Alaska Glacier Tours : The Complete Guide To 15 Best Glaciers

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Alaska Glacier Tours
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The undiscovered and exotic state of Alaska reminds us of bright blue glaciers and adventures. About 1,00,000 glaciers are there, although, out of which only 616 are named.

Pertaining to this, and various other obvious reasons a nature lover will understand by heart, Alaska glacier tours are a highlight in America.

Alaska Glacier Tours

If you are interested in glacier hikes and day trips around beautiful glaciers, Alaska glacier tours are without a doubt, the best. What else is more adventurous and informative than viewing the glaciers and witnessing nature’s rare phenomena?

Alaska Glacier Tours
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Grab your Snowgear and pack your bags to head over to the scenic glaciers of Alaska.

A tourist’s favorite activity in Alaska is a glacier tour, you can view the glaciers from the sky with helicopter tours, you can take train tours, or you can add a bit of adventure by trying a dog sledding ride.

A Guide to Alaska Glacier Tours

Some of the accessible and hike-able glaciers in Alaska are:

1. Mendenhall Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

A glacier situated in Mendenhall valley within the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, it is a protected area. Due to global warming, like many other glaciers, the Mendenhall Glacier is also retreating.

The visitor center gives many services, and it is open all year round. The exhibits in this center provide information about the history of the glacier.

Hiking, kayaking, and many adventurous activities are offered on this glacier. There are many trails in this area, such as the Nugget Falls trail, the Steep Creek Trail, the photo point trail, etc.

You can view the glaciers and ice caves from these trails.

2. Portage Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Situated in the Kenai Peninsula, the Portage glacier is a must-visit in Alaska glacier tours. It acquired this name due to its position as it is located on a portage route between Prince William Sound and the Turnagain arm.

Once, this glacier was massive and expanded along the Portage valley, which is now transformed into five separate glaciers.

Commercial boat services are provided to view the glacier as it can’t be seen from the visitor center. Hiking and skiing opportunities are also offered.

The trail of blue ice is excellent for salmon viewing. Kayaking, wildlife day cruises, and fishing can be done in Whittier, which is just around the corner from Portage Valley.

Also, you can watch bears and other species at the Alaska wildlife conservation center.

Alaska Glacier Tours
By eberhard grossgaste/ Pexels. Copyright 2019

3. Matanuska Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

This valley glacier is one of the largest glaciers in the US. It is highly accessible, and thus, it is included in almost every Alaska glacier tour.

It is near the Glenn Highway and flows approximately 30 cm each day. The recreation site offers trails and camping facilities here. Ice climbing, hiking, and other winter activities are also offered.

4. Exit Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Alaska Glacier Tours
By Pixabay/ Pexels. Copyright 2017

Located in the Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier is a glacier that originated from the Harding ice field. It is also accessible by road.

Skiing, dogsleds, snow machines, and many other winter recreational activities are provided. Hiking trails are available. Ranger-led walks are provided in the summer and several Alaskan species can be seen in this area.

5. Knik Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

One of the largest glaciers in southcentral Alaska, Knik Glacier, is located on the northern end of the Chugach Mountains.

This glacier offers fantastic sightseeing opportunities for tourists. Several tour companies also offer many glacier viewing facilities. Helicopter tours are also available, although your expenses may rise if you opt for them.

Knik Glacier is considered a natural landmark as it resists flooding. The beauty and tranquility offered by this glacier are known to give the Alaskan experience to its visitors.

6. Bering Glacier

This is the largest Alaskan glacier but climate change has visibly contributed to the degradation of this glacier.

It is thinned by several meters and has retreated several kilometers. Due to this, the region is more prone to earthquakes.

Alaska Glacier Tours
By Trace Hudson/ Pexels. Copyright 2019

7. Malaspina Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

This is a Piedmont glacier in southeastern Alaska.

Piedmont glaciers are rare, and Malaspina is the largest Piedmont glacier globally. It is formed by merging many valley glaciers like the Agassiz glacier and the Seward glacier.

Malaspina glacier is a part of the St. Elias Mountain glacier system, and this glacier derived its name from Captain Alessandro Malaspina.

Learn more about the Piedmont glaciers.

8. Muir Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

A naturalist named after John Muir, Muir Glacier was a tidewater glacier. Situated in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, this glacier is also retreating drastically.

9. Worthington Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Worthington Glacier is a road-accessible glacier.

It is highly appreciated for its scenic beauty, situated on the Richardson highway. It was also listed as a National Natural Landmark. The Recreation Site provides spectacular views of the glacier and two trails are available for glacier hiking.

10. Taku Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

This is a tidewater glacier in Alaska. Taku Glacier is the thickest and deepest alpine temperate glacier known globally and is 1447 meters thick.

Taku Glacier is the least affected by global warming and climate change. This glacier is advancing because of its positive mass balance.

11. Aialik Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Aialik Glacier is the largest in Aialik Bay. It is a part of Kenai Fjords National Park. This is an active glacier and the glacier calving can be seen mainly in May and June.

Alaska Glacier Tours
By eberhard grossgastei/Pexels. Copyright 2019

12. Ruth Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Situated in Denali National Park and Preserve, Ruth glacier is named after the youngest daughter of Frederick Cook, who explored this glacier in 1903.

This glacier moves almost 3 feet a day and the sides of the glacier have granite cliffs, a must-visit, we must say.

13. Holgate Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

This is a tidewater and mountain glacier located in Kenai Fjords National Park and the tourists can see the glacier with a glacier cruise. Kayaking and many other activities are also offered.

14. McCarty Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

Alaska Glacier Tours
By Francesco Ungaro/ Pexels. Copyright 2018

This is a tidewater glacier found in the Kenai Mountains, but McCarty Glacier is severely affected by global warming, which has retreated almost 15 km.

15. Margerie Glacier – Alaska Glacier Tours

This is a tidewater glacier in Alaska, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Margerie Glacier is a frequently visited glacier as it is the most active and cleanest glacier. Many varieties of species are found here, which you will be able to spot if you are lucky.

The 26 Glacier Cruise

Glacier viewing is ideal for day tours and the 26 glacier cruise facilitates the viewing of 26 glaciers named and several unnamed glaciers.

Alaska glacier tours are a way to find the history of the region and the most famous glacier hikes will help you to know more about glaciers.

Alaska Glacier Tours
By kinkate/ Pexels. Copyright 2017

Bottom Line

Alaska glacier tours can show you the actual impact of global warming. It sufficiently proves that climate change is real and poses a significant threat to humanity.

When you visit Alaska glaciers, you can be a part of many adventures. You will never see the same glacier in the same condition as your initial visit since it keeps retreating. Taking the initiative to know more about these glaciers and their conditions can benefit the Earth.

Plan your day trips to Alaska glaciers and explore the vividness of the Earth. Explore these glaciers before it is too late!

Discover more attractions in Alaska.

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