All About Lights on the Lake PA: 5 Great Spots

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Lights on the lake

So, tired of being at home? Why not plan a vacation today?

Today, this guide has brought you one of the more alluring and amazing vacation spots in the United States, named Lake PA. 

Why so hurry?

Before planning, let us know all about Lights on the lake PA.

The Lights on the Lake PA

The lights on lake PA had been one of the greatest and enjoyable places for family and friends. This place is generally known for celebrations, parties, and spending quality time with your loved ones.

For about 20 years, this spot has been the most attractive place for festive. Every year, around 1 million lights are illuminated in over 50 acres of land. The park is full of different themes like the Santa basketball and the catchy part, the lights have been decorated as per the themes.


Begun in 1997 as a manner to keep park representatives working during the slow time of year, Lakemont Park’s Holiday Lights on the Lake has developed rapidly into a stunning and generally regarded occasion exhibition of lights and fun.

Guests to Holiday Lights on the Lake will pass through the traditional style Lakemont Amusement Park and appreciate more than fifty sections of land of perfect lights. The show is stacked with striking proficient showcases. Occasion Lights on the Lake is an extraordinary encounter sure to remain with you long after you leave.

As you pass through Holiday Lights on the Lake, tune in to occasion music on Lakemount’s private radio broadcast. It is a really remarkable encounter to be among the exciting rides and flings with this bountiful seasonal joy. It is straightforwardly similar to having an entertainment mecca all to yourself, yet far superior since Santa is there!

Furthermore, since the showcases are inactivity for almost ten weeks there is a lot of time to see the display. The extensive stretches spread out traffic and make the experience entirely charming. As an extraordinary treat, the prior week’s Christmas guests can save a carriage or cart to encounter the lights.

Lights on the lake

Make an appearance at Santa’s Village after the drive. Children can get their image taken with Santa and there is an amazing train show with more than 800 feet of track. The rewards are a big deal all things considered.

Things like cappuccinos, churros, and Passanita Soups go with the more conventional toll things. Stop by the blessing shop to get your extraordinary decorations and endowments.

What Makes Lights on the Lake PA so Intriguing?

An old summertime vacation, and the home of Leap-The-Dips, the most seasoned actually running rollercoaster on the planet. Notwithstanding, during the Christmas season, the recreation center wakes up with Holiday Lights on the Lake.

Occasion Lights on the Lake is a drive-through Christmas light showcase that has been a Blair County custom for over 20 years. The presentation is more than 50 sections of land in size and fills a lot of Lakemont Park.

  • The Santa village is one of the enticing reasons for exploring Lights on the lake PA.
  • As it sounds, the Lights on the lake PA, its lights are also one of the major reasons for people to explore.
  • Beautiful destination spread across 50 acres of land. 
  • The destination near the lake makes it sound more cool and romantic.

The entry to Holiday Lights on the Lake is situated behind the Altoona Curve’s baseball arena. From here, a simple-to-follow street winds its way through Lakemont Park and past large numbers of its rides and structures.

Well, it does not get over here. 

There are center’s rides that appear to some degree underutilized. It would have been enjoyable to see lights on a portion of different rides at Lakemont Park. As indicated by the recreation center, a great many people who visit go through around 45 minutes passing through the 50-section of land show territory. A lot of this is reliant on individuals in front of you, nonetheless, as there are no chances to pass a vehicle that is moving a piece more slowly than you’d like.

Lights on the Lake PA- Santa Gift Shop!

Whenever you’ve gone through the bright lights and left the compensation zone, don’t miss Santa’s Gift Shop. This spot is found just to one side of the exit and is barely noticeable, yet there are some great things to be seen inside that you will not have any desire to miss.

As far as I might be concerned, the feature of the space was the model railroad show set up by the Alto Model Train Museum Association. While this gathering has its own historical center in the city, they set up a little, yet unpredictably planned model railroad that is loads of amusing to look at.

Lights on the lake

For an additional expense, the Santa’s Gift Shop region additionally has a café, a Christmas enrichment present shop, and visits with Santa.

In general, Lights on the Lake in Altoona is something fabulous to do during Christmas in PA. If you are searching for a touch of merry cheer during this Christmas season, don’t miss this pleasant fascination which is one of the numerous extraordinary activities in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

History of Lakemont Park

Lakemont Park opened in 1894, was given to Blair County in 1937, privatized in 1986, and stayed inactivity through 2016. The recreation center shut toward the start of the 2017 season, as numerous rides and attractions were going through support.

In 2018, Lakemont Park reported that it would stay shut with plans to resume as a “family diversion area for certain entertainments” in the late spring of 2019. Lakemont showed it is anticipating selling the majority of the rides aside from Indy Go-Karts, Skyliner, Leap the Dips, Antique Cars, Miniature Train, Paddle Boats, 4×4 Monster Trucks, Lil’ Leaper, and the Waterpark.

Lakemont Park, situated in Altoona, Pennsylvania, houses the world’s most established enduring thrill ride, the Leap-The-Dips. On June 19, 1996, the crazy ride was added to the rundown of National Historic Landmarks by the National Park Service. The recreation center opened in 1894 as a streetcar park and turned into an entertainment mecca in the mid-year of 1899.

It is one of just thirteen streetcar stops actually working, and the eighth-most seasoned event congregation in the United States. Boyer Candy Company claimed the recreation centre from May 23, 1986, until July 1, 1988, when it was called Boyertown USA. The recreation center was shut from 2017-2018, yet re-opened in summer 2019. The recreation center is situated close to Peoples Natural Gas Field, home of the Altoona Curve Minor League Baseball crew.

About the Tickets

Tickets are sold by the carload and should be bought ahead of time. Tickets are restricted and are sold by the particular data. We recommend you purchase asap to get the date that you have as a top priority!

  • Monday and Tuesday – $6
  • Wednesday and Thursday – $10
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – $20

Ticket for a minibus (limit of 17-25. kindly remember this depends on the limit of the vehicle not the number of individuals truly in the vehicle) 

Vehicle limit 26+. kindly remember this depends on the limit of the vehicle not the number of individuals truly in the vehicle) the ticket is $75. All tickets are approachable at every season.

Gathering deal tickets (beginning at 30 tickets) are likewise accessible – if it’s not too much trouble, click here to round out the flyer!

Unique January Charity Night ticket evaluating is $5 per vehicle (January eleventh fifteenth as it were).

Besides Lights on the Lake PA- Other Festivals

Lakemont Park is glad to be a social affair place for the entire local area and in that soul we’ve moved the Park toward an ideal scene to have a wide scope of occasions. Find out about our yearly occasions beneath or capitalize on Lakemont Park’s offices by facilitating your own occasion with us. Call us today to examine your occasion prerequisites and how we can oblige them.

The Lakemont Park Summer Events Calendar is continually being refreshed with new promotions and exercises at the recreation center! Searching for something to do with loved ones? Look at the timetable and afterward head on down to the recreation center for a critical excursion.

What Happened in 1991?

On September 2, 1991, a small seventeen years old boy got dragged away from the roller coaster. Due to this accident, he lost his right leg.

How Many Roller Coasters in Lakemont Park?

There are a total of three types of roller coasters in Lakemont Park. Leaps the Dips, Skyliner, and the Little leaper.

Leap The Dips

A wooden, figure-eight sort ride with three, four-seat trains. Just two figure-eight sort thrill rides actually get by on the planet. Jump The-Dips highlights 1,452 feet (443 m) of track and is one of only a handful few enduring crazy rides with side rubbing. The ride was shut for everything except about fourteen days in 2005, due to support. The ride was additionally shut from 1986 to 1998


The Skyliner was migrated from Roseland Park in Canandaigua, New York, where it was inherent in 1960. The move was to develop the recreation center for the bombed Boyertown USA project. This imprints one of only a handful few occurrences of a moved wooden thrill ride during the 80s. Skyliner today borders the outfield of Peoples Natural Gas Field, home of the Altoona Curve, nearby.

Little Leaper

Allan Herschell Little Dipper is a youngster liner. The recreation center right now doesn’t permit grown-up riders on this napkin, or anybody beyond 12 years old.

How Many Activities to do?

Besides, Lights in the lake PA, there are-


lights on the lake

Like something from a kid’s creative mind, our new Treehouse Activity Pool is engaging in the most ideal manner. Take a plunge in the 18″ profound pool, climb the treehouse, sprinkle in the wellsprings, and a whole lot, more. Click Here!

Additionally, they have added some monster paddling boats to explore the full 13 acres of the water park.


Not only the water activities but the games are also unique and influencing. They have Rabbit Hole Mini Golf, Batting cages, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts to make you feel like you are on a beach shore.

1. Rabbit hole mini Golf

Hey now kids, snatch your putters and play your way through our recently themed Pennsylvania forest themed scaled-down green made by neighborhood craftsman Michael Allison. Watch out for the creatures!

2. Basketball Courts

Lights on the lake
A.R.T. Paola

Lakemont Park has added four guideline size courts total with fresh out of the plastic new scoreboards to our rundown of sports offices. Come practice your hop shot, accumulate a few companions for a game, or get some answers concerning leasing them out for exercises, groups, and competitions.

Courts are free to the general population, except if secretly saved. Make certain to check our schedule for accessibility.

3. Sand Volleyball Courts

Without a moment to spare for some mid-year volleyball, we’ve added two new full guidelines sand volleyball courts. They’re accessible for exercises, associations, and competitions, or simply getting along with companions and having some good times. Courts are free to general society, except if secretly saved. Make certain to check our schedule for accessibility.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks include cafes, restaurants, and lounges in Lakemont Park.


lights on the lake
Tim Swaan

Last but not the least, nature. Covering all the fun factors at just one place, Lakemont Park is one of the best places I recommend in the terms of nature. There you’ll find walking paths, green spaces, lakes, and green forests, to explore and get more closer to nature.

There are two green grass territories with stages, with space for a wide range of exercises. Call to save our green grass regions and stages for your next exceptional occasion. Carry a cover and come to unwind.

The new Lakemont Park jungle gym region is a fun, open, and safe outside region for your children to play. Allow them to construct their mental fortitude on the slides, or simply leave them to go crazy while you sit back in the sun.


Putting All together

If you love the guide and planning to have your next vacation at Lights on the lake PA, then do it right away. The place Lakemont park is a complete package of a flawless holiday you want to explore. So, without delay book your next tickets now.

Have an awesome vacation!

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