Aperol Spritz : 1 Delightful Recipe and 3 Variations

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Aperol Spritz
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Are you an Aperol Spritz cocktail person? Then this article is for you. 

Picturising or, better yet, visiting Italy is one of the most soothing experiences – the place has so much to offer in aspects ranging from iconic travel destinations, historical gems, great food and drinks, and the list goes on. It is then enhanced by including a beautiful, slender wine glass filled with sparkling, blood orange cocktail which goes by Aperol spritz – much like the stunning sunsets.

This classic cocktail hails from Northern Italy – think Milan and Venice.

Aperol spritz is, hands down, a very good drink and perfect to freshen you up on a hot day. The cocktail is a blissful burst of flavors, fused with sparkling wine and the tint similar to that of a summer sunset, paired with orange slices, enhance the overall aesthetic – not to mention the taste – of this drink.

Aperol Spritz
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What is Aperol?

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Aperol may not have been known that commonly by the general public, but it is something you ought to know about – or better yet, taste. By nature, Aperol is very versatile, meaning that you can experiment with various other drinks or sip it straight. Aperol’s taste alone is deliciously striking with a subtle, hidden hint of tangy orange.


Aperitifs, which are essentially formulated as something you serve before a meal. These are dryer than they are sweet and are known to stimulate one’s hunger – and that’s why they are great and appropriate to serve before hefty meals.

Aperol is an Italian liqueur, which falls under the larger category of Aperitifs and is considered ‘amaro,’ which translates to being a little bitter in Italian.

Making the classic Aperol spritz

The perfect Aperol spritz involves four ingredients and can be made with absolute ease. Read on to find out how.

It’s astonishing how simple ingredients can make a blend of such beauty and be made in two minutes at max.


1. Prosecco:

This is an authentic Italian sparkling wine that tastes like an elegant knock-off of French champagne. This is suggested so that the Aperol spritzes do not turn too sweet or seem too syrupy. It is highly preferred that you look for a dry or brut Prosecco.

2. Aperol:

The one ingredient which you cannot replace is this. This essential element gives the cocktail its striking bright, blood orange tint with a balanced blend of scented herbs with a tinge of delicate vanilla and subtle orange notes.

3. Slim orange slice:

Every authentic Italian list of garnish instructions for this classic cocktail is incomplete without juicy orange. Aim for those juicy, bright oranges and slice them precisely.

You can place it with a slight slit onto the brim of the glass, but make sure to add in a few slices into the cocktail itself – make sure to remove the seeds to avoid added bitterness.

4. Club soda

Sparkling or soda water forms an important base for Aperol spritz. Any sparkling water that has no flavor, sparkling mineral water, or regular club soda will be perfect for diluting our main ingredients and adding fresh fizz and bursting bubbles.

5. Ice cubes

What’s a summer cocktail without ice? Add a generous quantity of ice to enhance the overall taste and refreshment kicks of the Aperol spritz. Although the majority prefer ice in the form of cubes, people have been experimenting with different shapes – one of them is the spherical ice.

Stop yourself from adding crushed ice to this cocktail because it will then seem more like a crusher than a subtle, delicate flavorsome spritz.

You have all the necessary ingredients to make this refreshing Aperol cocktail. Proceed with the following steps to find out more about this chilled cocktail recipe.

Aperol Cocktail recipe

An all-time classic, Aperol spritz demands no exquisite equipment but merely your time and dedication – and a little attention on how you shake it. It is generally suggested to stir the mixture gently and not harshly and let all the different flavors set in accordingly.

  1. Place a large wine glass on your working counter and add ice cubes into it.
  2. Pour in 3 ounces of Prosecco.
  3. On top of the settled Prosecco, add in our star ingredient – Aperol.
  4. Pour in fizzy soda into the glass with ice, Prosecco, and Aperol.
  5. Stir gently and let the existing flavors set it.
  6. Finally, slice up oranges. The traditional method of slicing these is to cut a round slice and then make a mid-cut vertically to get semi-circular pieces.


While the classic recipe mentions that you use an equal part of Prosecco with an equal part of Aperol, it is completely acceptable and encouraged to create your balance of sweetness with the bitter flavors with a splash of soda.

On your first attempt, follow the exact authentic recipe and taste it for yourself to understand the depth of different flavors. Let your taste buds be the judge to decide whether this is how you like it – is the sourness alright, or do you want it to be sweeter and more tasting questions that may arise.

To make it less bitter.

Use a lesser quantity of Aperol and more of Prosecco when the bitterness seems too much and hinders the overall taste for you. This can usually be done when the bitterness of Aperol does not suit your taste buds smoothly or when you crave the subtle flavors more in comparison.

To make it less boozy.

To lower down the alcohol content in your cocktail, use equal parts of Aperol and Prosecco with a relatively higher ratio of sparkling soda.

To make it alcohol-free.

For the people aiming to cut down on alcohol or those who haven’t surpassed the legal drinking age, the following recipe is for you :

  1. In a glass of your liking, pour in 3 parts orange juice – make sure it has good tanginess in it.
  2. To this glass, add in 1 part fizzy soda, followed by 2 parts non-alcoholic bitter.
  3. Stir the drink gently yet thoroughly and add in ice cubes per preference.
  4. Garnish with orange slices.

Pairings with Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz with Greek appetizers
Photo by STIL on Unsplash


The Italian cocktail goes well with typical Greek appetizers. It is commonly served with salty or savory food items – an authentic taste always present in every Greek snack.

Fresh fruits

Fresh and juicy fruits such as grapes, oranges, and berries taste delicious with Aperol spritz and balance the flavors.


Various cheeses, including goat cheese, burrata, and mozzarella, are topped on a slice of crunchy bread.

Savory, salty popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil taste great when paired with occasional sips of Aperol spritz.

Aperol and Campari

Aperol and Campari are often confused, but they have the starkest differences in their taste notes. At the same time, Aperol has tinges of bitter orange fused with Cinchona and Gentian flowers, Campari on the other hand, it shifts more towards the floral essence with Rhubarb and berries.

Aperol tastes bitter but has a slight sweetness in its depth. However, Campari is pure bitter.

What else can you pour down Aperol in?

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer
By: Jane Vershini on Shutterstock

A spicier blend has stronger notes of spices, coffee with the sweetness of Aperol complimenting it. On the other hand, the basic flavorful ginger beer makes up for a smooth, sweet blend of vanilla and chocolaty notes.

Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit soda and Aperol have similar and overlapping bittersweet – which make them wonderful options to blend. The end color of this mix is to drink for – stark pink with tinges of peachy orange.

Vanilla Coke

One of the most classic combinations is Vanilla coke and Aperol. The final cola-heavy blend is full of sweetness. Aperol’s earthy tones provide the little bitterness that the taste buds demand amidst the other flavors.

The Uniqueness of Aperol Spritz

Classic Aperol spritz
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This summery, sparkling cocktail is a mild booziness packed in a brilliant blend of orange with different mixed flavors – ranging from sweet to stark bitter. This is one of the most refreshing cocktails, which can be paired effortlessly on your next brunch or even with a hearty dinner.

Along with the orange slices climbing onto the glass for garnishing, a thin slice of lemon can also be experimented with and garnished with.

Through time, many recipes have come up with people experimenting and adding or substituting various ingredients, but the fact remains that nothing beats the classic Aperol spritz.

Fruity and herbal depths mixed into a liquor base with sufficient fizz is what sets this cocktail apart from the rest.

Italy is a land filled with utter beauty, scenic destinations, crystal clear waters, and lip-smacking deliciousness – it’s present on almost everybody’s bucket list of places to visit.

But, do not worry if you have not been to Italy yet, make use of this simple and subtle recipe to make this refreshing Italian drink, which not only enhances your drinking experience on a summer day but is also a reference of Italy compacted into a bottle of your favorite wine glass.

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