Top Best Base Layer for Hunting in Alaska

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Best base layer for hunting in Alaska
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When you are out hunting or doing any other sport, the last thing you want is uncomfortable clothes, especially in Alaska, where the risks are always high while hunting and the extremely cold weather.

That’s why one should always select the appropriate layers to wear before hunting to avoid all kinds of discomfort.

But one doesn’t always know a lot about the best thing to wear for this activity. So to reduce some of your confusion and help you all out, here are some of the best base layers for hunting in Alaska.

best base layer for hunting in Alaska
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1. An Idea about Best Base Layer for Hunting in Alaska

Considering Alaska’s freezing weather in mind, we need to keep a few important things before selecting the best base layer for hunting in Alaska. The layers selected should ensure that it helps you stay warm throughout.

The base layer should always be tight so that cold air is not allowed to flow through the layers, which will happen if the base layers are loose.

When the base layer is tight-fitting, it also helps to trap the heat when it enters the layer and maintains your body temperature throughout the activity.

2. Merino Wool and Its Benefits

The best base layer for hunting in Alaska is the Merino wool, harvested from Merino sheep. It is a natural fiber and is termed the best because it offers all the qualities one needs.

Best Base Layer for Hunting
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2.1. Moisture Wicking

Merino wool is hot and slightly crimped, creating air pockets that trap the warm air.

The strand absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture, wicking it away from your skin, this prevents the layer from feeling sticky to the skin and makes it feel cool and dry. 

2.2. Odor Resistance

As this wool helps to manage moisture, it also adds the quality of preventing odor. Going hunting is a long journey; you don’t want your clothes to stink, and Merino wool helps with this.

It can also be used for 3 days straight without the need to wash it. It even safeguards your skin from sun rays as UV rays can cause harm to the skin, so protection is necessary.

2.3. Elasticity

Merino wool gives enough elasticity, allowing the layer to bend and stretch instead of tearing up when doing too much strenuous movement as each fiber strand is made up of keratin.

Stretchable fabrics like Elastane are mixed or blended with this wool so that these base layers can move with you when you hunt.

This makes it a good base layer for hunting, hiking, and all kinds of outdoor activities has movements causing stress to the garment because having elasticity is an important quality.

2.4. Comfort

Best Base Layer for Hunting
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Apart from all these amazing and desirable qualities that the Merino wool base layer provides, it will always comfort at the top of the list.

Because if you are not comfortable with what you wear, how will you do any outdoor activities planned, let alone hunting? Merino wool is known for its soft fibers, which feel great against the skin and don’t itch.

Compared to any other wool, the strands are fragile, making it lightweight, which helps the base layer gets dried very easily. And since one will stay in that base layer for longer, discomfort is not wanted.

There are different kinds of merino wool depending upon the weight, like ultralight (150g/m2 and under), lightweight (150 – 190 g/m2), midweight (190 – 250g/m2), and then the best base layer for hunting in Alaska is the heavyweight merino base layer.

The heavyweight Merino base layer is greater than 250 g/m2 and is great for hunting.

2.5. Expense

If the base layer is completely made of merino wool, it becomes costly to buy. Manufacturers blend this merino wool with different fabrics like nylon, polyester, or polyamide to make it more affordable.

One hundred percent wool clothing also tends to break down faster when compared to wool blends. With this blend, the cost gets cut down, but the benefits are up to the mark.

To get the full benefits, at least 80% of wool should be used, and using 100% merino wool will at least cost $100.

Layers for cold weather should often include long sleeve tops along with long bottoms, all these qualities should be possessed by the layer to be termed as the best base layer for hunting in Alaska.

3. Base Layer for Hunting in Alaska Using Merino Wool

3.1. Smartwool

best base layer for hunting in Alaska
Image from the official website: Smartwool

The Smartwool men’s NTS mid 250 is the best choice as a hunting base layer as it is made up of all-natural fabric and is of great quality.

It is made completely out of merino wool and features an interlock knit pattern to increase heat retention. It is specifically designed with shoulder panels, which makes it more relaxing.

This base layer can be worn for a long duration without worrying about much irritation, it also has a zipper for various adjustments to help vent out the extra heat.

It is very durable and moisture-friendly, making it one of the top best base layers for hunting in Alaska.

Check out their official website, here.

3.2. First Lite Chama QZ Top

Best base layer for hunting in Alaska
Image from the official website: firstlite

This layer is in a superfine knit weight when it comes to hunting. The design is a flatlock seam and has a pocket on the left side, which can store your phone or even other additional things needed while hunting.

This prevents the cold air from entering, giving it the advantage of being used as a standalone layer.

This is a bit on the looser side compared to other layers, making it more of a preference for people needing more space at the shoulder area.

It is machine washable and made up of 18.5 microns, of superfine, 100% merino wool making this also very comfortable, hence adding it to the top best base layer for hunting in Alaska.

3.3. Outdoor Research Alpine Onset

Best base layer for hunting in Alaska
Image from the official website: Outdoor Research

This best layer includes a mixture of 83% merino wool, 12% nylon, and 5% spandex. This increases the flexibility and durability of this layer—the nylon and spandex help retain the garment’s shape after numerous items of washing.

The biggest benefit that this layer gives us is its breathability, it is a midweight layer. The cost of this layer reduces as it is not pure Merino wool but is a blend. Such benefits are obtained at affordable rates adding it to the best base layer for hunting in Alaska.

3.4. Ibex Merino

best base layer for hunting in Alaska
Image from the official website: Ibex

It is a mix of merino wool and nylon which has flatlock seams and a tag-free design, which helps prevent irritation from shoulder straps.

This base is perfect for a hunter searching for a more relaxed fit. The sleeves of this layer are longer than other layers, which is an advantage for people with long arms.

This base layer is mixed with nylon, which is not among the best fabric and is not skin sensitive. So it is advised not to use this layer for a long duration.

But when used for a shorter period, it keeps the body warm and dry as the fiber is excellent. So this layer is also one of the best base layers for hunting in Alaska and other athletic activities as it provides perfect comfort and support.

3.5. Helly Hansen Men’s Dry Stripe Crew

Compared to the rest of the base layers, this is a very affordable one. This also gives warmth in the cold climate and keeps the body cool when too hot despite being lightweight.

Best base layer for hunting in Alaska
Image from Official website: Helly Hansen

It is moisture-wicking, and the flatlock stitching allows you to move around more and doesn’t irritate the skin.

It can be used as the main layer or worn under layers of clothes in frigid weather, it is made up of polypropylene synthetic fabric. The drying fabric in this layer is perfect for perspiration control and can keep the skin smooth with no rashes.

This base layer is ideal for hunting in all conditions due to its versatility, loose fit, and athletic design.

It is also easy to care for and hence one of the best base layers for hunting in Alaska and a must-have for every hunter, even if as a good backup base layer for cold weather hunting.

These are some of the best hunting options; various other base layers provide equal benefits one should check out.

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4. Closing Thoughts

Conclusively, the options listed above should make you feel at ease about the base layers to be worn before hunting, as one should always be comfortable when going on such adventures.

These base layers should be checked out properly for details before buying their preference and desire, and what is more suited other than these top best base layers for hunting in Alaska?


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