like Oreo Delight and Chocolate Extreme available at all times. You can pick them up on the same day too!

But you need to give advance notice for your cake orders if you want custom cakes.

4.4.5. Drinks

You can also enjoy their Milkshakes, canned soda, malt, and ice cream float.

5. A Fun Day at Island Creamery

Spending a weekend at Chincoteague Island means at least one trip to the island creamery. You will experience happiness and create memories along with delicious frozen delights.

  • Be Adventurous: Don’t shy away from trying new and unique flavors. Try some of the creative offerings and step out of your comfort zone. You might end up loving something special.
  • Match the vibe: Look out for their seasonal flavors. They truly capture the feeling of any holiday or season in an ice cream cone.
  • Don’t Rush: Enjoy every bite of your ice cream. Sit comfortably with your family and friends and relish the taste. It has both indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Capture Memories: Don’t forget to take a picture of your loved ones. You can always look back at these photos and enjoy the smile on their faces.

6. Conclusion

Island Creamery is not a regular ice cream shop on the street corner. It is a destination on its own. They have been serving the masses with fresh ice cream for generations. The passion and love can be seen in the quality and taste of their ice cream. 

They care a lot about what their customers like. Only using high-quality ingredients makes their product the best in town. They make unique flavors after suggestions and tips from their customers.

Whether you like only the classic flavors or want to surprise your taste buds, they have you covered. You can even take home pints of ice cream for your friends. Enjoy their ice cream flavors with assorted dry toppings along with hot fudge and cakes at home.

Visit soon to enjoy delicious ice cream flavors with your favorite nut toppings and add locally grown fruits or rainbow sprinkles. Island Creamery is always welcoming you into a magical world of frozen treats.



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