Top 10 German Restaurants in Fredericksburg, Texas

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restaurants in Fredericksburg
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Texas is a culturally rich state with plenty of fun things to do. It is an attraction to many tourists and sightseers. Founded in 1846, Fredericksburg is a city in Texas famous for its German Heritage. This city was named after Prince Frederick of Prussia and is the sister city of Montaobaur, Germany.

In 1846, during the European colonization, German immigrants settled in this part of the state and planted their German roots here. This is a great place to visit if you are want to experience the rich German culture. German restaurants in Fredericksburg of Texas Hill County have taken after the German Heritage of the city. If you decide to go to Fredericksburg, Texas, these are some must-visit German restaurants in Fredericksburg.

1) Altstadt Brewery

Among the various German restaurants in Fredericksburg, Altstadt is known for its over 15 handcrafted beer styles with German ingredients and beautiful architecture. The beers in this brewery follow the historic German purity law of 1516 and make their beers with only four ingredients: hops, barley, yeast, and artesian spring water.

This destination is a spend-all-day kind of place. This restaurant’s design is inspired by German architecture, and the building is a sight to see before you leave the city. You can come in for brunch enjoy the Beer and e tractor museum in the evening. Spend the evening the rest of the evening watching a Texas sunset.

Alstadt has excellent live music to enjoy while relishing in the German Beer. When it comes to German restaurants in Fredericksburg, Alstadt is one of the best.

2) Otto’s German Bistro

Looking for an excellent outdoor dining experience where you can also enjoy the weather as you eat in Fredericksburg? Otto’s is famous for its ambiance and its mouth-watering foie gras. It is located at 316 E Austin St and is considered one of the best German restaurants in Fredericksburg, TX, by the locals. This place has authentic German cuisine, and the locals are absolute loyal customers to them.

The European cafe setting gives it an even further authentic look. It has a loving atmosphere that you feel like taking your loved ones to when it comes to German restaurants in Fredericksburg. Otto’s is famous for their Rotkohl or red cabbage, a traditional German dish and famous among other German restaurants in Fredericksburg. Make sure to order this along with a signature weekend cocktail.

3) Altdorf German Biergarten and Restaurant

restaurants in Fredericksburg
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If you are thinking of having a fun day out with your friends, 301 W Main St, Biergarten is what you should be looking for. This beer garden is a great to stop for refreshing yourself with alcoholic beverages and relish the iconic Reuben sandwich. The Biergarten and the local German food make this a perfect setting to calm down after a long day. Stopping here after a long drive is also a great decision.

4) Der Lindenbaum

If you feel fancy and want to experience an excellent German meal, Der Lindenbaum is the restaurant to visit. It is located on 312 E Main St and can be easily located by the German flag hung outside. It symbolizes the famous “Linden Tree” which is close to the heart of Germans.

The building is made of limestone, built by the original German immigrants that made this place what it is today. This place has indoor seating that gives a real European vibe. Der Lindenbaum has some of the best schnitzels and bratwurst in the town. Be sure to try out their famous homemade cakes.

5) The Ausländer Restaurant and Biergarten

Speaking of Bier, Ausländer Restaurant and Biergarten is another great brewery and restaurant in Fredericksburg. The Ausländer is authentically German from inside and out. They specialize in the steaks and desserts region from the Bavaria region of Germany. It is one of the best German restaurants in Fredericksburg. Located off of 323 E. Main St, it has been a famous location to visit in Fredericksburg TX. One must-try at this restaurant is their Spicy Jalapeño Pimento Cheese.

6) Old German Bakery and Restaurant

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Another one of the popular German restaurants in Fredericksburg is Old German Bakery, this family-owned and operated restaurant is located on 225 W Main street. This old German bakery cum restaurant has everything from German delicacies to European cuisines. This place is known for its breakfast and lunches. This restaurant has vegan and gluten-free options, too.

They bake fresh bread every day that you can carry along with you on your way out from breakfast. Many reviews on their website compliment their apple strudels.

7) Fredericksburg Brewing Co.

This restaurant is also a brewery, Biergarten, pub, AND B&B (except, the second B here stands for Brew!). If you plan to visit Fredericksburg, TX, to soak in the German Heritage that the German immigrants once started and have been continued, you have a place to stay that gives off a great atmosphere and real German experience. The food and drinks are just as good as the atmosphere here. They are famous for their many draft and tap beers.

8) Rathskeller Restaurant

Although small and not that popular, this one of the German restaurants in Fredericksburg has some of the best breakfast and lunch menus. They have plenty of Vegan-friendly and gluten-free options to choose from. They have plenty of Vegan-friendly and gluten-free options to choose from. They also serve Peach Bread Pudding with Homemade Caramel Sauce which they are famous for. Rathskeller is located on 260 E Main St and has some delicious German favorites. Since they are a small restaurant, they have excellent service.

9) Culture’s Grill and Bar

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As the name suggests, this one of the best bar-cum-restaurants in Fredericksburg serves German, American, and Mexican food, and a wide variety of tap beer. They have about 44 beers on tap and a large number of wines on their menu. The food here is good and since there are so many options, you can choose from any of the three cultures. They pride themselves in their Avocado Egg rolls.

10) Pecan Grove Historic Ice House

Another one of the popular German restaurants in Fredericksburg is Pecan Grove is located at 5244 N State Highway 16. Its main attraction is its deliciously savory craft burgers. You can enjoy a great 1/2 pound Dino Burger with your favorite Beer or wine while sitting under the beautiful Pecan Trees as live music is played for you.

Not only this but they also acknowledge their Texan Heritage and serve famous Texas chili and street tacos.

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