Top 10 Healthy Drinks For Energy

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People commonly drink energy drinks to improve their energy levels and concentration. Along with this, some drinks are marketed to improve weight loss and offer health benefits. Though the options available in the market are full of chemical compounds, there are many healthy drinks for energy as well.

The fact that a drink that provides you energy and does not contain over 100 calories sounds a bit unreal. In every aspect, natural drinks cross off both the checkboxes. It doesn’t contain a lot of calories, and it provides you with refreshment as well as energy.

What Are Energy Drinks?

Healthy drinks for energy
Image by Sean Patrik/ Pexels

Energy drinks are drinkables that contain a stimulating compound to help provide mental and physical stimulation. The compound used most widely is of course caffeine.

A large variety of energy drinks are available in the market. While there is speculation whether energy drinks can be healthy or not, checking out the components would help you out to choose the best energy drink.

Energy drinks may or may not be carbonated, the amount of sugar varies as per the change in brand. Also, the amount of caffeine varies in different energy drinks.

Choosing Healthy Drinks For Energy

While choosing an energy drink, the aspect of health should also be in mind. Excess caffeine or sugar may harm your health, making you even more tired in the longer run.

Since the average energy drink contains about 140 mg of caffeine, some going up to 200 mg, you need to pick a healthy drink for energy with less sugar as well as less caffeine content.

This high content of caffeine can harm your body in many ways. Increased heart rate, poor mental health and anxiety are several problems you can come across if you’re not careful with your choice.

Why Are Energy Drinks Harmful?

Healthy drinks for energy
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There’s a lot of studies that have been based on energy drinks, and how it affects teenager’s as well as adults. The advertisement for these is directed to the younger demographic solely.

The claims to increase energy levels without and side effects draws a lot of teens towards the consumption of these products. Along with the results, there has been a few revelations on how these energy drinks affect our health.

Some facts about energy drinks:

  1. Adolescents face negative health effects probably due to their smaller body size.
  2. Some energy drinks are known to contain 500 mg of caffeine per can. Excessive caffeine used in these drinks fathoms health problems such as anxiety, increased heart rate, insomnia and other risks.
  3. Energy drinks are also known to contain high amounts of sugar. These cause the same problems as having a soft drink may cause.
  4. FDA approvals state that the caffeine content should not be 140 mg for a beverage. Although, energy drinks can be sold in form of stimulating drinks with caffeine content ranking to 500 mg per can.
  5. Confusion between sports drinks and energy drinks is making a lot of teens consume energy drinks with higher side effects than sports drinks.

Health Boosting Adaptogens

Health boosting adaptogens are products that are known to have many medical benefits such as relieving stress. Most energy drinks add health-boosting adaptogens to their products for increasing alertness, relieving stress, and anxiety.

Natural Healthy Drinks For Energy

The fact that energy drinks are to provide healthy outcomes is astonishing in itself. Most of the energy drinks in the market are loaded with sugar and high amounts of caffeine. Although some brands are getting into the healthier sides of providing energy. Some natural healthy drinks for energy are listed below.

Green Tea

Healthy drinks for energy
Image by Marefee/ pexels

Considered as one of the best healthy drinks for energy, green tea has become a popular drink for weight loss and detoxification. Along with having tons of health benefits, green tea is being used as an energy drink as well. Although it contains lesser caffeine than coffee, the presence of an amino acid L – theanine, is known to substitute the qualities of caffeine. Thus, green tea provides rejuvenation with lesser side effects.

Fruit Juice

The juice of any fruit has proven to provide energy. With almost negligible amounts of caffeine, all kinds of fruit juices are known to relieve stress. With no need for added sugars, they are great for increasing the energy level. The ones with the highest rejuvenating properties are

  • Watermelon juice
  • Apple juice
  • Mango juice
  • Avocado juice

Coconut Milk

Top 10 healthy drinks for energy
Image Tijan Drndarski/Pexels

Coconut milk may not directly link with energy liberation, but it has some triglycerides which encourage fat burning. Thus, indirectly providing us with instant energy. Apart from the major benefits of providing energy, it helps in reducing fat at the same time. Our bodies store energy by converting food into fats so that they can be used to liberate more energy when required. This way it is also recommended for weight loss. Coconut water is also a good alternative to coconut milk.

Blood Orange Energy Drink Powder

Blood orange is mostly marketed in the form of powder made of citric acid and natural flavours. It is sugar-free and you just need to dilute it in water. The organic flavour makes the drink tasty and healthy at the same time.

Ginger Lime Drink

Ginger root is known to provide energy to the body. Lime Possesses vitamin C, adding benefits to ginger lime. It could act as a great substitute for your coffee which contains high levels of caffeine. Though there are energy drinks available in the market with ginger-lime flavour, this drink can be prepared at home as well.

Yerba Maté

Yerba maté is a South American caffeine-infused drink made by combining different types of dried herbs. Available online as well, Yerba Maté can be easily made at home. There are many ways to make Yerba mate at home with ease.

Natural Healthy Drinks For Energy

Healthy drinks for energy
Image by Element 5 Digital/ Unsplash

After the uphaul in the energy drinks market, the speculation regarding them being unhealthy started to rise. Brands like Red Bull and monster energy use a lot of preservatives and added sugar to make their products more effective.

Companies started adding more and more caffeine for long-lasting energy. Other brands also increased their caffeine concentration which enabled people to consume 200 mg of caffeine in one go. This is thrice the amount of caffeine present in one cup of coffee.

As problems make way for solutions, many companies have started manufacturing energy drinks that are natural with fewer servings of caffeine. These drinks are keto-friendly, with low sugar and caffeine content.

Some herbal companies have made a lot of progress with the production of healthier energy drinks that are sugar-free and only contain natural ingredients.

A few of the listed best natural energy drinks as confirmed by dieticians are

  1. Sound sparkling organic Yerba Maté-  Containing citrus and hibiscus, Yerba Maté is one of the healthy drinks for energy that contains about 70 mg of caffeine. Although, the presence of white tea and green tea, is bound to give you a sugar-free energy boost. Unlike other energy drinks, it contains zero sugar and zero calories. This healthy energy drink from Sound also contains extracts of lemon and hibiscus.
  2. Vital protein’s collagen energy shots – Unlike other energy drinks, this one comes in the form of a shot. Containing 90 mg of concentrated caffeine, as well as 7 grams of protein it is one of the best healthy drinks for energy available in the market. Along with low caffeine, it also contains contents of B vitamins and hyaluronic acid as constituents. They are known to produce energy naturally with no artificial sweeteners.
  3. Toro Macha sparkling Ginger – A healthy energy drink available in the market for people who are allergic to high caffeine doses is Toro Macha Sparkling Ginger. With a caffeine content of only 60 mg, even less than a cup of coffee, it also contains extracts of organic Japanese matcha. It’s a great way to provide little energy and enhance physical performance.
  4. Ora Renewable Energy – If you’re looking for a great pre-workout, Ora’s new product may be the one for you. Being completely vegan and organic with a caffeine content of 90 mg, it can be taken as a pre-workout for sure. It is also loaded with matcha tea and ginseng making it even better for a great workout session.
  5. Laird Super Instafuel – Laird Super Instafuel is packed with 104 mg caffeine and 160 calories. A great component of Instafuel is Aquamin, derived from red algae. It is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Laden with almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee, it offers a better substitute.
  6. Machar Hustle Macha Energy(Sparkling Mint) – Packed with 120 mg of caffeine, MachaBar Energy is powdered green tea combined with healthy substances such as powerful antioxidants and phenolic acid. With the mint and lemon-lime flavour only carrying 4 calories, it is a great substitute for coffee.
  7. Mati Unsweetened Sparkling Organic Energy- One of the best when it comes to natural energy drinks is Mati Sparkling Organic Energy. Made with brewed Guayusa tea, it is a good caffeine source and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. With the caffeine content being upped by 115 mg, it serves as a great natural energy drink.
  8. Proper wild clean all day energy shots– Among all the natural energy drinks, Proper wild clean energy shots contain the most amount of caffeine, with 180 mg of caffeine content it is bound to provide instant energy. This energy drink is made from Green tea and 180 mg of L-theanine, a natural amino acid that has neuroinducing and stress releasing properties.
  9. Your Super Energy Bomb Mix– This drink is majorly made from plant products that are found in South America. It is provided by the company in the form of powder, with every scoop containing 20 mg of calories and 39 mg of caffeine. The main ingredients include acai berry, guarana, maca, banana powder and lucuma. All of these except bananas are found in South America.
  10. Guayaki Unsweetened Yerba Maté- This drink is known to increase the focus and performance of the individual taking it. It is naturally sweetened by 1gm of sugar and contains 140 mg of caffeine and 60 calories. This is suggested as the best healthy drink for energy among a lot of clashing competitors.
Healthy drinks for energy
Image by Coffee Geeks/ Unsplash

What Makes Energy Drinks Healthy

As much as the term healthy drinks for energy sounds like a myth, it’s quite possible for an energy drink to not harm your health. Energy boost received from energy drinks works as fuel for the body to complete the extra work. Sadly, most energy drinks contain a lot of calories and added sugars. They increase the energy levels but take a toll on your health.

You may be wondering how much caffeine should an energy drink contain? According to research, an average human adult can consume 400 mg of caffeine per day. This is usually consumed in the form of coffee, soft drinks or energy drinks.

Considering the quota of caffeine that can be consumed per day, you can have 10 cups of coffee per day, as an average cup of coffee contains about 40-50 mg of caffeine. If you take the same amount of caffeine through energy drinks, you can only have 2 energy drinks in a day.

Healthy drinks for energy
Image by Victoria Shes/ Unsplash

The healthy drinks for energy are the ones that provide a natural energy boost with no added sugar and negligible calories. These drinks contain natural sugars and no artificial colours. Natural caffeine can be found in green tea, guayusa tea with a good dose of amino acids as well as b vitamin complex.

If you don’t want to give into brands marketing healthy drinks for energy, maybe try herbal products instead. Coconut water, strawberry lemonade, orange mango fruit juice or even carbonated water is known to provide energy. Moreover, they have a good cognitive performance, helps improve the health of the digestive tract and is also good for the immune system.

Phenolic antioxidants and phenolic acids are commonly found substances in many herbal teas. They serve as healthier options if you feel lousy after a long day. The daily value of caffeine should be kept to a minimum.

Popular energy drink brands such as Red Bull have a high amount of sugar content and added sugar. They also add artificial colours to market their drinks better. It’s very easy to up your caffeine intake while consuming such products.

The wrong choice of an energy drink could also increase your blood sugar levels. If too much caffeine is consumed, it is known to alter the blood pressure of the body that can lead to serious health problems. Always opt for a naturally flavoured energy drink with zero sugar content.

Criteria To Choose Healthy Drinks For Energy

  1. The caffeine level should ideally be less than 120 mg.
  2. No added flavours.
  3. Zero sugar.
  4. Gluten-free.
  5. Contains b vitamins

Importance Of Added Constituents In Energy Drinks

Healthy drinks for energy
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With the energy drink market getting more and more competitive every day, companies are finding ways to lure more customers in.

Companies are implementing ways to improve their product health-wise, to order to attract the health-conscious crowd.

A few benefits of the healthy energy drinks are listed below with the respective substance.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for good body health. They are known to directly improve energy levels and even mental health. B vitamins are also essential for normal cell growth and regeneration.

Phenolic antioxidants

They are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. They naturally get absorbed through the intestine of the human body. Furthermore, they contain antioxidants which are a major key in keeping the human body healthy and functional.


Taurine is an amino acid that contains sulphur. It is known to play an important role in the human body for the proper development of the skeletal system. It has also been noted that a mini dosage of taurine helps increase the performance level in the same way as caffeine.

In a study, a small amount of taurine was added to the diet of normal adults ranging from the age of around 28 years. It was shown that these adults had an increased performance rate than before. This was found out based on the regular blood reports that were taken of these sample humans. Thus, it is added into healthy drinks for energy for its added benefits.

Going for a sugar-free variant may seem costly at first, but in the longer run, you’re going to thank your younger self for choosing these healthy drinks for energy with constituents that are necessary for your body.

As easy as it is to fall into the trap of advertising and give up on your health goals, a leap in the right direction will take you a long way. Cutting out toxic substances and replacing them with healthier substitutes is the best way to keep improving your living standards.

Although energy drinks are known to provide energy and improve concentration, additives and higher content of caffeine in these drinks can be harmful in the long run. Now that we have the option to substitute these drinks with healthy drinks for energy, you can easily achieve the same results with healthier options. These drinks are not just known to boost your energy levels, but also offers many healthy nutrients and antioxidants properties.

So, you may have a better chance of choosing healthy drinks for energy that gives you an energy boost but doesn’t harm you in the longer run.

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