The 4 Spectacular Nevada National Parks

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Red Rock Formations in Nevada
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A largely semi-arid to arid state, Nevada in the Western US is home to several artificial and natural attractions which invite tourists from all over the world. No wonder tourism is the largest industry in the state. A major portion of the total tourist revenue is received from the astounding Nevada national parks, which provide phenomenal scenic sights and the thrill of the incredible wilderness.

1. Nevada National Parks In Las Vegas

1.1. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Nevada National Parks: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
by Davyd Bortnik/ Pexels

On the west of the Las Vegas strip, lie the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which attracts countless travelers from around the world annually. The park is where the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevadas meets the El Paso Range. On its far west, the Canyon is adjacent to the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area.

The history of its terrain dates back to when tectonic forces fashioned it to form a landscape of multiple color-streaked canyons, which now provide travelers with far-reaching possibilities to explore and enjoy natural life.

As part of the national park service, a 21-kilometer loop road provides vehicle access to the area’s many spectacular features and is also opportune for bicycle touring. The visitor center at the start of the loop road is where one might search for more information regarding the park.

Some of the most famous trails and hikes of this rugged Nevada State Park one should explore are the Moenkopi Loop, Calico Hills, and the White Rock Mountain Loop.

1.2. The Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Also near Las Vegas, bordering Tule Springs, are The Tule Springs Fossil Beds. A national monument, it was established in 2014 to protect Ice Age paleontological discoveries. It is an up-for-the-site one mustn’t fail to visit.

2. Nevada National Parks In the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sprawled across the Westerner it United States, the Sierra Nevada mountain range is between the Central California Valley and the Great Basin. The majority of the range lies in California, although the Carson Range spur lies mostly in Nevada. This dry and mountainous region is home to some Nevada national parks and national monuments.

2.1. Yosemite National Park:

Nevada National Parks, The Yosemite National Park
by Pixabay / Pexels

The first national recreation area of America, Yosemite is a land of pioneering American history. Located in central California, near Carson City, Yosemite National Park attracts almost four million annual visitors, as it promises a flurry of activities and sightseeing destinations.

In the Yosemite Valley, the Yosemite Falls is the largest waterfall in America with breathtaking views. This state park is known for its Giant Sequoia trees, which are estimated to be over 3,000 years old. As one of the most visited Nevada State Parks, Yosemite park boasts of bedazzling views, family vacation, and hiking opportunities.

2.2. Devils Postpile National Monument

Devils Postpile National Monument
by moonjazz / Flickr /@Some Rights Reserved

The Devils Postpile is a national monument located near the Mammoth in Eastern California. Devils Postpile is a unique geological formation of columnar basalt and as one might discover, nature’s true work of art.

Attractions of this national monument include the Red Meadow Valley, the Rainbow Falls, and Ansel Adams. With a valid permit, one might go fishing for wild trouts along the San Joaquin River.

2.3. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

The Sequoia and the Kings Canyon are two Nevada National Parks located on the Sierra Nevada mountains south. Both parks are jointly administered by the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Service.

While the Sequoia gets its name from its giant sequoia trees, including General Sherman, the largest tree on Earth by volume, the Kings Canyon is a pristine rugged glacier-carved valley, comprising high meadows, swift-flowing rivers, and mountain peaks.

2.4. Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park

Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park
by Griffin Wooldridge/ Pexels

The Lake Tahoe–Nevada Park is probably the most wonderful of the Nevada national parks which comprises multiple management units and is also a well-known national recreation area. It is located on the northeast shores of America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe in the state of Nevada.

Visitors’ attractions include the Sand Harbour, Cave Rock, and Spooner Lake mead. The “Spooner Summit” is used for thrilling & fun sports like hiking, picnicking, fishing, and searching and observing wildlife.

3. Nevada National Parks In The Mojave Deserts

Mojave desert near Hoover dam
by Richard Martin / Flickr /@Some Rights Reserved

About The Mojave Deserts

Resting in the extremities of climate, the Mojave Desert Network includes a total of nine national parks spread across the Mojave and the Great Basin deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and California. In spite of the dry topography, the Mojave offers stunning diversity.

Ranging from the hot, dry Death Valley national park to the subdued brilliant blue waters of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the Mojave desert network has a life of its own. One travels here in search of appalling trees, unlikely fish, fossil beds, and discovers and experiences the rich American history.

Other Nevada National parks include the Joshua Tree National Park, the Great Basin National Park, the Lake Mead National Recreation area, and Parashant National Monument.

3.1. The Great Basin National Park

Wheeler peak, Great Basin National Park
by Ken Lund / Flickr/ @Some Rights Reserved

From the summit of the Wheeler Peak to its sage-laden foothills, the Great Basin National Park is the most diverse of all the Nevada national parks. Sweeping views include the large and beautiful Lexington Arch and the brilliant blue waters of Stella Lake.

Situated at the base of the Wheeler Peak, the Lehman caves are brilliant in their array of stalactites and stalagmites. The oldest non-clonal species on the planet, the ancient  Bristlecone pines are most notable here. The rare trees, shaped by the wind, snow, and rain are an unmissable sight!

The national park has long provided young men and other visitors with the perfect land type for a thrilling hike, fun camping, rock climbing, and other adventures, making it very appealing to visitors.

3.2. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is situated in Nevada and northwestern Arizona, adjacent to the Hoover Dam area. Operated by the National Park Service, this NRA includes all of Lake Mead and the smaller Lake Mohave.

The NRA provides several water recreations, such as boating and swimming, on both lakes as well as in the sprawling stretch of the Colorado River. It also features exciting hiking trails, camping sites, and exquisite views of the surrounding desert landscape.

3.3. Death Valley National Park

Nevada National parks: Death Valley National Park
by Vlada Karpovich / Pexels

Straddled across the California-Nevada borders, the Death Valley National Park was established in 1994. It is surrounded by the Death Valley, Panamint, and the Eureka Valleys.

This state park with its extensive sandy beaches is the hottest, driest, and lowest of all Nevada state parks in the United States. More than 93% of the park is a wilderness area and is home to species of plants and animals like creosote bush, Joshua tree, bighorn sheep, coyote, etc.

4. Nevada National Park Trails And Other State Parks In Nevada

Besides the fascinating Nevada national parks, there are several enjoyable National park trails from Nevada to the neighboring states, overseen by the U.S. National Park Service. Most popular among them are the Pony Express National Historic Trail and the Santa Fe National Historic Trail.

Other essential Nevada National Parks include the Cathedral Gorge State Park, Valley of Fire State Park. The Fort Churchill State Historic Park deserves special attention as the magnificent Carson river flows through it.


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