9 Best Restaurants Brooklyn – A Complete Guide

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Brooklyn Restaurant
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Brooklyn is an amazing place to enjoy a variety of food found in restaurants ranging from different techniques to different spice levels as preferred by people.

Different cuisines from around the world can be seen in Brooklyn with many restaurants putting their own technique and presenting them to the people. As Brooklyn is known for its rich and classy vibe with beautiful attractions covering the place, the food category is also not left behind.

Who doesn’t enjoy visiting restaurants and sampling the many cuisines that are available, all while enjoying the comfortable ambiance? Every location has that one particular restaurant or one that everyone desires to visit given that they are world famous for numerous things.

9 Best Restaurants in Brooklyn: A Must Try

Restaurants are a core key in deciding the place that one wants to visit as it does play an important role. In the world, there are so many cultures residing in a small city or a place that makes that place more worth visiting.

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As it is not possible to visit places to try their authentic cuisines but now it is possible because the world has become so complex and one can find things from different countries in their own home town. Best restaurants in Brooklyn play a huge impact in attracting tourists from around the world as it has diverse food options for people.

1. Kuku Chicken Williamsburg:

Anything fried with a crisp texture on the outside dipped in sweet sour or hot sauce is a dish that can never go wrong, just like fried chicken. Fried chicken is something that can be eaten alone or by putting it as a combination with different dishes.

Fried Chicken
By D Pham/Unsplash

Just like everywhere else in the world, in Brooklyn, the popularity of fried chicken is known in every corner of the place and many restaurants are open for serving the best-fried chicken. One can find so many best restaurants in Brooklyn for fried chicken from authentic to classy places serving various options of fried chicken.

The Kuku Chicken Williamsburg is a Korean restaurant located at 137 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY serves one of the best Korean food in the whole of Brooklyn. The menu items of Kuku Chicken include bibimbap, spicy pork bulgogi, tteokbokki, hot honey chicken sandwich, crispy wings, chicken peppers, and many more.

The restaurant is perfect for having a wholesome meal with authentic traditional air surrounding the whole place. It is a great place for having fast food with friends in the evening as it allows people to have a great time with delicious food right at their table.

2. Aska:

In Brooklyn, many restaurants are popular for serving cuisines from different parts of the world just as the Aska restaurant which means “ashes” in Swedish. The Swedish restaurant is located at 47 South 5th Street Brooklyn, NY is one of the best restaurants Brooklyn.

Swedish Food
By Emanuel Ekstrom/Unsplash

The restaurant is all about a natural vibe with a cozy interior and menu filled with mouth-watering food for the people. The most apex thing about this Swedish restaurant is that it is two Michelin star run by Chef Fredrik Berselius.

Another important feature about the place that attracts tourists is that it is located near the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge, the famous attraction of Brooklyn. The restaurant’s overall vibe is antique as it is a restored warehouse to a dining place.

The place has the NYC vibe with food but with Swedish flavor and cooking technique right at the peak. It also has an open kitchen concept with an intimate dining room that allows only eight to ten people each night. Brooklyn is known for its brunch so this place is an amazing option as a brunch destination for people.

The menu is filled with Scandinavian tasting menus paired up with drinks of people’s choice that make amazing classic dishes as it serves a rich and classy vibe with comfort food as a whole.

3. The River Cafe:

Another one of the Michelin star best restaurants Brooklyn is all about luxury, spectacular views, top-notch delicious food, and to even make it better situated under the Brooklyn bridge. The River Cafe has been and still is the most exclusive restaurant found in America.

The River Cafe
By Dichatz/Unsplash

For 40 years till today, it is known as the most beautiful restaurant in the world, and most definitely, it has to come under the best restaurants Brooklyn. It is located on Water Street in Brooklyn, so the views are supposed to be great at any time of the day.

It is a perfect brunch spot to a perfect dinner place as the view is to die for and it creates an amazing atmosphere for the people. The River Cafe is said to have a romantic vibe because of its breathtaking NYC skyline, overlooked by Manhattan Skyline to classic American dishes as a bonus.

It is located at one of the desired Brooklyn locations, with the restaurant covered with flowers, high ceilings, live music, and amazing service. The restaurant’s elegant dining room, with countless engagement parties taking place makes the restaurant more lively and enjoyable.

The menu includes appetizers, the main course to dessert, and on request, one can order vegetarian dishes as well. The restaurants also have a terrace room that offers private dining and intimate space for people having weddings, parties, and events.

A dress code is a must while visiting the restaurant as it is a formal place for dining. The restaurant is also known for its finest wine bar serving some of the most expensive wines in the world.

4. Colonie:

Colonie is a place for everyone; it has everything from great wine to mouthwatering meals located at 127 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. It was opened in 2011 on a tree-lined block of the avenue just two blocks from the east river for the people in the community.

Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
By Demerzel21/depositphotos.com

It was built by keeping in mind the structure of the existing building on Atlantic avenue which is old rusty bricks that tells a lot of history so the Colonie place was made with wood covering the entire area with a cozy interior of ancient times.

To support the local community the restaurant was opened to provide the neighbors with a comfortable and inviting spot to hang out with delicious meals and drinks at their table. There is a wine bar serving wines, craft beer, and some of the finest cocktails that are prepared with local ingredients.

The Colonie is an easy-going place with a menu of dinner and brunch filled with charred lemon skillet mussels, fresh toast, omelet, pork chop, steak, pasta, and many more to fill the people happy. Dessert is not left behind as there are some mouthwatering sticky date cakes, vanilla bean panna cotta, and blackberry sorbet.

The Colonie is an amazing place to visit with family and friends as it’s covered with wood-accented surroundings and people buzzing here and there make it more enjoyable.

5. Clover Hill:

Clover Hill is located in the heart of the Brooklyn Heights historic district on 20 Columbia Pl, Brooklyn, NY. It is one of the best restaurants Brooklyn as there are three partners with executive chef Charlie Mitchell serving one of the best French-style seafood and American dishes.

roasted pork with grill vegetables with copy space

The newly awarded Michelin star, Clover Hill is a small but flavorful restaurant on a quiet residential street with people waiting in queues for a taste of this place. The executive chef prepares one of the best French-style meals in the whole of Brooklyn.

The chef of Clover Hill is the talk of the town and many people want to try his cooking, they say that the confidence and suaveness he has while preparing the meal is a true star of the dish. The restaurant is said to be one of the best brunch spots serving amazing food with perfect beverage pairings on the side.

The menu items are pork belly, French omelet, glazed farro, whole lobster, duck confit, and many more items. The place is perfect for family dining as the atmosphere is very warm with food flavor mixed in the air.

The restaurant’s service, food, wine, music, and overall ambience are very good to not try as it does come under one of the best restaurants Brooklyn.


Sofreh is a restaurant in Brooklyn located at 75 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn, NY serves one of the best Persian foods. Sofreh means gathering and sharing food, a place where family and friends can come and spend a lovely time together over delicious and authentic food and a must in the best restaurants Brooklyn list.

Persian Food
By Dad Hotel/Unsplash

The restaurant has a modern feeling to it with a wood beam ceiling hovering upon the dining room. The restaurant was originated by Nasim Alikhani and all the Persian food is an interpretation of her childhood fond memories.

The menu includes half chicken, brick chicken, smoked fish, saffron rice, dried lime broth, and smoked eggplant with desserts like yogurt sauce, traditional Persian ice cream, and butternut squash halwa. Drinks include soft drinks, Persian black tea, cocktails, and wines. The place has everything that a person needs to enjoy an evening after a hectic day and that is why it is one of the best restaurants Brooklyn.

The restaurant also holds private events in the second dining room with service being top-notch. The place has delicious authentic Persian food, a homely feeling in the restaurant, and amazing staff waiting to serve you the best they got.

The modernized restaurant, warm and cozy atmosphere with home-cooked Persian meals is something that one needs in such a hustle-bustle life.

7. Paulie Gee’s:

If the best restaurants in Brooklyn are mentioned, it is mandatory to have an Italian restaurant included in the list. Paulie Gee’s is an Italian restaurant located at 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY, serving vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegan meals for the people.

By Inna Gurina/Unsplash

Just like Italy, this restaurant is covered in old-rusty-looking warm wood spreading warmth in every corner of the place. Since it is a pizzeria restaurant, the pizza is one of the famous dishes in the restaurant with the perfect amount of everything that is required for a good Italian pizza.

There are salads, soups, pizza, vegan pizza, side dishes, and a secret pizza menu to spice it up. Dessert, vegan dessert, beverages, and the beer finishes out the menu. The place is also perfect for someone who is trying Italian food for the first time as well as the meals are made with fresh local ingredients.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is filled with the warmth of freshly baked pizza with people chatting around with their loved ones and definitely is one of the best restaurants Brooklyn.

8. Nura:

Isn’t it best if one can find a restaurant serving global flavors made with local ingredients in one place? And it can get better if it mostly includes Asian Cuisines. Nura Restaurant and Bar is located at 46 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY serving dishes from around the world.

assorted indian food
By: margouillat photo/Shutterstock

It comes under one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn as it is truly a package of everything needed for making wholesome dishes for people. The restaurant is very simple, airy, filled with plants, and a cooling atmosphere, and it’s perfect for being a brunch destination.

The menu is divided into four parts: brunch, dinner, wine, and drinks with each section of the menu filled with global cuisines. The setting area of the place is very lively which is very important for any restaurant as it can cheer up the people.

The restaurant serves Indian accented meals with American food fare as well for the people as a great brunch meal. The restaurant’s main feature is that they make house-baked bread served with different fillings and brown butter.

The brunch menu items are cocktails, brunch wine, juices, iced tea, American breakfast, spiced daal, and green shakshuka with the dinner menu being cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, bread and dip. Nura restaurant is an amazing place to visit if one wants to try out something different.

9. Place des Fêtes:

Place des Fêtes is a pop-up wine bar in the neighborhood of Clinton hill located at 212 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY. It is said to be one of the famous wine bars of Clinton hill with many varieties of services available for the people.

kelsey knight udj2tD3WKsY unsplash
Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash. Copyright 2017

The name is in French but the vibe and wines of the place are mostly Spanish and Portuguese. The menu of the restaurant is known for its Spanish wines and seafood as their chef’s specialty. The people can start their tasting menus with small plates as their appetizers with fine natural wine on the side.

The menu is filled with fresh cultured food, vegetables, and the main course with the specialty of wine in various forms available for the people. The restaurant also holds private events to career options for the people. One can visit the restaurant and go for a walk in downtown Brooklyn as a great activity after having some delicious food.

The place is filled with a warm-looking atmosphere and a classy dining room that is filled with people chatting and laughing while having fun eating new and different Spanish food. It is one of the best restaurants Brooklyn for a night out with friends.

More About Brooklyn:

The United States of America is known for its luxurious and classy cities that have gained thousands of visitors every year, including New York City. NYC is known worldwide for its beautiful scenery and delicious food. NYC is divided into five boroughs, with Brooklyn being the second most famous one.

Brooklyn Bridge
By Redd F/Unsplash

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs that are coextensive with King County in the US state of New York. King County is one the most popular and second most densely populated cities in NYC. As its popularity is known worldwide people from around the world come to visit and enjoy what the place has to offer.

One of the famous attractions of Brooklyn is that it serves amazing food with an atmosphere to die for. The brunch and dinner are the famous meals of the borough as they describe the New Yorker vibe very perfectly. There are so many attractions in the borough of New York City with various restaurants surrounding the place.

Various restaurants, cafes, and shops display their beautiful art in different forms. As it’s the second most densely populated place, there are so many people with various cuisines in every corner of the place. The best restaurants in Brooklyn have a mesmerizing vibe that serves as a relaxation for the people.

Brooklyn has an authentic history that can be seen around the place with food being their ultimate comfort and happiness.

What Is Brooklyn Famous For?

Being a part of NYC makes every place famous for each and everything. Brooklyn is known for many things that offer people the soothing vacation that they come for. The borough has a luxurious vibe to the place but with a warm and soothing feeling found everywhere.

Brooklyn has attractions in the form of museums, parks, shopping malls, and some of the world-famous attractions around the place, like Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, Brooklyn Museum, and many more. The overall vibe of the place is very ancient-like because mostly the buildings are very old, with brown bricks still standing tall and beautiful.

Other than the physical attractions of the borough, the second thing that comes on the list is the best restaurants in Brooklyn as it’s an important topic to talk about. Food is found in every place in the world but having the same meal in different places gives a whole new vibe with the taste being totally different.

It is because one is sitting in a wholly new atmosphere with the surroundings being different and a new chef is preparing the meal and maybe the outlet of the restaurant makes the food more appetizing and tasteful. From New York-style Pizza to New York-style bagels the Brooklyn menus include food that will fill people’s hearts and stomachs with happiness and mouth-watering food.

Another famous thing known about Brooklyn, NYC, is that in the morning, people are found walking toward their daily hustle-bustle chores with mandatory coffee and bagel in their hand, announcing themselves as New Yorkers.

Best Restaurants Brooklyn
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Many famous attractions serve amazing dishes and one can see a lot of stalls outside the attractions with people lined up to try many dishes and drinks served by restaurants in that area. In Brooklyn, there are highly rated restaurants to small business restaurants especially those run by immigrant families, and they are said to be very popular.

Many new restaurants in Brooklyn have been opened which have earned quite a popularity around the world. It’s worth trying to find restaurants that are hidden because they do serve some of the best dishes that everyone should try.

Final Note:

Restaurants play a very important role in brightening people’s moods with not only food but with the physical structure, atmosphere, and service of the restaurants. Brooklyn is a package in itself as there are so many places serving so many varieties of food with every structure and atmosphere being different, definitely adding a lot of experience for the people.

Best restaurants in Brooklyn and many other best restaurants’ main motive is to provide people with food that they can remember for a lifetime in the form of smell, feelings, and atmosphere.

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