Things to do in Carolina Beach Things to do in Carolina Beach

10 Amazing Things To Do In Carolina Beach

If you are visiting Carolina Beach and wondering about the things to do in Carolina Beach, then here are some exciting and amazing things that you can do. These activities can be done by all kinds of people, indoors and outdoors.

Its beaches are one of the most visited places in every season. If you plan a trip to Carolina Beach this summer, here is a list of fun things to do to make your trip more memorable and exciting. You can enjoy these things and activities with your whole family or with your group of friends. Make sure to do all the fun things on North Carolina‘s trip.

You can take historical, recreational walks in historic Fort Fisher or get acquainted with the gorgeous Carolina Beach attractions. There are many fun things to do in Carolina Beach, so decide your own pace and select some of the best activities according to your interest.

10 Amazing Things To Do In Carolina Beach

1. Visit Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach State Park is one of the best areas to visit in Carolina Beach. This is because it offers a variety of activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. The hiking trails and the visitor’s center are the most attractive features of this park.

The Carolina Beach boardwalk is within walking distance of Carolina Beach State Park. Carolina Beach, NC, also organizes many events and programs in this park.

Carolina Beach state park is a must-visit if you are only on one day trip.  The state park has nice hiking trails, One of the most famous trails is Snow’s cut trail.

There is a marina with two public boat ramps at the junction of Snow’s cut and the Cape Fear River. The sugarloaf dune is another unique feature of the park near the Cape Fear river bank. One can either bike or hike on this trail.

1.1 Main Attractions

One of the main attractions in Carolina Beach state park is the Venus flytraps which are rare plants. One can also have an experience of the surf camps in North Carolina. The visitor’s center in Carolina Beach State Park is a great spot for relaxing.

One can get a great view of the beach from here. There are several activities that one can do in this park. Some of them are rock climbing and visiting the Oyster Institution.

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2. Explore North Carolina Aquarium

This aquarium at Fort Fisher is located at 900 Loggerhead Rd, Kure Beach, North Carolina, the United States of America. The Fort Fisher aquarium opened in 1976. You can explore the museum for approximately an hour.

This aquarium at Fort Fisher is open every day, from nine to five in the evening. Some experiences you can take back from the Fort Fisher aquarium include watching eels, sharks, and other marine life and touching a stingray. You can also get to see a rare albino alligator at this aquarium.

3. Play Disc Golf

In Carolina Beach, you can play disc golf at Good Hops Brewery. The location of Good Hops Brewery is 811 Harper Ave, Carolina Beach, North Carolina, the United States of America. Disc golf is also called frisbee golf and is a fun game that can be enjoyed with good company. There are several other places near North Carolina Beach where one can enjoy this game.

One of them is the Trinity Disc Golf in the brewery offers four disc golf courses. Apart from enjoying this, you can also enjoy freshly brewed beers at affordable prices at this brewery.

3.1 More About Good Hops Brewery

The timings of Good Hops brewery are from one in the afternoon to eight at night on Mondays to Saturdays. On Sunday, the brewing shop closes an hour early.

One of the plus points of this brewery is that it is pet friendly, and one can bring their food here. This shop aims to bring people together and support local products. They also have an official website to get all the other necessary details.

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4. Carolina Beach Boardwalk

There are many things to do in Carolina Beach, especially while walking through the Carolina Beach boardwalk. Britt’s donuts is a famous donut shop on the boardwalk that serves classic glazed donuts. Britt’s donuts have been operating for more than 70 years.

One can ride on the Ferris wheel at Carolina Beach Boardwalk amusement park. This park also has other fun amusement rides, but the Ferris wheel is the main attraction.

5. Visit A Dive Bar

The fat pelican has been rated as the number one dive bar on 8 Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, North Carolina, the United States of America. This bar has an eclectic vibe and offers a variety of beers. It does not offer delivery or takeaways.

There are other dive bars on Carolina Beach as well. One of them is The last resort. This bar offers outdoor seating where you can enjoy gorgeous views while listening to music.

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6. Zeke’s Island Reserve

Zeke’s Island reserve is located in the Cape Fear River Basin and is popular for beach activities like fishing and boating. It is one of the most visited fishing spots during your Carolina beach vacation.

It is situated near the Carolina Beach area and Kure Beach. One can park their vehicle at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area to reach Zeke’s Island. There is an area that resembles a lagoon on the island, and it is one of the unique features of the island.

6.1 More Information

The Zeke’s Island National Estuarine Research north Carolina coastal reserve has more than 1600 acres and a maritime forest. Maritime forests are found on the ground that is higher than dune areas. Masonboro Island is also a component of the North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve.

There is another island Zeke Island known as No-Name island. This island is also popular among tourists, mostly because of its name.

7. Explore Wrightsville Beach

This beach is just east of the Wilmington area and has been named one of the best beaches in the South. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. This beach is a coastal town with a clean and spacious setting and is excellent for nighttime activities.

The vibrant nightlife of North Carolina can be experienced at this beach. It has also been ranked as the most expensive beach in the United States of America.

7.1 Other Things To Do

The Johnny Mercer Pier, located in the beach town of Wrightsville Beach, is the first concrete carolina beach fishing pier. It is a huge pier that extends more than 1200 feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

Several events and competitions are also held here regularly. It also has a gift shop where tourists can buy fishing rods or other equipment. Apart from fishing, one can enjoy a delicious grill, good quality beers, and gorgeous views at Johnny Mercer Pier. One can also visit North Regional Park.

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8. Camping

Camp at Freeman park is one of the most adventurous things to do on Carolina beach. This seaside park is known as a fishing site and for swimming and boating. A great feature of Freeman park is that it is dog friendly, and you can walk your dog on the northern end. One can also camp at Masonboro Island Reserve. However, only primitive camping is allowed at Masonboro island.

8.1 Other Parks To Explore

Arrowhead park in Silver Lake, NC, the United States of America, is a great place to play disc golf. It also has a water fountain and a nice playground. The best part is that access to this public park is free. Lake park is also an amazing park on the beach with Carolina Beach lake, the closest freshwater lake to salt water.

9. Ocean Grill And Tiki Bar

Located at 1211 Lake Park Blvd S, Carolina Beach, NC, Ocean Grill, and Tiki bar is an amazing restaurant that offers dining services. The atmosphere, food, and staff service of this place are amazing. One can also get serene views of the Atlantic Ocean from here. It also has one of the best famous Carolina beach bar. They also organize several events and have live music playing.

9.1 Other Bars To Try

Sea Witch Café and Tiki Bar is an American Carolina beach restaurant that serves seafood and tropical drinks. It also has events that play live music. This bar in North Carolina is a great place to visit in the summer months for soft drinks. The North Carolina beach is your place if you are a party person. It has several other bars that play music, and you can dance all night. It is a great place to visit with friends for the same reason.

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10. Focus On Fitness

One of the things to do in Carolina Beach is to visit Salty Dog Yoga and Surf studio, a yoga studio. You can make the most of your beach vacation by yoga at this relaxed studio. The staff of this place is extremely skilled and sweet. It is one of the best Carolina Beach things to do. Doing yoga on the beach is one of the things to do as it will help one relax.

Other Things To Do In North Carolina

North Carolina Beach is one of the gorgeous beaches, and many shows and movies have been filmed on the beach. Apart from exploring its beauty, there are several other things to do here. You can visit the beach with your family or friends. Carolina beach offers activities for all types of people. If you are still looking for things to do in Carolina Beach, here is a list of more adventurous and thrilling activities.

1. Explore Kure Beach

Kure Beach is a small town in Pleasure Island, North Carolina, and one of the best beaches. It is much smaller than Carolina Beach, but it offers a lot. Kure Beach, NC, offers serene views of the Atlantic Ocean, and one can do a lot of things on Kure Beach. If one wants the north Carolina coast, Kure Beach, NC, is the place.

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1.1 Things To Do

The experience of the civil war site is amazing on this beach offers. One can walk on the trail around the Civil War Fort at Fort Fisher. It is also known as Historic Fort Fisher for the same reason. It also has a surf fishing facility. Other activities include fishing on the Kure Beach Fishing pier or doing Kure Beach yoga.

2. Rent A Boat

At the Captain Stacy fishing center, you can rent a charter fishing boat from Atlantic Beach, NC, in the United States of America. These boats have a capacity of approximately fifty people, so one can also socialize with other people. There are other beaches in North Carolina where one can rent a boat. If you are more adventurous, you can also rent a jet ski.

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3. Have Coffee Near Cape Fear River

Malama Cafe is a coffee shop that serves fantastic coffee. Apart from having coffee, one of the other things you can do here is eat a healthy breakfast or lunch. There are other beverage shops in North Carolina as well. The beer garden located outside Carolina beach is an amazing place for vibing. There are some great breweries near North Carolina Beach, NC too.

4. Explore The Tidal Flats

If you are a nature lover and like watching and exploring marine life, one of the things to do in Carolina Beach, NC, is to explore the rare species of animals in the tidal flats. Experts on these flats have done many research projects as they are rich in marine life and have a variety of minerals and sediments. If you plan a beach trip, you must also explore the tides.

5. Visit A Museum

Exploring the North Carolina military history museum is one of the things to do in Kure Beach. This museum has exhibitions from the world wars. Make sure to visit this museum as there are many things to see here. It has displays on the outside as well as inside. There are several other museums in North Carolina too. One can also book a virtual tour of the museum.

5.1 Other Museums To Visit

The Bellamy Mansion Museum in North Carolina is another great museum to visit if you plan a trip to North Carolina. This museum will offer you a great treat if you want to know about architecture. It aims to preserve and protect social history too. Many other places near North Carolina Beach have a rich history and heritage.

6. Scuba Diving

If you are fascinated by life underwater and like doing adventurous and thrilling activities, then one of the things to do in Carolina Beach is to go Scuba diving. Several shops near the beach sell gear for the activity. There are trained and skilled instructors at the beach who train you for the same. To get an instructor, a reservation is required. For more details, the official website can be accessed.

6.1 Other Games And Sports

There is also an arcade zone on Carolina Beach. People who have visited this arcade video gaming zone have reviewed the place positively. The staff is friendly, and the games are also fun.

There are several other arcade zones near the beach. One of them is Pachinko World in the Wilmington area. These areas are good for getting photos clicked, so you can wear a trendy outfit and get photos for your Instagram account.

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7. Get Amazing Photos

There are several walls near Carolina Beach, NC, with murals, and they are a great background for getting beautiful photographs clicked. So one can dress up in their cute beach outfit and get photos for their social media handles. If you visit the beach with your kids, several artists do caricatures near the beach.

Closing Thoughts

Carolina Beach is a town on Pleasure Island, one of the most beautiful beaches and a perfect destination for a beach vacation. This place is great for family fun, especially in the summer season. Fort Fisher is great for history buffs and has many beautiful beaches near Carolina Beach, NC. This list of things to do on Pleasure Island in Carolina Beach, NC, will help make your trip more exciting.

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