Top 9 Terrifying Houston Haunted Houses

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Waking up early, running to the office, listening to your boss’s tantrums, and the same everyday hang out with colleagues. Tired of it? Right!

Then try visiting the haunted places in Houston. Houston has some of the best-haunted houses, which will give you the most chilling haunted experience.

Not just on Halloween! Let me tell you, having a scary experience or scaring someone can be the best way to free yourself from the stress of living a monotonous life.

In this post, I’m going to talk about some of the scariest and most popular haunted houses in Houston.

9 Scariest Haunted Houses in Houston

1. The Haunted Trails

The Haunted Trails is the first in our list of ‘haunted houses in Houston.’ When the sky darkens and wolves howl, you have to be brave and be sure to stay on the horror trails!

It isn’t a house, but you have to walk the scary trail. There are two attractions in this haunted place. You have to dare to complete it. The tickets will cost you $28, and you don’t have to wait in the long line by paying $10 extra money. Haunted Trails is open in October on weekends and the first weekend of November.

They also introduced two new activities in 2021, Escape the guillotine and Monster Souvenir Photos. Escape the guillotine, is a five minutes puzzle game. A maximum of five players can play, this activity costs $5 per person.

Monster Souvenir Photos, lets you take photos with your favorite character or groups. They charge you additional fees for this activity. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here. For more information, click here.

Location: 11500 Antoine Dr., Houston, TX 77066

2. Purgatory Scream Park

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: Lan Gao / Unsplash

Purgatory Scream Park is a haunted house that has been rebranded, it was formerly known as Kingwood Asylum. Even though the name has been changed, you can expect the same level of horror or even more.

Purgatory Scream Park has been the top-rated haunted house in Houston, on Google. It is said to be the largest haunted place in Texas, at around 27 sq feet. This haunted house is quite a challenge, as it has several haunted attractions, including the original asylum. It will take around 30 to 40 minutes to walk through the whole deadwood asylum.

The tickets cost $40 and the VIP tickets cost $60. They are open in October on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They are also open on Halloween and the first week of September.

Furthermore, they also introduced other attractions like Dead Wood Shanty Town and School of Dead. Their scenic designs are amazing, and the personalities of its characters are unforgettable. You may also enjoy  Houston Scream Fest Houston Scream Fest if you like this adventure. If you are looking for the most thrilling haunted place adventure, this is the one you don’t want to miss!

Location: 1965 NorthPark Drive Kingwood, Texas 77339

3. Houston Terror Dome

The third in our list of ‘Houston haunted houses’ is the Houston Terror Dome. Terror Dome has one of the most detailed and complex horror houses. Houston Terror Dome doesn’t only have one house, but they also have ax throwing, Cranium Catch, paintball, and Nightmare Alley Selfie Saloon.

It’s a family-friendly haunted house. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary. The owners of Terror Dome suggest you bring you an extra pair of underwear and if you don’t, they even sell it. So, you can guess how terrifying the attractions are going to be.

Their newest attraction is ‘The Sacrifice.’ The tickets cost you around $15 to $25, and VIP passes, and after-party options are also available. Also, by paying an extra $5, you can enter their fight your fears and paintball gallery. There are senior discounts of $5 for those age of 60 or above years with IDs. Military officers, police officers, firefighters, and first responders get $5 off up to two regular tickets with their IDs.

There are also combo tickets offered as per attractions and events. You can also buy tickets online. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here.

Location: 16030 East Freeway, Channelview, TX 77530

4. Creepy Hollow Houston

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: Simonwijers / Pixabay

According to Haunted Attraction Association (HAA), Creepy Hollow has been voted as the best among most haunted houses in Texas. They feature three attractions, multiple shows, amazing food, and games. The three attractions are walking through pitch-black paths, in the horrifying backwoods, and into the 288 Scare Factory.

The ticket costs $40 and an extra $10 for a speed pass. They also offer coupons on their website for discounts on admission. They are open in September, October, and some days of November for a late-night scare, usually on Friday and Saturday, with special hours during the week of Halloween. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here.

So, if you are looking for a scary and creepy night in Houston, you can’t miss it out!

Location: 12872 Valley Vista Drive, Rosharon, TX, 77583

5. Redrum Fear Park

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: KELLEPICS / Pixabay

The Redrum Fear Park is the fifth in our list of ‘Houston haunted houses.’ Redrum Fear Park is a fear park that offers terrifying thrills through its haunting attractions, plus live music, food, and much more. Redrum Fear Park has four attractions:

  • Twisted Circus
  • Category
  • Deadwood Asylum
  • Redrum Lazer Fury

The tickets would cost you $35 and a speed pass will cost you $55. You can save $5 by buying tickets online. Military and First Responder personnel get special discounts on general admission. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here.

Redrum is open for you in October every Friday and Saturday and sometimes Thursdays and Sunday. They claim to give you a horrifying experience that will drive you to the dreadful path to insomnia.

Location: 1800 E. Hwy 90 Alternate, Richmond TX 77406

6. Haunted Mayfield Manor

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: Sammy-Sander / Pixabay

Mayfield Manor welcomes you to visit their historical Manor, containing 12 horror rooms that leave you screaming. Dr. Mayfield is the main character of this Manor. Be cautious, he is a young doctor said to be insane and unpredictable. Mayfield Manor is located next to its sister attraction, Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast.

Tickets cost $10 per person. The tickets can be bought in combination for both the Mayfield Manor and Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast for $13.95 per person. And the even more good thing is that it is open all year long. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here.

Location: 2313 Harborside Dr., Galveston TX 77550

7. Boo On The Boardwalk

Kemah Boo on the Boardwalk is a great choice when you are looking for visiting haunted houses with your family. Their events include trick or treating, creepy crafts, face/arm painting, costume contests, live music, some special performances, and ghoulish fun on Freaky Fridays, Spooky Saturdays & Scary Sundays in October. There is no need to pay for the boardwalk, you just have to pay for rides.

There is also Little Boo Haunted Fun House and the Dungeon of Doom. The rides include wonder wheel, C.P. Huntington Train, Boardwalk Tower, and many other rides. They introduce many new events every month. To check out the upcoming events, click here.

You can pay for individual rides, buy an all-day ride pass, or a weekend adventure park. Kemah also offers to organize events and parties. It may not be included in the scariest Houston Haunted Houses, but is a good choice if you are going with children.

For more information, click here.

Location: 215 Kipp Ave, Kemah TX 77565

8. Phobia Haunted House

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: KELLEPICS / Pixabay

The eighth in our list of ‘haunted houses in Houston’ is the Phobia Haunted house. If you are looking for amazing special effects, this is it! It’s said to have 8 haunts, i.e., attractions. These attractions include:

  1. Dawn Of The Machine
  2. Mind control
  3. Genetic Nightmare
  4. Clown Mania
  5. Darke Institute
  6. Darke world
  7. Savage Ground
  8. Contagion

The last three attractions are under one house, known as Exile- Triple attraction. So, Exile includes Darke World, Savage Ground, and Contagion. The prices of tickets are according to the number of houses which you want to visit. One house costs $15 per person, Two houses for $25 per person, Three houses for $30 per person, four houses for $35 per person, five houses for $40 per person, and the Exile attraction for $30 per person. You can’t purchase the Exile attraction separately. For more information about the pricing and tickets, click here.

As per reviews, this place is damn good. This is a fan favorite among the haunted houses in Houston. So, if you want to get creeped out on Halloween, you got to try this place out!

For more information, click here.

Location: 5250 S. Sam Houston Pkwy, Houston TX 77048

9. Haunted Houstonopoly

Houstonopoly had been quite popular in October, because of its new and unique idea. What’s more about it is that they welcome people of all ages. It’s a life-size board game of about 10,000 square ft.

The daytime activities have Trunk or Treat weekends all month long with some spooky surprises, costume contests, pumpkin painting, and trick or treating, where kids collect candy and prizes as they make their way around the giant, board game featuring Houston artists, iconic landmarks, celebrities, and other events.

When the sky darkens, Houstonopoly is transformed into an interactive fright-fest for 16 years and above young people. The props and furniture change, horror rooms open and creatures lurk in the darkness, to haunt players as they roll the dice and attempt to make their way around the haunting game board. The daytime tickets cost $20 and the nighttime tickets cost $35.

You have to be cautious, one roll of the dice can send you through a creepy, twisted Circus or right into the Graveyard!

For more information, click here.

Location: 2501, Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

Haunted Houses In Houston
Source: QuinceCreative / Pixabay

So, this is the list of Haunted places in Houston, that you can visit to get a haunting experience. If you are looking for a Haunted House in NYC- check this out. Do comment on which is/ are your favorite haunted houses!

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