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Culinary Marvels Await: 10 Restaurants in Downtown Kansas City

Kansas City is a vibrant and one of the most dynamic cities in the Midwest and has some spectacular restaurants that could serve as heaven for any foodie. There are some top-notch downtown Kansas City restaurants in this entire region. Ensure to check the top eateries in the list given below.

If you love food or simply looking for a good place to have some really good cuisine, then look no further. Downtown restaurants in Kansas City have plenty of delicious meals to offer you.

1. Top 10 Downtown Kansas City Restaurants

The cuisine in downtown Kansas City restaurants ranges from fine classic steak houses to farm-to-table concepts. The downtown city has something special for everyone. Let’s jump right into the heaven of delicious foods without any further ado.

Check out the listed downtown Kansas City restaurants and ensure to try them at least once in your life during your stay in this region.

1.1. The Capital Grille

Popular for serving as one of the best steakhouses in the entire Kansas downtown city restaurants. Not to mention its dry-aged steaks, which are perfectly cooked and served by friendly staff, seasoned with a variety of delicious sides, this restaurant is quite popular both among the locals and tourists for its fresh food options.

If you are a die-hard seafood lover, then look no further for any other downtown Kansas City restaurants. The Capital Grille can be your automatic choice. The menu ranges from lobster and crabs to even shrimp.

Furthermore, you will even get to enjoy your meal with fine wine imported from some popular wineries around the region. The wine pairings are a specialty of this place. You can choose your wine from a list of 350 wines imported from all over the world.

Speaking of its environment, the Capital Grille atmosphere is very sophisticated, and the service is quite good. This dining place is often booked for special and personal occasions. So, ensure to try this eatery with your friends or family.

1.2. The Majestic Restaurant

Yet another classic steakhouse in downtown Kansas City restaurants list. This eatery is not only famous among both Kansas Citians and tourists for serving some of the best foods all around in this region, but its location is also unique.

Located in a historical building, the Fitzpatrick Building, this restaurant has an extensive and rich history. This restaurant was on the top list of famous jazz musicians like Count Basie and Charlie Parker during the city’s heyday, which goes back down to the 1930s and 1940s.

Downtown Kansas City Restaurants
Courtesy: The Majestic Restaurants

The menu here at the Majestic Restaurant is also as extensive and rich as its history. This restaurant’s menu features all the classic steakhouse dishes, which even includes fresh seafood and a variety of cuts of beef.

The environment of the Majestic Restaurant is also sophisticated, but it comes with a modern twist. They also offer a great service out here at the Majestic Restaurant. You should try this downtown Kansas City restaurant during your stay in this region.

1.3. Waldo Thai

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Kansas City, which not only serves delicious food but also serves authentic Thai cuisine. It is located in the Waldo neighborhood, and it has been delighting its customers with its unique flavor since 2016.

The menu here at the Waldo Thai has many different dishes, and it also includes appetizers. Crispy spring rolls, pad Thai, and green curry are some of its most-served foods. Thai basil fried rice is also another dish that Kansas City’s locals and tourists love.

This dish is loaded with vegetables, protein of the customer’s choice, and eggs. Panang curry is another loved dish, which is made with rice and creamy, and the right amount of spices.

This is one of the best restaurants for vegetarians since here you’ll even get a tofu pad and different vegetarian green curry. Talking of the atmosphere, the Waldo Thai has warm lighting and comfortable seating.

The staff here are very friendly and can suggest very good items from their menu. They are more than happy to serve you good food and answer any of your queries. So, whilst looking for restaurants in the downtown city, you should check in to this restaurant at least once.

1.4. Pierpont’s at Union Station

Yet another popular steakhouse in the downtown Kansas City restaurants list. Here, you not only get amazing food, but it even includes an extensive list of wines collected from each corner of the world.

The Pierpoint’s at Union Station is a paradise for wine lovers. With over 600 choices of wines, anyone will fall for this restaurant. Besides this, the environment of this restaurant is quite like others on the list. With a sophisticated atmosphere, this place can serve you a delicious meal with the hands of good staff during a romantic dinner date.

Source: Pierpont's at Union Station Official Werbsite screenshot
Courtesy: Pierpont’s at Union Station

The menu here ranges from cuts of meat processed from high-quality livestock to fresh seafood made with perfection. The Pierponts have dark wood paneling, with a fireplace in the area corners, to make it cozier.

Besides having a dinner date, you can even organize a business lunch or bring your family here for a fine dinner with delicious cuisine and live music. However, do not forget to check the cocktail bar.

1.5. Carniceria y Tortilleria San Antonio

This is a Mexican restaurant which is located in Kansas City, Missouri. This place is loved by both locals and tourists. If you are looking for a Mexican serving cuisine restaurant, then look no further.

The Carniceria y Tortilleria San Antonio takes pride in preparing dishes with fresh ingredients and a traditional cooking style, which results in both authentic and delicious food.

One of the most loved facts about this eatery is the making of house tortillas. Customers can stand and watch the preparation for the house tortilla. There are many delicious items on this eatery’s menu.

It includes tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and many more food items. You’ll even get a wide range of Mexican drinks, which includes both horchata and Jamaica. This is a great place for both dinner dates and business meetings. So, ensure to check this eatery once while you’re staying in downtown Kansas City.

1.6. Mildred’s

This is a must-visit culinary destination for anyone who loves to try different cuisines. Mildred’s restaurant, which can be found on Main Street in Kansas Town, often offers a wonderful atmosphere for tasting their meal.

The restaurant has an awesome fine dining space, decorated with both modern and vintage ideas, and has great lighting, which also helps in creating a relaxing environment.

The menu here at Mildred’s downtown KC is also next to perfection, combined with both American dishes and complimented with international flavors. This is a great place to serve your taste buds with tastes of flavors from different parts of the world.

Source: Mildreds Official website screenshot
Courtesy: Mildred’s

If you are in Kansas City, this is a must-visit eatery, and you should try their KC Strip Steak, which is a demanding item from their food menu. It is prepared with prime steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some flavor explosion.

Besides this, you can even order lamb chops, chicken piccata, and grilled salmon from Mildred’s full menu. Furthermore, in the end, you should definitely treat yourself to a fine glass of wine. They have great international influences for making their wine list.

Mildred’s is not only popular for its international flavor, but it is also a proud holder of an extensive wine list collected from different parts of the world. If you are confused about which wine you should try, then it is recommended that you ask the staff here for the wine selection.

Mildred’s is often used for romantic dinner dates and night-out spots for friends. The romantic ambiance of the dining room, with a soothing and calming environment, this place will make you want more.

1.7. Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

Yet another top-notch restaurant in Kansas City, MO, which can be found in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas region. It has a unique blend of both elegant fine dining and modern gastropub.

At this place, you are sure to get overwhelmed by the vast range of dishes and dining options. These options showcase the creative approach of this eatery. Their menu includes appetizers, entrees, and many other delicious foods, which are made with perfection.

The atmosphere of this eatery is stunning. The interior of this eatery has high ceilings, which are complemented by a bar area and an open kitchen where you can enjoy the chef Michael Corvino preparing his masterclass meals.

The tasting room can be found below the dining area, and this place also has an intimate space. The guests are welcome here to join a multi-course tasting menu, which is again paired with exquisite wines.

This place is not just a restaurant, but it is also a place where you will find culinary artistry, exceptional service, and a relaxing environment, which lightens this place more.

This restaurant can be your ideal place for a fine romantic dinner date with your special person. There can be no other perfect destination as Corvino’s Supper Club and Tasting Room.

1.8. The Restaurant at 1900

This is an award-winning restaurant located in the center of Mission Farms in Leawood, Kansas. The interior of this restaurant is phenomenally beautiful. It is designed with contemporary art and classic designs.

The interior also includes high ceilings and tables covered with white tablecloths. The design of this place is more refined, with a gorgeous bar area. The Restaurant at 1900 even includes an outdoor patio which is surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful sounds of nature.

Downtown Kansas City Restaurants
Courtesy: The Restaurant at 1900

The men here at the Restaurant at 1900 are made with local, locally sourced ingredients, which are created with utmost passion and care by the head chef, Linda Duerr. The restaurant dishes also showcase the best of contemporary American cuisine with some new twists in flavors.

It even includes a win list, which is again very carefully curated and matched up with the dishes. You can always hop in here for any special events or romantic dates. The best part of the Restaurant at 1900 is you can get yourself a personalized menu with excellent and attentive service.

1.9. Fox and Pearl

This is a farm-to-table restaurant that not only features an open dining room but also offers a cozy dining room with a beautiful outdoor patio. The menu items served here at Fox and Pearl are made from some seasonal ingredients, which have a strong emphasis on whole-animal butchery and house-made charcuterie.

The culinary team of Fox and Pearl restaurant claims that they make the most out of an animal source, and this results in their different innovative and delicious dishes. They also serve great cocktails. Chef Vaughn Good is the one in charge here at Fox and Pearl.

You should check out the cocktail bar, which showcases some local beers with craft cocktails and includes a finely curated wine list. The bar bite area is a great spot for both night out and pre-dinner drinks with anyone.

The cozy and calming atmosphere of the restaurant is sure to make you feel comfortable. The exceptional food found here is the favorite of most locals here in this town. Eating in one of these downtown Kansas City restaurants must be on your bucket list.

1.10. Extra Virgin

It is one of the vibrant and stylish downtown Kansas City restaurants that is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and mainly focuses on foods made from fresh, seasonal ingredients mixed with some bold flavors. Here, you can create a communal dining experience. Visitors claim that the small plates used in this eatery are perfect for sampling out their various flavors and tasting different items.

Top 10 Restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri | USA - English

The menu here at Extra Virgin includes different types of entrees, grilled lamb chops, house-made pasta, scallops, and chicken spiedini. The interior of this restaurant is also astonishing. Designed with chic and modern themes, the exposed brick walls of Extra Virgin complement the open kitchen and its high walls. The bar area is also great for a weekend brunch or happy hour.

You get a number of choices from the wine, beer, and craft cocktails list, which are curated finely by Michael Smith from different parts of the world. This is a great place for foodies, and you can always hop in here for some casual dinner dates.

2. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this place has a wide and extensive range of amazing and best downtown Kansas City restaurants. Whether in the mood for innovative cuisine or some classic steakhouse, there is something for everyone at the above-mentioned downtown Kansas City restaurants.

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