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Outdoor Theatre
Outdoor Theatre

Planning a fun weekend in an outdoor theatre is amazing. You are getting to experience a unique situation. Be it a date or a hangout, an outdoor theatre seems to fit perfectly everywhere.

New York City is known to have some of the most amazing outdoor theatre options. You could plan a serene evening with your loved ones in an outdoor theatre and make it a memorable evening.

If you are confused about where and which outdoor theatre to choose, we have enlisted the top outdoor theatre options for you to check out and plan the evening.

Outdoor Theatre In NYC
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List of Outdoor Theatre In NYC

1) Brooklyn Drive-In Outdoor Theatre

New York City Economic Development Corporation has collaborated with Rooftop Films to make The Brooklyn Drive-In springing up at The Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

With film celebrations shut down or delayed worldwide, this arrangement is an approach to get to those pursued flicks, including new and free unfamiliar movies delivered for the current year.

Since opening the entryways, motion pictures reported to hit their big-screen incorporate Dawn Porter’s narrative John Lewis – Good Trouble; Max Barbakow’s- Palm Springs, Amy Seimetz’s – She Dies Tomorrow, Copper Raiff’s SXSW winning presentation – Shithouse, etc.

Tickets pricing – 35$ for a car with 4 people.

Show timing – 8;30pm to 11 pm. The door opens at 7;30m.

2) Queens Bel-Aire Diner Drive in Outdoor Theatre

This Astoria-themed café has been around since 1965. Bel Aire Diner is currently putting on drive-in outdoor theatre evenings in their sizable parking area, bringing the pattern straight into the solid wilderness.

Bel Aire Diner has been utilizing a 25-foot screen for the arrangement, propped up high to permit simple survey for approximately 30 to 40 vehicles. Viewers should be inside their vehicles (no walkers!) and can check out the flick’s sound on an FM radio broadcast.

Guests can eat or book food early from Bel Aire’s webpage and incorporate a vehicle tone and tag for food drop-offs from restaurants. Bel Aire Diner has been chipping away at the new pursuit with Long Island Movie Nights – the master of pop-up drive-in events creation.

3) Juicy Lucy BBQ and Outdoor Theatre

This mouth-watering eatery in Staten Island has also started an outdoor theatre. Close to trays full of BBQ sides and Smokey meats, the outdoor theatre will highlight the movies.

Furthermore, the venue as of late screened the Yankees’ first day of the season game and could include different games as the socially removed season advances. Tickets are $25 per vehicle with a minimum of 2 people.

As of now, the drive-in cinema is showing a wide cluster of exemplary and current movies. Impending titles include Twister, Return of the Jedi, Easy Money, American Graffiti, The Shining, and Escape from New York.

In the evenings, when R-rated movies are playing, mixed drinks will be available. In any case, on family-accommodating evenings, the menus will be kept liquor-free.

4) Tribeca Film Festival and Outdoor Theatre

A significant drive-in arrangement is on the way to be established and will be located conveniently behind New York’s popular Tribeca Film Festival. The typical film celebrations are far-fetched for this year.

Yet, one month from now, Tribeca Enterprises is dispatching another rendition of a mid-year film fest as a pop-up outdoor theatre drive-in. The arrangement will happen each end of the week from July 2 through August 2. Four locations have just been declared, including two areas – the orchard beach and the Nickerson beach.

The experience will introduce new, exemplary, and autonomous works from different movie producers, makers, and artists onto the big screen.

The gigantic Screen expert- IMAX is ready to improve the picture and sound quality for all Tribeca Drive-In viewings. IMAX has worked together with Tribeca Enterprises to minister the program from its array of movies. Orchard Beach can fit 500 vehicles for each screening, and Nickerson can hold around 250.

5) Manhattan Skyline Outdoor Theatre

Another drive-in has recently opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offering “amazing perspectives on Manhattan’s famous skyline” alongside well-known film works of art; hence the name – the Skyline Drive-In Outdoor Theatre.

Situated at 1 Oak Street across the waterway from downtown Manhattan, the Skyline works on a site that has been utilized for shooting Fendi and Converse advertisements just as the initial credits of Saturday Night Live.

The current week’s timetable incorporates swarm pleasers from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Grease. Every evening of the week includes an alternate film, beginning at 9 pm.

In place of the conventional snack bar, food trucks will be nearby with menus that work out in a good way past popcorn and Raisinets. No vehicle? No concerns: Bicycles are welcome, as well, and the Skyline intends to arrange outdoor seating soon.

6) Floating Cinema – Outdoor Theatre

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Experience outdoor theatre on a boat! The idea commenced the previous summer and demonstrated a hit, so they’ve declared a pristine season.

Floating Cinema is back, yet this time with new features and exciting offers! This special film is coming to New York for a multi-week as it were! The film will comprise 12 to 24 little boats, holding up to 8 individuals for each boat. You will be expected to buy tickets for the entire boat to guarantee that you are seated with your loved ones and take social distancing on and between boats!

Films are set to blend blasts from the past, and new deliveries will be reported when tickets go at a bargain! There will be free popcorn for everybody, and you can purchase snacks and drinks before you set sail.

7) Movies in the Car – Outdoor Theatre

Film attendees are in for a treat because of the drive-in outdoor theatre – “Motion pictures In Your Car,” another inventive approach.

People will have a chance to appreciate films on an enormous inflatable HD screen with sound played from a pre-programmed station. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a women’s night out, a night out with your friends, or a night with kids, Movies in Your Car has a film for everybody, at 8 pm, 8:30 pm, and 11 pm.

People will have a chance to appreciate films on an enormous inflatable HD screen with sound played from a pre-programmed station. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a women’s night out, a night out with your friends, or a night with kids, Movies in Your Car has a film for everybody, at 8 pm, 8:30 pm, and 11 pm.

Tickets are per vehicle, beginning at $40 for general confirmation and $60 for the VIP experience. Ticket holders will get the opportunity to securely appreciate a retro film insight with a more contemporary feel.

Likewise, all participants can pre-request snacks through the “Motion pictures In Your Car” website – from burgers to custom mixed drinks, enhancing the customary drive-in experience. As for the local areas, food will be sourced from neighborhood eateries.

8) The Getaway – Outdoor Theatre

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The Gateway has been facilitating its own drive-in auditorium as of this current month and is utilizing it as a gathering place. For $35 per vehicle, $25 of the expense will go towards supporting the association.

Contrary to the other drive-in films playing across Long Island, the Gateway flaunts that it has the biggest outside projection surface — estimating at 20×40 feet — and plays on a hard surface rather than an inflatable screen.

Last Saturday at 9 p.m. – “Beetlejuice” — featuring Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder — played in the parking garage, with its sound accessible through FM radio. Here are a few things to know: All tickets should be bought before appearance.

There will be no on-location deals. Show up 30 minutes before showtime and have your tickets prepared. Download the PDF beforehand, and you are not allowed to use a screen capture of the ticket.

Vehicles will be coordinated and directed to be parked in the parking lot and areas assigned by the state under protocols.

Motion pictures “Some Like It Hot,” “Mary Poppins,” “The Incredibles,” and “Jaws” will play throughout the week, continuously.

9) Uptown Drive in Outdoor Theatre

This pop-up drive-in outdoor theatre named Uptown Drive-In is the perfect place for a movie night out. The outdoor theatre is located in the parking area outside of Yankees Stadium and has been consistently open since July.

The theatre will include a conventional drive-in film or a live show highlighting neighborhood specials. In addition, there will be car side meals and different events.

10) Story Screen Drive-in and Outdoor Theatre

Just a short drive outside the city, the new Story Screen Drive-In is an ideal end-of-the-week escape. Story Screen’s standard performance center assumed control over a 91-year-old space that sat empty for quite a long time back in February, and now the organization is taking it outside with a 35-vehicle drive-in activity.

They’ll screen films like The Big Lebowski and The Goonies and offer standard cinema concessions. Tickets are $10 per grown-up and $8 per youngster.

11) The Four Brothers Outdoor Theatre

Situated in Duchess County – one of the most modernized region theatres, Four Brothers resembles the Mall of America of drive-ins. Where most of the other outdoor theatre drive-ins have a radio recurrence and basic snack bar, Four Brothers has an electric vehicle charging stations, a monster fire pit and yard games, a recreation center where your four-legged friends can go around, and an application where you can arrange for the delivery of refreshments right to your car.

Large numbers of these conveniences have been required to be postponed to conform to social distancing, yet you can, in any case, appreciate two films every night at this cutting-edge theatre. Tickets are $11 for grown-ups and $6 for kids.

12) Shankweiler’s Outdoor Theatre

Opened in the year 1934, Pennsylvania’s Shankweiler’s outdoor theatre is America’s most seasoned drive-in and will return on May 29 with a timetable of authentic highlights.

The drive-in also has an outdated lunch room with exemplary cinema snacks like popcorn finished off privately made Keller’s Butter and arranged sweets. Tickets are $10 for grown-ups and $7 for youngsters.

13) Becky’s Drive-in Outdoor Theatre

Becky’s Drive-In outdoor Theatre in Pennsylvania is a genuine entertainment establishment and is still run by the family responsible for its construction.

The starting time for the movie shows is generally at sunset, and you can check their site a couple of days ahead of time to get the accurate showtimes. You can choose between two arrangements of movies playing on various screens, and tickets are $10 for grown-ups and $7 for kids.

14) Warwick Drive-In and Outdoor Theatre

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By chance you fail to get hitched to tickets or passes to any of these outdoor theatre drive-ins’, there is a real drive-in outdoor theatre in Warwick, New York, simply past the northern boundary of New Jersey.

Google Maps says the drive will require about an hour and is located on a little outskirt from NYC. Warwick Drive-In, which was implicit in 1950 and had a rich history as a privately-owned company all through the entirety of its initial years.

15) Overlook Drive-In and Outdoor Theatre

This family-owned outdoor theatre drive-in has been functional since 1955 and has space for approximately 700 to 750 vehicles. Their ticket office opens one hour before the first film’s planned showtime (you get to watch two movies at the cost of one).

They do have a full help Snack Bar–which has delicious snacks and refreshments along with their all-time famous funnel cake. Do try the snacks without fail.

Outdoor Theatre in NYC

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Some of the top outdoor theatre drives in NYC that we found could be interesting to you. If you feel we missed some out, you could mention those in the comments section along with your experience.

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