A close-up of a pizza-looking cuisine with sauce, mushrooms, and mozzarella. A close-up of a pizza-looking cuisine with sauce, mushrooms, and mozzarella.

Best Restaurants in Soho :15 Top Spots You Can’t Miss!

SoHo is an acronym for South of Houston Street, located in New York City. It is a neighborhood filled with designer boutiques, fancy chains, and high-end art galleries. Hence, they make it a top destination for shopping, especially for tourists. While spending time exploring this part of New York, you will definitely need a food break.

Thankfully, there is much more to SoHo, along with the fancy shops and iconic neighborhoods filled with cobblestone streets. This place has a very wide variety of top Soho restaurants, which will make you want to come back for more.

This article will guide you through the streets of Soho and provide all the necessary details of the best restaurants providing the most delicious meals that leave your taste buds happy.

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List of 15 Best Restaurants in Soho

1. Blue Ribbon Brasserie

“Blue Ribbon Brasserie: A Classic American Dining Experience in Soho Restaurants”

Is Blue Ribbon Brasserie Iconic or Overrated?! (Part 16)

Whether you are an American or just visiting the States for a vacation, this place is a must-go. If you need a break to fill your tummy after roaming and exploring the various shops the place has to offer, then visit this place. This iconic, late-night brasserie features seafood, American dishes, and cocktails. The restaurant has been serving food and drinks to the masses since 1992.

The menu has a really wide variety. From french fries and BBQ to fried chicken and wings to Kaluga caviar to satisfy your cravings. The Blue Ribbon Brasserie is open seven nights a week.

They’re serving meals such as salads, bone marrow, hanger steak, and delicious desserts to make your night a good one. The warm and cozy atmosphere makes this place a perfect spot for a date, group gathering, or just to eat by yourself as self-care.

2. Le Coucou

“Le Coucou: A Michelin-Starred French Culinary Haven in Soho Restaurants”

A restaurant with a dress code!? Yes, that’s correct. Le Coucou has a dress code. Elegant attire for the night out is what makes it count at Le Coucou.  Jackets are not required. This French restaurant in SoHo is beautiful, with warm lighting in addition to great food, making your dinner or lunch a magical experience.

Globally acclaimed chef Daniel Rose started Le Coucou after being inspired by the Parisian dining scene. He brought the essence of fine French dining back home to be enjoyed, especially on a completely different continent with a completely different time zone.

You will find that the menu offers delicacies like Tout le lapin (all of the rabbit). Also, Foie gras grillé printanier (morels, green asparagus, warm vinaigrette), lobster, and duck. You surely want to choose this place if you are looking to celebrate any special occasion.

3. Charlie Bird

“Charlie Bird: Where Modern American Cuisine Takes Flight in Soho Restaurants”

Charlie Bird New York City Video Story

An Italian-inspired restaurant, Charlie Bird has a great wine list and art featuring boomboxes with a very cool vibe. It is everything one could want from a downtown New York restaurant. This Michelin-star restaurant is a very hip place for brunch after you have had a late morning. Or if you just want to catch up with your friends or family on a weekend.

Maybe you are planning to eat in rather than go out to eat. Also, this place is a great choice with its too-good portions of pasta like spaghetti alla carbonara. With the farro salad on small plates and seafood on large plates as the highlight, Charlie Bird is a must-visit.

4. Raku

“Savor Exquisite Japanese Cuisine at Raku: A Must-Try Gem Among Soho Restaurants”

If NYC meets Japan was a place, then it would be this restaurant in SoHo. After exploring the iconic neighborhoods lined with brick walls of Soho, you might need a relaxing space to end your shopping spree. Or just some time away from all the chaos Soho has to offer. Raku’s specialty is authentic and delicious steaming bowls of udon noodles, which you might not find in any other part of the city.

The menu offered here is quite simple but well thought out. It consists of various mouth-watering broths and soups to go along with the noodles. A place that offers delicious noodles along with such hype will for sure be a hotspot and full of people wanting to get in. The same happens with Raku.

Make sure you get a reservation before going there. Try to be a bit early as lines start forming in front of the restaurant long before it even opens. You don’t want to miss a chance to eat at this fantastic place.

5. Cafe Altro Paradiso

Chefs' Tour: Ignacio Mattos, Chef, and Owner of Café Altro Paradiso, Estela, and Lodi.

“Cafe Altro Paradiso: A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Soho Restaurants”

Cafe Altro Paradiso is an Italian restaurant in the heart of SoHo. It is essential in dining places when you visit New York City. Located on a bright downtown corner, café Altro Paradiso serves delicious, straightforward Italian food by chef Ignacio Mattos. The place is immensely decorated with Italian influences. The reviews rave about the Malfatti Cacio e Pepe, Wagyu burger, and their well-balanced cocktails and wine selections.

The well-mannered staff provides a very friendly and great service, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Just west of Soho in Hudson Square, this pace, with its great ambiance and even outdoor seating, makes Altro Paradiso the perfect spot for any occasion. Be it a date or group gathering or even to celebrate a holiday dinner or lunch with your family and friends.

6. Pinch Chinese

Looking for authentic Chinese food but in Soho and not in Chinatown? Well, Pinch Chinese from the heart of Soho brings you the most delicious Chinese comfort food with natural wine and cocktails. You might get intimidated by the looks of the chefs wearing masks and white coats, wrapping dumplings, and feel that you are in a lab.

But don’t stress because it’s a lab where you experiment with your tastebuds!! The diverse menu of this restaurant comes with great interior design. They combine elements of mandarine culture with modern decoration, giving a very chic experience.

Their most famous dish is pork soup dumplings that are handcrafted with perfection. Sea scallops and some traditional Chinese meals like Peking Duck, which could take at least an hour to prepare.

So, make sure to reserve your table a day before to experience the explosion of spices and flavors in your mouth. Pair it with something on their wine list or their signature cocktails. And here’s a little secret. If you got there from 5 to 7 in the evening, you might be able to save a few pennies in happy hour.

7. Dominique Ansel Bakery

New York City Vlog: Inside Dominique Ansel Bakery NYC Is It Worth The Wait? Here For The Snacks

“Dominique Ansel Bakery: Indulge in Sweet Creations at Soho’s Premier Pastry Destination”

James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel started this bakery. They serve his signature pastries from the Cronut to DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann). Also, cookie shots and various other tempting options along with coffee and tea, and even savory options. People usually line up in the mornings to eat Cronuts from the place where they actually originated from. But the delectable options make it worth the wait outside the Dominique Ansel bakery.

You can order your pastries and drinks for a quick grab-and-go. Or sit there and enjoy it while people-watching to amuse yourself and have a leisurely morning (or any time of the day). You must go during the early hours of the day if you want to try their cronuts as they sell very fast. But other options are available throughout the day.

8. La Mercerie

“La Mercerei: A Culinary Journey Through French Delights in Soho Restaurants”

When we hear about French food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably croissant, baguette, ratatouille, or French toast. But let your taste buds run wild because there’s much more to explore in French cuisine. La Mercerie, located in the Roman and Williams Guild shop, is one of the great restaurants to try.

This French eatery is one of the most beautiful restaurants, to say the least. With its extremely beautiful artistic pieces hung on the walls to the aesthetic plates and cups used to serve food. Everything is truly exquisite, and it even offers a garden to sit in peace and enjoy your meal.

With the great ambiance comes great food with an authentic taste that will leave a mark on your tastebuds forever. Enjoy the French tradition of Apéro featuring refreshing aperitifs, petit plats, and extended lunch hours. Now, whenever you are craving French food in New York, La Mercerie is the way to go!

9. Mamo Restaurant

“Mamo: A Taste of the Mediterranean in Soho Restaurants with a Touch of Italian Elegance”

“An Italian restaurant born in the heart of SoHo brings a modern twist on Italian nostalgia.” It is the opening line for Mamo, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The beautiful white walls, in addition to the perfect touch of rust and soft light with unique pictures decorating the place, are the perfect visual example of nostalgia but with a modern twist.

The menu has a range of options from classic Italian dishes, prepared with high-quality ingredients, octopus and beef carpaccio, to the truffle risotto. And every dish is presented beautifully and bursting with flavors, and the truffle pizza is to die for!!

For the vegan folks, they have plenty of vegetarian options too. You only have to head upstairs and enter the dining hall, and you will enter the paradise of Italian food. So, be it a date, girl’s night out, or family dinner, you will not find a better place than this to have a great meal. The staff is very friendly, and they provide a great service for an enjoyable experience.

10. Shuka

Located in Soho on MacDougal Street near Houston Street, Shuka is a must-try place for contemporary eastern Mediterranean food by Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja. This place offers dynamic and bold flavors. They are all the more delightful, with a setting inspired by the places all over the Mediterranean. It is a restaurant serving seasonal cuisine and dishes. So, the menu changes based on the market availability of the ingredients.

The Shakshuka with its perfectly caramelized onions or The Shuka Feast is a must-try meal from the menu. Give a try to the bright pink beet hummus, falafel, and lamb skewer. All the dishes are full of flavors. Mezze, small plates, and kebabs are offered along with unique cocktails and wine.

The place provides both indoor and outdoor seating. The middle room in the restaurant is filled with oversized photographs, giving it a vast farmhouse feeling. The charming garden at the back makes you feel like you are on vacation. This warm and inviting place with friendly staff makes it one of the best restaurants in Soho, whether you are alone, with friends, or on a date.

11. Despaña

“Despaña: Discover Authentic Spanish Delights in Soho Restaurants”

If you want to have a little taste of Spain in the city, then your destination should be Despaña. Located in lower Manhattan, it’s Fine Foods & Tapas Bar is a specialty grocery store. It carries a large variety of items, including a deli with cheese and cured meats, etc.

At the rear of the store is a small dining area with a few tables and standing bars for customers. You can also watch the employees preparing your food along with the delicious and beautiful fresh mozzarella cheese and meat plates. In addition, it gives you the authentic experience of eating tapas from Spain. I bet you never knew you had to experience this tapas bar(or which you would never want to miss).

They have an excellent selection of Spanish wine and some Italian, too! A tasty and smokey aroma fills the store. It gives you a prelude to how delicious the dishes are going to be; it is truly a gift that sparks joy. They are famous for their wide variety of sandwiches. The black color of the overall shop and the yellow accented wall give it a very modern look. So the next time you’re craving Mexican? Visit this place.

12. Balthazar

Balthazar Restaurant in New York

This iconic French brasserie is located right in the heart of SoHo and serves a variety of delicious dishes. The restaurant serves a variety of meat and poultry dishes. It includes options such as eggs Benedict, french onion soup, steak frites, roasted chicken, Balthazar burger, and a lot more.

The bustling restaurant serves traditional French fare from breakfast to supper. It is a must-visit for all the out-of-towners as the ambiance of this place is great for Manhattan fine dining.

The place is very touristy and fills up quite rapidly, especially with the exorbitant foot traffic around the area. So make sure to have a reservation before visiting. The desserts here are out of this world! Be it Pavlova, Chocolate Mousse, or Profiteroles, everything tastes heavenly.

The service is really good with very warm, friendly and welcoming staff. Whenever you want to enjoy yourself with your friends and family, this place should come to your mind.

13. Beatnic

Vegan-friendly restaurants are a rare sight, but Beatnic is here to save our day and fill our bellies with delicious food. It is located between the best boutiques in Soho; take a break from shopping and try some cruelty-free meals. A no-meat burger sounds bland, but this place can prove you wrong with its huge menu and finger-licking food.

Their mac and cheese is, of course, topping the charts with sweet potato fries as runner-up. Other than that, they offer options such as chicky Caesar wrap and kale cease. Don’t forget to have a taste of their fan-favorite beet ketchup for more spiciness and juiciness. And don’t worry about carrying cash with you because they are cards only. So we don’t want any BEEF with the non-vegan; all we are saying is give this place a chance.

14. Fanelli’s Cafe

We all hate a history lesson, but this cafe is historic! This bar is considered the city’s second-oldest food-and-drink establishment. And has been serving for over a century now. This place has existed in Soho long before Soho was a thing. Located at the corner of Prince and Mercer, this place gives an authentic New York experience to the crowd of tourists as well as New Yorkers.

In conclusion, Burger and beer aren’t all you get here. When you enter this cafe, its antique cabinets and decor certainly give you the feeling of a time capsule. Bison burgers are a must-try! We suggest you bring earphones as it does get noisy sometimes! So love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it! Because it’s the nation’s treasure in the form of a cafe.

15. Antique Garage

Converted from an old mechanic shop to a restaurant, it is Soho’s one of the best-kept secrets. This fancy Mediterranean restaurant in Soho is decorated with various antiques, and it is truly one of a kind. Art on the walls and live jazz music playing create a very dazzling environment, perfect for a romantic date night.

The antique garage is fine Mediterranean dining with a touch of Turkish, Greek, and Italian influences. You can try popular dishes such as bar steak, salmon, asparagus, and lamb chops. In addition, the staff is very attentive to your needs, and they have top-notch service. The antique garage is also delighted to welcome larger parties and offers a prix fixe menu for parties of 12 or more.

Well, this is all we have for you.

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