How to Visit Yellowstone National Park from Florida (Travel Guide 2022)

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Yellowstone National Park from Florida is a long journey from South East of the US to the North West. The world-famous National Park is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, mid-North West of the USA, and it’s one of the best places to see wildlife, nature, and geothermal activity.

The major part of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming; on the contrary, Florida is on the South-East coast of the USA, spanning a distance of approximately 2500 – 2600 miles.

The road distance of the journey, starting from any major city, like Orlando or Miami or Tallahassee or Tampa, or Jacksonville in Florida, to Yellowstone National Park, will be quite an enjoyable trip. We also have you covered if you prefer to cut the travel time and spend an extra week at Yellowstone National Park.

Here, we have curated this ultimate article providing travelers with all the information ranging from the best route, airline details, attractions, and places to visit and explore en route to the destination – Yellowstone national park.

Yellowstone National Park
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How to Visit Yellowstone National Park from Florida as an Enjoyable Road Trip:

Florida to Yellowstone National Park road trip is a great way to see some of America’s most iconic scenery. The drive takes you through the panhandle of Florida and across the vast, open plains of Oklahoma before reaching the eastern edge of the Rockies. The scenery here is unbeatable, with rolling hills and vast expanses of steppe and forest.

By planning a road trip with friends from Florida to Yellowstone National Park, you get to spend a few days exploring the park itself, or you could take the opportunity to visit some of the smaller, nearby towns, like Enid or Guthrie. Either way, this trip would be one of the most interesting trails that no one could forget.

To make it hassle-free, we have shortlisted the possible route with precise driving directions with some great places to visit during the drive. First, the road distance is around 2500-2600 miles long, and renting a car in case you don’t have one that best suits the long ride is best.

For better car rentals, Costco is a better option to start with, as they have decent prices for SUVs, and it is always good to book in advance; you’ll thank us later on for how much time and costs you’d save.

Route Nashville:

Whether you start from Miami (South of Florida) or Orlando, Tampa (Mid Florida), or Jacksonville (East coast Florida), you should take the Interstate highway (I-75) to reach Yellowstone national park.

It would take around 36-37 hours from Orlando, Florida, to Yellowstone national park, and the distance is subject to change by +/- 3-4 hours, accordingly to the city you wish to start the journey from Florida (Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee).

Driving Directions:

Traveling on the I-75, you’ll reach Atlanta, Georgia, and keep moving North from Atlanta; you will enter Tennessee. At the border of Atlanta and Tennessee, you exit the I-75 at Chattanooga, Tennessee, and enter the I-24 highway. From here on, the trip will be moving further North-West, and the next major stop point would be Nashville, Tennessee, for a quick stop if needed.

Proceed driving on the I-24 highway, and eventually, you’ll enter the southwest of Illinois. Pass through the Shawnee National Park and take up the I-57; once you reach Mt.Vernon, take up the I-64. You’ll reach St Louis, Missouri, following the driving directions through a few Towns and you’ll get st Joseph, just a little North of Kansas City, the western border of Missouri.

alex jumper JgEtmgOjoew unsplash
By Alex Jumper by Unsplash

Take up the I-29 and travel North along the border of Nebraska, exit I-29, and enter Nebraska city to enter Lincoln. Drive on the I-80 highway from Lincoln, which will take you far West across Nebraska. Keep driving on I-80 and crossing the Nebraska – Wyoming border.

You’ll be moving North West, across Wyoming, and take a right at Rawlins, keep moving, and reach one of the most beautiful places in the world, Yellowstone national park.

Alternate Routes:

Suppose you are starting from Tallahassee (West Florida). Taking up I-22 to reach Memphis crossing Mississippi, and reaching Kansas City. From here on, follow the same route as mentioned above, I-29. In that case, you’d likely save 2-3 hours by traveling North West through Alabama instead of moving through Georgia, especially through Montgomery, catching up on the I-65 highway to Birmingham.

Why Route Nashville is the Best Route:

There are other routes to reach Yellowstone National Park from Florida, like the Denver route via Oklahoma, Kansas City, and the Jacksonville route via I-95, South Carolina, and North Carolina, without entering Georgia.

However, these routes are more time-consuming and suits better if you prefer a cross-country drive listening to country music in a car traveling with a map past various City life. The Nashville route is the right blend of distance and time-taking with a fine mix of amusement activities and places to visit, thus making it the best way.

This information is a treat if you are starting from Miami, Florida, to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Take the I-95 highway on the East coast and drive along. You have several beaches to enjoy at. The popular Daytona beach, in the North East of Florida, and also Jacksonville Beach; from Jacksonville, you can take either the Atlanta or the South Carolina route.

Hotel and Place to Stay En Route to Yellowstone National Park from Florida:

Here we have compiled a short list of campgrounds close to the driving route, which is significantly the cheapest way to spend a night or so.

Camping grounds surrounding Florida that are worthy of visiting,

  • Blackwater River State Park: This state park is located in northwestern Florida and offers RV and primitive camping opportunities.
  • Holmes Valley Campground: This campground is located in central Florida and offers RV camping with full hookups.
  • Conecuh National Forest: This national forest is located in southern Alabama and offers primitive camping opportunities.

Camping grounds are close to the driving directions from Florida to Yellowstone National Park,

  • Stone Mountain Park Campground, Georgia
  • Wranglers Campground, Kentucky
  • South Sauty Creek Resort, South West to Chattanooga.

Few places to check out for a stay,

  • Club Hotel Nashville Inn & Suites, Alexis Inn and Suites Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee.

Attractions in Nashville City:

Where to start describing this? Nashville is popularly known as the “Music City.” If you are a person who enjoys music while moving around in a car, then you are in a treat. Broadway is the lifeline of downtown Nashville, and it has two lives to explore. Day life is filled with various options to shop, dine, and explore the classic fashion of trolleys on the street or enjoy a walk on the streets with a map.

The second life at night, Neon lit streets invite your spending habits at rooftop bars and pubs jacked with music and swimming pools, which is a must-visit to explore the party life within you. Spending time in and around Nashville City will surely pep up the road trip.

Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum:

shutterstock 1383244892
By: Felix on Shutterstock

This is one of the iconic sports museums in the world, dedicated to the finest sports personalities. You get to see the various original sports gear and jerseys, a spot to spend time.

Country music hall of fame and museum, Johnny Cash museum and cafe:

Country music hall is a fun and interesting museum, especially if you love country music. Walk around the museum, see musical instruments, watch archived footage of popular music concerts, and much more.

Johnny’s case museum is dedicated to the legend of Johnny Cash, filled with artifacts in his memory, guitars, and record albums. A cafe near the museum has a live band that plays his songs.

Parks to Explore

There are several parks to tune your mind before you reach Yellowstone national park, Cumberland Park, Warner Parks, Water park on Nashville shores, and Long Hunter state park is worth a visit with a mix of fun water parks and the natural forest regions. Surrounding St Louis, there are botanical gardens to experience the lush green.

Things to do Along the Route

You can enjoy the live theater in St Louis, visit botanical gardens, spend a regenerative time at Sioux Falls, and enjoy the views of the city; the car trip across the countryside while crossing South Dakota makes the drive to Yellowstone national park exciting.

Kansas City

If you prefer to take a longer route via Kansas City, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, the popular American Jazz museum, several theaters, theme parks, and Breweries.

Detour Enjoyments

Tennessee River fishing is one of the state’s most popular types of fishing. This wide and fast-flowing river offers an abundance of fish, from smallmouth to largemouth bass, catfish, and even a few trout.

There are many great spots to fish on the Tennessee River, but some of the most popular sites include the cities of Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis. Each town has unique river fishing opportunities, so explore them all!

Another similar spot is the Mississippi river, a major waterway in the US that spreads across 11 states. You get to distance yourself from the hustle of city life and explore nature, immerse yourself in the magical waterfalls, live in the scenic beauty of the dams and river shores, and walk around the historical town surrounding the majestic river.

Suggestions on Places to Stay:

On your way to Yellowstone National Park from Florida, you will want to stay in a comfortable, clean, affordable hotel. You will also want to find a hotel near the attractions you plan to visit while you are in the area.

It is noted that to enjoy and explore Yellowstone National Park to the fullest, and we highly suggest planning and booking hotels as early as 7-8 months before your journey date as the prices shoot up during the vacation season.

There are many different hotels from affordable to luxury hotels to choose from when planning your trip to Yellowstone National Park. To help you make the best decision for your needs, we have compiled a list of the best hotels with a lovely hotel room on the way to Yellowstone national park.

  1. Hampton Inn West Yellowstone national park
  2. Holiday Inn West Yellowstone national park
  3. Best Western Paradise Inn
  4. Days Inn by Wyndham West Yellowstone national park
  5. Comfort Inn West Yellowstone national park

These spots are all located near the park and offer a variety of amenities at fair prices to make your stay more enjoyable. Booking as early as 8-10 months, you could get good deals and offers on the merits.

Visit Yellowstone National Park from Florida via Flights:

Opting to travel by flight is a better choice for people who wish to stay around Yellowstone national park rather than spend driving across the country. Depending on your destination and the time of year you are traveling, you may find different airlines fly with better deals on the prices.

This is the fastest way to reach Yellowstone national park. However, you might need to spend a little money to save time (It still can be the cheapest way than driving across the country with a map considering your spending habits and your interest in staying in Yellowstone national park).

Direct Flights to Visit Yellowstone National Park from Florida:

It is to note that there is no direct flight from any major airport in Florida (Orlando/Tampa/Miami/ Jacksonville). The closest airport to hop in for a direct flight to reach Yellowstone national park is in Atlanta, Georgia. This is one of the cheap flights to Yellowstone national park. After that, a quick road trip from Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, will connect you to a direct flight.

Especially during the vacation season, United Airlines, American Airlines, and a few more airlines fly non-stop to Montana to reach Yellowstone national park. Also, a short ride from Tampa, Orlando, and Miami through Daytona Beach will take you to Jacksonville. From here, you can take a flight (usually with 2 -3 stops) to Jackson, Wyoming, to reach Yellowstone National Park.

What airport do you use to fly to Visit Yellowstone National Park?

The closest airport to reach the National park is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), Montana, proudly known as the “Gateway to Yellowstone.” You’ll get Yellowstone national park with a quick drive that takes nearly 1.5 hours.

Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), Wyoming, is another airport to keep an eye on. Airlines fly in and out of here non-stop; airlines like American airlines, United airlines, and Alaska airlines promote non-stop service, especially during the vacation season – summer. Looking at this airport rush and demand for flights make it the best route to reach Yellowstone national park.

What is the Best City to Fly into to Visit Yellowstone National Park?

  1. Belgrade, Montana, is the right city to fly into, as it holds the Bozeman Yellowstone National Park (BZN) Airport closer to the National Park.
  2. Jackson, Wyoming, is another best city to visit Yellowstone national park, as it holds Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) and is just a little South of the Park.

Once you reach either of the airports, a quick drive will take you to the National park, so it is best to book rental cars; apart from Costco, a car rental website is also an option to start with. Also, consider the official statements regarding Covid-19 issued by the Governments as it differs from state to state, irrespective of the rules, and follow social distancing in appropriate places.

Is a trip to Yellowstone National Park worth it?

Yellowstone National Park is one of the world-famous wildlife and nature sites, containing rare and exciting spots to spend time in. The hiking trails available here, with the breathtaking scenic beauty, are worth the walk you take. You get to spend more time with yourself and experience life in nature.

For people visiting from the south, southeast, or southwest, this journey across the country will equip them with more wisdom and memories as the atmosphere shifts their bodies.

Major attractions in Yellowstone national park:

Yellowstone national park is filled with geysers, hike trails, hydrothermal vents, and diverse wildlife to watch. Arrive early, and you can find some peaceful spots without overcrowding. Also, you might be able to find some hidden geysers/vents in your hike trails.

  • Mystic Falls Trails: Hiking trails with maps and waterfalls to explore.

    waterfall g3afb51a1f 1920
    By, GeorgeB2 on Pixabay
  • Mammoth hot springs, Lone Star Geyser: You can view the hot springs and geysers.

    Visit yellowstone national park from florida
    By, Gruendercoach on Pixabay.
  • Artist point: Hiking and waterfalls
  • Fairy Falls: Waterfalls and hiking, Hellroaring Creek Trailhead, Storm Point Trail: Hiking

Camping in Yellowstone National Park

Camping in Yellowstone National Park is a great way to experience the park. There are many different camping grounds, each with its attractions. Some popular camping grounds include Mammoth, Old Faithful, and Roosevelt.

  • Mammoth Campground is located in the park’s heart, just a few miles from the main entrance. It is a large campground with various tent and RV sites and cabins. Several activities are available at the campground, such as swimming, fishing, and hiking.
  • Old Faithful is one of the most popular camping grounds in the park. It is located just outside the park, on the banks of the Yellowstone River. The campground has a variety of tent and RV sites and cabins. There are several restaurants and shops located just outside the campground.
  • Roosevelt is located just outside the park. It is a small campground with limited tent space.
  • Indian Creek campground, Pebble Creek campground, Yellowstone Expeditions Yurt camp, and Silver gate Lodging are some places worth checking out to center and spend at least a week.

Pre-booking the hotel room or the campsites is crucial as it will give you a great offer at prices to experience this great place in peace.

The Best Month to Visit Yellowstone National Park:

Generally, the best months to visit the National park are anytime between April end of October beginning.

Visiting in April, as the spring arrives, it is apt to see the beautiful place and the vibrant wildlife. This time of the year is best if you love hiking, snowshoeing, animal watching, and camping.

Visiting in September is apt for people who love Fishing, hiking, animal watching, and backpacking. On the contrary, October is for people who wish to watch the hydrothermal vents, geysers, and hot springs.

Things to do Surrounding Yellowstone National Park:

If you love to take the scenic route filled with scenery to enjoy with your friends, instead of entering Nebraska City at the west border of Missouri, keep driving past Omaha to reach Sioux Falls, change to I-90 here, and go west across South Dakota. Keep following on the I-90 highway entering Wyoming till you reach Laurel, Montana.

This little detour adventure in the Nashville route is the best if you’re looking for a relaxed and fun road trip. Exit the I-90 and head towards road 212 for adventurous rides and turns on the Beartooth highway. Passing the highway, drive through the county towards Canyon village, and move further South, you’ll reach Yellowstone national park.

Safety and Precautions:

Bring additional and appropriate clothes as the weather fluctuates depending on the season you visit.

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