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28 Best Places to Eat in Kansas City

Kansas City is a splendid city in the state of Missouri. It is known for its world-renowned steaks and barbecue and is frequently referred to as the “Barbecue Capital.”

Are you looking for the best places to eat in Kansas City? Well, there are numerous dining options you can choose from; you can have a lovely weekend brunch or go on a date night in a stylish restaurant.

Experience your own adventure in this wonderful city and its amazing food world.

To help guide you, we have picked a few restaurants that are among the best restaurants in Kansas City, so read on and be sure to visit.

1. Town Topic Hamburgers

Town Topic Hamburgers is an icon in Kansas City history. It’s a humble restaurant in downtown Kansas City. The restaurant is most renowned for its hamburgers, which it began selling in 1937. It was believed to be one of the best places to eat in Kansas City when in the mood for some really good burgers at a cheap price.

It is open daily and is well-known for its classic and cheesy patty burgers, onion rings, and a hand-dipped shake on the side. It is a lively spot for all, especially for a late night out or a Sunday brunch; have a good time here for a reasonable price.

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2. Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room is a modern American restaurant in Kansas City that is ideal for wine enthusiasts. Chef Michael Corvino co-founded the restaurant. The space combines two concepts: a supper club and a tasting room. The supper club serves American food with a wide range of tastes and delicious food.

Customers can either opt for the small or medium plates in the Supper Club; most customers go for the small plates since the portion sizes are decent, or they can simply enjoy the menu in the Tasting Room.

The tasting room shows the chef’s expertise and innovation; he meticulously chooses tasty and fascinating wine pairings, or even you can choose from the wine and drink selection.

\The ambiance is relaxing with live music, and the service is quite pleasant. Begin your meals with a glass of wine and enjoy the delicious cuisine. Savor the spinach agnolotti and anything from soft-shelled crab sandwiches to crispy fried chicken.

3. Lidia’s

In Kansas City’s historic Union Station, there is an Italian restaurant called Lidia’s, where you can even get vegan food. Chef Linda Duerr started the restaurant. Enjoy exquisite homemade pasta in this cozy Italian farmhouse, where the costs are reasonable, and the food is excellent.

Each meal is made from scratch, with the Osso Bucco, butternut squash ravioli, gnocchi, Maine lobster, and wild boar ravioli being standouts.

The portion sizes are reasonable, and the meals are tasty. The service and atmosphere are wonderful. The restaurant is suitable for a night out, and the dining room can even be reserved for events. Also, don’t forget to taste the desserts, particularly the tiramisu.

4. Tortilleria San Antonio

Tortilleria San Antonio is a butcher-shop restaurant in Kansas City with a fascinating meat counter and outstanding Mexican food. The establishment combines a grocery shop, a meat market, and a great restaurant.

The meals are prepared directly in front of you and served immediately, which is an important part of the restaurant scene. The food is quite inexpensive for a casual meal.

The food in Tortilleria San Antonio is delicious, and the atmosphere is vibrant. The amazing scent of the spices greets you as soon as you walk in, and the highlight has to be the tamales, Asada tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. The restaurant is open daily from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. People can enjoy group meals here, which is also ideal for family visits.

4. The Town Company

In the heart of Kansas City, The Town Company is a chic restaurant that is a part of the Hotel Kansas City and provides gourmet food. The restaurant provides American cuisine and features a cocktail bar.

The Town Company, which is essentially a part of Hotel Kansas City, is led by Chef Johnny Leach and Pastry Chef Helen Jo Leach. Although the menu is limited, each item is prepared to perfection. The tastes are superb, and the experience would be genuinely unforgettable.

The atmosphere is pleasant, and the décor is both modern and traditional. You may have a great time here with your friends and family. The lamb skewers, ricotta dumplings, chocolate steamed buns, and honey-lemon cake are standouts from The Town Company, with the deserts being the specials by pastry chef Helen Jo Leach. The service is excellent, and the staff is kind.

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5. Waldo Thai

Waldo Thai is one of the top Thai restaurants in Kansas City. According to netzines, this is one of the best places to eat Kansas City Thai food, and the atmosphere is lively and inviting. On weekends, the restaurant becomes packed, so make a reservation. Several unique food alternatives are delicious, with flavor packed into every bite.

The Pad Kee Mow Nua, Crab Rangoon, papaya salad, and egg rolls are unforgettable. The beverages are Asian-inspired, with the Mekong River and All Night Parking being the finest. There is even a seasonal menu here at Waldo Thai.

6. Jack Stack Barbecue

Jack Stack Barbecue is a renowned barbecue restaurant in the Overland Park, Kansas City area, that also offers excellent catering services. There is also outdoor seating available, and parking is accessible to customers.

Since the restaurant is so popular, it is best to make reservations. The food is terrific, and the service is prompt. Employees are genuinely nice, professional, and pleasant. The burnt ends are one of the best dishes served here, and it is one of the best places to eat in Kansas City when you want to enjoy some delicious barbeque.

The “Taste of Kansas City” meal, which includes beef burnt ends, baby back ribs, and a huge bone-in ribeye, is the way to go. It is an icon and one of the top barbecue places in Overland Park.

The cuisine is delicate and flavorful. Spinach salad, jumbo fried mushrooms, and baked beans are among the vegetarian choices. The décor of the dining room is gorgeous, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the serving sizes are reasonable. You may even come here for a date night.

7. Vietnam Café

Vietnam Cafe is a beautiful Kansas City restaurant serving some of the city’s best Vietnamese food. It is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans alike. The restaurant has just been rebuilt and enlarged, making it even better than before.

The food is wonderful, and the restaurant remains mostly crowded. The customers enjoy the pho, which is the star of the menu. The broth is made of chicken bones and is clear and very flavorful.

The prices are affordable. The restaurant is clean and has an authentic feel about it. The service is prompt, and the staff are really pleasant and inviting. On the menu, you may sample a range of Vietnamese delicacies. The pho, shrimp rolls, fried noodles, and beef stew must be the greatest. The coffee is wholesome. Even if you want a basic coffee, check out this restaurant.

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8. Westport Café

The Westport Café is a fine bistro and Kansas City bar specializing in French cuisine. Every dish’s portion size is genuine, and meals are hearty. It’s the ideal spot for a warm drink on a weekday or a lively weekend brunch.

There is additional outside seating available when the weather is warmer. If you’re going to brunch or for a night out, make sure to book reservations.

The restaurant stays faithful to the authenticity of French cuisine and delivers delicious food from its French-inspired menu. The best dishes are the eggs benedict, steak fries, risotto, and braised beef. Don’t miss out on the delicious profiteroles and crepes, madame. The restaurant offers a pleasant ambiance, with huge windows and a pleasant bar area adjacent to the dining area.

9. The Antler Room

The Antler Room is a Mediterranean-inspired American restaurant. The restaurant is only open from Wednesday to Sunday. The cuisine offered here is healthy, and some interesting meal combinations are incredibly excellent. Many of the items are also gluten-free and vegan. The restaurant is really popular, with an intimate environment ideal for a date or simply a night out with friends.

The menu is seasonal, and the dishes are fusion. They even offer a terrific wine selection and some extremely creative drinks. The restaurant even features a unique shared meal idea. The antler room is well-known for its soup dumplings, foie gras, carrot fritters, beef tongue, and semifreddo.

10. Tacos El Gallo

Tacos El Gallo is a Mexican restaurant on Kansas City’s Southwest Boulevard. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, and the meals are delicious, fresh, and authentic. The restaurant has a simple appearance and is primarily known for its takeaway services. They provide a variety of tacos packed with meat and sauces. It is one of the best places to eat in Kansas City, especially after a tiring day of travel.

You can even pair these fatty tacos with spiked slushies. It’s a nice place to unwind after a long day or simply for a quick meal. You may have street tacos, asada tacos, or steak tacos. There are a few other dishes, including burritos, tamales, churros, and quesadillas.

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11. Monarch Coffee

Monarch Coffee is a wonderful café with two locations in Kansas City: one on Broadway in midtown and one on Grand Boulevard near Crown Center. The café is very attractive and features a one-of-a-kind circular counter.

The drinks are unique, and the atmosphere is sophisticated. The space is clean, simple, and elegant, especially the one at the Crown Center. There are several beverages and pastries to sample.

Have some relaxing time to yourself, or spend some time working here with a cup of coffee. Even so, the rates are affordable. If you don’t like coffee, try the hot cocoa, Orange Creamsicle Latte, Windsor London Fog, and scrumptious cupcakes. Those who love coffee may also taste the salted caramel latte, vanilla latte, and cappuccinos.

12. Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar is a seafood restaurant in Kansas City that also serves gluten-free dishes. The food tastes delicious, and the service is excellent. The environment is welcoming and friendly. There are several seating options available, ranging from outside seating to booths or the bar.

The restaurant is well-known for its delicious oysters, seasoned tofu, wedge salad, and scallops. The restaurant even hosts happy hours with a variety of foods to choose from. Try the refreshing beverages, infusion martinis, and traditional cocktails as well.

13. Q39

Q39 is a contemporary and casual barbeque restaurant. Even gluten-free alternatives are offered. The restaurant offers a calm yet modern ambience, and the meals are delicious and well-priced.

This place gets extremely busy and crowded, so trying to make reservations ahead of time is highly recommended. The staff are kind and pleasant, and the service is prompt.

They feature a wonderful kids’ menu as well as a few dessert options. The menu includes items such as specialty sandwiches, spare ribs, sliced brisket, a meat platter, pork belly, and smoked chicken.

14. Mesob Restaurant & Rum Bar

Mesob Restaurant & Rum Bar serves traditional Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Caribbean food. With great music, the environment is calm, relaxed, and inviting. Since the restaurant is popular in Kansas City, it is best to book reservations in advance. Even the staff are kind and helpful.

There are many tasty foods to choose from that are flavorful and vibrant. You may also choose from a range of tasty and filling vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Don’t miss out on the doro tibs, vegan paella, oxtails, and crab cakes.

15. Stock Hill

Stock Hill is a Kansas City steakhouse that also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. The atmosphere is incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and refreshing. They offer valet parking and the staff is quite courteous. The meals at Stock Hill are amazing, and you can truly taste the rich flavors, and the exotic beverages are to die for.

From four in the evening to six o’clock every day, they include a social hour meal at the bar. The restaurant is a tad costly, but it is ideal for special events. If you go, be sure to get the crab bisque, wagyu meatballs, creamed spinach, and short ribs for a memorable meal.

16. Urban Café

The Urban Café is a simple restaurant serving organic and vegan breakfast and lunch. The café was built in a historic building and is nestled in a lovely neighborhood. The environment is lovely and inviting. They have wonderful music and a kind and efficient staff.

The meals are tasty and fresh, with a good combination of flavors, textures, and spices. You may enjoy the chickpea tacos, urban cheddar burger, smoothie bowls, and pork belly sandwich.

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17. Loews Kansas City Hotel

The Loews Kansas City Hotel includes a number of restaurants, pubs, and lounges that provide tasty food and drinks. Chef Patrick LeBeau is in charge of it. A bar is even set up in the huge lobby. A refined three-course restaurant and a seasonal café where you can grab a snack to go while admiring the highlight terraces with open fires and amazing views.

Featuring shared platters such as prosciutto biscuits with smoked blue cheese butter, fried chicken with truffle mac-and-cheese, and oatmeal cookies with bourbon ice cream, the restaurant tends to put a contemporary take on classic Midwest comfort cuisine.

18. Mickey’s Hideaway

Mickey’s Hideaway in Kansas City is a classic American restaurant. The meals are delicious, and the portion sizes are generous and filling. Some of the meals on the Restaurant Week menu are only available for a week, and they also have daily specials.

All of the meals have interesting flavours that pack a punch, and there are plenty of vegan choices. The waiters are excellent and kind. It is the place to go when you want a feast that the rest of the city’s culinary scene overlooks.

The location is ideal for late-night meals and breakfast, and it is a pleasant spot to hang out, dine, and drink with friends. You may even book reservations ahead of time. The lobster roll is out of this world, and it sells out fast. If you do go, don’t forget to try the vegan pasta, the buffalo mac, the buttermilk chicken sandwich, and the twisted pretzels.

19. Lanna Cuisine

In Markham, Kansas City, there is a Thai restaurant called Lanna Cuisine. The place is a little pricey, but the dining room is extremely professionally designed, with a wonderful atmosphere, and the service is excellent.

The restaurant is quite vast, and it appears to be very classy. The pineapple fried rice, mango sticky rice, green curry, khao soi, and satay chicken have to be the highlights of this restaurant.

20. The Campground

The Campground is a cocktail bar in Kansas City’s historic Stockyards district. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. The place has a very nice ambiance and a peaceful atmosphere, and it is a romantic spot.

It is a more casual restaurant with a menu that is a bit limited and focuses on seasonal vegetables and classic American cuisine. This restaurant offers delicious mushroom gnocchi, butternut bolognese, fried chicken sandwiches, and eggs benedict.

21. Lula’s Southern Cookhouse

Lula’s Southern Cookhouse is a classic southern restaurant in the Power and Light district of Kansas City. The restaurant serves simple but great comfort food. The menu is excellent, with a wide range of options to choose from. It features a vibrant and bright setting, as well as a soothing vibe.

The ambience is fantastic, and it’s a perfect spot for brunch. Many consider it to be one of the best places to eat fried chicken. Try the nola pot pie, the mud pie, the dirty rice, and the Vidalia onion bisque.

Get a glimpse of the delicious dishes by watching this short clip:

22. Milwaukee Delicatessen Co.

Milwaukee Delicatessen Co. is a pizza restaurant in downtown Kansas City. It is one of the top brunch spots in downtown Kansas City, serving delicious pizzas and multiple side dishes. The pizzas are enormous and incredibly tasty. Food and beverages are fairly priced.

This establishment, which began in the early 1900s, still maintains the same charm thanks to renovations made by the owners. The staff is also quite kind and interactive. After the delicious pizza slices, the greatest meals are the hot pastrami sandwich, wedge salad, corned beef sandwiches, and turkey panini.

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23. Golden Ox

The Golden Ox is a Kansas City steakhouse with a bar. The mood is vintage, and the service is equally excellent. The staff is kind and helpful. This restaurant is well known for its outstanding Kansas City Strip. It is artistically decorated with gorgeous antique paintings.

The restaurant is considerably better now that it has been renovated and reopened, and the atmosphere has greatly improved. Crab cakes, Caesar salad, Duroc pork chop, parmesan creamed spinach, and lobster mac are all must-order items.

24. ABC Café

ABC Café is a Chinese restaurant located in Overland Park, Kansas. It is a casual restaurant. The food is incredibly good and reasonably priced. The staff is kind and professional. The menu for dim sum is excellent and quite vast. Every meal is provided with jasmine rice and tea.

Consider visiting this restaurant because it is one of the best places to eat in Kansas City, especially for Chinese food. You must order beef chow fun, BBQ pork bun, XO chicken wing, and pork pot sticker.

There is plenty of parking, and it is a popular dim sum spot for locals and visitors alike. It is one of the best places to eat in Kansas City when craving dim sum.

25. The Ship

The Ship is a Kansas City bar and grill. The staff is pleasant, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The atmosphere is bright and enjoyable, and guests may even enjoy live music; it’s a great spot to visit with friends and family.

Customers may go for lunch or even a night out because there are many dining options. The top dishes are Caesar salad, vegetable Cubano, red beans, and poboy shrimp.

26. Double Shift Brewing Co.

Double Shift Brewing is a brewery in Kansas City’s Crossroads neighborhood. It is one of the best places to eat in Kansas City and has a few cocktails. The brewery has a lovely tranquil feel and appears to be rather relaxed. Customer service is great. Customers can also take advantage of the outside seats.

The brewery also offers non-alcoholic and gluten-free alternatives. It is well-known due to its location at the crossroads of the neighborhood. People can go there to have a couple of beers on a night out. Take a look at the flights, ordiata, radio IPA, and quartz portal.

27. The Restaurant at 1900

The Restaurant at 1900 is an American restaurant in Kansas City’s Mission Woods area. The atmosphere is both special and relaxing. The interior is stunning, as is the bar. The service is outstanding, with a friendly and attentive staff. This is an excellent choice for a special event, a date night, or simply to unwind.

The menu rotates frequently, and there is always something different to taste. Everything on the menu is delicious, especially the pasta, lamb Bolognese, cookie plate, beef tenderloin, and lemon chiffon cake.

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28. Minsky’s Pizza

Minsky’s Pizza is a pizzeria in Kansas City’s City Market. It’s a great spot to go with a bunch of pals to unwind. The staff is also quite polite and attentive.

There are a variety of pizzas on the menu to try, and if you are a pizza lover who loves to try out different pizzas, this is definitely one of the best places to eat in Kansas City. The pizzas here are superb, tasty, and cheesy. Try the cheeseburger, gyro, Italian sausage, and chicken cordon bleu if you go.

Closing Thoughts

Many restaurants provide delicious meat meals, making it a meat eater’s paradise. Kansas City has amazing restaurants, So, if you want, you can grab a decent portion of ribs at a casual gas station, fresh seafood,  country club plaza, upscale restaurant or a trendy cafe at crossroads arts district, If you can, visit the restaurants mentioned above because Kansas City restaurants are fascinating and enjoyable.





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