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The Hidden Gems and Surprises of Fiesta San Antonio 2021

Viva Fiesta, Texas’s most awaited and happening party, attracts several tourists worldwide. If you are planning to visit this extravagant Fiesta in San Antonio, then you have stumbled upon just the right article for you. Stick to the end of the article as we share all the details so that you can prepare well ahead for this amazing fest.

You can also start planning your days out for next year and enjoy the most beautiful mix of cultures. To find a Pocket Guide for upcoming events for 2022, visit the Official Fiesta San Antonio Website.

Fiesta San Antonio 2021
Image by SSG Casey Paulozzi, Flickr. Copyright 2021.


San Antonio, Texas, celebrates an annual festival or Fiesta, which is held to honour the heroes of the battle of San Jacinto and the fallen soldiers of the Alamo. Since 1981, San Antonio has been celebrating the Fiesta with passion since it is an essential culture of its history.

This Fiesta has become a celebration of the diverse cultures of San Antonio and Texas. It was initially held to help the families of the fallen heroes financially. Today, the Fiesta is held as a fundraiser.

It is a ten-day-long festival that includes many events and activities, approximately 115. Some of the main Fiesta events are the Flowers Parade, The Texas Cavaliers River Parade, Fiesta Flambeau Parade, Fiesta de Los Reyes at the market square, A Day in Old Mexico, and Charreada, Six Flags opening night, etc. However, Fiesta San Antonio 2021 could not be as extravagant as it should have been because of the COVID pandemic.

Disruption of COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many of the year’s events could not occur. About 65 events had to be cancelled. Among these was the most anticipated event of the Fiesta, the Flower Battle.

However, the Texans did not refrain from extravagantly celebrating their rich cultural history. The festival, usually held in April, was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it was held from 17th June (Thursday) to 27th June (Sunday) this year.

During the ten-day festival, San Antonio hosted many activities for kids and adults.

Day 1: The Inauguration

Before the primary day, many free pre-festival activities were held from April to June. Usually, the first activity that inaugurated the Fiesta is the flowers parade and the battle of flowers. Women dress up in exuberant and bright flower-themed dresses.

Since this wondrous sight had to be cancelled, a party known as Fiesta Fiesta kickstarted the festival, which included music, dancing, singing, eating, and shopping. The event took place at Hemisfair.

This party was followed by a culinary event: The Taste of the Republic, and it worked as a fundraiser. The Taste of the Republic is usually held after Fiesta Fiesta. This event celebrates San Antonio’s rich gastronomy.

Day 2: The Royal Court

Amongst the many traditions of the festival, there is one that has always been followed by the town thoroughly, and that is the San Antonio Royalty.

Every year, a Queen of Fiesta is selected by order of the Alamo (a group of people responsible for organizing the Fiesta). Along with a queen, eight other members are chosen, known as the Fiesta Royalty. The Fiesta Royalty has to appear at a parade during the festival.

Fiesta de Los Reyes goes on for the entire day and is a free event at Market Square, starting with a parade by the royal court and then a crowning of the king. The King of the Fiesta is Crowned festively. This year, the king, or “Rey Feo”, was Thomas Aguillon.

A meet-and-greet meets the royal court, and the day ends with a music festival. It was a great year because Black Eyed Peas and Ava Max, followed by Ozuna and J. Rey Soul, made headlines by attending the event.

fiesta San Antonio 2021
Image by Larry Johnson via Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Day 3: The Sport’s Day

The third day is filled with sports events starting with Fiesta Especial Inclusion 5K and Parade, an inclusive race for differently-abled people. This day also saw a women’s soccer tournament. There are many more events like races, kayaking, and Viva Botanica. Viva Botanica takes place at the San Antonia Botanical Garden and has fun activities for all ages. People also have stalls for artisanal and culinary experiences.

The most anticipated event of this day is the Esports competition between the students of Texan colleges. The game is Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the prize is a scholarship. This is a fun yet competitive event in which everyone is invested. San Antonians come out to watch their favourite team and cheer for them. It also followed the same excitement and all the safety protocols.

On the same day, another music festival is held. The Chaparral Music & Heritage Festival headlined Jack Ingram, Dylan Wheeler, Jon Stork, and Kathryn Legendre.

This day also saw a masquerade ball called Incognito: Fiesta’s Masquerade Dance Dance Dance Party. A masquerade ball is a perfect place for people to be whoever they want and go crazy on the dance floor to live music from the top most live bands in San Antonio.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a significant event at the festival since it acts as a fundraiser for the Fiesta’s only non-profit LGBTQ+ organization.

Day 4: Run to Remember

The fourth day starts with the continuation of the Women’s Soccer tournament. Fiesta Run to Remember is a 5-10K run that acts for Alzheimer’s awareness and is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Fiesta de Los Reyes was held every day. Since Royalty and the Royal Court is a big part of the Fiesta culture, there is a special event called Fit for a Princess Self-Esteem Empowerment Program to teach the kids of San Antonio manners and etiquette during a tea party.

Day 5: Texas Cavaliers River Parade

Day five brings the most unique, one-of-a-kind parade that is the Texas Cavaliers River Parade.

The history of this parade is fascinating. In 1941, the Texas Cavaliers saw a Mexican tradition taking place where boats and floats were decorated with flowers. They decided to use this tradition.

Many floats dedicated to various organizations are decorated and displayed in the San Antonio River. Like all the events, activities, and parades in the Fiesta, this Parade is also a fundraiser for many Children’s Organizations and Community Outreach Programs.

You can buy the tickets, and all proceedings go to the organizations. Additional money can also be donated individually.

Fiesta San Antonio 2021
Image by Joint Base San Antonio via Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Day 6: Begining of Night in Old San Antonio

Day six starts with the traditional daily party. The main event of the day is the Night in Old San Antonio. This day celebrates the rich and diverse culture of San Antonio by representing 14 areas of the city in one place at La Villita Historic Arts Village District. This celebration of cultures goes on for four days.

The next event is the Ford Mariachi Festival, a music festival celebrating the Mexican genre of Mariachi music. The Mariachi student bands of the city come together to entertain the audience.

Day 7: Gartenfest

Gartenfest is a German Beer Garden. About 20 different beers are brewed here, and German gastronomy is served, including Bratwurst (a German sausage), Reuben sandwiches, Leberkäse(a type of sausage), and Bavarian soft pretzels. Friends and families come here to cool down after the parties. It is also a great place to go out on a date.

The Ford Mariachi Festival and Night in Old San Antonio continued to be held on this day.

Fiesta San Antonio 2021
Image by Markus Tacker via Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Day 8: VFW 76

The catch of this day was the 10th Street River Festival. This festival is held to celebrate the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 76 in San Antonio. There are many genres of music performed by different artists during the festival.

Day 9: Fredrock

Fredrock is a block party music festival that has been going on traditionally for 12 years, but because of COVID-19 restrictions this year, it had to be performed virtually, like most of the music festivities in the past two years. Even though it was virtual, the audience did not disappoint in being a great one.

Day 10: The most eventful day

Day ten is considered the most eventful day of the Fiesta. This day included a running activity where the city’s people go for a spur or run at the local parks.

After this, the Circle for Life Motorcycle Rally was held to raise awareness for organ donation and transplants. All the proceedings from the event went to the local hospital. About a hundred participants came along with their motorcycles and marched to the Fiesta de Los Reyes.

The United Way Kids Festival and the Top Teen Health Choices Conference were held to shed light on the upbringing and development of both kids and teenagers, and there was a discussion of mental health, too.

This day’s events were not only held for kids but also for animals! The Fiesta Pooch Parade usually includes the dogs of San Antonio parading down the street in their cutest outfits, and the Festival de Animales celebrates the animals of the San Antonio Zoo.

Fiesta San Antonio 2021
Image by Stephanie Carter via Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Day 11: The Last Day

On the last day, Praise Dance Celebration showcases singers and dancers from all age groups. This day celebrated the rich culture of Mexicans. The Fiesta saw Night in Old San Antonio, a Day in Old Mexico, and Charreada events.

Traditions, language, gastronomy, etiquette, etc. were celebrated. La Reina de la Feria de las Flores Reception was the last event of the Fiesta where people got to meet the Queen of Fiesta, Elizabeth Grace Huey.

A beautiful celebration of culture and heritage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and everyone should witness it. Fiesta San Antonio is a huge part of Texan culture and should be known worldwide. Its parades and music festivals are the best expression of the Mexican/Texan amalgamation.



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