best coffee shops in kansas city best coffee shops in kansas city

10 Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City To Visit

Hello, coffee lovers! Are you someone who can’t start a day without a refreshing, brewed coffee? Well, then, we got you. With this perfect list of “10 Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City“, you can easily get an excellent cup of coffee.

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and lies at the heart of the United States, offering a unique intersection of art, culture, and heritage. Kansas City is famous for its jazz heritage, fountains, and barbeque.

Kansas City is well-known for many things, and coffee is, of course, one of them. People come with their desire for delicious coffee shops paired with Instagram-worthy breakfast burritos and lunch.

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The following list will help you explore your next favorite coffee shops in Kansas City, and you will surely support other local businesses with your purchase.

Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City

1. Cafe Ollama

Cafe Ollama brings traditional Mexican culture to Kansas City with its simplicity and comfortable environment. The walls of this unique coffee shop are covered with vibrant paintings and illustrations from Hispanic artists.

Lesley Reyes and her husband, Francisco Marguia Jr, started the business to bring the original taste of Mexico to Kansas City.

The name Ollama refers to a Mesoamerican sport. Reyes says it references their indigenous culture, cafe de olla, and her husband’s love for soccer.

This special featured drink is a style of coffee that brings out the culture of rural Mexico. It is slowly brewed with Canela, piloncillo, spices, and sweet foam, topped off by a Mexican cookie to compliment the drink. The very first drink of Café Ollama quickly became a public favorite.

1.2. Must-Try Drinks:

One should try essential drinks: Iced Chita, Mami Gloria, Hot Mama Ines, Hot Tia Rosa, and many more.

2. Cafe Cà Phê

This coffee shop has taken center stage in Kansas City by celebrating the coffees and cultures of Vietnam. Cafe Cà Phê is the first Vietnamese coffee shop and the only one in the 200-year-old neighborhood of Kansas City.

Along with delicious drinks, the store also sells a few merch. A pop of color surrounds the place and offers a lively environment. Opened in October 2020 by Nguyen.

Nguyen chose Columbus Park as the location for Café Cà Phê’s brick-and-mortar space because of its large Vietnamese community. She wants the shop and its coffee to represent and increase the representation of Vietnamese culture and connect the community

The featured drink is a traditional Vietnamese-style iced coffee.

It is completed with condensed milk, Vietnamese Phin drip coffee, and ice. A special drink for vegans, the drink is topped off with sesame seeds.

2.2. Must-Try Drinks

Hella Good, Dragon, Electric, Paris by night.

3. Second Best Coffee

This espresso-centric coffee shop is one of the best ones in Kansas City. A locally owned business by Nathan and Leih Anderson felt that Kansas City already had many different types of coffee shops and hence wanted to open a cozy, homely, and comfortable space. It is a bright space in the Waldo neighborhood and is open.

The walls are covered with midwestern barn wood, and the shelves contain cycling trophies. The seating is enough: shop stools, beautiful granite tables, and countertops.

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Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash/Copyright 2017

The owners named it second best coffee with the idea that the best coffee is the one that is made in one’s home. The cafe is home to the first Slayer Espresso Machine in Kansas City, which is worth around $8,500!

Along with good coffee and food, the shop offers merchandise; guests can pick up chocolates from Askinosie, aluminum mugs, T-shirts, teas from Hugo Tea Company, and many more.

An Americano is always the best choice to go with. It goes smoothly with breakfast sandwiches and burritos.

3.2. Must-try Drinks

World Star Latte, ENPZ Latte, Cappacino.

4. Parisi Coffee, Overland Park

A necessary addition to this list, Parisi Coffee Union Station offers the best French press in Kansas City. Family-owned and operated in Kansas City since 2006, it is inspired by the culture and heritage of Italy.

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A go-to great coffee spot for a perfect cup of the French press, the space also presents different types of tea and other caffeine items. Parisi has three locations, but Union Station continues to be a favorite.

Ordering a French press with a chocolate croissant will act as aCouple parfait.”

4.2. Must-try Drinks

Café au Lait, Mocha Frappé, Café Latte.

5. Messenger Coffee Co

One of the most renowned coffee roasters in the nation, serving high-quality coffee and baked goods. Messenger Coffee Co is a three-story roasting facility and bakery set in a beautiful building in the heart of Kansas City. The space is bright and airy.

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One can find a roasting space inside Messenger and a coffee lab. Panoramic views over the Kansas City skyline surround the open-air rooftop.

Messenger works with coffee producers in Latin America and Africa to ensure the premium quality of coffee beans. Messenger also offers customers a seasonal menu to enjoy limited additional drinks.

An espresso with a croissant or avocado toast is an excellent choice.

5.2. Must-Try Drinks and Snacks

Avocado Toast, Vanilla orange cold brew, Sunrise sandwich.

6. Summer Moon, Overland Park

A Texas-based coffee chain with its unique-tasting coffee. Located in Overland Park, the space is filled with pictures that depict their unique roasting style, showing the device over an open flame.

The store uses “kiln roasting” to give it a flavor that air roasting can never achieve. Founded by a local couple, this new coffee place is seeing unbelievable business already. The secret to their amazing drinks is a moon-milk-sweetened cream.

Summer Moon also has a wide variety of snacks and pastries to perfectly accompany the morning cup of coffee.

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Moon Milk lattes are their signature drink. The latte’s secret ingredient is Moon Milk, a sweet cream.

It is a family recipe made of 7 top-secret ingredients.  It is made dairy-free with the milk of your choice, it can be oat, almond, soy, or coconut milk.

6.2. Must-Try Drinks

Blue Milk Latte, Summer Moon Latte, Oak roasted drip coffee.

7. Hitides Cafe

A warm and inviting place that brings out the culture of Hawaii and captures an era of happiness and warmth. Say “Aloha” to this small but stunning piece of Hawaii in Kansas City. Not only does this Coffee shop have a vibrant exterior but also an interesting interior.

Hides have friendly staff who are well-educated and helpful in the coffee world.

This is one of the quieter Kansas City coffee shops, so it is inviting to those looking for a productive workspace. Once founded by Johnny and Michele Dawbarn, Hitides offers a warm, homely, inviting atmosphere of classic treats and sips.

Made with our classic Dole Whip Ice Cream and fresh pineapple juice, it’s so refreshing! And as always, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly!

7.2. Must-Try Drinks and Snacks

The sea rose latte, Moku Mango bagel toast, Meshuggah Bagel Toast, Death by hot chocolate cocoa with a donut.

8. Jinkies’

Located in Overland Park, Jinkies is run by a mother-daughter duo, Lisa and Madi Dombrowski, who pride themselves on creating seasonal lattes with unique taste and style.

Jinkies’ unusual drinks are not the only selling highlight. The entire shop is decorated with references from the 1970s, including Scooby Doo, vintage records hanging on the wall, Pacman mugs, rock and roll, and many more! The Coffee shop also invites customers to come and try seasonal-flavoured coffee lattes.

Available in three sizes, the Cookie Dough Latte is a sweet drink with cookie syrup and secret house sauce. Iced or Hot, along with a sugar-free option.

8.2. Must-try Drinks

Here comes the sun (Beatles inspired!), all the interesting lemonades such as raspberry flavoring, which are named after the character of Scooby Doo, Cookie Dough Latte.

9. Anchor Island Coffee

Started by Armando Vasquez and Michael Hastings as an interracial gay couple, this coffee shop made them the owners of Kansas City’s first LGBT+-owned coffee shop.

Hailing from a Latin-American background, this beautiful couple brings some of the most unique recipes and continues to be a hit among coffee lovers.

The shop is filled with island vibes, colorful paintings, tropical plants, and beachy décor inspired by their vacations together in Florida. Anchor Island is also the only coffee shop in the United States to serve green espresso, an earthy coffee beverage.

A perfect blend of orange juice with an espresso shot, the creamy drink is full of cherry flavor and dark chocolate and served over ice.

9.2. Must-try Drinks and Snacks

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito, Hot Horchata, Chori Papa, etc.

10. Kinship Cafe

Located in the Strawberry Hill district, Kinship Cafe is a black-owned coffee shop that prides itself on its unique taste and providing quality coffee.

TJ Roberts, the owner, strongly believes in the community and promotes equity for all. Roberts holds equitable programs such as meditation sessions, financial literacy, and career path training in their space to give opportunities to the people of Kansas City.

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Made with Black drip Coffee, Flash Brew is their specialty and is available in the store and on the website.

10.2. Must-Try Drinks and Snacks

Cold brew, the vegan Philly, the early bird.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, coffee shops in Kansas City are the perfect and ideal spot for a relaxing getaway from the busyness of daily life. With a wide variety of options, you can find the perfect ambiance and atmosphere to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a quiet and cozy spot to work or a lively and social environment to catch up with friends.

Kansas City coffee shops offer not only a great cup of coffee but also a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are also a great place to try local coffee beans and learn about the different brewing methods.

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