things to do in manchester nh things to do in manchester nh

8 Fun-Filled Activities to Spice Up Your Time in Manchester

When you visit Manchester for the first time, the list of fun things is plenty. It is a city in Hillsborough, renowned as ‘Manchester, New Hampshire,’ United States. It is covered with hilly uplands and multitudinous small lakes, like Crystal Lake, Echo, and many more.

Interestingly, Benjamin Prichard established this beautiful megacity for artificial reasons in 1805. Many notable natives like US President Franklin Pierce and Horace Greely were born in this state.

New Hampshire is one of the coldest regions in the United States of America. New Hampshire’s major tourist attraction regions are the White Mountain, Great North Wood, Merrimack Valley, etc. This region is substantially known for its snowy rainfall. Many touristy activities can be enjoyed in this region during the holidays.

things to do in manchester nh
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Things to Do in Manchester, NH

This is a place of a developed country, and there are many things to do in Manchester, NH. This place will show and give awful experiences if you want to make your holidays pleasant and knowledgeable.

So, must-go-to places are Science museums, restaurants, Art Galleries, Mountains, and Lakes. Through these visits, anybody can learn more about the Aphorism of Manchester, which is ‘Live Free or Die.’

While exploring this state with family, friends, or solo, everyone can do these activities to make the journey more memorable:

1. Historical Sites –

Every country has some heritage and historical sites. That tells us the history of that country. Here are some historical sites of NH: –

 1.1 Endicott Rock:

Endicott Rock is a public monument in New England. It is located on the coastline of  Winnipesaukee. The affinity of this place is that the Rock was originally in the lake. The Rock will provide evidence of European incursion.

1.2 Hannah Duston Memorial:

Hannah Duston Memorial was erected in 1874. It is located on a small Island. Hannah Duston was captured in 1697 during the French and Indian War. This is also a picnic spot for callers near the river’s shore.

Image Source: nhstateparks

1.3 Franklin Pierce Hamstead Historic Site:

Franklin Pierce Hamstead was the home of the 14th President of the USA. Entry is free for children under five and NH residents aged 65 and over.

2. Visit Museums –

Those who love Art and Science and want to know more about industrialization can go and watch or enjoy the Science and art galleries. New Hampshire’s Science Museums and Art Galleries:-

 2.1 SEE Science Centre:

SEE‘s exhibits create a fun and learning experience for visitors of all ages. Exhibits on lights, Electricity, Force, momentum sound, and much more will give an energizing experience to children.

 2.2 Mill yard Museum:

Mill Yard Museum shows us the story of Manchester, NH, and the people who lived or worked there. There are many things to see at Millard Museum.

It also reflects the light on industrialization in the city. Mill yard Museum is a good choice for solo travelers and history lovers. It has a lot to know about New Hampshire City.

Art Three Gallery has one of the largest art collections by national and international artists. The Artwork includes original oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media.

3. Enjoy in Parks:-

Things to do in Manchester New Hampshire
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If you want to plan a short trip with your family or friends, you can go to farms or parks too. This short picnic can give you a space or peaceful environment from buzzing life. Here are some amazing parks in New Hampshire:-

3.1 Livingston Park:

Livingston Park is the heart of the city. Visitors can souse into the swimming pool. The garth is pet friendly also. This park will give you a whole family pack space to spend your precious time.

3.2 Twin Bridge Park:

Twin Bridge Park Campground

Twin Bridge Park is in New Hampshire. The highlights of the twin park are that the two bridges cross the Pemigewasset River. So, the bridge is known as the Twin Bridge. The park is great for picnics, fishing, and hiking.

3.2 Mine Falls Park:

Mine Falls Park is situated in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. This forested park will offer an extraordinary essence of Nature.

4. Eat Delicious Food –

Food gives us energy and makes someone’s trip or moment pleasant. You can try Manchester, NH’s authentic food, in a good restaurant. Here are some of the tastiest food items that can make your journey perfect and happy:- 

4.1 Apple Cider Doughnuts:

Apple Crest Farm is famous for its doughnuts. Visitors should visit from Sep to Oct. The doughnuts are Fresh and hot.

 4.2 Clam Chowder:

This is a soup of American cuisine. The common ingredients are clams, Potatoes, Salt, and Onion. You will get this soup at The Crown Tavern American Restaurant. This soup feels amazing in winter. It enhances satisfaction.

 4.3 Chocolate Mice:

The Olmec created chocolate. Children loved this mouse-shaped chocolate not only for its shape but also for its taste. So, chocolate mice can be a good gift for someone.

5. Skiing and Sledging –

activities in snow
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Skiing and Sledging are activities by which you can experience the true winter season and enjoy it. Here are some places in NH for these activities:-

5.1 Waterville Valley Resort:

Waterville Valley Resort is a very famous ski resort in New Hampshire. It has won many awards. It is located within the white mountains and national forest region. In this area, you can do adventures like hiking, camping, and skiing. These activities can make your vacation memorable.

 5.2 Bretton Wood Ski Resort:

This Resort is located in the Brentwood area. This resort is best for family or group activities or picnics.

5.3 Attitash Mountain Village: 

You can experience sledding through the Forest of pine trees with the help of Attitash Mountain Village Resort. The Rides are 30 minutes long.

6. Waterfall Hikes – 

walking trails
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According to science, water releases negative ions, and when we are near a water body, it helps us release our negativity. So waterfalls hiking is a good option to do in NH:-

 6.1 Purgatory Brook and Falls:

Purgatory Fall is a short but wide waterfall located on Purgatory Brook. There are three waterfalls on this Brook. The trail to the fall is very short and mostly flat.

So hiking can be done with family and friends easily. Purgatory Brook is a 93km long tributary of the Souhega River in New Hampshire.

6.2 Wild Cat Conservation Area: 

Wild Cat Conservation Area contains 87 acres of pine forest and wildcat falls. This area provides an excellent opportunity to watch the wildlife.

 6.3 Pulpit Rock: 

The Pulpit Rock conservation area is a treasure for nature lovers. It is best for local hiking, Bird watching, and experiencing.

This conservation site is located on New Boston Road in Bedford, NH. There are several trails, but the highlight is the Ravine Trail. Spring is the best season to come and see the waterfall with chirping birds. The hiking might be difficult, but it is worthwhile to come here.

7. Kayaking and Fishing –

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kayaking improves muscle strength and also gives you a lifetime experience with water. Sharing a fishing experience helps to strengthen relationships with family and friends. So here are the three most important places for fishing and kayaking in Summer: –

 7.1 Massabesic Canoe and Kayak: 

Massabesic is a lake in southern New Hampshire, US. This lake supplies drinking water to the Manchester area, which is why Swimming and water skiing are not allowed here. But this is a pleasant and peaceful spot for walking and relaxing your mind.

7.2 Contoocook River Canoe: 

The Cantoocook River Canoe offers a 9-mile trip that begins in Cantoocook village. During paddling, you can enjoy abundant wildlife such as ducks, blue herons, King Fisher, etc.

7.3 Crystal Lake: 

Crystal Lake is a natural pond in South Manchester, NH, USA. Crystal Lake is famous for many activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. You can find fishes like mouth bass, chain pickerel, and black crappie.

8. Go for a Ride –

Top 25 Rides and Attractions in New Hampshire

New Hemisphere is a go-to place for biking and cycling. Biking and cycling are good for both mental and physical health. If you have less time to explore a city. So you can take a ride and explore Manchester, NH, with the wind. Here are some trails where riding can be done: –

8.1 Sheridan Emmet Park Loop: 

Sheridan Emmet Park Loop is located at 324 Beech Street in NH. It has amenities like a basketball court and a playground. So it is kid- and adult-friendly also. It is open 24 hours every day.

8.2 Heritage Trail: 

The Heritage Trail is a trail programmed by the state government of New Hampshire. This trial has a river. This river walk can be used for cycling. This Riverwalk offers a lovely, peaceful view of the nation.

8.3 Kalivas Park Walk

This track is tremendous for biking, running, and walking. This is a short city park. It takes only 3 min to complete. The best moment to see and experience the trial is from February to November.

9. Conclusion: 

8 *Best* FREE Things To Do In Manchester!


Manchester is a city that offers different seasons in different months. So it has always something new to show. It is famous for many things like art, science, and winter.

The weather is intense in winter and summer. If you want to experience snow and really cold weather, then it is a good City in the USA. Winters are famous for Christmas and New Year. And this city can make your Christmas Eve special and magical.

On summer days, this city becomes the hottest. It has many lakes and rivers, which make Sumner unique. If someone loves adventure, this city has much to do and explore.

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